Owned Teacher Series Chapter 01-12

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Mrs. Mary Clark sat at her desk checking the senior English compositions her

class had turned in today. While school had been dismissed about twenty minutes ago she was in no hurry to get home. Her husband was off on yet another business trip and her daughter, Amy,

was attending a camp retreat for the weekend.

Mary had been married to Bill for fourteen years. Since he got his last promotion he has been

required to go on extended business trips. The longest was two months and this trip could well be longer. Amy had just had her thirteenth birthday and with all her involvement in activities at school and church she was rarely home. So Mary had quite a bit of free time and had no pressing commitments. She planned to finish up these papers and head to the gym for her daily workout on the way home. At Thirty-five she worked very hard to keep in shape. At 5’7″ and 120# she was proud of her body, no sagging, firm legs and tight tummy to go with her firm 35 inch bust.

Mary was startled out her daydream by a knock at her classroom door. Looking up she saw Lisa Simon, one of her senior honor’s English students. Lisa was a very bright student. At eighteen she had a well developed body and a rather arrogant attitude. She was sort of a loner and despite her beauty she didn’t have a boyfriend or any friends for that matter.

“Come in Lisa. I haven’t finished grading the compositions yet.”

“That’s not why I’m here Mrs. C. I have something I want to show you.”

“Sure . What do you have?”

Lisa reached into her bag and took out an old magazine. Mary’s heart stopped as she immediately recognized the magazine. It was “Hustler” June, 82. She had always hoped that no one would discover her old secret.

Lisa flipped open the magazine and there all over a four page spread was her senior English teacher showing all her well put together charms. Mary had posed in college for some very much needed money and had hoped that they would remain in her past. “I was cleaning out an old trunk of my dad’s in the attic and look at what I found.”

Mary tried to gather her wits and replied, “That was a long time ago Lisa and I am not proud of it but at the time I was desperate for money to finish college. Let me have that so I can throw it away and keep it in my past.”

Lisa pulled back the magazine. “I don’t think so Mrs. C. We need to have a little talk. Close the


Mary got up and closed the door, anxious to get this taken care of as soon as possible. “Lock it”.,Lisa said as she took Mrs. C. seat behind her desk.

As soon as the door was closed and locked Mary turned and seeing Lisa in her chair moved to a desk in the first row of student seats. She saw a look on Lisa’s face that was not at all encouraging.

” Stand in front of the desk Mrs. C.”

“I’ll just sit here Lisa” moving to the first desk.

“I said stand in front of the desk” Lisa said in a very firm tone.

Mary moved to stand in front of the student sitting behind her desk and holding all the cards. This was not a comfortable situation at all for the teacher.

“Do you like teaching here?”

“Yes Lisa I like teaching here very much”

“Does your husband know about these pictures?”


“Would you like Amy to see these?” said Lisa holding up the pictures.

“No” Mary answered as she began to shake realizing she was in a very vulnerable position.

“Well Mrs. C. I’ve just outlined three reasons why you should carefully consider what I am about to offer you. From this moment until I say otherwise you will do everything, and I mean everything, I tell you to do. If you refuse or do not obey my every command guess what? No job, no hubby and one very humiliated teenager.”

“What do you want Lisa?” asked Mary with a trembling voice.

“You” replied Lisa calmly. “I want to own you. I want you to obey everything and anything I tell you immediately without question. If you refuse at any time or do not please me, the magazine will be distributed all over the school and copies sent to your husband and his bosses. If you do agree we will keep this our secret.”

Mary’s knees became weak. She couldn’t allow those pictures to be made public. She thought those were behind her. She hadn’t even thought about them for a long time.What was she going to do?

“Am I making myself clear Mrs. C.”

“I don’t understand” whispered Mary, hoping to find a way out of this situation. “I’m your teacher, you can’t treat me this way.”

“It is very simple Mrs. C. If you don’t do everything I tell you, you won’t be anybody’s teacher, wife or mother. Understand Mrs. C.”

“And how long does this blackmail last?”

“As long as I want it to Mrs. C. Enough talk. Stand up straight Mrs. C. Hands at your side. Look straight ahead and don’t move. Don’t say anything.” ordered Lisa.

Not knowing what else to do and not wanting to anger her demanding student, Mary stood at attention.

Lisa moved around the desk and slowly circled the trembling teacher. Man this is going to be

some senior year, she thought. “You understand to refuse me anything and you are ruined”, Lisa

said as she stared into her English teacher’s teary eyes.

“Yes Lisa.” She didn’t know what else to do. She was trapped by her past and couldn’t ruin her future. A tear slowly rolled down her cheek.

“Ms. Simon to you”

“Yes Ms. Simon I understand.”

Lisa moved back behind the teacher desk sitting in the teacher’s chair. “Unbutton your blouse

Mrs. C.”

Mary hesitated. “Please don’t do this Lisa,” she pleaded.

Jumping up Lisa came around the desk and slapped her teacher hard on the cheek. “Ms. Simon bitch. DO it NOW”

Mary was frozen in her spot. She couldn’t move.

“Ok, the pictures will be distributed to everyone by Monday” Lisa turned and headed for the door.

“Wait” shouted Mary.

Lisa paused and turned to face the frightened teacher. “Yes”.

“Please Lisa don’t do this. I’ll give you money. Please.” begged the sobbing teacher.

“Good bye Mrs. C.” said Lisa as she calmly turned to the door.

“Please Lisa, Ms. Simon, I’ll do it. Please don’t leave.” screamed the panicked teacher.

Lisa stopped at the door and turned to face the beaten teacher. “Well?”

Mary’s hands moved to the buttons on her blouse. Slowly she began unbuttoning her blouse from

the neck down. Her face was red and tear streaked.

“Take it off” demanded Lisa as she moved back to the desk.

Mary removed her blouse and placed it on the desk. She stood before her student with her blouse off wondering how far this would go.

“Now the bra Mrs. C.”

Mary reached behind her back and opened the clasp on her bra. She allowed the straps to slowly slide down her arms as her firm 35c breasts came into view. As she moved to place the bra on the desk with her blouse Lisa told her “Put it in the garbage you won’t be needing it anymore.”

Naked to the waist the cowering teacher stood before her student. She was beyond further embarrassment. How did she let herself get in this position? Why had I posed for those pictures in college?

“Now Mrs. C. I want your skirt on the desk”

Without thinking Mary opened her skirt and slid it down her legs. She stepped out of it and placed in on the desk next to her blouse.

“Well Mrs. C. I see we are going to have to improve your undergarment selection. Get those ugly panties and pantyhose off this instant.”

Stung by the harsh words of her student Mary removed her panties and pantyhose.

“In the garbage.”

The once demanding senior English teacher now stood naked in her classroom before her 18 year old student. She saw no way out of this situation. What will be next she wondered?

“Back at attention Mrs. C. Hands at your sides.” Lisa came around the desk in front of the frightened teacher. She reaches out and pinches the teacher’s nipples. “Kind of stiff Mrs. C. Do you like this?”

Mary remained silent. She felt some excitement at this treatment but she could never admit it.

Lisa pinched harder on her swollen nipples until Mrs. C. groaned, “Answer me Mrs. C.”

“No I don’t like this.” Mary lied. Well she didn’t like it but she was unexplainable excited by it.

Lisa abruptly released Mrs. C.’s nipples. “I think you are lying to me and you will be punished for that. I understand from Amy that your husband is out of town and I know she left for a camp retreat after school so I have you all to myself this weekend.”

A shiver went through Mary as Lisa’s word sank into her numb brain.

“I will be spending the weekend at your house Mrs. C. By Monday you should fully understand my requirements. Put your skirt, blouse and shoes on Mrs. C. Leave the top two buttons open on your blouse.”

Mary almost felt more naked dress this way. Her breasts while firm still moved under her thin blouse. Her nipples threatened to poke twin holes in the material. She had never been out of her house without panties and the air moving over her damp pussy made her feel very naked.

“Let’s go to your place Mrs. C. Leave the panties, bra and pantyhose in the trash for Bubba the janitor. Bring your paddle home with you.”

Mary had never used the paddle but she kept one. It was two feet long made of shiny hard wood.

The two moved to the door to begin their adventure.


When Lisa got to the door she turned and told Mary, “Follow two steps behind and act normal.”

How could she act normal. Her nipples were rubbing on her blouse with every step, her pussy was bare under her skirt and much to her dismay, becoming more moist by the minute. With the buttons open as Lisa had ordered she was showing more cleavage than she felt was acceptable. “Yes Ms. Simon,” she replied.

Lisa opened the door and lead the defeated teacher through the halls of the school into the parking lot. Mrs. C.’s car was parked in the middle of the now almost empty lot.

“Give me the keys,” demanded Lisa.

Lisa climbed behind the wheel and Mary got into the passenger side. “Slide your skirt up Mrs.C.”

Mary slide her skirt up to mid thigh.


Mary slide her skirt higher so that it barely covered her very moist pussy.

Lisa started the car and began driving toward Mrs. C.’s house about 20 minutes away. “We have to make one stop at Walmart on the way home”

Mary heart sank as she prayed Lisa would not make her go into the store with her breasts free and pussy bare.

“Tell me Mrs. C., what sort of sex toys do you have at home?”

Mary couldn’t believe her student had asked her this. “I have a vibrator Ms.Simon”

“Anything else?”

“That’s all Ms. Simon.”

Lisa pulled the car into the Walmart parking lot. This was a super Walmart with a grocery store as well as the department store. “Lets go Mrs. C. we have some shopping to do.Remember two steps behind.”

Mary slide her skirt down her legs and climbed out of the car. The air was chilly which added to the hardening of her nipples. Lisa didn’t allow her to put on her jacket. She moved quickly to follow the young athletic student across the lot.

” Do you have cash or credit cards with you Mrs. C.?”

“Yes Lisa, I have both.”

Lisa stopped in her tracks and turned to the teacher. “What did you call me?”

“Li…I’m sorry Ms. Simon.”

“Open another button.”

“Please Ms. Simon. I’m sorry.”

“Do you want it to be two more buttons?”

“No!” answered Mary as she opened the third button on her blouse. If she moved too quickly she knew she would expose her bare breast. She knew she would have to move carefully.

“Get a cart Mrs. C.” ordered Lisa as they entered the store.

Mary did as ordered and followed Lisa through the store to the pet department. “Lets get a collar for my new pet. Try this one on,” said Lisa handing Mary a white dog collar with rhinestones on it.


“Mrs. C. I do not like to repeat myself. If you don’t want to do what I tell you, you can go home and I will see that the pictures are distributed by Monday. Now try on the collar.”

Looking around Mary quickly placed the collar around her neck. “It fits Ms. Simon.”

“Lets be sure…buckle it.”

Mary buckled the collar around her neck. It did fit.

“Now a leash said Lisa. Reach up and get the red one Mrs. C.”

Mary reached up to remove the collar before anyone saw her.

Lisa smacked her hands. “Leave it on.”

Mary reached up with her stinging hand to get the leash. She realized stretching up made her bare breasts pop out of her opened blouse. Reaching down with one hand and closing her blouse while reaching up for the leash got her another smack on the hand. “Do not touch that blouse Mrs. C.”

Lisa clipped the leash to the white collar. “Looks very nice. Put them in the basket.” said Lisa as she moved off.

Mary struggled to get the collar off and follow Lisa without anyone seeing her and without Lisa getting angry because she was too far behind.

Lisa moved to the hardware department and placed two, 4 foot long 1″ dowel rods into the cart along with a package of eye screws and fifty feet of clothes line.

Then to the grocery section where Lisa placed three cucumbers, a bag of carrots, a container of chili powder and a box of popsicle into the cart.

Mary was getting more and more nervous as she looked over the contents of the cart.

“One more stop” said Lisa as she moved off to the housewares section. Here she placed a package of clothes pins in the cart along with four 12″ taper candles and two large chip bag clamps.

“I’ll meet you at the car,” said Lisa leaving Mary standing there. “Don’t be long.”

Mary went to the check out. While all of the items individually were innocent, Mary was very embarrassed because she knew they were all to be used in some way on her. She was also very aware of the display she was making with her blouse open as it was. She paid with a red face, unbelievably soaked pussy and swollen nipples.

Mary put the items in the trunk and climbed into the car. “Skirt.” said Lisa.

Mary quickly slide her skirt up to barely below her pussy as before.

“Lets stop for dinner,” said Lisa. “What are you hungry for?”

“I’m not hungry.”

Slap. “Ms. Simon!!!!!!!”

“Ow….. Sorry Ms. Simon.”

“Slide your skirt up further. You must understand you will lose something every time you fail to please me. And of course you know what happens if you totally refuse to obey.”

Lisa drove outof the parking lot as Mary slide her skirt up higher so that her pussy was exposed. Her face wasbeet red. She felt like a child being punished for being bad.

Mary rode in silence as Lisa drove toward her house. She knew she was lost but she had no other choice. She began to panic as Lisa pulled into Wendy’s drive through line.

“Don’t touch that skirt Mrs. C. What do you want to eat?”

“Nothing Ms. Simon.”

The humiliated teacher shrank into her seat as Lisa ordered a chicken sandwich, fries, and two

chocolate frostys. When they got to the window to pay Lisa reached her hand to Mrs. C. for money. Mrs. C. quickly dug in her purse and handed Lisa money hoping they didn’t recognize her. Since it was getting dark the clerk really couldn’t see anything but Mary almost died when she said, “Hi Mrs. Clark.” The clerk knew the car.

“Hi”, responded Mary as she wanted to crawl under the seat.

Lisa pulled into the lot and parked in a dark corner and began to eat her sandwich. “Open your blouse all the way Mrs. C.”

With slight hesitation the Mary opened her blouse and exposed her bare breasts. “While I eat my dinner I want you to entertain me by coating your breasts with this chocolate frosty. Be careful not to get any on your beautiful blouse.”

The humiliated teacher sat in the Wendy’s parking lot, Blouse open and breasts bared with her senior English student and rubbed the ice cold chocolate frosty all over her breasts. Mary wanted to please the teen because she had demonstrated her progressive discipline plan. The freezing milkshake caused her nipples to harden to the point of being painful.”Put some on your pussy too.”

The teachers fingers dipped into the frosty and she smeared it all over her pussy. “Inside too Mrs.C.”

Her breath began to come in short gasps as the cold frosty stimulated her hot pussy. Her fingers had a mind of their own. This went on for fifteen minutes while Lisa calmly ate her dinner and the teacher played with herself and became hotter and hotter much to her dismay.

Just as she was approaching her peak thankfully Lisa told her to stop and lick her fingers clean. “Don’t touch anything” ordered Lisa as she started the car.

Mary sat there bare to the waist with her pussy now clearly visible and everything was sticky. She was sucking her fingers clean as ordered by her student. The taste of pussy and chocolate frosty almost made her throw-up. She was thankful she was had not orgasmed in front of her student in such a humiliating way but she had a fire in her pussy that wanted to be satisfied.

They turned up into Mary’s driveway. Her house was set back from the road on a secluded lot. The back yard was surrounded by a high wooden fence and there was little traffic on the road.

Parking in front of the garage Lisa said, ” Bring in the stuff and meet me in the bathroom Mrs. C. You’re a mess.”


Lisa got out of the car and went into the teacher’s house leaving the humiliated teacher in the car with her blouse open and skirt around her waist covered in sticky dried chocolate frosty.

Lisa had warned her not to get any chocolate on her clothes so she couldn’t cover herself. Lisa was already in the house waiting for her. Looking around Mary knew she could make it to the porch without being seen unless someone happened to be driving down the road. She quickly opened the car door and with her bare ass showing and her blouse flapping she ran to the front door. LOCKED!!

Mary began ringing the door bell and pounding on the door. As a cool breeze caresses her totally exposed private parts she was become more and more frantic as she pounded on the door. “Please Ms. Simon let me in.”

Lisa stood behind the locked door watching the frantic teacher pound on the door and beg to be allowed into her own house. She had another surprise for the teacher when she finally opened the door after allowing her to beg for about five minutes.

Lisa opened the door and quickly flashed a picture of the frantic teacher. FLASH “Where are the packages Mrs. C.? Go get them and use the back door.” ordered Lisa slamming the door in the shocked teachers face.

Damn thought Mary as she ran back to the car knowing she had been lucky no one had driven by so far. Quickly gathering the packages and her paddle from school Mary ran to the back gate. As she fumbled with the latch on the gate with her arms filled with packages she heard the sound of an approaching vehicle. Just as she got the gate open a pickup truck appeared traveling down the road. Mary quickly ducked behind the fence hoping no one had seen her.

When she reached the back door it was open and she went in finding Lisa standing in her kitchen. “Lisa I don’t want any pictures.”

SLAP. “How many times must I tell you to call your superiors by their proper name. And I don’t care what you want,” responded Lisa. “Now take everything up to your bedroom and meet me in the bathroom. Hurry.”

Mary quickly climbed the stair to her bedroom. She left everything on the bed and headed to the bathroom. When she entered the bathroom and found Lisa sitting near the double sinks. The shower was running and the bathroom was warm and comfortable.

“Take off your clothes Mrs.. C and take a quick shower. Leave the door open.”

Mary slipped off her blouse and skirt and stepped out of her shoes. She stepped into the warm stinging shower. Picking up the soap Mary began to wash the sticky mess from her body.

“Soap your breast more Mrs. C.” ordered Lisa.

Mary blushed as her hands moved to her breasts and massaged more soap into her soft skin. FLASH

” Now Mrs. C. be sure to get all the mess out of your pussy”

Mary’s hands slid down and soaped her pubic area. She worked her fingers into her pussy to be sure she got everything out. FLASH An electric shock went through her body as her finger brushed her clit. What is wrong with me she thought as she quickly pulled her fingers away.

With a knowing smile Lisa ordered her teacher to turn off the shower and step out. “Sit up here on the counter Mrs. C.”

Mary climbed up on to the counter wondering what next?

“Spread your legs as wide as you can Mrs. C. “

Mary was shocked but moved her legs open slightly.

“Mrs. C. I said as wide as you can do you want me to get your paddle?”

Mary reluctantly spread her legs wide apart.

“Hold that pose Mrs. C.” FLASH

Lisa pulled her chair between her teacher wide spread legs. She reached for a razor and shaving cream which Mary had not noticed.

“Please Ms. Simon don’t do this to me.” begged the teacher. “This is evil.”

“Shut up Mrs. C.” said Lisa as she covered her luscious pubs with shaving cream.

The touch made her jump. Mary had never been touched there by another woman and the touch was so much different than her husband’s groping.

Lisa worked the shaving cream into the thick bush.

Mary felt her nipple stiffen and a very warm feeling flowed through her body as Lisa slowly and carefully slid the razor through her womanly hair. Over and over the razor moved over her pussy. Lisa was touching and pulling her teachers pussy as she shaved it entirely bare. When all the hair was gone Lisa took a warm washcloth and cleaned away the remaining shaving cream.

Lisa stepped back. “Smile Mrs. C. ” FLASH “Spread your pussy lips Mrs. C.”

Mary knew she had no choice as she reach her hands down and spread her pussy lips open for her demanding student. FLASH

“Mrs. C. is your pussy dripping?” asked Lisa as she saw the moisture in her teacher’s spread pussy. Lisa held a mirror for her humiliated teacher, “Here take a close look Mrs. C.”

Mary looked at her bare wet pussy and cried with humiliation. She looked so strange and her body was betraying her.

“I expect you to keep it looking like this all the time. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ms. Simon”, sobbed the teacher.

“Now sit down here”, said Lisa motioning to a chair.

“Your not going to shave my head are you? cried the panicked teacher.

“Of course not Mrs. C. just a nice hair cut. Cutting hair is a hobby of mine and I think you will look sexier with a shorter style.” Lisa picked up a comb and scissors and Mary”s shoulder length hair began to fall to the floor. Mary couldn’t see what was happening but a lot of hair was coming off.

After about ten minutes of cutting and clipping Lisa ordered Mary to look in the mirror. She didn’t even recognize herself. She looked ten years younger and with the shaved pussy very hot. She couldn’t believe her eyes. FLASH

Lisa handed Mary the collar. “Put this on Mrs. C. This is to be with you at all times. If you

are alone you are to be wearing it and when you are not alone it must be in your purse in case I want you to put it on.”

“Yes Ms. Simon” answered the confused teacher as she buckled the collar around her neck. FLASH

Lisa attached her leash to Mary’s collar. “Give a tour of your home Mrs. C.”

“Yes Ms. Simon” answered the collared teacher moving toward the door.

She was stopped short of the door by the leash. “On your knees Mrs. C.”

Mary dropped to her knees.

“Now give me the tour.”

The humiliated teacher turned and began crawling though the bedroom door on the end of a leash held by one of her students. How she wished she had never posed for those pictures.

“Lets start in the basement and work our way back to here Mrs. C.” ordered Lisa now that she was in total control.

Mary carefully negotiated her way down two flights of stairs into the basement. Crawling down steps was difficult. Once they got into the basement the concrete in the area beyond the finished portion was cold and hard. Mrs. C. was shivering in her naked state.

Lisa left her kneeling there while she examined the area for possible use later. When she finished Lisa ordered her into the finished area. Lisa looked around and the ordered her teacher to crawl up the stairs.

Following her teacher up the steps she admired her swaying breasts and enjoyed watching her ass as she crawled up the stairs. “Your ass moves nicely Mrs. C.”

Mary wanted to become invisible. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. It just kept getting worse and worse as she followed the orders of her student who had under her control.

A quick tour of the first floor with the teacher crawling from room to room was further humiliation for the teacher. “Let’s see the garage Mrs. C.”

She crawled into the garage on the end of her leash. Lisa again left her in the center of the garage. She examined the garage in detail as her teacher was shivering in the center of her cold unheated garage. Lisa found the button to open the garage door and push it causing the door to open. Lisa tossed the car keys to Mary and ordered, “Crawl out and drive the car into the garage.

Mary picked up the keys and crawled out of the safety of her garage into her driveway and up into her car. She drove the car into the garage and crawled out as Lisa left the door open. “Mrs. C. you are shivering. Don’t you like the cool fall air?”

“I am Ankara Escort very sensitive to cold Ms. Simon”

“So I see,” said Lisa reaching and pinching Mary’s stiff nipple.

“Let’s go upstairs now Mrs. C.”

The teacher was aware that she would again be displaying her charms as the she crawled up the stairs before her student. She wished there was a way to avoid this but she knew there wasn’t. She crawled up the stairs.

Mary lead Lisa into the two guest rooms first and the into her daughter Amy’s room. Lisa spent quite a bit of time looking through Amy’s room. She checked her draws, closet and her shoe rack while the uncomfortable teacher knelt quietly by the door.

“Lets go back to your room Mrs. C.’ I want to look through your clothes too.”


As they entered bedroom Lisa ordered the collared teacher to kneel in the center of the room. Lisa proceeded one drawer at a time to go through all the drawers in the room. Some of the drawers contained clothes of her husband’s which Lisa paid very little attention to. In the first of Mrs. C.’s drawers were panties and bras. All of these were dumped on the bed and after going though them Lisa threw all of them on the floor. “These all go Mrs. C.”

Mary was very embarrassed to be kneeling watching a relative stranger go through her most intimate things.

The next drawer contained garter belts, girdles, stocking, pantyhose and socks.All the pantyhose were thrown on the pile on the floor. One girdle, which was a size smaller than the others, was kept while the others were thrown on the pile. The garter belts, stockings, socks and girdle were replaced in the drawer.

The next drawer contained t-shirts and shorts for the gym. Lisa ordered Mary to stand and try on each pair of shorts and the t-shirts. She kept three t-shirts and two pairs of shorts and the rest went on to the pile on the floor.

The forth drawer was for sweaters. Again Mary was required to try on each sweater and only three of the tightest were put back in the drawer.

The last drawer was night gowns and robes. These were all thrown on the floor except for a tiny Victoria’s Secret ensemble which Mary said had been purchased by her husband for her. Lisa had Mary put it on.

It was very tight fitting over her 35c breasts and hardly held them in, while the bottom was a thong type garment which disappeared the crack of her nicely rounded ass. The front panel was very narrow and the outline of the lips of her bare pussy were clearly visible. It actually made her feel more naked dressed this way than when she was actually naked. FLASH

Mary had her strip again and put the outfit back in the drawer. Then she moved to the shoe rack on the back of the door and began going through her shoes. All flats were immediately added to the pile. When she was finished there were three pairs of heels. One pair of 3″ black , one pair of 3″ brown, and one pair of 3″ red. “Are these all of your shoes Mrs. C.?”

Mary replied,” There are some gym shoes in the bottom of the closet and several shoe boxes on the shelf in the closet Ms. Simon”.

Lisa moved to the closet and quickly sorted the gym shoes, keeping two pair and add the rest to the pile. The shoe boxes added one pair of 3″ sandals to the shoe rack and one pair 4″ white heels, and a pair of 5″ black spike heels. “Mrs. C. where did you get these?”

I wore them with a Halloween costume last year Ms. Simon and they hurt my feet the whole night.”

“Put them on now,” said Lisa tossing them to the kneeling teacher. “Now stand up Mrs. C.”

Mary stood and on wobbling legs blushed as her student moved slowly around her examining her from every angle..

“They look very nice Mrs. C. They make your long legs even more shapely and they really cause your ass to be more inviting. Walk around.”

Mary carefully moved around the room. She felt like she was parading like some kind of prostitute. She was aware of her ass swaying from side to side as she attempted to walk in the impossibly high heels. Her breasts bounced slightly with each step. Her feet hurt immediately and much to her dismay, she felt a stirring in her bare pussy. ‘What is wrong with me’ her mind screamed. “Ms. Simon, I can’t walk in these.”

Don’t worry Mrs. C. you will be getting a lot of practice. Stand over here next to me Mrs. C.”, said Lisa as she began going through Mary’s clothes in the closet.

Lisa had Mary try on many things from her closet and many were added to the pile while a few were returned to hangers and several skirts, blouses and jackets were placed in a separate pile on the chair. Her make up was next and only very bright shades dark shades were kept, all the rest went on the pile, which was quite large by now.

The last place to be gone through was the night stand next to the bed. Mary had hoped Lisa wouldn’t go through that because her vibrator was in that drawer along with a very sexy book she had been reading. No one had ever seen the vibrator, not even her husband. She had ordered it from a catalog about two years ago and kept in safely hidden in the drawer. With Mary standing at her side Lisa opened the drawer. She removed several items like flashlight, hair clips, birth control; pills etc. until she got to the back and she pulled out the book. “The Story of O”. Lisa tossed the book aside for the moment not knowing its contents and reached in and pulled out her teacher’s vibrator. Flicking the switch it came to life. “Do you use this often Mrs. C.?” asked the smiling teenager.

“Only when my husband is away Ms. Simon.”

“How often do you use it when he is away ?” demanded Lisa.

“Almost every night”, replied the crimson teacher.

“Lay on the bed and show me how you use it Mrs. C.”, said Lisa as she took a seat at the end of

the bed.

Her hands couldn’t move, they were frozen and her mind refused to allow her to obey. This was too much.

“MRS. C.”

Jarring her mind from the deep freeze Mary begged. “Please Ms. Simon, I can’t do this.”

“Can’t or won’t Mrs. C.?”

“I can’t “

“Either you do it or I’m out of here with the old AND the new pictures. Your little secret is public knowledge by Monday.”

The stunned teacher slowly moves the vibrator to her mound. Keeping her legs closed she moves the vibrator slowly over her stomach and thighs.

“Come on Mrs. C. open those legs and let me see you in action.”

Mary tries to concentrate. With her husband out of town so much her vibrator has become her main source of pleasure. She slowly spreads her legs and slides her vibrator over her bare pussy. FLASH

A shudder passes through the masturbating teacher as she realizes her fate is sealed. She closed her eyes and began sliding the vibrator up and down her wet slit. With her other hand she massages her breasts and begins to pinch her nipples. FLASH

Her body has a mind of its own now as her hands work over her breasts and slide the vibrator deep into her dripping hole. FLASH. Her pussy feels so different being shaved and the sensations caused by the vibrator seemed more intense than ever. Her breathing becomes faster and her hands are now pinching and twisting her swollen nipples. The vibrator moves faster and faster in and out over her clit. FLASH

She feels her juices running out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass over her asshole. Her nipples are pulled and twisted away from her body as she begins to raise her hips to get the vibrator deeper into her pussy. FLASH

Her body is covered with perspiration . Her eyes are closed. The vibrator is slamming in and out of her swollen pussy. She forgets completely her predicament and her entire mind centers on the vibrating plastic sliding in and out of her hole. FLASH. In and Out. In and Out.

Suddenly Lisa reaches out and pulls the vibrator form her teacher’s pulsing pussy.


” Mrs. C. I want your to understand that you are totally under my control. When you cum, when you eat, when you use the bathroom, what you wear, where you go, everything about your life is now under my control. With these pictures I really own you, body and soul. Do you understand Mrs. C. ?”

Suddenly the totality of her situation falls heavily on her. Her life is ruined. She no longer controls herself. All because of her youthful stupidity.

“Don’t worry Mrs. C. as long as you do everything I tell you this will be between us. Of course if you displease me I might be forced to show these new pictures to someone.”

“I’m yours Ms. Simon just please don’t let anyone see those pictures”, begged the defeated, horny teacher.

“Now Mrs. C. I want you to clean up the mess in the bathroom, pack all the clothes and things on the floor and take them to the basement, then fix me something to eat. You only need to set one place at the table and keep your heels on at all times.”

“Yes Ms. Simon.”

One more thing Mrs. C., don’t you dare touch yourself, ever, without my permission. You have already earned some punishment by forgetting to show proper respect earlier.

“Now get moving, ” said Lisa picking up the discarded book and going down to the living room.


Lisa went down to the living room and made herself comfortable. She turned on the TV and put the book on the table next to the couch.

Mary made her way to the bathroom and cleaned up all the hair and wiped down the sink and counter. She was very frustrated and wanted to finish what she had started but she was afraid of Lisa. Lisa had shown no signs of compassion and Mary did not want to anger her. Her feet were really started to hurt in these ridiculous heels but again she had to wear them.

After cleaning the bathroom she moved to her bedroom which was piled with her clothes and other personal items. She didn’t have any boxes or anything so she had to go down the stairs to the kitchen to get garbage bags.

“How is it coming Mrs. C.?” yelled Lisa from the living room. “Don’t be too long I’m getting hungry.” Mary hurried back up the stairs and threw all her things in garbage bags. There were six bags. That meant 3 trips all the way to the basement. ‘My poor feet,” thought Mary.

After making the three trips Mary’s feet were throbbing in the 5″ heels but she moved on to the kitchen. ‘What would Lisa like to eat?’ wondered the horny teacher. All teenagers love hamburgers and French fries. so she made two burgers and a batch of fries. As she cooked she realized that she was hungry too. Mary went to set the table and remembered that Lisa had said only one plate. ‘ Where will I eat?’ thought Mary. When dinner was prepared and one place set Mary called Lisa to the kitchen. “Ms. Simon dinner is ready.”

As Lisa entered the kitchen she saw her once respected teacher standing naked next to the table ready to serve her dinner. It brought a smile to her face. “Stand here next to me Mrs. C. while I eat.,” said Lisa as she sat down at the table.

The hungry teacher stood on painful feet next to Lisa as she began to eat the delicious smelling food.

“Get me a coke Mrs. C.”

“I only have Pepsi Ms. Simon.”

“From now on buy Coke.”

“Yes Ms. Simon.”

“This is pretty good Mrs. C. Would you like a fry?”

“Yes please Ms. Simon.”

“Spread your legs.”

A confused Mary cautiously spread her legs.

Lisa took a French fry and slid it between Mary’s legs through her pussy. Then she moved it to Mary’s lips. “Here Mrs. C.”

The shocked teacher held her lips closed as she turned red at the intimate touch of her student and the thought of what she is being asked to do.

“Open wide Mrs. C. Now.”

Mary opened her mouth and Lisa stuffed the soaked French fry in. “Now chew Mrs.C.”

The horrified teacher tried not to throw up as she chewed the pussy dipped fry.

“Here Mrs. C. you dip the next one”

In a daze Mary took the fry from Lisa and slid it through her pussy (FLASH) and then put it in her mouth.

“Want some burger Mrs. C.?”

“No,” whispered the defeated teacher shaking her head violently from side to side.

“Here you go ” said Lisa handing her teacher a large piece of hamburger. “Dip it first Mrs. C.”

Mary did as she was ordered but she was very near to throwing up from the taste and the humiliation of having to do this disgusting thing.

“Clean up Mrs. C. and meet me in the living room. Bring a measuring tape, paper and pencil. And don’t be all day.”

Mary quickly cleaned up and getting a tape, pencil and paper from the drawer went into the living room.

“Stand here in front of me,” said Lisa as she watch her naked teacher move across the room.

Taking the tape she began to take her teacher’s measurements . “Write down what I tell you Mrs. C.”

Taking her measurements. “Chest, 35; Waist, 23; Hips, 33. Not bad Mrs. C.” Then Lisa said “Spread your legs Mrs. C.” Reaching into the V formed by her teacher’s spread legs Lisa measured Mary’s in seam to a point three inches above Mary’s knee. “Length 9”

“Mrs. C. tomorrow you are to take all of the skirts and dress we put on the chair upstairs and shorten the to a length of 9″. You are also to remove the top button on all the blouses and dresses which we saved.”

“Yes Ms. Simon.”

“Tell me Mrs. C. did you like your dinner?”

” No Ms. Simon I did not like it.”

“Too bad. You better learn to like that taste Mrs. C.”

“Is your husband good in bed Mrs. C.?”

“Yes Ms. Simon.”

Mary was very embarrassed discussing her husband and their sex lives with a student.

“Does he fuck you in the ass Mrs. C.?”

“Absolutely not. I have never had anything in my ass.”

Lisa smiled. “Do you like sex Mrs. C.?

The naked teacher standing before her fully dress student couldn’t believe Lisa was asking her these questions. ” Yes Ms. Simon.”

“Do you suck you husband’s cock Mrs. C.?”

With a very red face, “Yes,” whispered the embarrassed teacher.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes Ms. Simon.”

“Do you swallow his cum?”

“No that’s disgusting. Please don’t ask me these questions.”

“Have you every cheated on your husband?”


“Before you were married how many men fucked you Mrs. C.?”

Standing naked with a shaved pussy now very wet, Mary mentally counted her sex partners. “3”.

“Did you suck them too Mrs. C.?”


“You like to suck cock Mrs. C.?”

“No, but they wanted it and I loved them.”

“But you really like to suck cock don’t you Mrs. C.?”

“Yes,” whisper Mary.

“Have you ever had sex with more than one person at a time?”


“Have you had sex with a woman?”

“No. I think that is terrible”

“Have you ever kissed a woman?”


The questioning went on for over an hour.

“I’m really tired Mrs. C. and we have a big day tomorrow. You will be expanding your horizons. Lets go upstairs.”

When they got into the bedroom Lisa noticed the stuff they had bought at the store. “Take the carrots and cucumbers to the fridge and hurry back.” While Mary was off doing that Lisa cut 2 two foot sections of rope and screwed eye screws into the end of one of the dowel rods and one in the center. When Mary came back Lisa ordered her to kneel on the floor.Then Lisa had Mary reach between her legs and she tied each wrist to ankle. This forced Mary face down into the carpet and put her ass high in the air. She then attached each ankle to the end of the dowel rod spreading her legs wide. “Now Mrs. C this position serves two purposes. I don’t want you to be playing with yourself tonight and I am going to use your paddle on your ass so that you remember to show me the proper respect and obey without question.”

Lisa picked up the paddle. SMACK. “One.”

“Owwww. Please Ms. Simon I’m sorry”

SMACK “Two”.

Her ass was on fire. Tears popped from her eyes. “Pleaseeeeeeee”

SMACK “Three.”


Lisa smiled as her teacher’s ass reddened.

SMACK “Four” SMACK “Five”.

“That’s all for tonight Mrs. C. Thank me for teaching you respect.”

“Thank you Ms. Simon.” sobbed a broken humiliated teacher with a hot burning ass.

Lisa moved to the bed, removed her clothes and climbed in leaving her teacher tied and sobbing on the floor. “Good night Mrs. C.”


Lisa woke up around 8:30 to the sound of her teacher whimpering from the floor next to the bed. Getting up and walking around the bed she found Mary sitting against the bed with her knees pulled up and spread wide with her wrists tied to her ankles. Her eyes were red and her face was tear streaked. “What’s wrong Mrs. C.?”

Mary looked up and saw Lisa’s naked body for the first time. She thought she was beautiful. About 5’4″…not much over 100#. Her breasts were about 34b and she had a narrow waist and slim hips. “I can’t do this Lisa. It is too much for me to bear. Most everyone will understand why I posed for those pictures.”

“Well Mrs. C. lets look at these pictures,” said Lisa as she moved to the night stand for the Polaroids. ” Now I wonder how you will explain this one,” said Lisa showing Mary a picture of her spreading the lips of her newly shaven pussy. ” And how about this one. I bet you can explain it too,” Lisa said showing her the picture of her masturbating with her vibrator. The look on her face proved she was enjoying every bit of it.

Mary knew she was lost and broke into wracking sobs. Her breasts heaving as she lost control of herself.

“Now Mrs. C. what do you want to do?”

“Please Lisa don’t show those to anyone. I will do as you ask.”

“Well first I guess you didn’t learn respect yesterday so we will start the day with a reminder.” Lisa grabbed the end of the dowel rod and turned the sobbing teacher over onto her knee with her face back in carpet.

“Please Ms. Simon. I’m sorry. I’ll do better I promise.”

“I should hope so Mrs. C. but you do deserve to be punished don’t you?” Mary didn’t know what to say. She wanted to please this demented student but she didn’t want to paddled again.

“Mrs. C. you do deserve to be punished isn’t that correct?”

In a soft whimpering voice,”Yes Ms. Simon.”

“Good. Then beg me to paddle your ass so you can learn to be more respectful.”

“Please Ms. Simon, paddle my ass,” sobbed the defeated teacher.

How many swats do you think you deserve Mrs. C.?

“Don’t make me do this. Just get it over with.”

“How Many Mrs. C.?

“One’, said the embarrassed teacher.

“I think three is more in order but since you said one we will make it four.Count each one Mrs. C.”


“One” shouted Mary.


“TWO” cried the tied kneeling teacher. There was no escape.


“THREE” screamed the sobbing teacher. Her ass was on fire. “Please Ms. Simon no more.”


“FOUR” wailed Mary as her ass quivered.

Lisa again used the dowel rod to turn Mary back over so that she was now sitting painfully on her hot red ass. “What is this Mrs. C.?” asked Lisa as she slide her finger into her teachers very wet slit. “Do you like having your ass paddled?”

The humiliated teacher could not reply.

Lisa untied Mary’s wrists from her ankles and the humiliated teacher straighten her legs and worked out the kinks.

“Mrs. C. I want you to fix me some toast for breakfast while I shower. No touching that pussy either. And put your heels back on. Now get moving,” ordered Lisa swatting her teacher’s red sore ass.

“I need to use the bathroom”, said Mary.

“Go and make my toast. Maybe if you’re good I’ll let you pee-pee later.”

Mary moved down to the kitchen and Lisa took a nice leisurely shower and followed later wearing only a towel. When she walked into the kitchen she found Mary sitting gingerly at the table with a cup of coffee. “Who gave you permission to sit? And who gave you permission to have coffee?”

Mary jumped up, “I didn’t think. I’m sorry Ms. Simon.”

“Dump that coffee and bend over the table right NOW.”

Mary moved quickly and dumped the coffee into the sink and returned and bent her body over the table not wanting to anger Lisa anymore.

“All the way flat. Smash your breasts on the table.” said Lisa pushing on Mary’s back. “Spread your legs out to the table legs.”

Mary did as ordered but this position, with the 5″ heels on, put a real strain on her legs.

“Now stay there while I eat my breakfast and decide what to do about your repeated forgetfulness. Didn’t I tell you would need permission from me for EVERYTHING?”

“Yes Ms. Simon. I forgot Ms. Simon.”

Lisa sat down and ate her toast and drink the coffee her teacher had so graciously made for her.

Mary meanwhile was becoming very aware of the pressure this position placed on her full bladder. Her legs began to ache and after a time her thighs began to quiver from the need to relieve herself and the strain. “Ms. Simon, may I please go to the bathroom?”

“Be quiet I’m eating my breakfast. Another demonstration of your lack of respect, interrupting my meal with your silly needs.”

The teacher shut up and concentrated on controlling her need to use the bathroom. She tried very hard not to visualize the position she was in her own kitchen.

Lisa finished eating and began walking around the kitchen. FLASH Mary cringed as she imagined what that picture would show. She could hear Lisa opening drawers.

SMACK The wooden spoon connected with her upturned ass. Mary jumped and her hands flew back to protect her sore ass.

“Get your hands out of the way Mrs. C. You must learn to be respectful and obey your instructions.” SMACK.

Mary cried out, “I’m sorry Ms. Simon.”


The spanking continued for ten smacks and then Lisa said to the sobbing teacher,”Do you still need to use the bathroom Mrs. C.?”

“Yes I do Ms. Simon,” answered the red assed teacher. She hoped that was not being disrespectful.

Lisa grabs the leash and pulls the teacher to the back door. “Let’s go out here so my pet can go potty.”

Mary couldn’t believe she actually expected her to go to the bathroom outside in front of her.

Lisa led the stunned teacher to the middle of the yard and said,”If you have to go you better do it here because this is your only chance until we get back from shopping Mrs. C.”

“Ms. Simon, Please I can’t do this,” said Mary her bladder growing in distress.

“Well then we can wait until tonight when we get home,” said Lisa tugging the leash.

Mary didn’t know what to do. She could hold it until tonight. She needed to use a bathroom but her tormentor wouldn’t permit it. She had to go. “Wait.”


“I’ll do it.”

“Go on. I don’t have all day.” Lisa was getting chilled wrapped only in a towel but she knew the naked teacher felt the chill even more which stimulated her need.

Mary tried to figure a graceful way to do this humiliating act but soon the need overcame the planning and she simply spread her legs and squatted releasing her full bladder on the the grass in her own back yard under the watchful eye of her mentor. FLASH

Having satisfied her need the red faced teacher said ,”I’m finished Ms. Simon.” with her eyes lowered.

“Let’s go get ready. I plan to make good use of your credit cards today Mrs. C. You need some new things to wear since so much of your wardrobe has been packed away.” Pulling the leash Lisa lead her teacher back into the house.

“Take a shower and meet me in your room,” ordered Lisa. “And don’t be playing with that dripping pussy.”

After a quick shower Mary entered her bed room to find Lisa sitting on her bed wearing jeans and a sweat shirt .

“Sit her Mrs. C. I’ll fix your hair and make-up for you.” Lisa styled her hair and made-up her face with much more make-up the she normally wore. Looking in a mirror Mary saw a person she hardly recognized. Let’s get you dressed now Mrs. C.. Put these on,” said Lisa handing her a black garter belt and smoke colored stockings.

“May I sit on the bed Ms. Simon?” asked Mary trying to avoid any further spankings.

“Of course Mrs. C.” said Lisa as she watched her teacher slide the stocking up her legs. Put your heels back on too Mrs. C. until we can buy you new ones.”

Mary clipped the stockings to the garter belt and slipped her aching feet into the 5″ heels. FLASH Glancing in the mirror Mary could see the garter belt and stocking highlighted her shaved pussy like a picture frame.

“Mrs. C. since you haven’t had a chance to alter your clothing yet we need to find you something appropriate to wear. Let’s go to Amy’s room.”

“Ms. Simon, Amy’s clothes will be too small for me.”

“I know. You wear all your clothes too loose fitting Mrs. C.” Lisa lead her teacher into her daughter’s room and picked out a very tight very very short skirt the barely covered the tops of her stockings and a crop top that hugged her breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible and the bottoms of her breasts were barely covered. FLASH

The outfit said slut. Looking in the mirror Mary knew she was going to spend the day tugging the top and skirt down to maintain any dignity at all. She of course was not permitted and panties or bra. Anyone who saw her would not recognize her easily. Lisa handed her sunglasses and now no one would know her for sure. “Put your collar in your purse and let’s get moving Mrs. C.”


Lisa drove the “well” dressed teacher out of her neighborhood. She had decided that it would be necessary to travel across town to a mall about 40 miles from home to insure the no one would recognize the teacher. When they arrived and had parked the car Mary was reminded Etlik Escort that she was to follow 2 paces behind and speak only when given permission.

As Mary began moving across the parking lot she realized just how exposed she was. The skirt barely covered her bare thighs above her stockings and her breasts moved freely under the short crop top. The heels made her ass sway invitingly. She wanted to go back to the car and hide herself but she knew she couldn’t do that. With the new pictures that Lisa had she was hers for as long as she wanted her.

The first stop was at the Victoria’s Secret store. Lisa picked out a red leotard one size too small, two pair of black spandex shorts, again one size too small and several camisoles in various colors. Lisa lead Mary to the changing room and instructed her, “Try on each article and come out to show me how it looks.”

Mary moved into the changing room and removed her clothing. She put on the leotard which was clearly too tight and rode up into her ass crack and hugged her bare pussy. She struggled into the too tight spandex and opened the door expecting to see Lisa. But Lisa was no where to be seen. Cautiously she move to the door of the changing area and saw Lisa across the store looking at bras. She waited for Lisa to see her thinking she would come over and look at the outfit. When Lisa spotted her she waved for her to come to her. Red faced Mary walked across the store in the too tight exercise outfit. When she got to Lisa she was ordered to turn and show the sales girl how she looked. “That looks a little uncomfortable,” said the clerk.

“She like it that way don’t you Mrs. C.?”

The humiliated teacher answered “Yes Ms. Simon.”

“Good. Go put you stockings and skirt on and try on the camisoles.”

The red faced teacher turned and hurried back to the safety of the changing area. She again dressed in the garter belt, stockings skirt and heels. She put on a black camisoles which covered her better the top she had worn into the store. She was again forced to prance on her heels across the store and model for Lisa and the sales girl. “Now that fits well,” commented the salesgirl.

“Get a smaller size and try it on Mrs. C.”

Mary got a smaller size and after trying it on and modeling for Lisa and the sales girl she was told to get one of each color in the smaller size.

When Mary had changed back into her short crop top she came out of the changing area and went to Lisa in the bra department.

“What size do you wear Mrs. C.?”

“35c Ms. Simon” whispered the embarrassed teacher in front of the sales girl.

“We’ll take this one,” said Lisa handing Mary a 34b bra. Then Lisa moved across the store to corsets and girdles. “Do you have those measurements Mrs. C.?”

Yes Ms. Simon she answered handing her the paper from her purse. “Chest, 35; Waist, 23; Hips, 33”. Looking though the corsets she found one size 21″ waist. Then she found a body shaper with measurement 34b, 21, 31. “Get these too.” Lisa also handed her teacher several garter belts in various colors and several different colors of stockings.

Mary took all her purchases to the check out and a different sales clerk began to ring up her purchases. “Oh I think this is the wrong size Maam. It looks too small for you.” she said as she was ringing the body shaper.

“She likes them tight,” answered Lisa for the bewildered teacher. She had never spent this much money shopping for herself in her life and she knew they were just beginning.

The next stop was a store which was very popular with teenage girls. Lisa forced Mary to try on and model for her and a young salesgirl several skirts, blouses, dresses and sweaters. She spent over $400.00 on clothing which was respectable for a teenage girl but slightly out of place for a middle aged school teacher.

“This will all go along with your new ‘younger’ image Mrs. C.”

Mary knew she would feel ridiculous wearing these clothes to school but at least she wouldn’t get fired for wearing them.

Mary was now loaded down with packages as they moved down the mall. As they passed the food court Lisa decided she was hungry. She sat down and ordered Mrs. C. to get her a chicken sandwich and fries with a coke.

Mary got the food for Lisa and was ordered to stand next to her holding all the packages while Lisa enjoyed her lunch and her teachers humiliation. “If you want something go get it,” said Lisa, “But remember you need to ‘dip it’ before eating it.”

Of course Mary wasn’t hungry. Why was her pussy wet?

After Lisa finished and Mary had cleared the table they moved to a trendy shoe store. Mary was told to sit and now her short skirt became a real problem. The young man who came-up to wait on her asked “May I help you?” as he looked at her long exposed legs.

“She would like to see all the 5″ heels with ankle straps that you have to start.” said Lisa speaking for the humiliated teacher.


“What size Mrs. C.?”

“7 1/2b”

“Get size 7 and 7 1/2 a and b, ” directed Lisa.

The young man hurried off and returned shortly with an arm full on boxes. Kneeling before the teacher he began to help her try on the shoes. It was impossible for Mary to keep her knees together as he tried on pair after pair of heels. She was forced to prance on the high heels around the store. The shoes were mostly either too tight or too short. After trying on over 10 pairs of shoes with 5″ heels and several pair with 3″ and 4″ heels Mary’s face was quite red. Much to her humiliation her pussy was literally dripping.

“Do you have any with higher heels?” ask Lisa.

The salesman was only too happy to check. His cock was quite visible under his pants. “Did you see what you are doing to that poor man Mrs. C?”

Mary wanted to cry , “Yes Ms. Simon.”

“Bet you would love to suck on that wouldn’t you Mrs. C.?”

“No Ms. Simon”

“But you said you love to suck cock didn’t you?”

“Yes. Ms. Simon.”

“Well maybe I can work a deal with him to save you some money.”

“Please don’t Ms. Simon.”

Lisa laughed, “We’ll see.”

The man returned. “We have one style of 6″ black heels with ankle straps in her size.” said the salesman to Lisa ignoring the frightened teacher.

“Let’s try them.”

The excited salesman knelt down and put the heels on Mary. He made a point on moving her foot around in such a way the caused her to spread her legs giving him a clear view of her bald pussy.

“Walk for us Mrs. C.”, ordered Lisa.

Mary rose from her chair and struggled to walk in the higher heels. “Mrs. C. it looks like you sat

in something.” asked Lisa innocently pointing to the wet spot on Mary’s skirt and the chair. The horrified teacher wanted to die. Her faced was beet red and her legs began to shake. “Could you get us something to clean-up?” Lisa asked the salesman. As he hurried off Lisa whispered to Mary, “Don’t you cry.”

He returned and handed the towel to Lisa. “Why don’t you help her out?”

The salesman was only too happy to help and began patting the wet spot on Mary’s skirt with the towel. He of course took this opportunity to feel up the humiliated teacher.

Once the salesman finished Lisa decided on the 6″ heels, 3 pair of 5″, 3 pair of 4″ and 2 pair of 3″ heels. The total charge on her credit card was $780.00.

Now Mary was really staggered with the packages and her skirt rode up her legs as she walked and the wet spot was clearly visible. Her crop top was pulled up exposing more breast than before as they walked to the car.

“One more stop before dinner Mrs. C.” said Lisa pulling out of the mall parking lot. They drove down the road and pulled into and adult book store and novelty shop. “Here is a list Mrs. C. Get everything on the list and be sure to ask for assistance from the salesperson. I don’t want any mistakes.”

Mary slowly got out of the car, She was reading the list: 3 butt plugs in different sizes, 1 large black dildo, one set of nipple clamps with chain, 1 pair of wrist cuffs, 1 pair of ankle cuffs, 1 cock gag, 1 ball gag, 1 leather paddle, 1 pair on benwa balls, 1 tube of lubricant and 1 cat. She had no idea what some of these were. She looked around the parking lot and there were 3 other cars.

“Hurry up Mrs. C..”

Mary opened the door and immediately became the center of attention for the 3 guys inside. She thought it best to ask for help and get out as fast as possible. She noticed the smell and was glad it smelled so the they wouldn’t smell her dripping pussy. “I need to buy these things,” said Mary handing the list to the salesman.

He looked over the list and smiled, “These things for you?”

“Yes.” whispered Mary.

“What are you going to do with all these things?”

“I was ordered to get them.”

“By Who? Your husband”

Mary didn’t know what to say. “a friend”, she finally said.

He moved around the counter an put has arm around Mary and lead her to a display of sex toys on the wall. He began handing her the items on the list. Taking every opportunity to touch her in the most embarrassing ways. After what seemed an eternity she had paid the bill again several hundred dollars on her charge and was moving out of the store.

“Come back soon sweety” called the salesman as his customers watched appreciatively.

Mary put the items in the back seat and Lisa ordered, “Get the small butt plug and lubricant and put them in your purse.”

Mary did as she was ordered.

“Dinner time,” said Lisa. “I’ll bet your hungry”

Mary realized she was very hungry.

“We are eating Italian.” said Lisa as she pulled into a popular Italian restaurant. “I will do the

ordering,” said Lisa.

“Yes Ms. Simon”

They were seated at a back table. Lisa ordered a meal for herself and a salad without dressing and bread sticks for Mary.

As soon as Lisa had ordered Mary knew what was coming but she was not prepared for Lisa next order.

“Go to the restroom and put some lubricant on the butt plug and put it in your ass. Be sure to get it all the way in so it doesn’t fall out.”

Mary slowly stood and picked up her purse carrying the plug and lubricant.

“Leave the purse here Mrs. C.”


“Take out what you need and leave the purse here.”

Mary took the lubricant and plug out of the purse and doing the best she could to hide what she was carrying she hurried to the restroom. Once there she quickly entered a stall and began to think about her situation. Here she was a respected teacher sitting in a restroom dressed like a whore. Several hundred dollars poorer and about to shove an enormous plug into her virgin asshole. She began to sob uncontrollably.


The sobbing teacher was startled back to reality by the sound of voices as two ladies entered the restroom. She looked at the plug in her hand and thought, ‘This will never fit inside me’. She opened the tube of lubricant and applied it gingerly to the plug. Then she reached back and put some lubricant on her ass hole. She attempted to slide her finger inside to get some gel inside. She wanted to wait until no one was in the restroom to try and insert the plug but it seemed as one left someone else came in and she knew she had already been gone much too long.

Reaching back she placed the tip of the plug on her ass hole and began to push. ‘I knew it was too big’ she thought. She pushed harder and the tip began to spread the tight ring. Once it started with constant pressure it moved into her ass. The pain was not as much as she had feared but it felt so uncomfortable. Suddenly the widest part slipped past the tight ring and the plug was locked into place. She stood and the feeling of the plug in her was very very uncomfortable. She straightened her skirt ,what little there was of it, and opened the stall door. She washed her hands and fixed her make-up as best she could since she had not been permitted to bring her purse with her and walked back to the table carrying the tube of lubricant.

Each step reminded her that her ass was filled with what felt like a 2 x 4.

“You were gone a long time. Have any problems filling that virgin ass hole Mrs. C.”

Red faced Mary replied, ” I’m sorry it took so long Ms. Simon.”

“Your salad and bread sticks are here. I want you to place a bread stick in your dipping hole and leave it there until I tell you to remove it.” ordered Lisa.

The horrified teacher picked up a bread stick and carefully reached under the table to push it into her pussy which was to her further embarrassment very wet, as it always seemed to be anymore.

“Be sure it doesn’t fall out on the floor Mrs. C. Now eat your salad with your fingers. Pets don’t use silverware.”


“But what Mrs. C. Be thankful I’m allowing you to sit and that I didn’t ordered you spaghetti.”

Mary began to pick at her salad. The waitress brought Lisa meal and Mary continued to eat her salad with her fingers.

“Take out your bread stick Mrs. C. and put another in its place.”

Mary did as she was ordered. She tried very hard to be unnoticed.

“Now eat your bread stick with your salad.”

Mary did what her student had ordered her to do without question, she was beginning to get used to the taste of her pussy. and The meal continued with Mary eating 3 bread sticks and all of her salad.

Lisa ordered each of them each a chocolate sundae for dessert. “I got this for you because you complained about the salad Mrs. C.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Simon. May I please use a spoon for my sundae?”

“You may not, now hurry and finish I’m anxious to get home.”

The embarrassed teacher dipped her fingers into the sundae and began to eat her dessert. Several people noticed and she could see their stares as she ate the sundae with her fingers.

“Lick your fingers clean Mrs. C. we have to go now.”

Mary licked her fingers clean and paid the bill leaving a nice tip as Lisa had ordered. When she waddled out to the car with the plug tightly in her ass she found Lisa looking through the bags from the adult store. She stood by the door and waited for permission to get into the car.

Lisa found what she was looking for, the nipple clamps, and turned to her teacher and said “lift your top”.

“Please Ms. Simon let me get in the car first.”

“Lift it right this second or I will take it off of you for the rest of the night.”

Turning her back to the restaurant Mary lifted her short top revealing her breasts to the world with her hard nipples pointing at Lisa.

Lisa placed the first clamp on Mary’s right nipple and slid the catch up until it was firmly attached to her teacher’s nipple. Mary bit her lip to keep from crying out and drawing attention to her bare chest. Then Lisa did the same to the left breast. “Pull your top down Mrs. C. and get into the car and put on your collar.”

Mary pulled down her top which did not hide the chain connecting the clamps and climbed into the car. Her nipples were throbbing and the material of her top rubbing then did not allow her to ignore the pain.

Lisa drove down the road about a mile and pulled into a convenience store. “Go in and buy me a pack of gum Mrs. C.”

Mary didn’t know what to do. Her clamped nipples were clearly visible through her ultra short top and the chain connecting them would surely draw attention to them. She knew she was walking funny from the plug in her ass. But she also knew it would only be worst to refused. Slowly she opened the car door and as gracefully as possible she walked into the store. There were three boys in the store and the clerk Thankfully there was no one she recognized. One of the boys glanced her way and saw her and immediately called to his buddies.”Hey guys check this out.”

All three were now staring at her and the clerk was also looking at her. One of the boys walked up to her as she was buying the gum and asked, “Do those hurt?” pointing at the clamps visible through her shirt. She ignored him and started back to the car just as Lisa came in.

“I saw you boys talking to my pet here. What did you want?”

“I asked her if those hurt and she ignored me.”

“Why that was rude Mrs. C. Apologize to the gentleman.”

“I’m sorry” said Mary with her eyes to the floor.

“Tell the gentleman, Do they hurt?”

“Yes they do hurt very much,”replied Mary.

“Show them what they look like Mrs. C. Lift your top for them.”

The horrified teacher turned to the boys and lifted her top so they could see her breasts. She wanted to crawl under the floor and disappear. Never had she been so embarrassed in her entire life.

“Give a gentle tug on the chain to see how tight they really are,” suggested Lisa.

One of the boys reached out and pulled the chain connecting the nipple clamps. Mary moaned in pain as her nipples burned.

“Not too hard boys. Would want to damage the merchandise. Maybe you should kiss them and make them feel better.”

“No..” cried Mary.

“What did you say.”

Realizing her error Mary answered, “Nothing Ms. Simon.”

“Good now ask these boys to kiss your nipples to make them feel better.”

The humiliated teacher said, “Please kiss my nipples.” as she began to sob.

Each boy took a turn kissing and sucking and in one case biting her trapped nipples. Mary just stood there as her breasts were mauled and suckled in the public place. Thankfully no one else came in.

“Thank the gentleman and lets go Mrs. C.”

The thoroughly humiliated teacher said, “Thank you” and ran from the store pulling her top down as she went through the door.

The remainder of the ride home was uneventful with Mary huddling and sobbing in the corner. When they got home Lisa ordered Mary to bring everything up to the bedroom and put all the clothes and shoes away except for the 6″ heels. She also ordered her to lay all the toys out on the bed.


Mary struggled to carry all of the packages upstairs on her aching feet. After the second trip everything was in the bedroom and Mary began putting all of the new clothing away. She placed the “toys” on the bed with the 6″ heels as Lisa had requested. When everything was done as ordered she wanted to sit and rest her feet but she remember what happened the last time she sat without permission. Her plugged ass was now just uncomfortable as she adjusted to the invasion but her nipples were aching and irritated from the clamps and rubbing on the material of her short top.

Suddenly she heard Lisa coming up the steps.

“Take off you skirt and top Mrs. C. I’ll be in in a minute,” called Lisa.

Mary removed her top and was shocked to see her nipples so swollen and red. She dropped her skirt to the floor and was just bending to pick it up when Lisa walked in.

“You have a pretty good ass Mrs. C. How does the plug feel?”

The red faced teacher straightened quickly and answered, “It is uncomfortable Ms. Simon.”

When Mary turned Lisa said, “My, my look at those nipples,” reaching out and twisting the clamped right nipple.

“Ahhhhhhhhh” screamed Mary as pain shot through her abused nipple.

“Does that hurt Mrs. C.?” asked Lisa twisting the left nipple.

“YESSSSSS…..Please Lisa stop”.

Reaching out and violently twisting both nipples, “Lisa is it”

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww….Sorry Ms. Simon…SORRY”

“That’s better,” replied Lisa as she released the swollen twisted nipples. “Let’s see what we have here,” said Lisa ignoring the sobs of her teacher. “First Mrs. C. come over her and bend over so I can inspect your plug,” ordered Lisa as she sat on the bed.

Mary reluctantly moved to Lisa and turning bent over showing her student her ass.

“Reach back and spread your cheeks.” demanded Lisa.

Mary reach back and slowly spread her ass exposing her plugged ass hole to Lisa.

Lisa leaned forward and tapped the end of the plug sending shock waves through the teachers ass. ” I can’t wait until we can get this one in you,” said Lisa picking up the largest of the three butt plugs. “Turn around and spread your legs Mrs. C.”

Mary turned and spread her legs before for student.

Lisa reached out and run her finger up Mary’s bare soaked slit. “MRS. C. you really like this don’t you?”

The mortified teacher wanted to die of embarrassment. How could she be excited by this treatment yet her pussy was soaked. “What is wrong with me” she thought. “No Ms. Simon I do not enjoy this treatment.”

“Then explain to me why you are dripping like a faucet.”

“I can’t explain that Ms. Simon” whispered Mary.

“Lick my fingers clean you horny old teacher,” demanded Lisa as she placed her fingers in front of Mary’s crimson face.

Mary extended her tongue and licked her our juices from her student’s fingers. How low had she sunk.

Lisa then placed the ankle and wrist cuffs on her teacher And ordered her to change into the 6″ heels.

Mary’s poor feet protested but she forced them painfully into the heels and buckled the ankle straps.

“Mrs. C. I want you to squat and place the tip of your vibrator into that dripping hole. Squat low enough to keep it inside you.”

Mary struggled to squat in the impossibly high heels and finally managed to balance with the tip of her vibrator nested inside her embarrassingly wet pussy.

“Turn it on Mrs. C.”

Mary turned on the vibrator and immediately felt the pleasure it brings her.

“Suck on this Mrs. C.,” said Lisa handing her teacher the long, thick, black cock she had picked out at the adult store.

“Now pay attention Mrs. C. I’m going to give you an assignment to be completed immediately. If you fail you will be punished . Do you understand?”

“Yes Ms. Simon” said the sucking teacher around the rubber cock in her mouth.

“You are to give that black cock the best blow job you know how. You need to practice for the real thing. While you are doing that you are to slid up and down on the vibrating plastic in you hole. You are not permitted to orgasm without my permission. If you do you will be sorry. If I don’t think you are fucking your self well enough or giving a respectable blow job you will be punished. Now get moving.”

As Mary began to work on the hard black rubber cock in her mouth and gingerly to slide up and down her vibrator she could immediately feel her orgasm coming. She was so hot and this was too much stimulation.

FLASH, FLASH as Lisa snapped picture after picture of the teacher struggling to keep from the inevitable. Just as Lisa could see her teacher reaching the point of orgasm she reached out and released the left nipple clamp.

“Ahhhh’ screamed Mary as the pain of the clamp coming off and the blood returning to the abused nipple coursed through her body. Her orgasm delayed again but it began building again quickly.

She was slobbering all over the rubber cock as she sucked and her legs were screaming in pain as she bounced up and down the vibrating plastic. Her face was red and her body covered in sweat as she worked to reach the peak yet not wanting to reach it. She was so confused.

Just then Lisa released the right nipple and the pain came back intensely.

She didn’t care if Lisa took pictures, she didn’t care if she would be punished she had to cum. The vibrator was bumping the plug in her ass on the down stroke causing a vibration in both holes. It was too much.

“OOOHHHHHHHhhhhhhh…..AHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh screamed Lisa as she crumpled to the floor in the midst of the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her life. She was writhing around the floor the pain and humiliation forgotten. Everything was center on her exploding pussy as the vibrator fell to the floor.


After Mary calmed down and realized what had happen she knew she was lost forever. She did get off on this treatment. She had never felt anything like that ever before. She looked up and saw her tormentor and knew she was in for a long long period of use and abuse. Her fear was her husband and particularly her daughter.

“Mrs. C. you didn’t behave yourself.”

“Red faced Mary replied ,”Sorry Ms. Simon”

“Well lets see. You made quite a mess on the floor there and you need to clean that up first.”

Mary started to get up to get a rag.

“No,no Mrs. C. lick it up.”

Mary dropped to her hands and knees and began to lick her juices from the floor her plugged ass high in the air. As her tongue ran over the floor she wondered what else would happen.

When Mary had licked the floor clean and cleaned the vibrator with her tongue Lisa ordered her to remove the plug from her ass. FLASH

“Now lick it clean,” ordered Lisa after Mary had managed to get the plug out by stretching her tight ring and pulling hard.

Mary raised the plug to her mouth and gagging, she began to lick it clean. She was thankful she didn’t throw-up because she was sure Lisa would make her clean that up too.

Once everything was cleaned and put away for the night Lisa put the penis gag in Mary’s mouth and taking her by the leash led her down stairs and out into the back yard. There Mary was ordered to lie down in the grass and her ankle cuffs were locked together and her wrists were locked behind her.

“You will sleep her and think about your failure to follow orders Mrs. C. Tomorrow we will discuss the future.” said Lisa as she tossed a towel on the ground.

“It is a little chill out here. Use this for blanket,” said Lisa as she turned and walked into the house leaving

her teacher dressed in only garters and heels, bound and gagged in the dark cold yard.


Lisa emerged from the house around 8:30 the next morning Escort Bayan to find a cold shivering Mary huddled under the towel which of course was not large enough to provide much comfort. “Good Morning Mrs. C.”

“Morning Ms. Simon,” mumbled the miserable teacher. She was cold, dirty, hungry and needed to use the bathroom.

Lisa released Mary’s ankles and helped her to stand. Taking the leash in hand she started to lead her teacher pet to the house. “Do you need to use the bathroom before we go in Mrs. C.?”

Mary remembered the humiliation of yesterday but she really needed to go. “Yes Ms. Simon I need to use the bathroom.”

“Well hurry up then.”

Mary squatted once again in her yarn in front of her student and released her bladder. She didn’t know what she would do when she needed to have a bowel movement.

Once she finished the humiliating task she was lead into the house and up to the bathroom. “Take a shower Mrs. C. No playing with yourself and no using the toilet.” Lisa hooked Mary’s leash over the shower head and left the teacher to get cleaned up.

Mary was exhausted. She had gotten little sleep the past 2 nights. Her muscles ached and her feet were very swollen. Her nipples and ass hole were tender.

Mary let the warm water massage her body, She scrubbed her skin pink and washed her hair twice. After several minutes Lisa returned and unhooked the leash. She led the dripping teacher into her bedroom. “Get dried off and do your hair and make-up the way I like it. Your clothes for today are on the bed. What time do you expect Amy home?”

The mention of her daughters name brought her back to the reality of her situation. “She should be home around 5:00. Ms. Simon,” answered the naked, dripping teacher.

“You have 30 minutes to get ready. Meet me in the kitchen.”

Mary dried quickly and looked on the bed for her clothes. She found a red garter belt with red stockings and the 6″ heels. She dressed and then dried and styled her hair. The make-up was not to her liking but to Lisa’s liking.

She took a last look in the mirror and saw a 35 year old woman dressed or rather undressed made up like a teenager. She felt ridiculous but she marched down the stairs to the kitchen. Lisa was sitting at the table eating eggs with a slice of ham and toast. She had a cup of steaming coffee in front of her.

” Your breakfast is in the bowl on the floor.”

Mary looked down and saw a bowl of dry spoon sized shredded wheat with a bowl of water next to it. Mary sank to her knees and began to eat the shredded wheat. She was starving. She picked up the bowl of water and washed the 10 shredded wheats down. When she had finished Lisa ordered her to clean up and meet her in the living room.

Mary cleaned up and walked into the living room.

“Put this where it belongs” said Lisa handing Mary the butt plug and the tube of lubricant.

Mary started for the bathroom. “No, no, Mrs. C. right here.”

Mary stopped and began lubricating the plug. She realized that the only way she would get it in was to squat and force it into her ass. As she did just that, her student was watching closely. It was just slightly easier than the night before but it was still difficult and very uncomfortable. Once the plug was in place Mary was ordered to kneel on the floor before her student.

“Mrs. C. you know how you made us learn all the rules of grammar and writing. And when we didn’t follow them you corrected us and in some cases punished us.”

“Yes Ms. Simon.”

“Well I have prepared a list of rules for you. It is important that you follow them to keep our secret and protect your and your family ‘s reputation. If you fail to follow every rule you will be corrected and punished. Is that clear?”

“Yes Ms. Simon.”

“The rules are not open to discussion. If you do not understand something you ask me. You are not to attempt to interpret them yourself.”

“Yes Ms. Simon.”

Lisa handed Mary a list of rules. “Read these out loud to me now to be sure you understand them. Rules may be added or changed as I see fit.”

Mary began to read:

“Rules for my pet teacher to live by:

1. I will remain naked with 6″ heels at all time when I am alone at home unless directed otherwise by my owner.

2. When I am not alone I will wear a skirt and top or dress with garter belt and stockings and 3″ heels unless directed otherwise by my owner.

3. I will always have my hair done and make-up as my owner likes it.

4. I will only eat what my owner permits and I may not use utensils unless my daughter is present.

5. I am never to sit on a toilet seat. If I am alone at home I will use the back yard for my toilet needs. If I use a bathroom I will squat over the bowl with the seat up.

6. I will always have my ass lubricated.

7. I will keep my pussy bald at all times.

8. I will never wear panties or bra unless directed by my owner.

9. I will sleep naked on the floor every night unless directed otherwise by my owner.

10. I will never refuse an order of my owner.

11. I will wear my collar at all time when I am alone and carry it in my purse at all other times.

12. I will exercise daily and keep myself fit.

13. I will never sit on any furniture without the permission of my owner.

14. I will never make any decisions without consulting my owner.

15. I will have my plug, big black dildo and nipple clamps with me at all times.

16. I will respect all students by calling the Ms. or Mr.

17. I will always display a smiling face.

18. I will masturbate every morning, at lunch and as soon as I get home from work BUT I will not have an orgasm without permission.

19. I acknowledge that I am obeying these and all other rules and orders from my owner because I want to be a good pet.

20. I understand that my life is now controlled by my owner.

“Very good Mrs. C. Any questions?”

“No Ms. Simon”

“I will be moving into the guest room. We will tell Amy that I am having problems at home and you agreed to let me stay here with my parents permission.”

“Yes Ms. Simon.”

“Now go put on the skirt and blouse I laid out for you so we can get my stuff before Amy gets home.”

Mary went upstairs with her head spinning. She had no choice other than to obey her owner. Why does that thought make my pussy wet. She put on the skirt which really was extremely short, barely covering the tops of her stockings and Amy’s sweater which was way to tight. Her hard nipples were poking holes in the front of the sweater. The plug in her as was still uncomfortable.

Mary went down the stairs and when she saw Lisa she begged, “Ms. Simon I can’t meet your parents dressed this way.”

“Don’t worry they won’t mind at all. Put your collar on.”

The confused teacher buckled the collar around her neck and walked to the car in a daze.


Mary climbed into the car wondering what Lisa had planned. Surely she didn’t plan to make her meet her parents dressed this way.

“Spread your legs and pull your skirt up Mrs. C. ” said Lisa as she climbed into the car. ” I live across town and I want you to play with yourself until we get there.”

Mary spread her legs and began to gentle slid her finger over her wet bald pussy. She was ashamed that she could possibly be excited being treated like this and being forced to act this way.

After about a twenty minute drive they arrived at Lisa’s home. It was in a nice suburban neighborhood. Her house had a wooden fence all around with a gate off the driveway. Lisa parked in the driveway and ordered Mary to get out of the car and pull her skirt down.

Mary hesitated getting out and Lisa came around the car and opened the door pulling her teacher out of the car by her leash. “Come on Mrs. C. my parents are anxious to meet you.”

Mary didn’t know what to do as she was led to the door at the end of her leash. How could she face this girls parents like this? What would she say? How would they react? What would they think of her? Would they have her arrested? A million thoughts went through her mind as Lisa continued to pull her leash leading her to the door.

Lisa opened the door and lead the cringing teacher into the house. “I’m home,” called Lisa.

Lisa’s mother came out of the kitchen. “Hello Honey”. said her mother ignoring the scantily clad collared teacher. “Your dad and brother are watching the game in the living room. Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.”

Lisa pulled the teacher into the living room. “Hi dad, hi Mike.”

Mary immediately recognized Mike. She had been his teacher two years earlier. She hadn’t realized Lisa was his sister. ]

“Hi Lisa” said her dad.

“Hi sis,” said Mike. “Hi Mrs. C. You look different today.”

Mary blushed deeply and remained silent.

“You remember my brother don’t you Mrs. C.? You gave him a D on his term paper and he was ineligible to play football for two games.”

It came back to here immediately. Mike had done a terrible job on that paper and she had been forced to give him a low grade. He had asked her to please give him a C and let him do makeup work but she refused. Even the coach had asked her to make some allowances but she held fast and he was not permitted to play for 2 games until he brought the grade up. She could see him leering at her and Lisa’s father was checking her out closer than was comfortable. She knew she was in a really bad situation.

“So you are not so high and mighty are you now Mrs. C.?” Mike laughed reaching out and patting her tightly covered ass.

“Dinner’s ready”, called Mrs. Simon.

“Let’s eat” said Lisa’s dad.

Lisa pulled the frightened teacher by her leash into the kitchen. There were four chair set around the table. Mary was left standing next to Lisa as the family sat down to dinner. The family ate dinner and talked as if Mary were not even there. She was very uncomfortable just standing there watch them eat and being ignored.

After they finished eating Lisa turned to her teacher and explained. “You see Mrs. C. Mike was the one who actually found the magazine and when he showed me, we laid out a plan to get revenge. Mom and dad were in total agreement with the plan after what you had done to Mike. Mom and dad have practiced D/s and S/m for years and have a very open understanding between them. They belong to a group here in town that meets monthly. I attended my first meeting when I turned 18 and Mike has been attending for two years when he is home from college.”

“So you see this is a family affair. You are now the property of all of us. You are primarily mine but they can use you in any way they want. We will not involve your daughter directly since we do not believe in involving minors . However we may use her without her knowledge to assist in your training. Your husband will be involved but we will not unveil his involvement until later. He is unaware of what is happening at this time.”

” Take off your sweater Mrs. C. and show daddy and Mike your tits.”

The overwhelmed teacher knew she had no choice and lifted the sweater over her head exposing her hard tipped breasts to the family. Mike reach up and grasping the right nipple pulled the teacher down and gave her a hard opened mouth kiss. His tongue slide between her lips and her knee went weak. She forgot the pain in her nipple and was electrified by the intensity of the kiss.

He released her nipple and lips and she stood on wobbling legs.

“Remove your skirt Mrs. C. before you leak all over it.”

Mary lowered her skirt showing her shaved pussy to everyone.

“Spread your legs,” demanded Mike.

“Show us your cunt teach” added Lisa’s father.

Mary spread her legs and reached down and spread her juicy pussy lips showing them her excitement.

“You were right Lisa. She is a natural,” said Mrs. Mason.

“Turn around and show your plugged ass.”

The deeply shamed teacher did as she was ordered.

“Enough of this we don’t have all day Mike needs some relief before going back to college. Mrs. C. go over and demonstrate you cock sucking talents on him. Bend at the waist and keep your ass up.”ordered Lisa taking charge of her pet.

Mary turned to Mike and saw his huge swollen cock sticking out of his pants. He grabbed her head and forced her mouth down over his cock.

“He better be happy or you will be very, very sorry Mrs. C.,” said Lisa patting her teacher’s bare ass.

Mary worked her mouth up and down the long thick pole. She used her tongue and tried to get this over a quickly as possible. That’s when she felt hands on her ass, forcing her legs apart. A finger was sliding into her dripping pussy. Ohhh the sensations were too much..the thick cock running over her tongue and the finger playing in her pussy she was so close to cumming.

At that moment she felt a sharp sting to her left breast. “Don’t you dare cum you slut,” hissed Mrs. Simon.

Mary felt the finger leave her pussy and be replaced with what she knew was Mr. Simon’s cock. It felt huge and was stretching her pussy but had no problem sliding in with her juices flowing. She felt another sharp pain in her right breast. She tried to concentrate on the cock in her mouth and ignore the hot rod now slamming into her steaming pussy. The stinging pains continued in her breast as Mrs. Simon smacked each one with a wooden spatula. FLASH. She could see the flashes as her use was recorded.

Soon she felt the cock in her mouth begin to pulse. She worked hard trying to get this former student to cum in her mouth before she had an orgasm and drew the wrath of her tormentors. The first shot of cum hit the back of her throat gagging her and then Mike pulled out and landed squirt after squirt of hot cum on her face and in her hair.

Her face remained in Mike’s crotch with his deflated cock now back in her mouth as his father continued to pound her pussy while his mother smacked her by now sore sensitive breasts. Her orgasm was so near it hurt and she was fighting the pleasure to avoid anything worse happening to her.

After what seemed an eternity she felt the splash of Mr. Simon’s cum deep in her stretched pussy. Then he pulled out and covered her ass and back with hot white cum.

As Mr. Simon pulled his cock from her very used pussy the teacher collapsed to the floor. Looking down she saw her breasts an angry red and her nipples were painfully engorged. Her pussy was crying for release which was not to be.

Mr. Simon took some pictures of the bedraggled teacher covered in cum. His hobby was photography and he planned to use Lisa’s pet for some very inventive pictures.

“Get up Mrs. C. and take my things to the car. Don’t bother to clean up just put your sweater and skirt on and get moving. We want to get home before Amy gets back.”

The cum covered teacher dressed and moved to load her owners things into her car. She couldn’t look any of them in the eye and silently went about completing her task.

“Mike will be going back to college tonight but I will take you over to visit daddy and mommy next week,” said Lisa as she drove her once proud teacher to her home with cum drying on her face and in her hair.


When they arrived home Mary carried all of Lisa’s things into the large guest room and unpacked for her. She was a real mess with cum dried on her face and in her hair. Her breasts were very sore from the abuse of Lisa’s mother and her pussy was crying for the release she had been denied.

“Shower and wash your hair Mrs. C. you look disgusting. I will lay out your outfit to greet your daughter. And Mrs. C. don’t you dare play with yourself.”

A thoroughly dominated teacher moved to the shower. There wasn’t much time to get ready and Lisa required her to always have her hair and make-up done.

After a quick show Mary entered her bed room apprehensive about what Lisa would require her to where. She found a respectable but short skirt, a heavy sweater which would conceal her unfettered breasts and 3″ heels. There were no stockings or garter belt so she was totally naked under her clothes. Her ass was still plugged and she put her collar in her purse with the dildo and tube of lubricant. As she was doing her make-up she realized how hungry she was. She hadn’t had anything to eat all day and hadn’t had a decent meal since last Friday at lunch. As soon as she was ready she went down stairs looking for Lisa.

“Better start dinner Mrs. C. Amy will be hungry when she gets home. First show me your plug” she demanded.

Mary lifted her skirt and bent over.

“Spread your cheeks Mrs. C.”

The shamed teacher reached back and spread her ass cheeks so her student could see the plug in her ass.

“Stay like that and finger your pussy”

Skirt up, bent at the waist Mary began to finger her pussy. In seconds she was dripping.

“Mrs. C. you are such a hot number,” mocked Lisa. “Enough of that now fix dinner. Amy and I will had ravioli’s and a nice salad. You will have some plain lettuce. Unless of course you want to dip it in front of Amy”

“Please Ms. Simon I am so hungry.” begged Mary.

“But you just had a load of high protein cum not more than an 2 hours ago. We have to get rid of a few pounds Mrs. C.”

A red faced Mary had no reply to that and began getting the dinner Lisa had ordered.

About 10 minutes later They heard the front door open and a cry, “Mom I’m home”

“In the kitchen “, called Mary.

Amy stopped in her tracks when she came into the kitchen. “Mom, What did you do to your hair?”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s so different. Why did you get it cut so short?”

“I just wanted something really different.”

“Why are you dressed up on Sunday night? Are you going out?”

“No Honey I just decided to dress up more. You know with Daddy gone I tend to let myself go a little.”

“Oh”. Just then Amy noticed Lisa. “Hi”.

“Amy you know Lisa don’t you?”

“Sure from school”.

“Well she will be living here for a while until she can get things worked out with her parents.” Mary lied to her daughter.

“Cool. An older sister. That will be neat.”

” I think so too,” said Lisa. “Come on I’ll help you unpack.”

Lisa and Amy went up stairs and left the nervous teacher cooking a dinner she was not permitted to eat. At least the 3″ heels didn’t hurt her feet as much as the 6″ ones.

When dinner was ready Mary called the two girls and when they came down they were chatting like old friends. Amy and Lisa sat down and Mary served them a large salad and ravioli. Then she moved to the counter where she picked at her lettuce.

“Aren’t you having any Mom?” asked Amy.

“No, I’m trying to lose a few pounds Honey.” Mary lied again to her daughter.

“Get us a couple of Cokes Mrs. C.”, demanded Lisa.

She got out two Cokes and glasses for the girls.

“Mom why do we have Coke you always liked Pepsi and wouldn’t ever but Coke for me.”

Now Mary was in a tough spot. What could she say.

“I bought the Coke” said Lisa “I didn’t know but if you like Coke I’m sure your mother will buy it from now on. Won’t you Mrs. C.?”

“Sure since you both like it and I am dieting I’ll get Coke from now on.” Another lie.

“Aren’t you going to sit down Mom?” asked Amy.

“No honey I have a lot to do and want to keep moving.” Lie number four Her life is becoming one lie after another as she protects her family from her tormentors.

The girls finished and went upstairs leaving Mary to clean up. Usually Amy cleaned up but Lisa had said for her to come upstairs with her and Mary was left to clean up as she knew she would be doing from now on. After everything was cleaned up Mary went upstairs and asked if the girls needed anything. She suddenly became aware of the need to use the bathroom. But she was plugged.!! She tried to catch Lisa’s eye but Lisa ignored her.

“Did you finish checking our papers yet Mrs. C.?” asked Lisa innocently. She could see the beginning concern on her teacher and suspected she knew the reason. “I’ll entertain Amy you go check the papers.”

It was an order Mary knew that. What were Amy and Lisa talking about? In this first test her nerves were on edge. The stress was tremendous. She moved off the her room to check the papers. She sat on the floor and spread the papers around her as she went to work trying to ignore the cramping in her bowels.

A couple of hours later Amy came in to say good night. “Why are you on the floor mom?”

“I needed room to spread everything out Honey,” Mary lied again.

“Well I’m really tired and have a busy day tomorrow. Tell daddy I said hi when he calls,” said Amy as she kissed her mother on the cheek. “Good night.”

“Good night Honey” said Mary. Damn she had forgotten all about Bill’s calling on Sunday nights.

After Amy had gone to bed Lisa came into Mrs. C. room. “We are alone. Strip Mrs. C.”

“Please Ms. Simon may I remove my plug and use the bathroom.” begged the stressed out teacher. All this lying and deprivation was making her fall apart.

“Of course Mrs. C. Why did you ask me sooner? said Lisa with a wicked smile. “Be sure to lick the plug clean and remember how you must ‘sit’ unless of course you want to go outside.”

“I’ll use the bathroom, thank you Ms. Simon.”

Mary hurried into the bathroom and pulled the plug from her ass and squatting over the toilet with the seat up she didn’t have to strain hard to empty her bowels. Then she began the disgusting task of licking the plug clean.

“You do not need to put it back in right now Mrs. C.” called Lisa from the bedroom. When Mary came back into the bedroom wearing only her heels Lisa told her to change into her 6″ heels. “they make your legs and ass look almost respectable.”

Handing Mary her purse Lisa ordered her to get the dildo out. She was told to sit on the floor with her knees drawn back so her heels were against her ass. Lisa moved up and pushed her teacher knees apart exposing her bald pussy. “Put your black friend into your pussy Mrs. C.”

Mary took the black monster and tried to slip the end into her moist slit. It was too big. ” Ms. Simon it is too big, it doesn’t fit.”

“Get it in or I will and your might make too much noise if I have to do it.” snarled Lisa. “I’ve been much too easy on you.”

The frightened teacher managed to get the head into her pussy stretching it further than ever except when Amy was born. Once the head was in, it slowly slide deeper and deeper until about 4″ were buried it her pussy. FLASH

“Now slide it in and out and get it deeper.”

Mary pushed and pushed the huge black cock in and out. It stretched her to the limit and was so large it rubbed her clit on every stroke sending shivers through her body. Another inch disappeared into her hole but at least 8 ” was still showing.

“Mrs. C. by Christmas you will take every inch of that,” said Lisa confidently.

‘Impossible’ thought Mary but she kept her mind on the fire building in her pussy.

“Don’t cum Mrs. C. If you are good maybe I’ll let you cum later but keep that black toy of your moving.”

The phone rang. Mary looked at Lisa with pleading eyes.

“Keep fucking yourself Mrs. C. while you talk to your husband. Don’t mention me. If you cum or stop I will wake Amy to talk to her father” said Lisa with a smile.

Mary answered the phone. She did her best to talk in a normal voice as she slid the dildo in and out with 6″ disappearing now. She was on fire. Her husband was so preoccupied he didn’t even notice her ragged breathing. She could here the sucking sounds as the black pleasure maker slide in and out of her blazing pussy. The conversation lasted about 10 minutes and Mary could not remember one word that had been said. As soon as she hung up she begged Lisa,”Please Ms. Simon May I cum?”

“What are you willing to do if I let you cum Mrs. C.?”

The frantic teacher hissed “Anything Ms. Simon. Anything.”

Lisa lifted her skirt showing Mary her bare ass. “Kiss my ass Mrs. C.”

The chagrined teacher leaned forward and placed her lips on her student’s bare ass.

” Come on Mrs. C. if you want to cum you have to do better than that.”

Mary leaned further forward and planted her lips firmly on Lisa’s ass.

“Use your tongue Mrs. C.”

The overcharged teacher ran her tongue over Lisa smooth ass. She dipped her tongue into the crack briefly.

“Lick the hole Mrs. C.”

Mary couldn’t last much longer. Her pussy was burning up. Her ass was bouncing on the floor as she shoved the black dildo in and out. There was a puddle of her juices on the floor and she was getting a full 8″ in. Lisa noted there was only 6″ to go.

As Mary’s tongue licked her students ass Lisa said “Cum Mrs. C.”

Ahhhhhhhhhhh… moaned into Lisa’s ass as she bucked through the most intense orgasm ever. She was cumming and cumming one after the other. Her tongue was whipping over Lisa’s ass hole as she made an even larger puddle on the floor.

Once she came back to earth Lisa said, “Well Mrs. C. you are a pretty good ass licker and look you have 8” of the black cock in that hole of yours already.

A mortified teacher realized what had just happened and broke out sobbing.

“If cumming is going to make you cry Mrs. C. I won’t permit you to cum anymore.”

Mary fought for control.

“Now lick your toy clean and then lick up your mess on the floor. Sleep right there and keep your black plaything in your mouth all night. Set you alarm for 5 and be showered and made up with breakfast for Amy and I ready by 6:30. You may wear the robe we saved until I pick out your clothes for school.”

“Oh have your bag for the gym ready to pack too.”

“Nite Mrs. C.”

The stunned teacher sat there unmoving for a half hour before beginning the jobs assigned.

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