Overwhelmed Ch. 03

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Carina falls further under James’ overwhelming spell.

Chapter 3

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I opened my eyes and it took a second to orient where I was in the room. I had this dreamy, floaty feeling. And as I stretched within my sheets memories came back from last night, I blushed and heated at the same time. I was still feeling the night before and the thought of how intensely I came just with his voice made me wet when I thought about what was in store tonight.

All day at work, I thought about our date. What would the art be like? Did he know the artist? Would he come home with me again? Would we go to his place? The day seemed to drag by and when five o’clock came around I tore out of the office leaving my team to carry any late night workload that may come our way.

I showered, shaved, and got myself ready for him. I was excited to go to a art gallery opening and felt nervous about such a sophisticated date. Truth be told, I was excited to see James and my mind went wild with what I imagined could happen at the end of the night. My mind thought of many possibilities and scenarios, all ending with me in orgasm. I had been in a constant state of arousal all day and even my black lace panties were wet underneath my sheath dress with a low neckline and funky scarf I decided to wear for the night.

When the knock at my door finally came, I took a huge breath before opening it, trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach. James looked amazing at my threshold, wearing jeans, t shirt and well cut jacket. As his eyes traveled over my body, his smile lit up his expression.

“Hi, Beautiful.”

“Hi” I said breathlessly. He took my hand and leaned in to kiss me on the very corner of my lips. A chaste kiss but it seemed more intimate than if he had just kissed my cheek. I felt it all the way down.

“Are you ready to go?” He asked. I nodded and went to grab my purse and keys. I tried to clear my head, just that simple touch had my thoughts scattered. I wondered how I would get through the night.

In the car, James held my hand, then started to play with the gauzy scarf around my neck. “You really do look beautiful tonight, and I like this scarf,” he said as his fingers played with it’s soft fringe near my neckline, “it gives me ideas.” His eyes looked into mine, and my breath caught. I bit my lip trying to keep it from trembling.

It wasn’t long before we arrived in front of the art gallery. He pulled me from the car, but navigated me away from the entrance. Pulling me down an alleyway, he pushed me against the brick of the building and kissed me breathless. “Take off your panties,” he said against my lips.

My eyes snapped open, “Here? Out in the open.”

“Yes, pet. Do this for me”

My eyes scanned my surroundings. We were in a darkened alley, I thought quickly was likely best. So I hooked my finger under my dress and quickly pulled down my thong. I was embarrassed to think it was likely damp. He held out his hand and I placed the scrap of fabric in it. He balled up his fist and brought it to his nose. My eyes went wide at both the act and how he closed his eyes and inhaled. A rumble from his chest letting me know how much he liked my scent.

“I don’t know how I am going to get through this night with you,” he murmured. Expressing my inner thoughts exactly. “Pet, you need to let me know if what you find inside gets to be too much,” he warned.

Adrenaline shot through me, “what was inside? I thought this was an art gallery? But before I could ask he slipped my panties in his front pocket of his jeans and pulled me from the alley toward the front door.

As we walked through the door, I definitely got the impression of an art gallery: white walls, cement floor, warehouse ceiling and bright track lighting hung to illuminate the black and white photography that were in varying sizes in the distance. The place was crowded but not packed. I was puzzled by James’ comment just before. What did he think could be too much for me?. Directly across the entrance, behind a reception desk, was a quote on the wall, “Someday I hope my art will work,” by Jim Duvall. There were collections of rope, wrapped in figure eight like patterns and tied in the middle like you would see stored on a boat, hanging next to those words.

James took my hand and pulled me into the gallery, he kept stealing glances at me. Was he trying to gauge my reaction? As we rounded the corner, I finally truly saw the first photograph…and it was exquisite.

The photo had been blown up to be almost the entire size of the wall we were looking at, over 6 feet tall. Her back was to us, her hair was up and off her neck. Her arms were captured behind her back and the knots in the rope made a intricate halkalı escort dragonfly pattern along her spine. My eyes swooped around the room, and it dawned on me, all the photos were rope bondage scenes.

“What is this?” My throat dried up as I looked over again at James. He was watching me, waiting for my reaction.

“It is the art of Kinbaku. Japanese rope tying. It is a beautiful form of bondage and the art is in the knots and positioning of the body.” He said that all very matter-of-fact, with little expression on his face. Was he scared I would run, be turned off? My eyes shot around the room, i couldn’t seem to take it all in and settle on one image. LI felt out of my depth but extremely turned on.

He walked me around to another set of photographs. This time the naked woman was suspended, with one leg tied at an angle, almost like a flamingo stands. For some reason the thought of Dega’s ballerinas came to mind. I learned in Art History class he used to have them hold a bar over their head so they could hold the pose while he painted. She seemed suspended in an impossible position.

I saw provocative poses, some looked sexual, like they were waiting for their lover, bound for his use. Others just looked…well uncomfortable. Thinking of comfort, I was reminded that my panties were in his pocket, so there was nothing to stop the wetness I felt between my thighs. I wondered if he did this on purpose to put me off-balance.

James bent down to whisper in my ear, “How are you feeling, Carina?” Again his expression giving nothing away, but I got the feeling he was more interested in my reactions than the artwork itself.

“Is this what you want to do to me?,” the thought escaped my lips before I reminded myself to put in my brain-to-mouth filter. That sexy grin returned, he was amused at my discomfort, ” No, Beautiful, this takes too much…patience. Though you would look amazing as one of these models. I am not a practitioner and would never let another touch you as required for this. Come on, I will get you a drink.” He led me over to another set of photos and walked off to stand in line for the bar nearby.

I was relieved. I didn’t like how uncomfortable some of the models looked strung and positioned asymmetrically. But the thought of being bound for his use definitely was turning me on.

This new set of photos were captivating, they were pictures of the models’ body after the ropes were removed, showcasing the impression of the ropes left in the skin. For some reason I found the patterns beautiful and wistfully thought the art had “left its mark”

I felt like I was in a daze. I hoped my expression didn’t let on how much I felt like a tourist in a foreign land. I started to look at those in attendance. To my surprise, they were a mix of what looked to be wealthy sophisticated socialites and those who wore much more provocative clothing, some even with collars. I was caught staring at one women who wore a black top so sheer it did little to hide her pierced braless nipples which had a fine chain stretched between them. She pushed her breasts out toward me as she caught me staring, proudly displaying them. My own nipples tightened in response.

I turned and blushed, staring right into some striking dark eyes of a male. He was tall with a dark complexion, and had piercings in his eyebrow and lip. Even with those markings, he was handsome as a male model but he didn’t strike me as attractive as James. He gave me a vibe of being cold. He raised an eyebrow at me, and I blushed again, being caught analyzing him as I had the art.

I turned again, and came face to face with James. He brought his hand to my cheek, “you look flushed,” he remarked with a knowing smile. I decided to hide my mounting embarrassment of my merry-go-round-eye-fill by taking a sip of the white wine he had brought with him.

We looked around some more at the photos and eventually walked to the back of the gallery. In the middle of the room was a live model suspended in the same pose as the final set of photos all at different angles. The display was unique because depending on the view of the model you saw the photo at that angle. But I was more mesmerized by the in-person display of the bondage. The ropes squeezed her breasts, criss-crossed across her torso, and went around her hips in a pattern that went between her thighs and buttocks but must have held some of her weight. Though the rope covered her “holes”, the fact she was spread wide was evocative. She had a placid look on her face, almost as if she was meditating. How long has she been in that position – how long would she remain?

I was breathing quickly, and feeling James hand on my lower back, almost too low, which made me tingle. James leaned in over my shoulder to whisper in my ear, “I wonder how wet you are?” His words made my eyes close, I wanted to leave now, with him. My breasts felt tight against the lace of my bra, nişantaşı escort I hungered for his hands on my body at this point to a fevered pitch. And the knowledge that he had my panties in his pocket only heightened my arousal more.

I was about to suggest that he take me home, when I heard someone call his name.


A beautiful older woman came up to greet him warmly. He genuinely smiled at her, and leaned in for a hug. She had striking silver hair, and beautiful bone structure, like she was an old fashioned movie star. She smiled with affection at James. “I am so glad you came. It has been too long. Who is your friend?”

“Susan, this is Carina.” He took my hand as he introduced me. “Carina, this is Susan, she owns the gallery.” Susan smiled at me, and made me feel welcomed.

“The exhibit is striking,” I said. Still a little at a loss for what I was seeing. Susan took in my expression, and then looked at James, “So innocent. Wherever did you find this lovely creature?”

“Susan,” he said in a warning tone, “She is new to all of this, don’t tease her.”

“Yes, James,” said a deep unfamiliar voice behind me, “where ever did you find her?”

James expression went stony. I turned to the side looking up at the dark complexion gentleman with the piercings I had seen earlier. His eyes were bright, as he clearly sized me up right in front of James.

“Peter” James said in way of a stony greeting.

“James,” Peter replied back obviously goating James.

“James I would have expected better training from you, she seems to be unaware of the rules of the game.” Peter said with disdain in his voice. I immediately decided I did not like Peter at all.

“Peter, this isn’t the club, and Carina is not a sub. But she is mine,” James said in a soft menacing tone. Warmth flooded my insides at his claim and I stepped closer to his side, which seemed to please him. He looked down and nodded at me, without taking his eyes off mine, he addressed the strange man, “so back off.”

“For now,” Peter said with a smirk and walked past our group to head toward the exhibit in the back. I didn’t realize I had held my breath until I released it as he left. James was still looking at me, and simply asked, “Are you ready for us to leave? Will you come home with me tonight?” I nodded eagerly up at him as he pushed a lock of my hair behind my ear.

My excitement was replaced by nervousness on the drive to his place. James was quiet for a time and I grew uneasy as my thoughts pinged around in my head.

“James, is that want you want? Do you want me to be…to be your sub?” My thoughts were all over the place making it hard for me to even calmly discuss this with him.

“No.” The word was final and he didn’t seem to want to elaborate.

Though I felt relieved for the second time tonight, this time I also felt disappointed. I bit my lip. I knew I was hooked on James and I wanted more with him. He had consumed my thoughts this week even more so than when I had crushed on him the weeks prior. Until him I had never seriously thought of the BDSM lifestyle but I realized there were aspects that turned me on. And I worried what “No” really meant. Did he not think I could handle it? Was he rejecting us, rejecting me? To guard against the tears I feared were gathering in my panic, I steeled myself to ask what he exactly meant when he unexpectedly continued as if he had finally gathered his own thoughts.

“I don’t want you as a sub, I don’t live that life anymore.

But I do want you, Carina.” Immediate relief washed through me, and then I melted as his hand came to sit on my knee and slowly traveled up my bare thigh. I was immediately reminded there would be no barrier to his touch. And I felt myself widening my legs, allowing him access.

Anymore? My mind reeled, Stephen was right!

“Watching you tonight, you are…captivating to me. I saw your wonder and confusion. It was all I could do not to find a private space and take you right then and there.” His hand travelled higher still, pulling my skirt up. “Will I find you wet, my pet?” His hand moved smoothly between my legs, where I was warm, wet and oh so willing.

He stroked me with his fingers, I was so ready for his touch I couldn’t help but arch my back against the car’s seat and moan. His fingers stroked between my folds, finding my clit with pass after pass of his fingertips. I began to pant. I was so turned on. I lifted my hips as he slid my skirt up further with one hand, exposing me. Then he adjusted the rear view mirror to be able to see between my legs while maintaining his view of the road.

“Don’t come until I give you permission, Beautiful”

“Yes sir” I said with a smile. I threw my head back against the headrest of the seat as he stroked me again and again. His words a turn-on in themself. I knew I was seeping into the leather, my hip rocking against his hands, I was mindless and spiraled şişli escort closer and closer.

I moaned, “please.”

“Not yet, my pet,”

He palmed me. Increasing the pressure by dragging the length of his fingers across my entire slit. My pussy was wet as he teased my hole, dragging his fingers inside my lips but not entering me. Scraping my clit at the top of his stroke. I wanted to scream with frustration. I wanted to buck wildly against his hand. I tried to arch into his fingers, but he just chuckled darkly and shook his head, looking at the road.

He maneuvered a turn and went back to fingering me with just his fingertips. I moaned, “James, please!” Panting with the effort to hold myself back. His eyes were intense, “what will you do for me, pet?”

At that moment…”Anything!” breathlessly escaped my lips.

“Come for me,” he commanded

James then pushed his fingers inside me, and pumped once, twice, I arched against him and exploded. Crying out as the street lights flashed inside the car as we raced down the street. I trembled as he continued to pet me through my aftershocks.

I groaned, “what are you doing to me?”

He closed his eyes briefly and then looked straight out onto the road, pulling in a dark garage. As he parked he continued to look straight ahead, “I want to control you in bed, Carina. Tonight I want you to let me tie you up.”

At my silence, he finally looked down at me, his hand still between my legs, still petting my folds, “Would you surrender to me tonight? Do you trust me, Carina?”

“Yes.” And I meant it.

His place was a warehouse loft in an industrial part of town. Nowhere I would have felt comfortable walking around at night. But it was large, the space was essentially one large room with large shelving and furniture as partitions. The most striking feature were the large amount of small pane windows with an amazing view of the city skyline. It was minimally but comfortably furnished, leather couch, TV, a few tables and an armoire.

He shrugged out of his jacket then walked over to a side table and asked if I would like another drink.

“Yes please.”

“Wine or Bourbon?,” he asked.

I thought about the fact that moments ago I had agreed to let him tie me up. Um definitely…”Bourbon please,” I answered

He returned with two glasses of brown liquid with a little ice in each. As I sipped the scorching liquid, he told me, “I like that word on your lips.” And that grin that did things to my insides was back.

“What word?” I asked breathlessly

“Please”, he replied, his eyes bright.

I swallowed hard as he put his drink down and took the one out of my hands. James pulled me into his arms and pulled me on top of him onto the leather couch. His one hand reached into my hair and the other grabbed around my waist, pulling him against his body as his mouth devoured mine. His tongue entered my mouth, rekindling all the heat I had been feeling tonight. We kissed again and again, as I writhed on top of him, working myself up into a fevered pitch.

He broke away from the kiss, to kiss my neck. I pushed up off him, out of his embrace. “I want to taste you,” I said before I lost my nerve. That grin was back as he laid back against the couch, letting me have my way with him.

I first bit his bottom lip, teasing him with a hard nip. He growled in response which made me back away in case he took over again. My hands ran down his chest and stomach, feeling his hard muscles beneath his t-shirt. Pulling it from his waistband. He quickly pulled it overhead and discarded it, leaving him a delicious sight in only his jeans. I kissed down his stomach, my nose trailing in the dark hair leading my way to his jeans. I inhaled his scent, and became lightheaded from how much I wanted this man.

My hands went to his belt buckle, and I pulled it free, looking into his smoldering eyes. I wanted to free his erection and taste him.

It popped out once freed from his jeans and I placed my hands around it, stroking it. Pointing it straight toward my mouth.

I looked up as I took him in my mouth, watching his expression as I licked and sucked on just the head. He looked at me with intensity, so much so it overwhelmed me and I closed my eyes. What was he trying to say to me with that look? I used my tongue to feel his soft head, rolling it under the lip and into his small hole and moaned as I tasted his precum.

I heard him groan as I slowly descended down his shaft. At first James was still as I sucked him into my mouth. Then he placed a hand on my hair, and stroked it, telling me “good girl” which sent a thrill through me.

But he didn’t stay still for long and began working with me as I found a rhythm: up and down, sucking him, up and down, stroking him at the base of his cock with my palm. Moving with me as I went faster and faster, up and down.

“Just like that, God, your mouth.” He talked about wanting to do things to my body. “I want to tie you up, control you, punish you, and decide when you can come at my hand.”

I almost lost my concentration as I looked up again and continued my rhythm. James stiffened and groan. “Stop, Carina, that’s enough, I don’t want to come yet!” But I ignored his words, doubling my efforts. I felt his balls tighten and I knew I had him.

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