Our Anniversary_(0)

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For our anniversary, my dear husband and I decided to get a nice hotel room, enjoy a nice leisurely dinner with a few drinks. The hotel had a quaint little piano bar/ lounge/ restaurant and we decided that would be a convenient place to dine. Knowing that neither of us was going to have to drive certainly fueled the fire and I soon found myself a bit more tipsy than I would normally allow myself to get. Marc stepped outside for a cigarette and left me sitting at the table, listening to the piano, doing a little people watching, sipping my drink, just enjoying the buzz and the relaxed atmosphere.

Noticing that I was alone for the moment, a good-looking, tall, muscular black man approached the table and asked if he could sit down for a moment. He told me that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of me the whole evening and that he loved the way my eyes sparkled when I smiled at my husband. He said he’d always wanted a girl to look at him like that. In my drunken state, I met his eyes with mine, thought about how much I’d always wanted to experience a big black cock, and gave him the biggest, cheesiest smile I could muster up. He laughed, gave me his business card, and told me to call him sometime. He told me to enjoy the rest of my evening and walked away, just as my husband came back inside. I managed to just glance at the card before I slid it into my purse – his name was Steve.

When Marc got back to the table, he asked me what that was all about – apparently, he’d been watching through the window and had seen me talking to the handsome black man. I just laughed it off, changed the subject, and ordered another drink. All the while, my mind was racing with the thoughts of all the possibilities. My heart was pounding so hard, I was sure my husband could hear it across the table! He knows me well enough though to just leave it alone and that I’d talk about it when I was ready to.

We stayed until closing time, just having a blast. We danced to a couple of songs, drank waaay too much and really just had a nice evening. Finally, the bartender shooed us out and we headed up to our room. Marc decided he’d really like a couple more beers and headed out to find a liquor store that was still open. I begged off, saying I was too drunk to even ride in a car! I told him I would just stay there and watch a little TV until he got back.

I started flipping channels and stumbled across some really racy scene in a movie – hmmm, this looks interesting! I got to thinking about Steve. I got out his card, picked up the phone, dialed his number, without allowing even a moment to talk myself out of calling him. He answered on the first ring. I told him who it was calling I could have sworn I could actually hear the smile on his face! I told him my husband had stepped out for a few minutes and that I was feeling a little lonely. He said he was feeling a little lonely too and that maybe we could help each other out. He said his room was just up on the next floor and invited me over.

I didn’t even bother putting on my shoes or socks, I just hustled out the door and headed for his room. I tried to not think about what I was doing on the way there, I mean here it is, my wedding anniversary and I’m on my way to another man’s hotel room! My hands were shaking as I pushed the elevator button and I had to force myself to take a couple of deep breaths before I stepped out and found his room. The door opened just as I was about to knock – he must have been watching for me.

Steve was standing there wearing just a towel around his waist. He pulled me into the room and into his arms in a great big hug. Right away, I could feel that his cock was big and already starting to get hard as he pressed his body against mine. Man, I thought I was horny on the way over but that just made my pussy gush gaziantep travesti with wetness and desire. He asked how much time I had. When I told him that I only had about 30 minutes, he seemed disappointed. He said that for a man like him, 30 minutes was just a warmup, but he’d see what he could do.

I couldn’t stop smiling as he started to undress me, kissing and nibbling at my neck, telling me how sexy I was. By the time I was down to just my bra and panties, I was going crazy with anticipation and I reached down to yank the towel off of him. He stopped me, holding my hand in his. He looked me in the eye and asked me if I was really ready for what was under that towel. He told me that there was no going back once that towel hit the floor. I looked him square in the eye, smiled really big, told him that I’d been waiting my whole life for an opportunity like this, and I was ready for it NOW!!!

He let the towel drop to the floor and I about had a heart attack when I saw his beautiful, huge, throbbing, monster of a cock standing at attention in front of me, waiting for me, all just for me. My knees went weak and I sank to the floor and started worshiping Steve’s cock. I kissed and sucked and licked and touched, losing myself in the pure pleasure of having such a magnificent cock to play with. He let me go for a couple of minutes, even holding my hair out of the way, before stopping me and pulling me to my feet. He told me that he wanted more than a blowjob and asked if I was ready for him.

I just nodded my head and let him pull me to the bed. He took off my bra and panties and stood for a moment in front of me, stroking his cock and admiring my body. He said he wanted to kiss every inch of my body. I laughed when he decided to start with my toes but in mere seconds, my laughter turned to moans as he expertly licked and sucked my toes, running his hands up my legs. He worked his way up my legs and by the time he reached my pussy, I was nearly ready to explode.

After just a few flicks of his tongue on my clit, I grabbed his head, shoved his face into me and shook and moaned as I came all over his mouth. He leaned up to kiss me and stuck his tongue deep in my mouth, sharing the sweet taste of my pussy with me. His hard throbbing cock was rubbing on my pussy lips but I pushed him away and asked him to wear a condom for me. He said he would this time but that after I felt him inside me, I probably wouldn’t ever ask that again.

He pulled me to the edge of the bed, propped my legs up on his strong shoulders and started to gently rub his massive cock up and down my slit until my pussy juices had him all lubed up. Ever so slowly, a millimeter at a time, he eased his cock into me. He was only partially in when I started to orgasm again. I cried out for him to fuck me good, fuck me hard, shove that big black cock deep in my hole! I told him I wanted his gorgeous, fat, black cock to fill my pussy, to fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before, to let me come on your cock again, fuck me, oh god, just fuck me.

He was only too happy to fulfill my desires. He rammed his huge cock all the way in me and his massive balls were slapping my ass as he thrust harder and deeper in my pussy than I’d ever had before. My pussy quivered and waves of orgasm washed over me as he started to play with my tightly puckered asshole, rubbing just the tip of his finger in. As I screamed out in ecstasy, he told me he was about ready to cum too. He asked if he could take off the condom and cum on my sexy body. I told him no – that I wanted to feel his hot black cock pulsing inside of me, that I wanted to imagine him filling my cunt with his cum, to not stop fucking me, to fuck me harder, more, that I loved his fat, wonderful cock!

He collapsed on the bed on top of me and we lay there, still entwined, catching our breath. I glanced over at the clock and realized that I had to get going if I was going to make it back to my room before my husband did. I whimpered as he slid his softening cock out of my stretched out, well-fucked hole, being careful to take the condom with him. He kissed me and told me that he’s going to want to fuck me again – soon! I told him to not worry, I’ll figure out a way to have more of his amazing cock! I give him my number as I gather up my clothes and put enough on to rush through the halls of the hotel, back to my room.

As I rushed down the hallway, I started to think about what I had done. My inner dialogue was something like this “I have cheated on my husband, I am an adulteress. Almost 15 years as the sweet, faithful, wholesome, good girl, ideal wife, now eclipsed by what I have just done. But damn, did it ever feel GOOD, and I want to do it again!!! But what about my husband? What is he going to think? Is he going to be mad? I could lose my marriage over this. I’m going to have to be careful.”

I got back to our room and took a deep breath as I slide the keycard and open the door, not knowing if Marc would be in there yet or not. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I looked around and he wasn’t back and I exhaled a big sigh of relief. I didn’t have to explain myself quite yet. I decided to take a quick shower and figure out what and how much I should tell Marc.

I got undressed and turned on the hot water. As I combed the tangles out of my hair, I noticed the car keys on the counter. Crap! Marc was back and I wasn’t here. Crap! He probably went out looking for me. Crap! I figured I’d be in a load of trouble when he got back. Crap!

I decided to go ahead and take the shower anyways. I rummaged through my bag of shower stuff and pulled out a couple of my favorite dildos. My pussy was throbbing, thinking about what I’d done and how now I was going to have to tell Marc all about it. I felt like such a naughty girl – and it made me soooo horny!

I got in the shower, letting the hot pulsing water wash away my tension. I turn my back to the spray and let it course down my back and onto my ass. I part my ass cheeks to feel the hot water relaxing the bud of my ass hole. Steve had just barely slipped the tip on one finger in there and now my ass was wanting more. I picked up my butt plug and started slowly rubbing the tip of it on my horny ass. Before long, I had worked it all the way in. I nearly came as I stood up, turned around, spread my pussy lips, and let the hot water massage my clit.
I closed my eyes and imagined Steve’s cock in my ass and Marc’s tongue on my clit. I reached around and started playing with my butt plug, pumping it in and out. My pussy wanted a cock so bad at that point that I just had to reach over and pick up my other dildo, the 10 inch monster that I love to challenge my pussy with. At first, I just squeezed the toy between my legs, feeling it’s length and girth resting on my pussy lips and clit. My pussy quivered and wiggled and wrapped its lips around the shaft of hardness and I thought of the big black cock that had just fucked me and I thought that if Marc had seen that, how hard it would have made his dick. Just as I slid the dildo into my wanting pussy, I heard the door opening and Marc’s voice, asking what in the hell was going on?

I threw back the shower curtain, oblivious to the water going everywhere and showed him just what was going on – I pounded my pussy with my dildo and bent over to show him the plug stretching my ass. I told him I wanted him to fuck me, that I had a horny, slutty, nasty pussy that needed to fucked more.

“MORE??!!” he exclaims. “What do you mean more?”

Oh shit, I thought to myself, how am I going to recover from that blunder? So I stammer, “uh, yes, my toy’s just aren’t doing the trick for me. I need a real cock. I need your cock.”

Marc didn’t look too convinced with that explanation. He told me to turn off the water and he pulled his already hard cock out of his pants and then demanded an explanation of where I was, what I was doing, and what had gotten me so worked up. He tweaked my nipple and asked me if I’d been a bad girl. I just nodded my head and started to reach for a towel. He slapped my hand away and told me that Bad Girls don’t get towels.

He had me kneel down on the cold, hard bathroom floor, dripping wet, naked, butt plug still in, and suck his cock. He grabbed the back of my head and started really fucking my mouth, telling me what a nasty whore I was and that he’s going to fill my mouth with his cum before I tell him what I’ve done. He gathers my hair in one hand and I gag with every hard thrust of his cock. After just a few moments of that, he shot his cum down my throat, holding my head until I swallowed every last drop.

He told me to make myself presentable and think about what I am going to tell him. He said that I’d better have a good story to make up for the worry he had when he got back and I wasn’t there.

I hurried up to comply with his demands. A couple of minutes later, I left the bathroom dressed in an adorable little nightie, hair combed, just a touch of makeup on. Marc was laying in the bed, watching a porno and quite obviously stroking his cock under the sheets. I crawled onto the bed and cuddled up next to him. He grabbed the remote, turned off the TV and turned to face me. He cupped my face in his hands, looked me in the eye, and told me that he loved me and that he wanted to know everything.

I leaned back onto the bed and started from the beginning. I told him all about the brief conversation I’d had with Steve, how I was just so horny when Marc had left to go get more beer, how I just let my pussy take over and make all the decisions. I tell him that really, it wasn’t my fault if you think about it – my pussy had control. Then he slapped my pussy hard and stuck a finger in and told me to stop making excuses, to just tell him what my pussy and I had done.

As I started to tell him all the sordid details, Marc started to finger my pussy. Every time I revealed another little detail, he’d thrust his finger hard in my pussy, almost as a punishment. But it felt sooo good! I told him how I was so eager that I hardly even talked to him before I sucked his cock, how surprised I was at the sight of it, how big an dark and thick it was, how I couldn’t even get my mouth around it, and how I had just kissed it and licked it and wrapped my hands around it.

The retelling of what I’d done made me incredibly horny and I soon was begging for Marc to fuck me. His cock easily just slid into my dripping wet pussy – my pussy that had been fucked by a big black cock, then by my toy, and now by my husband.

I shook and I quivered and I couldn’t breath as waves and waves of orgasm rippled throughout my body. Marc happily just pounded his cock in and out of my well-fucked, stretched-out, loose, juicy wet pussy. He began asking me questions with each thrust: Did I like sucking that cock? YES! (thrust) Did I want it to fuck me? Yes! (thrust) Did I let it fuck me? Yes! Yes! YES! I got fucked by a big (thrust) black (thrust) cock (thrust)!!!!

As he started to cum, he pulled his cock out of me and asked as he stroked it: Did I want more of that big black cock? Yes! He shot thick ribbons of his hot spunk all across my belly and tits and I felt yet another orgasm roll across my body.

He collapsed on top of me, dripping his sweat on my cheek. He kissed me and told me that he loved me more than anything in the world, but that next time, he wanted to watch!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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