One Night Stand

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His name was Matt or maybe Mark, I can’t really remember. I’ll admit to being more than a little drunk on the night in question. I’ll call him Matt and let it go at that. We met, if met is the right word, one Friday night at a club in town. There were no ties, no complications, I just let him pick me up, fuck me senseless, then left. Short, sharp, to the point but extremely satisfying.

I was out with my flatmate Val. We were both students and it was the end of term. The past fortnight had been a non-stop toil of study and exams and so, dressed to kill and out for fun, we were determined to let more than just our hair down. Let’s be blunt, we were on the look out for a fuck.

It was Val who spotted him. We were dancing in the middle of the floor and he was lounging at the bar, talking to his friend. It was pretty obvious that they were surveying the talent and, from the constant stares in our direction, it was also evident that Val and I were to be the object of their search. As we danced, Val and I used our body language to flirt outrageously with them. They quickly got the message and made their way across the dance floor to join us.

Matt made his way over to me and his friend quickly paired off with Val. The music was loud and powerful and my body moved sensuously in time to the beat. From the corner of my eye I noticed that Val had wasted no time at all in getting to know her man, she was already all over him. I grinned to myself and turned my attention to Matt.

Moving in time to the music my body brushed against his. The strong Latin tempo of the music pounded in my veins as I ran my hands over his firm, well muscled torso. I felt his hands explore me as he pulled me against him. I put my arms around his neck and pulled his head down towards mine. Our lips met. His breath was hot in my mouth. His touch stirred the embers of my lust, fanning them into a flame. I already knew I had to have him. As my body moved against his I felt a reassuring bulge form in his trousers. Instinctively I moved my body, rubbing against it, feeling it grow.

Val tapped me on the shoulder and waved. I watched momentarily as my flatmate walked, hand in hand with her intended prize towards the door before turning my attention back to Matt.

We danced for a bit more. With my back to him I wriggled my bum suggestively against his crotch. Matt’s hands were on my hips, pulling me tighter against him. I was as horny as hell and dying to sample what he had to offer. I spun round and kissed him again. As my tongue explored his mouth I let my hand drop to his crotch. I began rubbing his erection through the material of his jeans, marvelling at its obvious size and imagining how it would feel thrust deep inside my hot, wet pussy. I smiled at him then, into his ear, I said, “I want this inside me!” I gave it another squeeze just to make my point clear. He nodded and we were soon making our way to the door.

As we left he said, “My place is only ten minutes from here, five at the most if we get a taxi.”

“Fine,” I replied, “your place it is.”

We set off towards the nearby taxi rank. A few yards later we passed the opening to side lane. It was dark and deserted and, I realised, to good an opportunity to pass up. “Quickly,” I said, “this way.” and I led him by the hand into the darkened lane. The lane disappeared round a corner. In seconds we found ourselves standing in the sheltered doorway of some deserted office. I pulled Matt into the doorway sarıyer escort and kissed him. “I can’t wait.” I whispered hoarsely as my hands tugged at his jeans. “I want you now, do it to me here!”

Suddenly Matt’s hands were all over me. He tugged at my top, pulling it up over my breasts. My bra was quickly pushed aside and I felt his tongue flick over my nipples. I had to stop myself from crying out. I didn’t want anyone to come investigating any strange noises. I finally released his cock from its confinement. “I want you in me. Take me, fuck me now,” I demanded

I was so turned on. Two weeks of frustrated, exam induced celibacy had driven me to this doorway with a complete stranger. Never had I done anything as daring as this before. I hitched my skirt up and pulled my sodden G-string to one side. Standing on tiptoe I lifted one leg and wrapped around him.

Matt bent his knees and hoisted me up. I reached down between my legs and positioned his cock at the entrance of my soaking cunt.

“Ohhhh!” I cried as he thrust upwards, his cock penetrating me in a single movement. Matt moved his cock with short stabbing movements thrusting into me as I gripped him tightly with my pussy. I wanted to cry out as his cock invaded me but I bit my lip, holding back any exclamation that might betray what I was doing. “Fuck Clare, you’re pussy’s so hot,” Matt groaned as he pounded my pussy with his cock.

I held on to him for support as his cock stabbed in and out of my pussy with short, sharp thrusts. Matt squeezed my tits with one hand as he fucked my cunt at a furious pace. Distantly, I heard him moan, “So hot, so tight. I can’t hold on much longer.”

“Not here,” I said, “let me down.” He looked at me, his impending climax written across his face. “Don’t worry,” I said with a smile as he reluctantly withdrew his cock from my throbbing cunt.

Matt’s disappointment turned to pleasure as I knelt down in front of him. I opened my mouth and took him between my lips. His cock had a strong flavour of salty pre-cum and my own juices. I sucked hard, my lips sliding up and down his shaft, my hands stroking him rapidly.

“Oh fuck, I can’t hold on. Here it comes!” he groaned. His cock twitched violently sending a torrent of hot sperm into my mouth. I swallowed reflexively as jet after jet of cum spewed into me. “Oooooh yes!” he exclaimed as he emptied his load into my mouth. Finally his climax subsided. I sucked the last few drops from his rapidly diminishing cock. Wiping my lips with my hand as I stood up. I smiled as Matt tucked himself away and zipped up his jeans. “Right,” I said with a hungry smile on my face, “shall we get that taxi now?” Dumbstruck, all he could do was nod.

We caught a taxi almost immediately, we were at Matt’s flat minutes later. To keep myself on the boil I’d surreptitiously fingered my pussy the whole way there. Wasting no time we headed straight to his bedroom. Our clothes were quickly discarded and without a moment’s pause I found myself flat on my back on his bed, my legs apart with Matt on top of me. “Prepare to have your brains fucked out,” he said as he thrust his hips forward.

“Ohh!” I cried as he drove his cock into my cunt. My body quivered as he plunged in and out. “Yes,” I moaned, “Yes! Fuck me, screw me! Thrust your big hard cock inside me!” I clenched my cunt around his cock, gripping him tight.

Matt hammered my cunt with long, esenyurt escort hard powerful strokes. His cock seemed to grow inside me, filling my pussy, stretching it tight around him. In and out he thrust. In and out, harder and harder. I dug my fingers into his arse cheeks and pulled my legs back to let him even deeper. With every stroke his balls slapped heavily against me as his cock ploughed into me.

“Oh yes!” I urged, “Harder! Fuck me harder! C’mon give it to me!”

Fire throbbed in my clit as I lay there, speared on the end of his cock. I reached down to stroke my clit, his cock slid between my fingers as it plunged in and out of my hot, wet hole. My body began to shake. “Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” I whimpered as my climax began to take hold. The spasms in my cunt gripped him tight, eliciting a gasp of pleasure as Matt’s breathing began to deepen.

“I can’t hold on!”, Matt groaned, “I’m going to cum right up your tight little cunt.” He thrust even harder. Pulling his cock back until it almost slipped out of my hole then ramming it deep inside me.

My own orgasm was still coursing through me. “Yes!” I cried, “Cum inside me. I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy!” I gripped his arse with both hands so that I could push him in deeper.

“Fuck!” he cried, “Here it comes!”

Matt plunged into me once more. My pussy gripped his cock and I could feel it swell and twitch. “Oohhh, aaahh!” Matt exclaimed as I felt his cock erupt inside me. He continued to thrust and with each thrust I felt another jet of hot sperm being released into my cunt, filling me to overflowing.

And then he was gone. I felt strangely empty as he lay beside me breathing hard. My fingers were immediately in my pussy and his hot sticky cum trickled over them. I raised them to my mouth and licked them clean, savouring the flavour of our combined juices.

Matt turned to look at me. With a smile on his face he said, “Tell you what, if you clean me up, I’ll do the same for you.” How could I resist such an offer? When a man offers to eat his own cum from my pussy I’m not going to stop him.

I climbed on top of him and slowly lowered myself on to his face. “Oooooh!” I cried as his tongue flicked over my still tender clit. As his tongue licked and probed my pussy I took his slightly flagging cock in my hands and began to lick up and down before wrapping my lips around it and sucking it deep into my mouth. I’ll confess that it wasn’t the best blow-job I’ve ever given. It was so hard to concentrate on what I was doing when his tongue was lapping at my clit with the sort of expertise I’d almost only ever found in other women. Matt wasn’t complaining though. In a short space of time his cock was beginning to stir as my lips slid up and down its length.

Matt’s tongue darted inside me and then his mouth fastened itself on my clit once more. His hands reached for my tits and began to squeeze them as his tongue flicked over my clit, sending bolts of pleasure through my body. I ground myself harder against his face as he pressed my tits together and began to roll my nipples between his thumb and fingers. I could feel my pussy and womb begin to contract. I gave his now fully erect cock one last, long hard suck before letting it slip from my mouth as I surrendered myself to the sensations down below.

And then I came again, more violently than before. The sensations in my womb were so intense they were almost painful. avrupa yakası escort “Aaahh yesssss!” I cried out as his tongue still flicked lightly against my clit. I pushed myself harder against his mouth. Each lash of his tongue sent another shudder of pleasure through me. My pussy was on fire and I simply had to have his thick cock inside me once more.

Finally, unable to take any more, I began to move down his body. I reached back between my legs and grasped his cock, positioning it where I could engulf it within me. I pushed my hips back and felt it slide, inch by delicious inch, into my hot cunt. I leaned forward, giving Matt a perfect view of his cock being devoured by my hungry pussy. I rocked back and forward, sliding up and down the length of his thick shaft. As I did, I felt his fingers tracing around the point where our bodies became one. The juices flowing from my cunt coated them as easily as they coated his cock.

I became aware of pressure against my other entrance and as I pushed my hips back to engulf his cock once more I felt his finger press slowly into the confines of my arse, penetrating me there as his cock penetrated my pussy. I moved slowly, savouring the strange feeling of having both holes filled at the same time. The first finger was quickly joined by a second. I cried out as my tight rear hole stretched to accommodate them. In and out they thrust as my pussy slipped up and down his cock. It came as no surprise to me when his fingers were withdrawn and I felt him push my hips forward so that his cock slipped from my cunt.

I knew what he wanted and I didn’t hesitate. I raised my hips up slightly so that he could position his cock at the entrance to my back passage. I slowly began to lower myself on to his cock. I felt a brief moment of pain as the well lubricated head of his cock pressed past the resistance of tight ring and slipped into my bowels. I lowered myself down until his cock was buried to the root inside me and then, ever so slowly, I began to move. His cock felt huge inside the tight confines of my arsehole as I slowly slid along it’s length. From behind me Matt said, “Fucking hell Clare, that feels so good. Your arse is so tight.” I smiled to myself and began to move my hips a little faster.

Up and down, back and forward. Supporting myself with one hand as I took his cock deep into my bowels I buried the fingers of my over hand in my pussy. My thumb pressed against my clit as I took his cock as far into my back passage as I could. The feelings were so intense, so dirty that I was cumming in no time. “Oh yes” Oh yess!” I cried as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss broke over me. Behind me Matt’s breathing was getting laboured. The tightness of my arse and the contractions of my orgasm were proving too much for him.

“Christ, Clare, I can’t hold on,” he groaned.

Lost, within my own orgasmic world, I replied, “Do it! Give me your cum. Cum inside my fucking arse!” I withdrew my fingers from my pussy and reached below me to gently squeeze his balls and thrust my hips back, my arse fully impaled on his dick. With a groan and a shudder Matt came. His cock spewed its load of sperm deep inside me and then slipped out.

We lay there for a while, recovering. Finally I got up and made my way to the bathroom for a quick shower. Returning to Matt’s room, I gathered my clothes together and got dressed. I thanked him for giving me the fuck I so badly needed and then left.

It was almost an hour later when I got back to my flat. I quickly undressed and climbed into bed. As I lay there I could here noises coming from Val’s room beyond the wall. From what I could here it sounded as if she was enjoying herself as much as I had. We can compare notes in the morning, I thought to myself. Then, smiling to myself, I turned off the light.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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