One Night In Dublin_(0)

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It was March of this year in Dublin Ireland, I decided to take an impromptu vacation to the island, but lacked the funds necessary for an adequate AirBNB, so I decided to try something I never did before… Stay in a hostel.

I booked a male only room that housed up to 8 guys, and had a privacy curtain on each bed so I could jackoff in peace. During my first few nights there the room was near or at full capacity (I booked Thursday-Wednesday) due to it being a weekend, so I was frequently surrounded by attractive lads from all over Europe and the US who would stroll out of their bunks in nothing but tight briefs. Needless to say, this caused massive sexual frustration to me. However due to the rather large amount of guys constantly coming in and out of the room, the best I was ever able to do was to quickly sniff a pair of used underwear (that barely had any scent at all) for all but 15 seconds before yet another lad strolled in to charge his phone and pace aimlessly around the room.

This however all changed on Sunday when 6 of the guys checked out. Suddenly the room was ALOT quieter and more private. All that remained was me, some loud snoring coke head that came stumbling in every night at 4am, and starting Sunday night, a beautiful boy from Central Europe.

This guy was probably in his early 20s, athletic, 6 foot tall, medium brown hair, clean cut, perfect face symmetry, and an ample butt that was shown very nicely in the sweatpants he always seemed to wear. Basically a Czech God, sleeping in the very same room as me. At that moment I decided, I was going to press my luck and do my best to somehow inhale the unqiue smell of this unbelievably cute boy’s most personal scent, his ass.

Sunday night, I got wasted and totally forgot about my sinister plan, and when I heard him head out the main door early Monday morning, I thought I had missed my opportunity… Luckily, when i peered over to his bed, all of his belongings were still underneath, and i decided i wasnt going to risk him not being there the next day, Ankara Escort i had to make my move tonight.

He finally stumbled back in around 11pm, rather noticably drunk, and quickly went on the phone and had a short conversation in Polish or Czech before stripping down to his form fitting light blue underwear and turning into bed. My dick was already hard by this point, and i knew it wouldnt be long before he fell into a deep sleep.

Sure enough, about 5 minutes later, I hear his light snores from the bed over and slowly creep out of my bed towards his. He didn’t turn off the light when he came in so the whole room is rather well lit, and he didnt fully close his privacy curtain, so his perfect legs are rather clearly visible, and much to my delight, he’s sleeping face towards the wall, meaning his rear end is extremely vulnerable to whatever i choose to do to it…

I slowly draw the curtain back alittle. Not all the way, cause I don’t want the light from the room to wake him, but just enough so his underwear clad ass is fully available. Finally, I’m face to face with his ass, but I decide to start slow. I start by sniffing his lower back and legs. Whatever body wash he used, it brought out his natural pheremones and drove me wild, as I’m sure it does to all the females he’s likely attracted to.

Then, I move to his ass cheeks. Covered in underwear I smell his fresh detergent, and find myself wanting to know so much more about this guy whose name I don’t even know, and who has absolutely no knowledge of my existence, but who I’m falling for without even trying.

Its time for the main goal, sniffing his backdoor. I tepidly move my nose to the bottom of his ass crack about 6 inches away and inhale… Nothing really. I move to 3 inches away, and start getting my first whiffs of his ass. and I feel like jacking off right there! But, I control myself and bring my nose into direct contact with the briefs covering his ass and inhale. From here, I can get some strong and ripe scents, and I begin Sincan Escort to wonder when he showered last, or how many times today has he farted. I inhale from this area another minute or so before I have to choose whether to go extra risky and press my luck or just be happy I got this far. Naturally, the head in my pants fueled by a steady supply of musky Eurolad ass won the debate, and I decided it was time to bare his ass.

I tested the waters by slowly sliding my fingertips under the elastic of his waistband and seeing if there was any stirring or change in breathing on his end… There wasnt. I grew more bold and used this new found access to tepidly lower his underwear down to the top of his thighs. The absolutely delicious underwear clad ass looked seeimngly even more edible once naked. Staring at these two pert pale globes sculpted maybe by years of rugby and separated by a dark and clearly odiferous crevice, I had never been more horny.

Driven completely by lust I used my hand to tenderly lift up his top ass cheek to reveal his most intimate opening. Even from half a foot back, the scent of unwashed ass slammed into me and made me leak precum. His crack was mildly hairy and rather sweaty, what surprised me most however was his actual hole. Despite his outward clean appearance, his hygiene (like many straight males) was clearly limited back here, since it was rather clear from the shit streaks on and directly next to his hole that wiping wasn’t his strong suit. Thats okay, I was more than willing to do that cleaning for him.

I took my right pinky finger and placed it on his gooey opening and slowly tried to slide in. I only got my nail in when it became clear just how tight he was. Clearly nothing not even a finger had ever entered this hole. As horny, bold, and crazy as all this was, i realized if i tried to sink my finger into him, I’d be almost certain to wake him and I very much did NOT want to do that. I retreated my pinky nail now covered in his light brown paint from his hole and went to Escort Bayan what I wanted to do most to him… Give him his first rimjob.

I carefully separated his cheeks and placed my nose directly on his virgin hole and inhaled. A powerful mix of sweat, shit, and male musk assaulted my nose, something absolutely welcomed, but unexpected from earlier.

After getting high on this sleeping boy’s ass funk, it was time to taste it. I went for broke and placed my tongue directly on his sludge covered hole. Needless to say, it tasted like shit. But knowing I was doing something to this adonis that no stupid girl had ever done (and that he had no idea was being done to him) drove me animalistic. As i lapped up the bitter leftovers on his hole i could only wonder just what it was I was eating. What foods that he scoffed down his gullet was I now tasting after travelling the entire length of his digestive tract?

As much as I would’ve loved to have eaten his ass for an hour, the reality was once I licked up the sludge on his hole and slid my tongue up his furry crack a few times, he was essentially a clean boi, and the primal musk I so craved had largely been lapped up by me. A catch 22 of rimming. And as much I would have LOVED to sodomize this dude without mercy, the fact remained that I was essentially raping this dude, and the last thing I wanted was to be caught by him.

I quickly pulled out my phone and took a picture of his tongue cleaned hole before very reluctantly pulling my face away from his backside and resetting his underwear.

I quickly went back to my bed and masturbated profusely and with a pounding heart to the memory of what I just did, and the still lingering pungent stink of his ass on my pinky.

Early the next morning, I woke up to the sound of him zipping up his suitcase and heading out the door, never to be seen by me again.

I wish I got his name, cause I would honestly love to creep on his Facebook or Instagram and see what his world is like and to see what he accomplishes of himself. But one thing is for sure, somewhere in Central/Eastern Europe there’s an adorable young lad who is completely unaware of the fact a stranger sniffed and licked his unwiped ass while he slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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