One Night in Arkham

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The night was much the same as every other night during the midst of winter in the city of Arkham; frigid, black and eerie. A sense of unease and gloom hung in the air, typical of the cold Arkham nights. The dread of the night was exaggerated by the sparse light produced by the street lamps; long stretches of shadow bridging the gap between them.

James couldn’t say exactly what drove him out to pace the streets on a night like this. Alone, freezing and out of touch with the reality around him he wandered down the street. James’ mind fluttering from one thought to another as his footsteps rang against the cobble paths. His mind centered on his writings, specifically his current novel. Due by the end of the year, James was only halfway through the write up when he was seized by writer’s block. Perhaps that was why he was out in this dismal darkness. Sleepless nights and the worries on his mind gnawed at James as he meandered down the smooth cobble streets.

The sudden jerk of his shoelace underneath his foot pulled him from his thoughts as James nearly toppled over. Kneeling down to retie his laces, James looked around to see where he his midnight walk brought him. Large, looming building surrounded him, the smell of fish and salt filled him.
‘The docks and its warehouses’ James realized, quite a ways from his apartments.
Sounds whispered in the distance, one of the many pubs that serviced the sailors and fishermen was still open. The rumble of his stomach urged James towards the sounds, hoping for a quick bite to eat.
Rounding a corner, his eyes focused on a different kind of treat. Standing beneath one of the few street lamps was a pale figure with hair of fire.

‘A dock whore, but not a common dock whore’ concluded James.

Scantily clad in a mildly thick coat, black knee length skirt and boots up to half calf, she turned her head at the sound of his footsteps. James looked at her pale slender face, his eyes immediately caught in hers. Two bright silvery blue pools of ice captivated him with their sparkle. The woman smiled at him, causing a flush to creep up his neck. Smiling back James passed her by, heading towards the door of the pub.
The air filled his longs, layered with the scents of the small establishment. Beer, grease and the smell of dock people was thick as James pushed passed a few men to take a seat. A thick woman pushed towards him, empty pints in her hand and a scowl on her face.

“What do ya want?” she bellowed over the ruckus.

“A beer and some fish” was all the response he managed before the homely woman was pushing towards the bar.

Waiting for the woman to return with his fare, James’ thoughts returned to the woman outside. She was a mystery; most dock whores are the chubbier and uglier girls too homely to work the richer parts of town. This woman was young, slender, pale and beautiful. The thought of her smile made James flush again. Feeling ridiculous for lusting over a simple whore he looked around. The thick serving-woman was returning to him with a plate and pint. The food was plain but tasty, cod fried in a batter on a bed of cut fried potatoes. The beer was a thick, dark brew that tasted sweet on his tongue. The meal satiated his stomach but not his mind. James continued to dwell on the pale beauty with fierce red hair that framed her slender face. The bright silvery blue eyes that captured his had captivated his thoughts. Unable to contain his curiosity any longer James stopped the serving woman as she passed.

“Excuse me, do you know anything about that young woman outside, underneath the street lamp?”
The woman walked to the window with no sense of subtlety and peered out the frosted panes. She turned to him scowling, making a rude noise.

“What woman? There’s not a soul out there. Don’t waste my time!” spat the woman as she pushed off again.

Slumping in his chair, James’ heart sank. He had hoped the woman would still be out there. He had wanted a chance Ankara Escort to talk to her. Laying his money on the table and picking himself up James exited the pub into the cold night air once more.

Sighing, James headed back the way he came, hoping to reach his apartments and find some sleep. Rounding the corner, a flickering street lamp in the distance caught his eye. In the flicker of light James caught a glimpse of a pale figure with hair of fire push into an alley. James’ heart jumped as he picked up his pace, calling out to her. The woman looks back around the corner and smiles.

“And just what do you want handsome? Going to turn me down again?” teased the woman as James neared her. Her voice a seducing half sigh, half moan.

Standing in front of her in the flickering light James studied her features more closely. She stood near eye level with him, but only because of the boots she wore. He estimated her at 5’8’ to his 5’11”. Her eyes twinkled like icy stars in the flickering light. He could only feel disarmed when her smile spread across her face. His eyes never leave hers as he speaks.

“I wanted to talk to you.” The flush crept up his neck as she smiled at him, drawing closer.

“Talk huh,” her hand touched his leg, inching towards the growing bulge, “are you sure that’s all?” James’ cock stiffens at her touch, six and half inches straining for release.

“No…” he manages as her fingers trace the fabric pressed against his cock. She giggled a light, soft laugh and smiles.

“Good, I was hoping for more than a boring conversation from a handsome man like you.”

She flattered him, as all whores do with their possible customers. James knew he was no Adonis, he was an average man. Standing 5’11 James was just over the average height. Short golden brown hair topped his head and a short cropped reddish brown beard framed his face. His greenish blue eyes the murky color of brackish water. A regular body supported his plain head. Not quite a muscle machine James was at least in shape enough to please most women. His real charms sparkled when he spoke. Being a man of words with a honeyed tongue gave James an advantage in many aspects. Though for once unable to form anything with his lips, he just stared into her eyes. The flickering lamp illuminated the silver in her eyes. She took him by the hand, beckoning him to follow.

“C’mon, I know a place that’s a bit more private than the open street.” James followed eagerly as she led him into the alley. His mind returns to him as her hand is no longer teasing his cock.

“Why is someone like you down by the docks?” he asked, finding the words. She slowed, stopping in the alley.

“Someone like me?”

“Well you’re a whore, obviously, but most of the dock whores are usually a bit more..homely.” She laughed at that, her soft giggle bouncing off the buildings.

“I have certain appetites that can’t be satiated elsewhere.” She winked at him and continued on.

‘So she’s a bit deviant’ mused James, his member throbbing at the thought.

A wooden fence momentarily blocked the pair, a small push and the decrepit wooden door opened without resistance. They emerged into a larger alley, one made spacious to allow for the loading and unloading of goods to the warehouses.

“Are you sure about this alley? It’s still fairly public.” James quipped. Moving forward she let go of his hand and motioned for him to help move crates aside.

“No, in here.” She bent down to lift up the loading bay door, her skirt tight against her ass.

“It’s private, I promise,” echoes lightly through the warehouse as she saunters through the door with James at her heels.

“What’s your name?” James asked suddenly, following her towards an alcove.

“Most men wouldn’t trouble themselves with the name of their whores,” she replies, smirking. A large crate blocked their path. The pair moved it aside. In the alcove is a mattress and small lantern.

“A Sincan Escort hideout the overseer lets me use for just a few favors.” James encircled her hips with his arms, pulling her against him.

“Your name,” he whispers.

“Elisa, “she whispers back, grinding her ass against him stiffened cock.

“I’m James, “he manages as his member tries to break the cloth barrier.

Elisa turns around, shedding her coat in the dim light. Her breasts are just more than a handful. They bounced free underneath her thin shirt. James reaches towards her hips, taking the shirt by its hem and slides it over her head. Her pale beautiful breasts free themselves into the night air, her nipples hardened from the cold. James pulls her to him, pressing kisses on her neck and chest. Elisa arches her head back; sighing, her fingers run through his hair. A giggle escapes her as his short cropped beard tickles her at every kiss. James slides his hands up her stomach to cup breasts. His thumbs caress her taut pink nipples.

Kisses path the way before James’ mouth encompasses her breast. His tongue flicking at the hardened nipple as his thumb works the other. Pushing James back she pushes his coat from his shoulders and lifts his shirt over his head. Falling to her knees Elisa presses her lips against his clothed manhood, feeling the heat emanating as it throbs in anticipation. She bites him gently before releasing his six and a half inch cock from its fabric prison.

Gripping it gingerly in her hand she stares into his eyes and runs her tongue along the shaft of his cock. Elisa’s tongue circles the head, lapping at the precum. James exhales heavily at her teasing display.

“Ahh, stop teasing Elisa!”

Elisa smiles around his cock, her lips pressed tightly together as they move down the shaft. His moan echoes loudly in the warehouse.

“Just like that” he grunts as his fingers tangle into her hair.

Her tongue circles along the length, causing a shudder to ripple through James’ body. Elisa begins to bob her head faster, his cock throbbing in her mouth. James begins to thrust into her as his orgasm takes control. With a single grunt as her only warning his cum erupts into her mouth. His seed coats the back of Elisa’s throat as she milks the last drops from him. A small pop sounds as she pulls him from her mouth. She gives his cock one last lick before swallowing the pool of cum at the back of her throat and standing up.

“Better than the usual whore,” James claims, leaning against a wall after his powerful orgasm.

“Being better comes with a higher price though, and this is just the start,” She smiles at him. Kicking off her boots and pushing her skirt and panties off in one quick motion she lays down on the mattress.

“I expect my clients to return the favor.” She purrs at him.

James lowers himself onto the mattress and takes in the sight before him. Elisa’s pussy was already wet, glistening in the dim light with a trimmed patch of bright red hair. Her clit was exposed and craving attention.

“What are you waiting for James? “ She coos. Elisa places her hand on his head and pulls him into her.

James’ lips press into her, teasing her with the lightest touch. Snaking his tongue out and running it along her lips causes Elisa to shake in excitement. No longer wanting to tease her James pushes his tongue into her moist pussy. Her sweet, woman taste covers his tongue as it works the entrance of her womanhood. Small gasping moans escape as clouds of frost from Elisa’s mouth. Pushing back slightly James lifts her up a few inches. His tongue darts out again to flicker against her puckered asshole. A loud gasp emits from Elisa when his tongue pushes into the tight hole. A small twist and it’s back out, sliding along the length of her slit to press hard against her clit.

Tenderness leaves James as his mouth presses around her pulsating clit. Sucking hard on the nub he slides two fingers into her Escort Bayan wet hole. Pumping into her hard, he flicks his tongue over her clit. The moans grow louder as she begins to writhe under his sexual assault. Biting lightly on her clit James slides his juice covered fingers out of her. The brief respite is ended as his finger slides into her ass, beginning to pump slowly as he nibbles the sensitive clit. Elisa begins to squeal and beg for release. James smiles as he pulls his finger from her ass and jams two into her sopping wet pussy. Pressing his mouth harder against her he sucks and flicks her clit furiously. His fingers work deep into her gripping pussy. Elisa screams loudly as her orgasm crashes into her body. Waves of pleasure flow through her. Her back arches, her legs clamp tight around James’ head until the pleasure starts to fade away.

“That was more,” panted Elisa “Than I expected..” she finished, laying there trying to catch her breath.

“I wanted to make sure I paid in full.” James smirked at her.

“Not to worry, I always collect what’s due to me.” Elisa turned and looked at James.

“When do you plan to use that?” She asks, pointing playfully at his hard cock.

In response to her question James rolls her over, pulling her up to her knees and elbows. He places the head of his manhood at the entrance to her pussy. The juices from her coat his cock as it pushes into the velvety walls of her sex. Wrapping his hands around her hips James sheathes himself inside her. Slowly rocking his hips back and forth, James sighs as Elisa’s pussy contracts around his throbbing, hard cock. She raises her head to give a light moan.

“Mmm, is that all? Give me more James.” She rotates her hips around his cock, meeting his thrusts in time.

James slaps her ass playfully, his thrust quickening. Licking his finger he slides it into her ass without warning. Elisa’s back arches as she meets his thrusts. His finger and cock in time with one another as they build towards another eruption. James pulls his hand free, tired of the slow pace. James grips her hips hard in his hands. She squeals meekly as he starts to pump into her, pulling her towards his thrusts. Her pussy grips his cock like a silk vice. Throbbing inside of her he groans loudly. One hand reaches towards her head, twining her hair between his fingers. James pulls her hair back towards him, arching her back farther as he mercilessly pounds her sex. Elisa’s pussy drips around his cock, wet from the savage treatment he gives. His cock pulses with her contracting muscles. Moans, groans and screams fill the warehouse, echoing off the walls. Letting go of her hair James’ hand returns to her waist and pulls her toward him. A moan escapes his lips as his the orgasm tears through his body, shots of cum paint the walls of her pussy. James and Elisa breathe hard as they separate. He collapses down onto the mattress next to her. Elisa watches James, her silvery blue eyes never leaving him. He turns to her and smiles like a fool.

“That was great.” James exclaims as he lay there catching his breathe.

“It was,” Elisa purrs at him, “But you still owe me.”

“Oh?” James’ eye twinkles at the prospect of owing her like he had before.

Elisa rolls over onto James, her pussy sliding down onto his still hard cock. Their eyes meet.
‘The eyes are wrong’ he thought. Fear gripped him as she slid up and down his cock. She stared at him coolly.

“I told you I had appetites, James..” she smiled at him. Her flesh began to crack and break. James attempted to push her off but his arms wouldn’t work. Skin turned to scales as the woman transformed before his eyes. Gills sprouted at her neck and she smiled again, razor sharp barbs had replaced the smile that disarmed him. James struggled to move but his body would not cooperate. Warmth began to creep up his torso from his crotch. He grew weaker, more unable to fight. A pale creature of terror with fiery red fins was on top of him.

Elisa’s eyes never left his as she drained the body beneath her. Her teeth gleamed as she leaned towards him. Death took him slowly. Panic marked his face and silent screams filled his throat.

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