Once a F*g Hag

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Her cheeks were warm as she finished her fifth vodka and cherry coke. She was drunk enough stumble, but sober enough to make it to the door when the door bell rang. She smiled at her best friend and welcomed him in.

“Are you drunk?” He said, noticing her wobbly walk to the kitchen.

“Probably. I finished the rest of the vodka.”

“Mel, that was more than half a bottle. I’ll make you some coffee.”

She shrugged and smiled. “Dylan the party pooper.”

He smirked and scooped the coffee into the filter, then started the pot of coffee. Dylan sat down next to her at the kitchen table, “So what’s the occasion?”

“I’m not pregnant!”

“Of course you’re not,” he laughed, “you’ve never had sex.”

She stuck her tongue out, “Fuck you!”

He laughed, “Not on your team, remember?”

Mel rolled her eyes. Sometimes she forgot Dylan was gay. They flirted so often and everyone always asked if they were together. She pushed the idea out of her head, though. He was gay! Nothing could ever come of it. She was just drunk.

“I just needed to drink,” Mel admitted, “rough day.”

“What happened?”

“A few days ago I went out to a bar for Tiffany’s birthday. I met this guy, Alec. He was really nice and sweet and handsome. He kept buying me drinks and I kept taking them. He offered to drive me home after a while, and I said yes. We ended up fooling around and then having halkalı escort sex.”

Dylan’s eyes widened. “You lost your virginity to some guy you met in a bar?”

“I’m not proud of it. Anyway, I went out with him for lunch and it turns out the condom broke while we were doing it.”

“So when you said that you weren’t pregnant you weren’t kidding…” He put his arm around Mel and pulled her in close, “Thank God though.”

She smiled, “Yeah.”

The coffee pot stopped bubbling and they knew it was done. Dylan poured her a cup and they drank until the pot was empty.

“Right good that did.” Mel said, “Now I’ve gotta pee. Go meet me in my room, it’s cold down here.”

Dylan made his way down the hall and into his friend’s room. Posters of bands and movies covered the white walls. He sat down on the king sized bed, his favorite part of the room. It was one of those beds that reminded you of home and you could get comfortable in any place. He had slept over more than a few times. It was practically his second home.

Mel stumbled into the room and climbed into the bed. “That coffee did nothing except make me awake. Dylan,” she snuggled up to him and rested her head on his shoulder, “can we cuddle?”

Dylan laughed, “Sure. Do you want me to put in a movie before we get too comfortable?” Mel taksim escort nodded and he got up from under her and put in the movie Moulin Rouge. It was their favorite movie to watch together. He went back to the bed and Mel took her spot back on his shoulder. He put is arm around her.

A while later the movie ended.

“I should probably go,” Dylan said, “Work at three later.”

Mel protested, “Can’t you stay the night? Pleaaase?”

Dylan shook his head, “I can’t tonight.”

Mel huffed, “Fine, I’ll walk you to the door.”

The two got up and Dylan shrugged his jacket on. “See ya.”

Mel hugged him and let the hug linger. “Thanks for the coffee.” She ended the hug and then kissed him.

It was completely accidental, but she was surprised when he didn’t pull away. She took this opportunity to deepen the kiss and pull herself closer in. There was something there after all. He kissed her back with a heat he hadn’t ever felt before. The stopped for air and she dragged him back to her room, “Dylan, spend the night. Please.” He couldn’t say no.

They hopped up on the bed, kissing, entangled in one another. Their bodied rubbing and pressing against the other. Clothes flying off.

Mel felt her friend’s hardness through his briefs. He was hard for her. She freed his dick from the fabric and gripped her hand around it. He exhaled at the şişli escort feeling when her tongue and then mouth came in contact with it. She swirled her tongue and licked the head, cupping and massaging his balls simultaneously.

He pulled her up to his mouth and flipped her so he was on top. He took an erect nipple in is mouth and flicked his tongue over the bud. His hands wandered under her damp panties. He was new at this, but he sure did know what to do. His finger circled her clit and then penetrated her soaked cunt. She moaned and whined when the digit was removed. She felt her panties being removed.

She reached over the side of her bed and pulled out a condom.

“Want to?” she asked.

Dylan took the condom, “Yeah. I do.” He ripped open the packaging and rolled it on.

He positioned himself and lined himself up with her.

“Go ahead.” She coaxed. And he did.

He filled her up. He was overwhelmed by how she felt around him. He had fucked guys before, but this was different. It was hot and soft and tight. He moved in her. Back, forth. He looked at her. Her eyes were closed. Her hands, gripping on to the sheets below her. Her chest rising and falling. Light moans escaping her lips.

He was almost upset that his climax was coming so quickly.

“Dylan,” His name uttered from her mouth, “I’m going to–“

“Me too.” He put his lips to hers and increased his pace.

They came together.

Panting, covered in sweat, the fell asleep in each other’s arms.

His phone woke them. Recalling last night’s escapades had them both awkward and shy. He left her with a kiss on the cheek.

This was a one time thing. It couldn’t happen again. He was gay and that’s how it was.


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