Night Swims

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I was twenty that summer, and working at a restaurant in a resort community to earn money for the next year of college. It wasn’t much of a job, washing dishes in the kitchen of the restaurant, but the pay wasn’t terrible.

I was feeling kind of lonely since my girlfriend, Jane, was back in our college town doing her own summer job. I was lonely, but to be honest I suppose I was also just horny. I was used to getting it very regularly from my cute little blonde girl, so I was really noticing the difference.

July was brutally hot and humid, so the work in a very busy kitchen was like a non-stop sauna for eight hours. A shift of hard continuous effort in a steamy kitchen left me both enervated to the point of being wrung-out, but also curiously sensual in a languorous way.

One of the cooks in the restaurant was a friend of mine named Mike. I knew Mike from my days before going off to college. He was tall and skinny with a mop of thick black hair. I knew he was a bit of a burnout, because during our earlier days carousing I had seen him doing drugs and drinking to a serious degree. Mike, a couple of years older than me, now seemed to be trying to establish a career as a professional cook, and I think he had calmed down a bit as he matured.

We re-established our casual friendship at work, bantering and joking as time and circumstance allowed. I knew that Mike had a live-in girlfriend, though I had only met her once maybe a year before. She was short, slightly chubby, and cheerful.

Late one evening in July, after the kitchen had finally closed at midnight and the clean-up was done, Mike asked me if I wanted to go for a swim. For lack of anything else to do, I easily agreed.

We drove out to the river. A gravel road led down to a little-used boat landing which of course was deserted at this time of night. Mature trees surrounded the road, but the moonlight feel on the small beach and wide sandy expanse of the river. The night was heavy and hot with ninety percent humidity, and we were both already sweaty and tired from an evening in the kitchen, so the water looked extremely inviting.

Without even mentioning it, Mike started stripping. Of course I should have realized that we would be skinny-dipping, but I guess I hadn’t thought about it. Well, what the hell, I thought. I started stripping down to my bare skin too.

I looked over to see Mike’s long and slender but rather muscular frame in the moonlight. He grinned at me like a naughty little boy, and then ran into the shallow river to stand thigh-deep. The moonlight was behind him and he presented a colorful image.

I peeled off my shorts and walked into the water myself. I had the feeling that Mike was looking at my naked form, at least as carefully as I had scoped him. He sank down into the wonderfully cool river water up to his neck.

I was slightly self-conscious as I waded into the water. I too was slender to the point of skinny, but short and compact as opposed to Mike’s tall rangy physique. I guess I have always been a little nervous about my body, since I was an un-athletic kid and picked-on some in school. So it made me feel a little funny that I was being looked at. I got down into the water as quickly as I could.

Mike let out a whoop and started swimming around in the river. I just lay back and closed my eyes, basking in the cool soothing water. It was a delicious feeling to relax and cool down.

After a while Mike came over to where I was in the water and started floating nearby. We started a desultory conversation about the events at work, and a few common friends.

It’s a funny thing how there can be an undercurrent to a conversation, unspoken, but definitely there. I could tell that something was going on in our talk. Mike often returned to me, asking how I was feeling, if I was enjoying the cool water, what I thought about this or that. His voice seemed to have taken on a slightly different, almost intimate tone.

Now I won’t give you some song and dance about what a macho all-American non-homo straight boy I was until that very moment. I was mostly straight and functioned that way, but actually I had entertained some thoughts about male-male sex. I had never done anything about it, but I was very aware of the possibility.

I was clearly aware that a few feet away a rather attractive naked man was focusing his attention on me. It was almost as if I was a girl he was trying to act interested in. It was a very different sensation for me. It both excited me and scared me. I’m not sure if I was clearly thinking all those ideas at the time as much as experiencing those feelings.

It seemed like Mike was testing me, asking for some response either in word or manner. I was kind of excited, but somehow I was also scared, and didn’t quite know how I should be reacting. gaziantep suriyeli escort So I didn’t say much once I started feeling how things were going. The conversation died down.

Finally Mike seemed to decide we had come to dead end. He sighed loudly, and observed that it was late and we should be getting home. He stood up and waded back toward the shore. I watched his tight muscular ass glistening in the moonlight as he stepped ashore. As he stood after gathering up his clothes I caught a brief glimpse of him in silhouette in front of the moon. I could have sworn he had flagging remainder of a rather substantial hard-on. But then he had turned away. I swallowed in a suddenly dry throat.

Even more conscious of my nudity, I got out of the water and hurried over to get my clothes, and get dressed. I didn’t have a boner but I hurried because I didn’t want to pop one out of excitement from what I had seen.

As we drove back to work to drop me at my car, we didn’t talk much. I think we were both tired, and there was an unspoken something between us. Finally as we pulled into the lot and I made ready to get out I thanked Mike for the idea of going swimming.

“We should do this again tomorrow night after work.” I said, trying to appear nonchalant.

“Yeah. We should.” Mike also was uncommitted in manner, but I detected a slight tone of interest under that.

“Great!” I said, being cheerful. “We have the day after off. Maybe we should smoke or something, since we can sleep in?”

“Cool!” Mike seemed rather more enthusiastic. I got out and went to my car, and headed home. On the drive home a number of excited and unformed emotions roamed through me. I was excited, because it seemed like something was going to happen.

The next afternoon work was a slow thing, because I was thinking of what might be happening later. During break Mike seemed in a very cheerful mood, expansive and friendly. He made a joke that made it clear he had some dope for us to use later that night. As business picked up the work was such that the coming evening was finally moved out of mind as I struggled to keep pace. It was as hot and humid as the prior evening. Finally, the shift came to an end, and we went through our close down routine.

During the work Mike caught my eye a couple of times, with a smile, like we shared a naughty secret that the other workers couldn’t understand.

So work was done. I got in Mike’s car and we drove out to the river. It was similarly a hot humid evening, and we were both ready for some soothing skinny-dipping.

When we were parked at the boat landing, we got out and sat on the car trunk and shared a fat joint. The stars were extremely bright overhead. They took on the strangest aspect as the dope started to hit me. It had been a while since I smoked. This stuff was potent and knocked me for a total loop.

Mike got up and started stripping. Even in my stoned state I could tell that he was taking his time and putting on a bit a show – for my benefit, I guess. And I was appreciating what I saw. His lanky body was tightly muscled, and a nest of thick black curls in his pubes matched his black head of hair. There was no hair on his chest though. In the light of the full moon every detail stood out in sharp relief.

I felt relaxed enough to boldly stare at him. The smoke had lowered my inhibitions that much. His cock and balls looked quite sufficient nestled in that dark hair, and I fancied that the prick looked like it was starting to get interested in what was going on. It seemed a bit thicker than a few moments earlier.

As on the previous evening, Mike turned and entered the water. Recovering my befuddled wits, I stripped down and followed him into the river.

The water was so welcome and cool that for a while I paddled around and floated letting my stoned senses appreciate the pure joy of this pleasant alternative to the humid evening air. The other question drifted away from my mind for the moment.

Suddenly Mike swam up next me in the shallow water. I opened my eyes and came back to reality, or at least closer to it.

“Great water, huh?” Mike murmured.

“Oh yeah…” I sighed in pleasure.

“Tough night at work. It feels great to relax. What would be great now would be a nice massage.” There was a seemingly long pause, as he appeared to choose his words carefully. “Maybe I should give you a little neck rub?”

“Oh yeah, that sounds real nice…” I replied. There was a very slight quiver in my voice that I tried to conceal.

Mike moved through the cool water until he was behind me. I could feel the gentle movement of slight waves he stirred lapping against me. I realized that I was holding my breath, waiting for his touch. I could feel my prick beginning to stir as a tickle in my stomach turned to arousal.

Mike’s large strong hands rested on my shoulders as he stood behind me, both of us chest deep in the river water. I let out an unintentional sigh of pleasure, and anticipation.

His fingers started flexing and kneading the muscles in my shoulders and up into neck. I felt myself melting as my muscles relaxed. My stoned brain was focusing all my attention on the neck and shoulder area, but I suddenly realized that I also had sprung a full urgent erection. I was both aroused and somewhat confused as breathing became shallower.

Mike was now close behind me. I suddenly realized I could feel his hard cock resting on the small of my back. (It felt absolutely huge!) I shivered in arousal, and a kind of fear or nervousness.

“Come on… relax and enjoy.” Mike whispered seductively. “No one here but us. No one else needs to know.” His smooth words were only adding to my excitement. I gradually leaned back into him.

“Good boy…” he whispered approvingly as his armed wrapped around me. His tongue slid along the back of my ear, sending shivers up my spine. It felt so damned good.

Now Mike hard cock was sliding against my back in a slow and languorous manner than made me long for… something.. for whatever this man had to give me.

Now there was no more doubt. I think he could feel that something in my mind had given way. I felt it anyway.

Mike put hand on my shoulders and turned me around to face him, both naked in the chest deep water. In the moonlight he took my head in both of his hands, and leaning in, he kissed me.

I was expecting it but it still surprised me. I had never kissed a man before. It seemed so strange and yet very familiar as if it was something I was meant to do. The kiss was soft and open mouthed, and I reciprocated. Mike’s tongue slid into my mouth, and I could feel his insistent cock was pressing up against my belly now. Without even thinking, I began to suck on his tongue and return his kiss. One of his big hands slid from my head and ran down my back to cup and he began squeezing my right ass cheek, as we continued kissing. He pulled us even closer together in the water.

I was stoned, and aroused beyond anything I had ever experienced in my life. The kissing continued for what seemed like an eon of sensuality and lust. Finally Mike pulled back slightly and leaned to whisper in my ear.

“You want more, don’t you, Tim?” His strong hand was still cupping and kneading my ass cheek under the water.

“Yesss.” I breathed, filled with arousal.

“Then come on, baby.” He ran his tongue over my ear and took me by the hand leading me back toward the car. My hard cock was bobbing as we walked through the dark. Even though pretty buzzed by the dope, I looked over to see Mike’s cock. It too was stiff and pointing skyward. It must have been easily nine inches long.

Mike opened the car trunk and got out a blanket and a gym bag. Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard myself observing that he was well prepared, or perhaps he just knew that he was going to seduce his friend tonight. I guess I knew it.

He rolled out the blanket near the riverbank, and motioned for me to lay down. Without a moment’s thought, I did as he wanted. .

Mike got down on the blanket beside me and put his arms around me. We started kissing again. His big hands were stroking me. It all felt so very sensual. Soon as I was sucking his swirling tongue his fingers began to play with my nipples. Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more aroused, this set off a whole new level erotic energy within me. Mike broke off the kiss, and started teasing my left nipple with his tongue, as his hand played with my other one. All I could do was groan in absolute lust. I had never felt like this before.

He moved to kiss me deeply again, and then his strong hand grasped my rock hard cock. I tried to begin hunching my cock into his fist, I was so excited.

“Mmm… naughty baby,” he whispered to me. “Not yet… You’ve got a lot more to do first.” His fingers stroked my balls sac lightly, as I moaned again. I reached for his big cock. “That’s right…” he chuckled in his throat. “I’ve got something for you, baby.”

Mike stood up in the night air over the blanket. I rolled up to my knees. There in front of my face was an object of beauty – his big stiff cock. I licked my lips in anticipation.

Somehow, without anything being said about it, I realized that Mike was in charge here. I would do what he required. I was his. He looked down on me with a further chuckle and a grin that almost split his face in half. He loved seeing me on my knees at his feet. One of his big hands rested lightly on the back of my head. He gently pulled my head toward his crotch.

“Good boy.” He whispered. “Kiss my big balls for me…”

I never thought twice about it. This was what I needed to do. It was perfectly appropriate and natural. I wanted to worship this man’s big nuts with my mouth. And I leaned in as he moved my face to his balls.

They were large and smooth. (I found out later that he kept them shaved.) I kissed one, than the other. First I kissed them with dry lips, but as he rubbed my face against his nuts I opened my mouth and began to wetly kiss his balls.

“Oh yes… that’s right, Timmy. Feels sooo good.” He crooned as I started really smooching those gonads. “Lick ’em, baby. Kiss and lick your man’s nuts!”

I did as he told me. My wet tongue slithered across those so soft orbs, back and forth interspersed with sloppy kisses on them. My hands were grasping his muscular thighs for balance. Above me Mike’s own hand was clenching and unclenching on his swollen cockhead.

“Suck them, babygirl.” Mike moaned. As I drew his large left nut into my mouth and tongued it, it began to sink in what he was saying…

“MMM. Good little girl. Good little ball-sucking bitch. Suck those balls, lick ’em. Oh yeah!”

And at that moment I realized that if my man (!) wanted me to be his little girl, or his little bitch – well then, that was what I was going to be! The whole experienced excited me beyond any of my words can even begin to express. I was literally shaking with arousal. I was ready for anything.

Finally Mike released the growing pressure on the back of my head, and grunted, “Look up at me, Tim.” I did so and we locked eyes. His face was a mask of lust.

“You are going to suck my cock, now. Aren’t you?” He stated this more than asked.

“Yes, Mike. Please let me.” I almost begged for the privilege. The way I was feeling a privilege was exactly what it was at that moment.

He released his big stiff dick form his grasp and it slapped against my face. I immediately began kissing and licking up and down it, as I had laved his balls with my tongue. I instinctively knew what was needed to bring pleasure to my man. My hand moved to grasp his muscular ass cheeks, as I concentrated on this lovely object of my desire.

After I had licked, and kissed and nibbled up and down that beautiful fuck stick for a couple of minutes, Mike steadied my head with one hand, and with the other he grabbed his big cock and positioned the swollen head at my lips.

With no question or hesitation he slid that big hard meaty cock into my lips and my mouth. I started sucking his cock like it was my one purpose in life. I stoked my tongue along the underside of the prick while my lips sucked and wetly caressed it. I bobbed my head gradually up and down the length of Mike’s beautiful cock.

I was in a world of my own as I concentrated my every attention on this hot soft and yet steely hard fuck stick in my mouth. Mike’s cock was the center of the universe, and it was my only purpose to worship it with my mouth. I sucked Mike’s cock for a long time.

Eventually his hands drew off his cock, and tilted my head slightly to look up him.

“You are my own little cocksucker now, aren’t you?” He grinned almost affectionately.

“Yes, I am.”

“What are you?” he whispered again.

“I’m your little cocksucker, Mike.”

“Yes, babygirl. You are my little cocksucking bitch. Now get back to work on your man’s cock.”

And I did, with renewed excitement. I bobbed up and down, and tried to get his cockhead into my throat, gagging a bit. I kept sucking and slurping in a kind of trance of lust. Every filthy fantasy I had ever had was coming to life and I was going crazy acting it out with my mouth.

After some time Mike grabbed my head forcefully and I could feel his cock swell in my mouth as he thrust deeply. He grunted and groaned as a half-dozen thick ropes of cum flooded my mouth. Mike’s beautiful cock flexed and thrust with each shot of juice.

I swallowed his cum like I was dying of thirst. It never occurred to me not to gulp down that plentiful jizz. It was part of him and part of the experience.

Mike looked down at me with a lazy satisfied grin.

“Keep kneeling and Jack off your cock for me, Timmy.” He ordered.

I was so aroused by what had just happened that I had barely stroked my stiff cock before it dowsed the ground with sperm. Mike watched me do it.

I got up and without even thinking about it I leaned in and Mike kissed me deeply, as his big hand grasped and squeezed my bare right ass cheek possessively. I just suckled on his tongue.

“That was so good,” he said as he broke off the kiss. “We’d better get going home for tonight. But this isn’t the last time we’re going to do this.” He stated this as a simple fact.

Mike leaned in even tighter and whispered in my ear, “What are you now, babygirl?”

I looked him in the eye and whispered back, “I’m your little cocksucker.”

Mike smiled with a wide approving grin.

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