New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


We napped away the afternoon on the couch, him lying on top of me. He was still exhausted from metamorphosis from a human being into a member of our clan. At first I didn’t think I would be able to sleep, too excited that I had made my first son. I lay awake watching him sleep so peacefully on top of me, drooling a little in my chest hair. I felt all kinds of instinctive urges welling up inside of me. I wanted to hold him, keep him safe, take care of him. I wanted to wrap him up in my arms and never let go. I also wanted to kiss him, to overpower him, to fuck him with passion, like an animal. I had fucked him several times before, in one crazy night about a week ago, but he’d been a different man then. He didn’t even look the same now; he was young again, and looked a lot more like me. He didn’t remember his old life; in every meaningful way he was newborn, and a virgin.

I fell asleep dreaming about his hole. About the taste of it, the tightness of it, the way he would willingly offer it to me. I dreamt about that thin little hairy otter ass descending on my face, and on my lap, and how wonderful it would feel to slide inside his beautiful body and feel it squirm.

As I woke I realized why the dream I’d been having was so vivid. Leo had woken before me, and was on his knees beside the couch. He was sucking slowly on my cock and exploring my body with his hands, obviously enjoying himself. It was such a perfect sight to wake up to, probably the sweetest way any son could wake his father.

I rubbed his shoulders encouragingly, and he looked up to see me awake.

“I hope this is okay,” he said sheepishly. “When I woke up I could feel that you were hard again.”

I nodded. “You can wake me up like this anytime, son.”

He smiled and started sucking on me again. I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair; he obviously enjoyed pleasuring me, and he was a natural at it.

“Leo, hold on.”

“What’s wrong, dad?”

“Nothing, you’re doing great kiddo. I just gotta take a piss.”

He looked at my cock with wonder. “Can I watch?”

I smiled as I stood up. “Yeah, of course you can. Are you curious about your father’s piss?”

He blushed. “Kind of.”

“Nothing to be ashamed of, son. It’s perfectly natural. Come on.” I led him into the bathroom, where I directed him to kneel on the floor next to the toilet. It took a minute for my hard-on to subside enough, but then I felt the release and a heavy stream of urine began to flow.

Leo watched the stream with wonder, just inches from his face.

“What do you think, son?”

He took a whiff. “It smells so good.”

“Yeah? Wanna try a taste?”

He nodded, grinning. I held the stream for a second, and grabbed the back of his head. I pulled him closer, above the toilet bowl, and pulled his jaw open with my other hand.

The stream started again, and he flinched when it hit his tongue. A moment later, though, I’d let go of him and he was thirstily swallowing my piss like a dying man in the desert. I’d taken a lot of my own dad’s piss, especially when I was newly turned, and gulped it down like water. It was an amazing feeling to see it now from my dad’s perspective, to see my own piss flowing down my son’s throat.

When the stream ended, he slurped up the last few drops of piss directly from the tap. I pulled him to his feet and kissed him again, savouring the taste of piss in his mouth.

I led him to bed next. Just being around him was making me so horny I couldn’t help myself; I had decided that I needed to have his ass. What I really gaziantep suriyeli escort wanted was to throw him to the bed, slide right in, and pound the daylights out of him. But as his father, I also wanted to be nurturing and gentle. We would get there, but we needed proper lead-up first.

I put him gently on his back, and hovered over him. He was looking up at me with love and wonder, curious about what was coming next.

“You really like making me feel good, don’t you son?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“I want to make you feel good too.”

“You do, daddy. You make me feel so good.”

“You know that there’s a lot of things we’re going to experience together, right?”

He smiled and nodded.

I kissed him again, pushing my tongue into him, establishing my dominance over him. He gave way to me, submitted, let me in. Our bodies pressed up against each other, and I was thrilled by the feeling of his slender, hairy shape underneath mine.

I grabbed him and rolled over on to my back, pulling him on top of me. I could feel his hard cock shoved against mine. He sat up and straddled my lap, and we touched and caressed each other’s torsos. He seemed to really enjoy running his fingers through my chest hair, and loved the reactions he got when he started playing with my nipples.

“Okay, son. Next, I want you to turn around, come up here, and have a seat on my face.”

He was confused at first, and I had to guide him with my hands. His legs straddled my chest, and I had a beautiful view of his back with it’s sparse hair. He was confused about what was going to happen, but in a moment I knew he’d be enjoying himself. I felt up his amazingly furry legs in my hands, savouring the moment. Then I grabbed his waist and guided his thickly furred ass down onto my waiting tongue.

He gasped, and started to writhe around, but I wrapped my arms around his legs and waist and held him down. The taste and smell of him was intoxicating; like all of our kind he was giving away his intense state of enjoyment and arousal through pheromones We communicated a lot through smell; I could even smell his growing desire to have me inside of him.

After a few minutes I felt his hole relax and open, and delved my tongue deeper into him. Apparently the sight of my cock in front of him was too much for him; he leaned over and started sucking on it again. I shoved a pillow behind me to get a better angle and continued my work on his hole.

I could have spent a day or so in that position, but eventually my tongue had done as much work as it could.

I sat up in bed and had him curl up in my lap with his head on my chest. He looked so content and happy.

“I’m very glad to have you as my son,” I assured him. “I want to take good care of you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” he said, smiling.

“I want to show you amazing things, and give you amazing experiences. Sometimes that means you’re going to have to trust me, do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” His smile faded a bit.

“I love you, son.”

“I love you too, daddy.”

I reached over and opened my bed-side table, and pulled out the bottle of lube I kept there. I squirted out a bit onto my index and middle finger.

I started by gently playing with his hole, running my fingers around the ring of it. He gasped and grabbed on to me, burying his face in my chest.

“Feel good?”

“Yes,” he moaned.

As I played with him, I pushed him a little further. I slid a finger in, just up to the knuckle. He loved this, but it took a while to get him comfortable with the second knuckles. After that, though, I slid my entire index finger into him and he squirmed with joy. The feel of him writhing around had me hard as a rock.

One finger wasn’t enough to get him ready for the size of me, though. I slid my finger in and out, gently opening him up and getting him used to the entry.

He surprised me by finding my nipple with his mouth. In a moment, I was squirming too. Then he discovered the effect a bite would have on me, and I was lost in bliss for a moment. I realized that I was now giving him a decent finger-fucking, and with my other hand I’d grabbed a tight handful of hair on the back of his head and was pushing his face into my chest. He seemed to like this, and was responding by giving my nipple a workout with his tongue and teeth.

Slowly, gently, I tried opening him up with two fingers. I got about halfway in when he winced slightly.

“It’s okay, boy. I’ve got you.” I pulled out and started again with just the first knuckle of two fingers; in a minute or two, he’d worked up to a good two-finger fucking. I’d found his prostate and was giving it a good massage now too.

This process of opening up my son made me delirious. I remembered my own dad going through this process with me. Just getting fucked by my dad wasn’t the end of it, though. Like every man in our family, my brothers and cousins had taken turns too, followed by my uncles and grandfather.

Leo, meanwhile, had opened up to take a third finger now, and he was thoroughly enjoying it.

“Do you know what’s next, Leo?”

“I think so, dad. Instead of your fingers you’re going to use your dick, right?”

“That’s right. What do you think of that?”

“I want it. I want it so bad. Please give me your dick, dad. Are you going to cum in me, like you came in my mouth?”

“Yes, son. Do you want my cum inside you?”

“Yeah. I really, really want it.”

I lifted him off me and rolled him over on his back, my fingers still inside him. I kissed him and rammed my fingers into him, getting a little rough now to make sure he’d be able to handle me.

The look on his face was dreamy, his eyes focused far away, his breathing rapid. His eyes focused on me, and he put his hand on my neck to pull me down for another kiss.

“What we’re about to do is important,” I told him. “It’s how the men in our family bond. This is something special for us as father and son.” I gave my cock a thick coating of the lube, and used my fingers to work more of it into his hole.

“Yes, daddy.”

“Good boy. Grab your legs.” I helped him pull his legs up, rotating his pelvis and exposing his hole. Many men had presented themselves to me this way, but this was different. It was the most amazing sight I’d ever seen; my own son, ready for his father to slide inside of him for the first time.

I pushed the head of my cock against him, and after a moment the resistance gave way and I entered him slowly. He inhaled sharply.

“Take a deep breath,” I coaxed him. “Keep breathing. I’ve got you, I’m not going to hurt you.” He obeyed, breathing deep. I slid further inside. “Good boy. How are you feeling?”

“It feels big. Feels good though.” He was still taking deep breaths, and straining against me.

I moved slowly, reassuring him more, squirting a little bit more lube on my half-buried cock. The expression on his face was a mix between pleasure and discomfort.

Finally, when I was fully inside of him, I leaned into him and put my arms around him. He was quivering slightly.

“It’s okay,” I whispered. “I’ve got you. Daddy’s got you. You can do this. Keep breathing.”

He melted into my arms, and I felt him open a little bit wider. I began slowly, gently, rocking back and forth, letting my cock slide in and out of him just slightly. He responded to this, moaning and wrapping his legs around me. I buried my face in his neck, where I could smell his pheromones shifting from trepidation to desire and willingness.

“Good boy,” I reassured him, running my fingers through his hair. I kept rocking back and forth, partly to comfort him and partly to prepare his hole for more.

I had never felt a hole grip me so tightly. My nephews had all been broken in by their fathers and brothers at least partial before I came along to stretch them further. As my pace began to increase, I had to take a few breaks to keep myself from cumming too soon.

We moved together like that for a long time, wrapped around each other, steadily increasing in speed and intensity. He gradually became more yielding, opening himself up to me. I realized at one point that although I wasn’t thrusting hard or fast yet, we were both coated in a good coat of sweat.

I lifted his arm and thrust my nose into his armpit, taking a deep inhale of him. He smelled wonderful, uniquely and perfectly mine.

I returned the favour, wrapping my arm around his head and pulling his face forcefully into my pit. He sniffed and licked with abandon, and opened up to me all over again. Suddenly I was able to push my way into him with more speed and force. I began to really go to work.

I released his head; his face was flushed and he was grinning ear to ear. I surprised him with a large gob of spit, right onto his lips. His expression of surprise lasted only a moment before he licked his lips and opened his mouth wide, begging for more. I spat again, and he swirled it around in his mouth before swallowing it happily.

“You’re daddy’s little pig, aren’t you?” I grinned.

He nodded; I spat again, this time on his cheek, and used my hand to spread it roughly all over his face. He was enjoying it thoroughly, so I spat again and again. His face was covered in a sheen of my saliva.

I had a good rhythm going now, and nice long thrusts. The mix of tender care and rough, raunchy treatment had done the trick.

I spat again, this time on his cock, and wrapped my big hand around it. I caught him off guard again.

I matched the pace of my thrusting to the pace of my hand. I could smell his oncoming orgasm, see his chest heaving and the look in his eyes. Then I could feel his hole gripping me tighter and tighter; he was close.

I started fucking him harder and faster. Just before he came, I spat in his face, and it put him over the edge. He came hard, and his grip on my cock sent me over the edge too. I pounded him furiously as I unleashed my cum into him, and his cum flew across his chest in streak after streak. Some landed on his face which was contorted in orgasm; I saw a bit of it land right into his open mouth.

My orgasm spent, I collapsed on him, my cock still inside him. He threw his arms around me and held me tight. I felt his load squeezed between our chests.

I couldn’t bear to see a load wasted, so I started licking the fresh cum off his face. I licked it out of his beard and off his cheek, then locked lips with him. We swirled his cum around our mouths, savouring the taste.

I pulled back and lifted up his legs, finally pulling my cock out of him. There was a small stream of cum dripping from his loosened hole, and I quickly collected it with my tongue and shared it with him.

Finally in exhausted I collapsed on the bed, and he crawled up on me to lap the remaining cum off my chest.

“You’ve got my load inside you, son. How does it feel?”

“So good, daddy. Thank you.”

“Thank you, son.” After he’d finished eating his fill, he fell asleep right there again.

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