New Neighbours! Pt. 01

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After rummaging in the front bedroom, for the moving box that contained all the sex toys, I grabbed my vibrating cockring then pulled a few slats down on the blind and glanced out to see what the weather was like.

Wow, it must be my lucky day!

About ten yards away from my disbelieving eyes was a gorgeous blonde woman bending over the hood of a car on next door’s driveway. She was wearing a really short skirt that exposed her stocking tops as she bent over: she was super hot. At first, I thought she was cleaning the windshield with a cloth but she was just resting it on the glass. What the hell? Why was this hot chick baring her ass on the front street?

A minute or two later she glanced back over her shoulder towards the neighbors’ garage and giggled. It was then that I spotted a guy holding a mobile phone, leaning against the front corner of the garage and the penny dropped: he was taking some sexy shots of his girl with his camera or maybe a video.

Cool! Now would be a great time to introduce myself. I was hoping they were married, so she would turn out to be my next door neighbor, rather than his one night stand or hooker.

I tossed the cockring, grabbed some running shorts with a muscle vest that were lying around and sprinted to the front door then casually walked straight out towards the mail box pretending not to see them. I fumbled round with the mail, giving them a chance to pause their horny photo shoot, then turned back towards the house looking in their direction. Happily, they were still there, standing by the car with phone tucked away.

I called out on the way back from the mailbox, “Hi neighbors, good morning.”

They were a young (maybe early twenties) couple that I hadn’t spotted since moving into the new house last week.

They waved back, locked their car and headed across the yard towards my front door, both smiling and holding hands. Such a cute pair, clearly very friendly and so very attractive!

“Hi, I’m John, lovely to meet you both. Are you off work for the holiday? My wife had to go in this morning.”

“Yes, we’re both off today, wondering what mischief we can get up to.” They turned to each other and grinned. So very cute, and fun.

“Sorry, I’m Rod and this is my wife Analisa”. Up close, I could now see Analisa’s beautiful face enveloped in long blonde curls, her deep blue doe eyes and plump mesmerizing lips. Her light touches of makeup perfectly complimented her tan. She was wearing a flimsy white blouse, unbuttoned at the top, revealing a red lace bra, which promoted her ample breasts and cleavage so wonderfully. Her gorgeous, long, fishnet clad legs were almost fully on display beneath a short tartan mini skirt. It occurred to me that her outfit was perfectly suited for some mischief.

I decided, there and then, that I would love to recruit this sexy couple.

Their names sparked a wicked thought, involving anal sex, that flashed through my brain but had to go on the back burner as raindrops began to fall.

“Look,” I pointed up at the black clouds and heavy rain, “why don’t you come inside for a minute? You can see what we did to the place.”

“Sure, we’d love to come in.”

“Yeah, quick come on in then before it pours, you’re so very welcome.”

With that decided, we rushed under the porch and in through the front door.

“Well, as you can see I am still unpacking. I hope your plans for the day are a bit more exciting.”

“Well, we’re thinking of going to see some RVs after lunch but before the weather ruined our plan we were going to head out to the beach, south of New Smyrna,” Rod replied.

“South of New… err, that’s the nudist beach isn’t it?”

“Sure is, how else do you think we got these all over tans?” he laughed.

“Oh, that’s cool! I was planning on topping my tan up there too. There you go, we already have something in common,” I grinned.

I swiftly guided them round the house because I wanted to end up with them in the bedroom.

“So, you’ll be glad to hear this is almost the end of the tour and that door leads to the master suite. Go ahead, go on in.”

The porno I had been watching, “Big Al’s Suck Fest”, was still playing on the sixty inch flat screen at the entrance to the bedroom. My cute, horny visitors were rooted to the spot watching a close up shot of Big Al getting yet another cock sucking.

“Oh, I’m sorry about, I was just sorting through some old dvd’s I found,” I lied, “do you want me to switch it off?”

“No, that’s OK John, you can leave it on,” Rod replied as quick as a flash, without averting his eyes.

“Erm, err, yes… it’s err, cool,” Analisa mumbled without shifting her gaze from Big Al’s huge horse cock.

Seeing how much they are enjoying my choice of dvd I offer to loan it to them.

Analisa blushes, seemingly reluctant to answer.

Watching his wife’s reaction to the dvd Rod eagerly says, “Yes, maybe we should.”

“Awesome, you’re both so cool. But I’m sorry I made you blush istanbul escort Analisa.”

“Oh, that’s OK. It’s just that I’ve never seen one that big before. Rod and I have been together since we were thirteen, we were childhood sweethearts.”

“Haha, so Rod doesn’t have a dick that size?” I chuckled with them both.

“So, moving on, that’s our king size four poster in solid oak, which we love.”

They both reluctantly turned away from the blowjob to take in the rest of the room.

“What are those chains for around the posts John?” Rod asked very tentatively.

“They’re for the shackles. We’re seriously into swinging and bondage play. In fact, we just moved here for jobs at the new bdsm dungeon downtown. I’m going to be one of the dungeon masters. What do you do?”

Stunned silence. I let the wild thoughts linger a little longer until Rod blurted out, “I’m a trainee accountant and she’s a paralegal.”

“Cool,” I said, totally underwhelmed but making a mental note. I gave them both one of my new business cards from the club before opening the door into the expansive spa like master bathroom.

“Double size jetted tub and shower for four,” I beamed with pride and watched them take it all in awe stricken. Then I noticed my penis pump and cylinder sitting on the end of the bath. I glanced at Rod and could instantly tell that he knew exactly what it was. Then I glanced at Analisa…

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Oh, no, now it’s my turn to blush! You’re going to think I am a sex maniac.”

“Well, that had crossed my mind or maybe that you aren’t as well hung as Big Al either,” she winked. We all erupted into gales of laughter and I was relieved to hear her first joke. Now, the ice was broken!

“Well, OK, if you really want to go there, I’ve used that pump for years now and it does work but you’re right, I still don’t have eleven inches,” I hang my head in mock shame, “but I have a spare pump for you Rod, if you want to try for the Big Al look, and I can teach you how to use it.”

“Maybe we should try it honey if John says it really works,” Analisa replied enthusiastically, batting her big blue eyes at him. “John’s going to show you how to do it too”

“Really babe? I’m not sure but it seems like you really want me to try it.”

“Look, even though it’s your first time you will see and feel a difference, both of you, after only twenty minutes. And sure, I’ll pump with you right now if you want me too. I love pumping my cock and so will you.”

“Go on baby, give it a little try, I know you want to. What can it hurt to try and John’s even willing to show you. To be honest, I can’t wait to see how it works.”

“Great, I’ll go get the spare pump for you. Why don’t you get comfy on the couch and enjoy the porno until I find it. You can use that lotion to get him warmed up.”

When I got back to the bedroom they were both leaning back on the couch with Analisa sitting to Rod’s right, still fully clothed, massaging his solid, thick, six inch erection with my Maxard Masturbation Creme.

As I walked towards them their eyes focused on my semi, which was clearly tenting and stretching the silky fabric of my running shorts. I gave it a strong kegel, for good measure, as I stopped in front of them. Big Al was taking a break by licking out a beautiful milf on her kitchen counter but, miraculously, his huge meat pole was still rock hard: truly inspirational, I thought, as I felt mine stiffen and push against the fabric a little more.

Rod was staring intensely at my growing bulge, already bigger than his full erection, and when he caught my eye it was his turn to blush. He turned his gaze onto his wife’s cleavage instead, her breasts squeezed together as she leant over him and continued to stroke his cock with her tiny right hand, as she enjoyed Big Al’s full range of tongue skills. She had my cock pump nestled in her lap like she had just won the grand prize. Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly as she said breathlessly, “I think he is ready now, can you show us please?”

I wondered if she had noticed my progress marks above the nine inch line on the ruler etched into the cylinder wall. I thought she must have and couldn’t help grinning. She grinned back at me.

“Sure, so I am going to loose my clothes now, OK?”

“Please, go ahead, we’re used to nudity and I need to see what you do to yours so I can make this thing work for my honey,” Analisa purred, staring unashamedly at my rapidly stiffening erection.

I turned slightly to the side and took the muscle vest off to display my perfectly defined six pack and pecs. Then, I slowly pulled my shorts down, pausing just before my cock head was exposed then yanked them down so that my cock suddenly sprang up, now fully erect. The looks of shock and awe on their faces was priceless.

“Can you pass the lotion, I’ll show you how to do the warm up first.”

“I have a lot on my hands, tell avcılar escort me what to do,” Analisa blurted out as she grabbed the base of my cock in her cream covered right hand. Almost as an after thought she moved her left hand onto Rod’s suddenly abandoned cock.

“Wow, babe I wasn’t expecting that move,” Rod said, almost choking.

“I’m sorry honey but I really want to learn how to do this right while we have this chance. I just want to make you happy honey.”

Rod nodded and blew her a kiss: effectively giving his wife permission to give me an hand job. Now, that was arousing!

“OK, start off by covering everything with cream then rub it in nice and fast to generate some heat,” I said as casually as I could, savoring every second of her touch. Her hand was soft but strong, so, I probably lingered a little longer than necessary on that step…

“Now, form an O shape with your thumb and forefinger and squeeze hard at the base pulling up to the head.”

Her tiny hand couldn’t fully encircle my thick and very stiff cock but I let her continue anyhow. Having a beautiful wife stroke my huge cock in front of her average sized husband felt sublime. I oozed pre-cum, and having spotted it, she spread my juice around my cockhead and bulging rim with the palm of her hand.

“Ok, let’s skip ahead so we can get Rod’s cock pumped up,” I instructed as I grabbed my spare pump for Rod. Analisa took it from me and passed me mine. I demonstrated with mine as they watched transfixed. “Push the cylinder down hard and start squeezing the handles on the pump. The cylinder will seal against your skin and as the air is sucked out the cock grows to fill the cylinder… see, just as quick and easy as that.”

Analisa watched avidly, and her eyes grew wider, as my cock slid up the cylinder and filled it out at the base. “Oh my god, I so want to see yours grow like that honey,” she said excitedly as she started to pump her husband’s cock for the first time.

“Oh, wow! That suction feels so good. My cock feels like rock. Look at the way my cockhead is bulging baby,” Rod spewed out, obviously grateful his wife had encouraged him to try.

After letting them play for another ten minutes, I suggested to Analisa that she might want to take the pump off now and check out his freshly pumped cock.

I watched her gasp with excitement as Rod’s enlarged cock flopped out of the cylinder.

“Oh, honey, I think it worked!” she exclaimed as she felt his swollen cock and started to jerk him off.

“Go wash that cream off honey I want to see how it feels in my mouth.”

She turned her attention to my cock as Rod closed the bathroom door behind him. “Holy fuck! Yours got so fucking huge. I want to know what that monster feels like inside me,” she whispered.

“Honey, you know that mmf you’re always begging me to do, well, I think I am ready,” she bawled across the room.

“OK baby doll that’s awesome, I’ll be right there.”

We both grinned at each other and knew that we both wanted to fuck each other’s brains out. As I dropped to my knees she parted her legs to allow me to shuffle in close, so close that my cock grazed her panties. She slid down to the edge of the couch to offer up her pussy and get more contact with my throbbing shaft. As she moved her skirt rode up to reveal a red thong and stocking tops: like red flags to a raging bull. She reached down and pressed my cock against her sopping wet panties and well defined mound as I reached up to unbutton her blouse. Sitting forward, she almost tore of her blouse then quickly unhooked her bra, throwing it over my shoulder. Her breasts were in my face, perfect in every way and I began to knead them and suck her already hard nipples ravenously. I ran my tongue over her taught stomach, pulling her panties to one side to reveal her waxed pussy and slid my hands under her ass lifting her slightly. I worked my tongue vigorously between her already slick and swollen pussy lips then sank my tongue deep into her frothing wet pussy as she sank back, lifted her legs onto my shoulders and totally submitted to my attentions.

“Oh god yes! No one ever did that to me. Do my pussy like Big Al did. Please don’t stop.”

I happily obliged her sweet, dripping wet pussy using my full range of oral skills to make her cum within a few minutes. Just as she climaxed and moaned out loud I heard Rod step back into the room and I saw he had a raging hard on. I knelt up and wiped pussy juice from my mouth as Rod sat back down expectantly.

Analisa was roused from her post orgasmic delirium and immediately leant over and sank her mouth onto Rod’s throbbing cock.

“Oh fuck honey, I feel it, harder and plumper! I love the way it feels. I’m going to pump you every day.”

“Result! She is definitely going to need you to fuck her with your new improved fuck toy Rod. I don’t suppose you’ve tried dp by any chance?”

Analisa lifted her head and said forcefully, “No we haven’t, the way şirinevler escort things are going right now though I sure as hell want to try it, but there’s just no way your monster cock will fit in my tight ass John. Besides, I want to feel Rod’s pumped up cock in my ass. So, where do you boys want me.”

Such focus and clarity! She had transformed into a wanton bedroom slut. Even though Rod looked shocked and unsure he was so turned on he would have done anything to empty his full, aching balls into any orifice of her choice.

I quickly laid on my back on the faux fur rug in the middle of the room and waved Analisa over. She shot out of her seat and yanked her thong off, throwing it in Ron’s face. He caught it and felt it was soaking wet. His jaw dropped as his beautiful wife, in a flash, straddled me, took my cock in her hand, spread her pussy lips and started to ease herself onto my swollen, glass like cockhead oozing pre-cum.

” Ooooh, fuck, it’s so fucking big, help me out, shove his cock inside me honey.”

She was getting away with murder right now but still in a state of shock he couldn’t deny he was the one who had tried to persuade her to do this, for almost a year. He complied instantly, and willingly, having secretly wanting to feel a big cock for years. He knelt beside the immaculate stud who was penetrating his wife, reached between her thighs and took my huge cock in his hand, holding it steady for his high school sweetheart to bear down on, and take the whole length inch by inch.

I reached out and held is throbbing, hot cock as a show of solidarity: I felt sorry for the guy, who was probably thinking his wife was turning into a slut before his eyes. He didn’t flinch and smiled gratefully as I started to stroke his cock whilst he watched his beloved wife gradually impaling herself on my man spear.

After a lot of riding my cock, moaning and f words she was finally taking almost all of my cock and Rod had finally withdrawn his hand from around my cock and my hands were now supporting Analisa’s butt to help her ride me more fluidly. The synchronicity of our movements was awesome as we enjoyed each others bodies.

“Oh, John, your cock is so fucking awesome, it feels so good stretching my tight little pussy,” she gasped.

At that point, Rod, who had been watching his wife pleasuring herself, riding up and down on my cock, seemed to snap.

“Perfect and now it’s time for me to stretch your ass,” he suddenly blurted out. He pushed her forward so that she was pressed against me and then straddled me so he could mount her. His rock hard cock slid straight into her ass and she gasped.

“Oh my god honey, that feels so big. Oh fuck me honey.”

I felt his cock start to glide over mine and it felt good as I just laid there letting him do all the hard work. He was pounding her deep and she was moaning uncontrollably. Her stomach was beginning to tense and spasm, pressed against mine. Rod must have sensed it too as I felt him start to pump her fast and deep. She soon threw her head back as she began to orgasm violently and moaned loudly.

Rod blew his load simultaneously, driving his cock as deep as he could into her shuddering ass.

I felt his extra weight as he flopped down on top of her still quaking body. Then I felt his cock slowly subsiding and pulling out.

I was so ready to give Analisa a good hard fucking and shoot my cum into her tight pussy. As I pulled my stiff pulsating cock out of her she gasped loudly and moaned, experiencing another wave of orgasm that made her feel like a rag doll as I rolled her onto her back. As soon as I was on my feet I lifted her back onto her knees and gently pushed her shoulders and face back down into the rug then, after admiring her perfectly rounded ass, I straddled her, bracing my left arm against the middle of her back and guided my cock into her wet, warm gaping pussy with my right hand for a grand finale neither of us would ever forget.

She started to moan again as I slid my cock straight in, balls deep. I withdrew the full length of my glistening, veiny shaft then slammed my body hard against her ass, this time making her scream expletives. Then I repeated my long, slow withdrawal and violent, ass slamming thrust over and over gradually increasing my speed.

As her body began to contort and shudder she screamed desperately, “Please fucking cum in my slut hole with your fucking monster cock. Come on John, slam my cunt and fill my pussy with your stud juice.”

The verbal abuse just sent me over the edge, I just love to hear that kind of shit from a woman being fucked well and on the verge of losing of all control.

I went into overdrive, and pounded her as fast as I could until I felt my cum welling up and my cock expanding to the max as I pumped about eight heavy spurts of cum deep inside her. Now we both moaned as we came together and I was glad she was my neighbor because I’m sure we could have been heard from her house.

Just seconds after that climactic moment my wife pushed the bedroom door open but didn’t enter. “Hey stud! Oh, sorry, I thought I heard someone screaming. Hi folks! Don’t forget we have that meeting later sweetie: I’m going to get some lunch started. Lovely to see you cute couple, I hope you come again soon,” she giggled and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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