Never Have I Ever with Pool Guys

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After the hot sessions with Jim and then Lorenzo, I was drained and I guess they understood that because they suggested we hit the bar for a drink. We cleaned up and headed off the resort’s bar for a relaxing adult beverage.

Jim and Lorenzo had been living together in New York City for over a year I learned but it sounded to be an open relationship as they described it. Lorenzo was from Rome and worked in the fashion industry while Jim was in advertising. They regaled me with stories of their flamboyant lifestyle and some of their many adventures. It had grown late so it was time to head off but we agreed to see each other again before they headed home.

The next day as I sat through one boring session after another at the conference I kept fantasizing about these two hotties and the fun they must have been having at the pool. I wondered if they had picked up another guy in my absence or if they were just taking in the sun.

When the conference finally adjourned for the day I made a beeline to the pool wondering if they would still be there. Sure enough, they were hanging out together talking and joking around.

“Mind if I join you,” I asked?

Jim shot me one of those coy smiles and invited me to pull up a chair. Before long we were ordering drinks and shooting the breeze as the sun began to set.

“Want to join us for dinner,” Jim asked. “We are heading to the seafood place which we hear is top notch.” Of course I joined them eager for some good company instead of another minute with my boring colleagues. Over dinner, we discussed everything and nothing: life, our goals, past relationships and everything else. Finally, after a few drinks and a nice dinner walking back to the resort’s elevators Jim shot me another one of his coy smiles, Lorenzo bent in and whisper something to Jim and Jim looked over at me with a smirk. I instantly got the feeling that the evening was going to get interesting.

“Want to hang out some more,” they asked? “You must be lonely in the big room by yourself!”

I invited them in, we kicked off our shoes, plopped down on the couch, and I opened the mini-bar to serve up some more drink.

“Want to play a game, Rob?” Lorenzo asked while Jim’s smirk grew larger. “You know ‘Never Have I Ever’?” and so we got started with some simple questions about life. We were not really sticking to the drink rules but more using it to test each other out. I was quickly getting the feeling that neither of them had too many limits.

“Why don’t we make this a bit more interesting,” asked Lorenzo. “If you answer yes to any of these questions you have to take off a piece of clothing!”

Jim turned towards me and said, “Never Have I Ever told my colleagues I am gay?” He seemed surprised when I laughed and said: “Well I guess you can get my sox, but that’s lame.”

I turned to the two of them and said, “Never Have I Ever had sex in public?”

Jim just smiled, but then I heard Lorenzo say, “You mean with an audience? Well, I guess that gives you my shirt.” And he unbuttoned his dress shirt and dropped it on the coffee table, wearing one of those sexy sleeveless undershirts. That hard, hairy, broad chest was being revealed.

Lorenzo clearly was thinking about his next question, “Never Have I Ever had group sex, an orgy?”

Jim chuckled, “You know my answer to that but you can have my sox,” but I think they were more surprised when I unbuttoned my shirt! Lorenzo let out with a catcall whistle!

I thought about it for a moment, and though I had a shot at Jim when I said: “Never Have I Ever been DP’ed?” Jim just smiled and said “Sorry” which sort of surprised me but I almost fell out of my chair when I saw Lorenzo pull off his undershirt exposing the hot, hairy chest, “Got me.” He did not even seem like he would be a bottom to me!

I think gaziantep suriyeli escort Jim was aiming at Lorenzo when he said, “Never Have I Ever done twins or siblings, at the same time?” No one moved. “I always wondered about that,” he said looking at Lorenzo.

“Never Have I Ever had straight sex,” said Lorenzo looking to me. I just smiled but I saw Jim unbuttoning his shirt, “Fuck I thought you knew dude,” he said. I think Lorenzo’s question had backfired on him as I don’t think he thought he knew about Jim because he quickly added, “and enjoyed it.” But Jim already had his shirt off. His tan was getting even deeper across that smooth chest.

“Never Have I Ever been in a ‘spit roast’ position, giving or receiving,” I said assuming I would get Lorenzo but he did not move. “Crap,” I head Jim mutter as he opened his belt and his pants headed to the floor. He was standing there in a tight pair of briefs that were clearly stuffed with the outline of his long cock. He just sort of smirked …”Can I qualify that to say on the giving end?” I blurted out but he responded, “No fair you do not get to amend the question.”

Lorenzo said, “Maybe the questioner has to lose clothing too if they have done it,” looking at me but I did not budge. I thought I heard him mutter, “We can fix that,” but Jim was starting his next question. “Never Have I Ever…,” he paused for a second…” done one of my work colleagues?” He was clearly expecting me to budge, I finally shot back, “Nope.” “You sure?” he asked.

“Never Have I Ever had a friend or family member walk in on me while I was fucking,” said Lorenzo. “Well, you got my pants,” I announced as I undid my belt to reveal my boxer briefs. “Of shit do tell,” said Jim but I just smiled.

“This is getting interesting,” said Lorenzo. “Let’s raise the stakes. If you say yes you have to get naked and suck the other guys’ cocks… and no simple dumb ass questions. Push the limits.”

Jim and I were both down to our underwear while Lorenzo still had his pants on. Jim still seemed focused on checking things out with Lorenzo as he said, “Never Have I Ever done my partner’s best friend?” No one budged … “phew … I had my suspicions,” said Jim.

I thought about it for a moment thinking how could I tag Lorenzo, “Never Have I Ever taken turns with Jim on another guy in a threesome?” I figured that was a slam-dunk but Lorenzo and Jim just smiled. “We can fix that,” Jim offered but everyone just smiled. Maybe my mistake was saying with Jim?

“Never Have I Ever had sex in the hot tub at a resort,” Jim asked. Lorenzo did not wait for the answer shooting back, “Want to?” but Jim said, “Nay it would get us thrown out of here.”

The sexual tension was clearly building in the room and becoming more suggestive than investigative. “Never Have I Ever been tied up?” Lorenzo asked. No one moved and he seemed disappointed.

“The Mile High Club… a commercial flight?” Jim said I think expecting he had nailed Lorenzo. “Not yet,” was the response.

“Never Have I Ever had sex in a gym locker room,” I asked figuring that would easily nail Lorenzo. He looked at me and said, “That’s too lame … You want to know on the bench, in the shower or on the treadmill? I am not giving you my pants for that!”

Half kidding, or maybe entirely, I said, “I will replace that question: On the Manhattan subway?” figured it would get a laugh and move on. The room was deadly silent for a second and Jim blurted out, “Oh fuck…we need to be truthful?”

“As long as you did not get arrested,” I said figuring I had unwittingly snared Jim. He just smirked and looked to Lorenzo. Suddenly I realized Lorenzo had risen and was pulling down his pants. He did not have any underwear on. “Damn dude,” I said, to which he shot back, “It was late at night … and the car was mostly empty!”

Lorenzo was standing there naked, that hot sexy body exposed, sort of playfully tugging at his cock. He sunk to his knees and announced, “Ok give it to me.”

I was not sure which one of us was most surprised by the outcome. Based on the look on their faces I am sure they had been scheming to get me into that position.

I figured turnabout was fair play with Lorenzo. I rose and slowly slid down my boxers – my thick cock pointing straight out begging for attention.

“The rules were both guys … Come on Jim lose’em.” So Jim rose and his briefs were stuffed. I reached over grabbed the waistband and gave them a tug down. His long cock was hard pointing skyward.

I moved to Lorenzo and gave him the same treatment he had given me in our last session. I swung my hips playfully and my cock slapped across his face. I was sought of surprised but Lorenzo seemed to be enjoying it. A few dull thuds of my hard cock and then I push my nuts into his face. Jim also seemed to be getting into as he moved closer to the action.

Lorenzo turned out to be an expert cocksucker but he remained very much in control. He worked each of our cocks in turn, using his tongue along the shafts and his mouth for the head. He also reached out to stroke my balls and as things heated up more than once two cocks ended up in his mouth at the same time. But he remained in control and began to concentrate on me. He put his hands on my ass and used them to set the pace.

I was surprised as I thought Lorenzo was the more dominate type. I assumed always the top in the relationship. From our first meeting he seemed to set the pace.

Jim turned his attention from Lorenzo to me as well. He started playing with my nipples and then bent over and started to suck on my nipples while his hands worked across my body. I was getting into it when I realized Jim had also gone down to his knees and the two guys were both working my rock hard cock. While Lorenzo was suck on the head Jim started licking my nuts. They started kissing with my cock in the middle … Two hots guys working at my cock from each side. I could feel the heat building in my cock.

I started to feel sensations along my ass as well. Lorenzo had started to play with my ass cheeks and run his fingers along my crack. Before long he started to finger my hole while he and Jim both continued to work on my cock.

Lorenzo swung around and moved behind me concentrating on my ass while Jim worked my cock. His head was sliding up and down on the shaft while Lorenzo began to tongue my hole. The feeling was incredible with a hot tongue in my crack and working my hole while there was also a hot mouth working my cock.

By this point, I was putty in their hands. I am sure I was moaning with delight and dripping with anticipation.

Lorenzo was standing behind me, the warmth of his body pressed up against me. I could feel his hard pole pressed into the small of my back as he nuzzled at my neck. The whole time Jim continued to suck my cock.

I felt the warmth of Lorenzo pressed up against me. He whispered into my ear, “Are you ready to get roasted?” as I felt his cock pressed up against my crack. Jim was pushing me back as if they were in unison with Lorenzo positioned behind me. As Jim pushed down hard on my cock I felt Lorenzo slip into my hole. At first, it was just the tip of his cock. Jim continued to suck on me. Slowly I felt Lorenzo starting to drive deeper pushed me forward into Jim’s waiting mouth.

It took a few moments for them to find the rhythm but then they worked in unison with Jim sucking down on me as Lorenzo pushed his cock in and then both pulled back at the same time. It was an incredible feeling to have these two hot guys working at me from each end. I was powerless to do anything but let them have their way.

After what felt like an eternity, I realized Lorenzo had withdrawn and was pushed me down towards the floor. “Get on all fours,” he commanded. I fell to my knees and they chuckled as I quivered waiting to see what they had in store for me next.

To my surprise, they changed positions. Lorenzo got in front and started to work his cock into my face. “Suck it,” he commanded, “Suck it hard.” Concentrating on his rock hard cock I had lost track of Jim. I was working up and down and around his foreskin and I could see his deep purple cock head straining to emerge. I ran my tongue into his slit.

“Now fuck him,” I heard him command. I realized he was commanding Jim to enter me. “Fuck him.” Jim pushed his cock into my ass with little resistance. I was weak in the knees with desire. Lorenzo pounding at my mouth and Jim at my ass. My cock was dripping down and I was moaning with delight.

Lost in the moment they somehow flipped me over and got me on my back with my legs in the air. Jim continued to work me while Lorenzo moved behind him. Jim drove deeper into me and suddenly I realized Lorenzo was fucking him. I felt the thrusts of both men on top of me with Jim caught in the middle. It was incredibly hot because I could feel Lorenzo’s thrusts through Jim and into me. He pushed Jim deeper and deeper into me.

The feeling must have been as hot for Jim because he was moaning wildly and his eyes were rolling back into his head. He drove deep into my ass and stopped. I felt his cock pulse and his body shake. I felt his warmth inside me and his cock swelled while Lorenzo drove deep. I felt the warmth of his seed as he unloaded into me and collapsed onto of me. We began to kiss.

To my surprise, Lorenzo pulled out him and moved around sticking his cock between us. Lorenzo was straining hard, his foreskin was drawn back his cock was so engorged with the purple-red head begging for attention. Jim and I locked our lips to his cock and that was it, we took Lorenzo over the top. His cock thrust forward and cum juice started to fly. He twitched and convulsed as shot after shot of cum came forth into our two faces. Jim and I were drowned with cum dripping happily down our faces. I began to lick Jim face taste Lorenzo’s seed.

“We need to finish our friend,” I heard Lorenzo command. Jim slid down to my straining cock while Lorenzo stuffed his still hard cock into my mouth. I could taste the cum dripping from his cock head while Jim ran his tongue along my shaft and licked my nuts.

Lorenzo wrapped his forceful hand around my cock and stroke it up and down while I felt the warmth of Jim’s tongue on my nuts. It was too much… My cock pulsed upward and my body convulsed as cum shot from my cock into the air. One spurt, a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth! It felt like I would keep coming as if I had not for days!

Lorenzo drove his cock into my mouth and I realized Jim had moved up and was positioned over me as well and stroking his cock. They couldn’t … could they? Lorenzo continued to work my mouth and I heard him say, “Swallow it,” as his cock drove in and let loose with a second load. Clearly not as big as his first but I tasted the warmth and suddenly Jim’s head flew back and his cock pushed forward spurting cum onto my face and my lips. They had both produced two loads in record time.

I just lay there with Jim cum in my ass and on my face and Lorenzo’s cum in my mouth and on my body. They lay on each side of me as we enjoyed the afterglow of great sex. Three totally exhausted guys drained and in ecstasy. We caressed and kissed and lay close to each other.

Eventually, they kissed me and kissed each other and slowly moved away. They gathered up their clothes from where they had been shed and quietly slipped out the door leaving me to crawl into bed still covered in their dried cum.

I had three more days left in the conference … I knew I could survive the days, but the nights?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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