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Mark clocked in and went upstairs as usual. He changed into his slip-resistant shoes and put on a light sweater. He then put on his lab coat and placed a bunch of sealed swabs into the pockets. He grabbed a contaminant counter and went down to the packaging area. He tested all the cutting lines and the packaging lines. The packaging supervisor came in as he finished his inspection. He told the supervisor that the workers may now come in and begin their working.

He stayed and watched the workers as usual. They came in and went to the sinks. They washed and sanitized their hands according to protocol. A young Mexican girl named Neri caught his eye. He watched as she headed straight to the packaging line without washing or sanitizing her hands. He stopped her and led her to the sinks. He showed her how to clean her hands. Afterward, he went to the holding cooler and grabbed some finished product to take to the lab for testing. He could not stop his mind from wandering. He wanted to speak with Neri. However, he was apprehensive because a man cannot speak with the younger Mexican women without permission from the older Mexican ladies. He decided that he could at least look at her and have fantasies at home.

Break was over for the packaging workers. Mark went downstairs and watched as they came back in. He caught a couple of people not washing. Neri came in, and he watched her intently as though she would disappear if he took his eyes off her. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw three of the older Mexican ladies. He became uneasy when he noticed that istanbul escort they were walking in his direction. They started giggling and teasing Neri about the attention. One started playing with his beard guard and moving it off his beard. Mark smiled at the attention and told her in Spanish that she needed to wash her hands again. They stopped with surprise. In the three months that he worked with them in the packaging department, he never showed that he could speak or understand Spanish.

Suddenly, he became the center of attention. They began asking Mark questions in Spanish. They asked where he learned Spanish. He told them he learned in school and from neighborhood friends. They asked his age. He said he is 25. They asked if he liked Hispanic women. He said yes. They washed up and returned to their lines. They gave him permission to speak with four of the younger women. He was happy to hear that Neri was one of those four.

After a busy day in the lab, Mark went downstairs to his car. He decided that he would speak to Neri the next day because they normally end their shift in packaging about 30 minutes before him. He was surprised to see Neri with two other young women named Leti and Nuria and the three older women outside. Neri was looking down obviously nervous. The older ladies told Mark that Neri needed a ride home because her brother was working late.

Neri was very quiet in the car. She gave him directions to her home and answered a few questions. He found that she is from avcılar escort northern Mexico and 22 years old. Her family paid for her work permit and trip to the United States. At home, he walked her to the door. Mark started back to the car, but Neri asked him to come in and wait for her. She got him a drink and went to get changed. He took off his shoes and sat down a chair.

A few minutes later Neri asked Mark to come to her bedroom. He sat down on the bed while waiting for Neri to come out of the bathroom. She came out in just lingerie and sat down on his lap. Her mood changed from earlier in the car. She started giving his body a lot of attention. She worked her way down, undid his jeans, and pulled them and his underwear off. She kissed around his dick and worked her way back up. She took off his shirt and started kissing him hard on the mouth. Mark, surprised by her sudden change, came to his senses. He kisses back and takes off her bra. He turns her around and lays her on her bed. He works his way down her body. He rubs his fingers along her breasts not quite touching the nipples. She grabs at his hands, but he moves them down tracing along the sides of her belly to the thong that she is wearing. He pulls it off slowly, kissing around the sides of the patch of pubic. The smell of her arousal makes him ravenous, but he controls it and takes his time.

His attentions have the desired effect. She begs him in Spanish to either eat her or fuck her. He takes his time going to her pussy. He widens her legs slowly and begins şirinevler escort to play with her using his tongue. He takes his time enjoying her taste and her desperation for more sensation. Then the first orgasm hits. She locks her legs on the sides of his head, and the spasms take over. She loosens up after a few minutes. He decides to stop the oral attack and works his way slowly up her body. He kisses her breasts and sucks on each nipple. He moves up a little further and kisses her neck. He then starts on her ears. She is going crazy. She can feel his hardness right there at the opening. She tries to impale herself. He stops and props himself over her. He just asks two simple words in Spanish, yes or no. She answers with two words of her own. Yes! Now!

Mark repositions himself and effortlessly slides inside of Neri. She lets out a small yelp as he breaks the barrier. He moves slowly to allow her pain to subside since he just took her virginity. After about five minutes she begs him to move faster. He picks up the pace and starts nibbling on her ear again. He can feel her getting hotter as her arousal picks up even more, and she comes a few more times. He feels the sudden rush in his hips and the overwhelming sensation starts its build. A few seconds later his orgasm hits hard. He stiffens and starts spurting. Her final orgasm hits by the second spurt. Her body milks everything it can get until it starts dribbling out.

His senses slowly come back, and he gets dressed. He goes back out to the den and sits down with his drink just as Neri’s brother and sister come in the door. Neri comes out of her bedroom and sits with Mark. After a few minutes, they start out the door. Her brother asks where she is going. She tells him they are going to a movie. He tells her that she must meet his parents before they do anything at all. The date will be another story to tell!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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