Neat N’ Naked 01: Athena

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Authors Note:

This is one of 26 stories in this series. Each is a standalone story with unique characters and actions. They can be read in any order since they do not have any plot points in common.


This story contains adult content including exhibitionism, CMNF, fellatio, rim jobs, cunnilingus, and vaginal sex If you don’t like these activities then please find another story more to your liking.


“Neat ‘n Naked…where our girls suck better than Hoovers. How can we help you?” Came a deep throaty voice, not unlike Kathleen Turner’s, over the phone.

“Ah, hi there. I’ve had a bit of an accident and tore the ligaments in my ankle. I’m having difficulty getting around. I was wondering if you could send someone over to help look after things while I’m off my feet?” the male caller asked.

“Oh sir, I am so sorry to hear about your injury. If you tell me your name and what you’re looking for, someone a few days a week to dust or live-in help to prepare meals, go shopping, and care for you,” She asked her newest client.

“I’m Craig Miller. I didn’t realize you offered live-ins. That would be great. If this works out, once I’m better, we can set up a standing appointment,” he smiled and licked his lips at the thought of a naked woman taking care of him.

“While live-in services usually longer to arrange, we have some of our cleaners available for short term live in service,” the scheduler told Craig. “Besides, having a naked, attractive female, can speed your recovery. So I can find the right person, tell me your preferences, and fetishes, so I can find the best match.”

Craig nodded his head, “I live alone and don’t need a nurse. I can get around a little. I need someone to help me bathe, cook, light housekeeping, and such.”

Craig paused for a moment, then said, “I think I want a pretty girl. Strike that, a pretty woman, the curvier the better. One who has plenty of experience, and the ability to teach me some new tricks,” he said, picturing a busty woman bent over washing dishes as he fucks her from behind and plays with her large breasts.

There was silence on the line as a keyboard clacked and clicked, then a computer whined and beeped. Finally, the lady on the other end said, “I have two ladies that fit your requirements. I’ll send you their information right now…” As soon as she finished talking, his phone beeped indicating he had two new pictures. He opened the first one and saw…

A pretty blonde woman with long straight hair to mid-back, sitting on a bed, wearing a black bustier, and stockings. She had a tattoo on her left calf but the image quality wasn’t high enough to see what it was. She was wearing a black collar that was bedazzled with small silver stones. Her fingernails were about a half-inch long and painted a deep red, and her shoes were closed-toe black patent leather pumps with three-inch heels, Her breasts were too big for the top and a significant amount of breast was spilling out from the top.

Her legs were crossed and she was naked from mid-thigh to the hip, and her skin looked soft and caressable. Her vital stats were listed in the top right corner,






The bottom left corner had a blurb about her, Athena is a fun-loving, anything goes kinda gal. She loves to laugh, tease, and joke around. In addition to our regular services, she will cook and bake. She is a switch and has few limits when it comes to BDSM.

After drooling over the first image, Craig smiled in anticipation and opened the second one…

A beautiful light-skinned black woman appeared on his screen. She had long hair in cornrows, and two lip rings on her lower lip on each side of her mouth. She was wearing a red corset, trimmed in black, with matching panties, and black knee-high socks with red toes covered with red cat eyes. Her breasts were spilling out her top, and her thicc thighs were spread open just enough so you could see her panty covered slit.






The blurb about her read, Monique was a professional sex therapist, until she, along with several other sex therapists, started Neat N’ Naked. She is the only one of the owners that still serves clients. She is no stranger to any sex act and will do things most people never heard of before.

Craig put the phone back to his ear. “Both ladies are available for short term live-in work, as well as outcalls,” the scheduler told him.

“Wow! You do find the perfect person. I’ll hire Athena to live here starting as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting her, and seeing what she can do for me.”

“She’ll be there tomorrow around lunchtime. Should she call before she arrives?”

“It takes me a while to get around on my crutches. So if she calls me about five minutes before she arrives, I’ll make sure I’ve got the door open. Oh, and one last thing – do I pay Athena directly, or will I be billed by your office?”

“Since you are a new client and hiring Athena to live in for several weeks, we do need payment upfront. Since we don’t know how long you’ll need her, let’s say 10 days of live-in services, at a daily rate of $350. So your total cost is $3,764.76, including tax. Of course, any unused time is fully refundable or can be credited to future appointments. Will that be debit or credit?”

After providing his credit card details and other personal information to create his client file, he received an emailed receipt and confirmation message that Athena will be at his beck and call for the next 10 days.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Athena pulled up at a Starbucks drive through to get a coffee. Realizing she was close to her client’s home, Athena pulled out her phone and called him.

“Hi, Craig Miller here…”

“Hi Craig, this is Athena,” she said in her bright cheery voice. “I wanted to let you know that I’m on my way, and should be there in twenty minutes. I was stopping to get coffee and wondered if you wanted one, or if there’s anything else you need.”

“Hi, Athena. That’s thoughtful of you. A caramel latte would be good, and if you don’t mind picking up some OJ too, that would be great. I’ll unlock the side door for you, so just come right in. See you a little bit.”

“Sure thing boss, See ya in a bit,” she replied and ordered two venti caramel lattes. Stopping at a local grocery store she went in and grabbed a gallon jug of Tropicana, and a few personal items for herself.

She completed the short drive to her new client’s house and parked her bright red Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible in his driveway. Deciding to leave the top down, for now, she got out and looked around at the place she would call home for the next ten days.

Noticing the privacy fence that ran around the property as far as she could see, she decided to have a little fun. She pulled off the skirt and halter top she wore while she drove, leaving her clad in only her three-inch patent red leather peek toe pumps. Being naked outside gave her a thrill and sent a shiver of pleasure running up her spine. Leaving the only outfit she had with her in the car, she picked up the coffees, and other purchases and headed toward the door.

She walked a few feet up the driveway to the side door and opened it. She stepped inside and strategically arranged her load. She held each coffee in one hand and held them in front of her ample breasts hiding her already erect nipples from view. The bags hanging from her wrists hid her mons and vulva from an observer. Kicking the door closed, she called out, “Craig it’s Athena, I’m in the foyer.”

Craig was sitting on the sofa with his injured foot, in a cast, held up on a small stool. He was wearing a pair of black, loose-fitting, cotton shorts, and a baggy gray t-shirt, nothing else. When he heard the female voice float musically from the hallway he replied, “Thanks for coming, Athena…” as she appeared in his view, his voice trailing off.

“No problem hun, nice place here. Where do you want your coffee? And the juice in the fridge I presume?” she asked, smiling at the shocked look on his face.

Craig sat there staring at her, his throat too dry to do anything but squeak when he tried to speak. Staring at her, his eyes took in her voluptuous form, while his mouth hung slightly agape. Then, blinking and shaking his head, he pulled himself mostly together. “Err, sorry about that, I didn’t mean to stare, but you caught me a little off guard there.” Grabbing his crutches, he started to struggle to his feet.

“I’m Craig,” he said, offering his hand, hoping she would take it, so Escort Ankara he could see what was behind the coffees. His balance was very precarious and his growing erection did not help. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Athena, I must say, you are gorgeous, even better than your picture.”

She stood there with the coffees as he stared at her body and tried to gain control of his completely normal and expected reactions to an attractive naked female. Athena always thought it was so cute the way guys reacted when they saw her naked. Whether it was the first time or the thousandth, they always stared at her and lost their ability to speak as their cock swelled. Not for the first time, she wondered if there was a correlation between a dick filling with blood and the loss of mental function.

“I’d love to shake your hand and let you watch my tits jiggle, but…”, raising the two coffees a bit, though not enough to reveal what they were hiding, “that’s a nice compliment”, she said, looking meaningfully at the growing lump in his pants. “It’s pretty nice to have a young, cute, client who won’t be able to catch me if I run,” she added, with a wink and a smile, letting him know she was teasing him.

“Well, hopefully, I won’t do anything that’ll make you runoff,” Craig laughed with her, feeling better just knowing she was here and naked. “Why don’t you pop that juice in the fridge, then come sit with us, so we can get to know each other while we drink those coffees?”

“Sounds good,” she replied. Turning her back, and putting a lot more wiggle in her stride than usual, to make sure he stares at her ample assets. She paused in the doorway and looked over her shoulder and winked at Craig, though she wasn’t sure he saw her face since his eyes were focused a lot lower. Stepping into the kitchen, she put the coffees down on the table and put the OJ into the fridge. Leaving the rest of her stuff on the counter, she returns to Craig with the coffees, this time not hiding anything.

I joined Craig on his couch, curling my long legs under me so that only the topmost part of my mons was exposed, but she made sure her breasts were within his line of sight and easily accessible. She turned towards him slightly and sipped her coffee, letting him stare as much as he wanted. After several minutes of silence, she asked, “So how’d you hurt your leg?”

Craig hadn’t been his usually chatty self these past few minutes. Instead, he’d been sitting quietly, letting his gaze wander over Athena’s gorgeous body, drinking in the lovely combination of her flawlessly smooth skin and her soft, welcoming curves. He couldn’t quite believe that just a single phone call resulted in this gorgeous, naked woman sitting comfortably in his living room.

Her question jolted him out of his stupor and made him realize he was being rude. “I was playing tennis, getting ready for a tournament. I stretched out to return a wide shot and suddenly there was a loud pop and a louder scream as my leg stopped supporting me. As I fell, I realized that It was me screaming. The doctors told me I have a second-degree sprain, with micro-tears of the ligament, and that it could take up to weeks before I can put weight on it. Then I start physical therapy. I’ll probably be on crutches for at least four and possibly as long as six months.”

Starting to feel a familiar depression settle over him, knowing he was going to miss this tennis season and probably lose out on the sponsorship he had been working on during the offseason, he tried to change the subject. “So how long can you stay? I mean I know I paid for ten days, but can I extend or are there other things you have to do?”

“I’m glad you brought that up. We get every fourth day off when working as a live in. I will make arrangements for a replacement for me, with your input. Except for that, I can stay as long as you want…or until I suck every last little bit of…,” I paused looking Craig in the eye as I took a long slow swallow of my coffee. Putting the cup down I sensuously ran my tongue over my lips, never breaking eye contact, “…cash from you.”

I waited for a minute for my words to sink in. I started laughing at the bewildered look on his face. “Just teasing you luv…,” and I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Seriously I’m yours as long as you can pay the bill.”

Craig gets excited as he imagined watching her big, heavy, tits swing as she vacuumed and her curvy ass swaying as she moved through the house with laundry.

“Before we go any further, there are a few things you need to know. If I say stop, you stop whatever you’re doing immediately. I’ll be naked at all times when I’m inside your house or on your property, even if you have company. The only time I’ll wear clothes is when I’m running errands, or if you tell me too. I’ve got exactly one outfit to use when I’m out of this house. I also have a kimono and a few nighties. If you want me to take care of someone, all you have to do is tell me what you want me to do with them, and I’ll let them. You will need to keep the house warm enough for me to be comfortable, even if it’s too hot for you.”

Craig sat there, his eyes wide, as realization dawned at what she meant. He hadn’t even thought about other people in his house when he made this arrangement. Now he realized his weekly poker game would be a lot more interesting. Then he realized he had a meeting scheduled with his coach and agent at his house the day after tomorrow. He couldn’t wait to see Greg and Chase when Athena walked in carrying a tray of drinks wearing her beautiful smile. Life was about to get interesting.

“Anything else?” he asked nervously, considering how his life was about to change, change in ways he didn’t fully understand. Swallowing hard, he looked at her with renewed respect, for being so free, honest, and open. He hadn’t considered the possibility of sharing her, but he never thought about the people who visit him regularly either. Business acquaintances, friends, even family. Was this an honest oversight or did he subconsciously want everyone to see the sexy naked woman taking care of him?

Grateful that no one was coming by today, he decided to worry about visitors tomorrow. He cleared his throat, “Now that the legal shit is out of the way, I can give you a tour. I’ll have to just do it from here rather than escorting you. I can’t quite manage the stairs.”

Athena sat there looking at the expression on his face after the standard first-time client speech and saw that he hadn’t thought about anyone visiting when he called. Trying not to look exasperated at his lack of forethought, she let him ramble on about the house and its floor plan.

“You’ve already seen the living room and the kitchen. I’ve got a temporary bed in my home gym, there’s a bathroom next to it. The dining room is off the kitchen, which leads out to the back yard. Feel free to use the pool and hot tub out back anytime. Jenny, the pool girl, is due on Friday,” Craig started to tell her as she stood up and walked around, opening doors to get the lay of my new temporary home.

“Upstairs is my normal bedroom, with a larger bathroom. My study is across the hall and the guest room is the second door on the left. You can use that while you’re here.”

Athena looked up the stairs and considered going up to look around, but she knew he was paying to look at her, not to wander around his house out of sight. She returned to the couch and sat down beside him, this time leaving her legs spread slightly apart so he could see a piece of her slit.

His eyes locked onto her slit and he swallowed hard, he started to speak, but his voice cracked. He cleared his throat and tried again, “I must admit, when the ad said Neat N’ Naked, I wasn’t expecting you to be naked as soon as you got here! Do you need to put anything away?”

“Nothing pressing, a small bag I can get from my car later when I go raise the top, and a few other items in a bag in the kitchen. I was dressed when got here, but when I saw all the lovely privacy you have, I stripped and left my clothes in the car. I figured it would be a nice surprise for you and a way to break the ice,” she told him, reaching out and caressing his uninjured leg. “Now I have a question for you, what exactly are you expecting me to do for you?” she looked into his eyes, as her hand slid a bit further up his leg.

“There are a few things I’m struggling with, cooking and cleaning mainly. I’d appreciate help with those. I’ve also found it difficult to bathe, since showering while keeping the cast dry is difficult.”

His dick jumps s her hand slowly moves up his leg, “But to be honest, now that you’re here, Ankara Escort I’ve lost interest taking a shower, I’d rather spend time just watching you swaying that delightful ass and those beautiful boobs around.”

“I can help with all that and more. Would you like to bathe first, or should we get a bit sweaty before I clean you?” she asked, as her hand reached the hew of his shorts and slipped under them.

Craig gulped down the rest of his coffee and said, “Getting sweaty sounds good to me.” He pulled off his t-shirt, revealing a smooth slim torso, “Can you help get these shorts off me?”

She could hear the frustration in his voice at not being able to do simple things for himself, at least not as easily as before. Athena knelt on the floor in front of Craig. He lifted his ass off the couch and she gently slid his shorts down his legs, taking them off his good leg first, then bunching them up, she eased them over the cast and dropped them.

Once he was as naked as she was, she looked at his crotch and whistled appreciatively as his cock was pointing right at my tits, “Somebody knows what he likes,” she said giggling. Then she licked her lips and looked at him with big innocent eyes. “Now what?”

Craig’s cock had started to grow while she was touching him, but when she bent over him to get his shorts off and her tits rubbed his naked legs, his cock swelled up standing proudly and slowly waving as it waited for the attention it was aching for.

She took it in her hand as Craig reached out and cupped her breast, sighing in contentment. “Well, your current position seems perfect for a couple of things. Why not get my cock nice and slick, then put your spectacular cleavage to work.”

Craig’s hands slid across Athena’s boobs, his fingers reaching her stiffening nipples and gently rubbing them as he pushed his hips forward ’til the head of his stiffening shaft pressed against her soft, wet lips.

He looked down into Athena’s deep, green eyes, already full of lust for her, and couldn’t believe his luck. A woman as beautiful as Athena had him naked and throbbing and they’d only met twenty minutes ago!

Athena worked up some saliva and drooled it onto Craig’s cock. She took his shaft in her hand and started spreading her spit on the shaft, to get it ready. It started to glisten with moisture, so I wrapped my pillow like boobs around his shaft and began rubbing their soft warmth over his rock-like shaft.

Craig grew even harder, as his cock was enveloped by the softest sweetest breasts he had ever had the pleasure of fucking. As he fucked her boobs, the head of his shaft poking out, the top of her valley, a drop of clear pre-cum was oozing from the tip. “Lick me, Athena,” he whispered, taking his hands and placing them on the back of her head, stroking her long blonde hair, as he gently pressed her head closer to his cock.

She needed no further encouragement and greedily lapped up the clear fluid oozing from Craig’s cock as she continued gliding her ample bosom on the engorged penis, watching Craig’s face as she attempted to give him the best tit fuck he ever had.

Craig could feel his balls churning as I picked up the pace, his cock slipping between her slick breasts. It had been a while since he had been with a woman, and even longer since he’d been with one with titties big enough to wrap around his cock. It was his all-time favorite sex act, and he was enjoying it so much that he worried he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. His pleasure was so great that he couldn’t stop himself from fucking her tits even harder and faster.

She took the head of his cock into her mouth and began licking it with her tongue and sucking the head into her mouth. Craig loved titty fucking, but with the added pleasure of her oral ministrations combined with the warmth of her mouth caused him to moan, “this is heavenly.” My expert tongue roamed across the sensitive head, and I poked the tip into his slit, tasting his sweet juices.

“I’m going to cum soon,” Craig announced as his breath grew shallower and quicker. I released his cock from my mouth, “So what? We have weeks to explore each other’s bodies. You wanna cum on my tits or in my mouth,” I asked, continuing to slide my mammoth mammaries on his dick.

Hearing this, Craig moaned, letting the pleasure of being wrapped in warm soft large tits overwhelm his senses and he pumped his cock harder and harder. He squeezed her boobs together to hold his cock even tighter and his balls started to tingle. “I’m going to cum, Athena!”, he yelled, as the first spurt of sperm shot between her welcoming cleavage. “Oh fuck, yes!” he cried in ecstasy, as more of his long-denied spunk coated her heaving tits. When the last blast had been drained, he looked at her cum coated tits and said with a weak grin, “Oh fuck, your tits are amazing.”

She kept stroking him with her tits, milking every last hot milky white drop of cum from him. Craig sat back on the sofa after his last drop of spunk oozed out onto her tits. “Fuck, that was good,” he said. Then he bent forward and kissed her firmly, tasting a little of his pre-cum on her lips.

He wanted to bury his head between her boobs and lick up all his thick, sticky cum, but resisted the urge, for the moment at least. “Sorry I couldn’t hold off a bit longer, but it’s been a while,” he said, sheepishly. “And it’s been even longer since I was with a woman as sexy as you!”

“So do you want to clean up this mess, or should I?” she asked him, as she flashed her brightest smile.

“Now, those I can clean,” Craig answered as he buried his face deep between her cum-coated breasts, his face getting sticky as he licked up his seed. He eagerly lapped her tits, slurping up his cum. Once her tits were cum free he laughed, “But I think it’s time to shower. There are towels in the linen closet upstairs. Do you mind grabbing some?”

She walked up the stairs slowly making her ass jiggled with every step she took.

As she disappeared from view, Craig suddenly remembered he’d been a bit horny the morning of his accident and had taken care of himself. It took him longer than he planned, making him late for his tennis match. The well used tub of boy butter, his favorite thick butt plug, and the fleshlight that supposedly was made from a cast of Dillion Harpers vagina. He didn’t even clean the toys before he ran out of the house and into an ambulance. His face flushed bright red as he realized Athena was about to learn his secret fetish.

She strutted up the stairs and easily found his bedroom. She pushed the door open and walked in, not paying any attention to the bed. She grabbed a stack of towels, from the master bath, and started to head back downstairs when a cone shape on the bed caught her eye. She walked over to the bed and realized it was a butt plug, lying next to some lube and a fleshlight. Athena smiled when she thought about the delicious possibilities. Wondering if he had any more toys, she planned to search his room, soon. Leaving the items where they were, for now, she went downstairs with the towels and waited for Craig to direct her to the shower.

“You found them?”

“Yes, everything was out in the open, easy to find.”

“Umm Okay.” He wondered what if anything she saw and her response didn’t help. “The shower is this way, just next to the gym,” he said as he pushed himself unsteadily to his feet. Leaning heavily on his crutches, he led the way.

His cock was partially swollen, and it swung like a pendulum as he maneuvered slowly and carefully down the hall, leading to the shower. He pushed open the door and she followed him into a fairly small bathroom that held a toilet, sink, and a cramped shower cubicle. On a shelf inside the shower was the usual array of single guy hygiene products. There was one item that didn’t belong in a single guy’s bathroom. “So what’s with the baby oil?” she asked, seeing it had been pretty well used.

His face turned a bright shade of red and he ignored the question, “So, how do you think we should do this?” he asked.

I smiled remembering the butt plug upstairs and made a mental note of items to buy next time I went shopping. “Well, when my brother broke his leg, I had to bathe him. We wrapped his leg in Visqueen and secured it with duct tape. It kept the cast dry while I washed his body,” I told him, recalling those days fondly.

“Well, there should be duct tape and some garbage bags under the sink in the kitchen, if you want to get them.” Despite having blasted a big load of cum just minutes ago, her naked body walking around made his dick harden, “Damn, this is going to be a wonderful ten days,” Craig Ankara Escort Bayan told himself smiling.

She quickly returned with a bag and tape. “Sit on the toilet while I wrap your leg,” she told Craig. Once he was seated, she gently pulled the bag up over his cast and tightly wrapped tape around the top of the bag. Once she was done she looked into Craig’s eyes and asked “How does that feel? Is it too tight?”

“Craig moved his leg around and wiggled his toes. “No, it feels good.” He nodded in approval.

Standing up Athena turned around and bent over to adjust the water temperature, “Do you like it hot, warm or cold?” she asked looking back at him. His eyes were glazed with lust staring at her pussy. The small bathroom didn’t leave a lot of room, so her plump ass was mere inches from Craig’s nose. She wiggled it teasingly. tempting him as his nostrils flared when he inhaled her scent.

Craig was unable to resist the smooth luscious globes. He leaned forward and planted a kiss square on the crack of her ass. Then he wrapped his arms around my thighs pulling me back into him and buried his face between my succulent cheeks, tonguing my delightful little rosebud. Sliding down a bit, he inhaled the musky scent emanating from between my legs, which drove him wild with lust and he thrust his tongue inside my slit.

‘The shower can wait,’ he thought, as his tongue thrust deeper into Athena, while his lips played over her pussy, lapping up her juices. His cock was fully erect, his hips thrusting up towards her pussy, as his tongue found her clit and he sucked it into his mouth.

She moaned as Craig used his mouth on my body. I grabbed the wall for support as he began an oral assault on my sex. The warm water cascading down onto my back, then forming rivulets that flowed over my skin. I shuddered in pleasure and spread my legs wider, allowing him total access to my rapidly moistening pussy.

Craig pushed his tongue even deeper inside. He felt her wet pussy shivering with pleasure from his salacious oral assault. He rubbed his hands up her thighs, ’til his fingers found the rapidly stiffening clit. Lightly brushing it with his fingertips, causing an increase in the flow of her sweet juice into his eager mouth.

She groaned aloud when his fingers touched her ultra-sensitive clit. She humped back trying to increase the pressure of his tongue on her intimate folds. Craig pushed his tongue even harder into my now sodden pussy, lustily lapping up her juices. His fingers danced across her clit, with feather-light touches bringing pulses of pleasure from her oh so sensitive button.

The water from the shower was running over both their naked backs, making their skin tingle from the heat, but not as much as they were tingling from their shared pleasure. Athena groaned “Yes baby, lick my wet cunt, fuck my slit with your tongue, play with my girl cock until I cum on your face!” to her lover.

The encouragement spurred Craig on even further. Rubbing her clit, licking her pussy, and gulping down her cream, he was determined to make her explode in pleasure. His face was slick with her juices, his breathing getting shorter, but he kept up his relentless quest for her pleasure.

Athena was struggling to stand, her knees growing weak. After one particularly intense shudder, her knees buckled and she collapsed, her pussy impaling itself on Craig’s cock right to the base. She groaned as I felt his cock forcefully drive into her body.

“FFUUUCCCCKKKKK!” yelled Craig, as I landed on his lap sending a shock wave down his body and into his sore leg, without any warning.

“Oh God! Craig, your foot! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”, she asked, deeply concerned that she could have worsened his injury.

Craig nodded weakly, sucking in air between his teeth, trying to breathe through the pain. He concentrated on the wonderful sensations coming from the merger of his dick submerged in a warm, willing, tight pussy. He was torn between telling her to get off because of the pain, but the pleasure he was experiencing from the velvety smoothness of her slick love tunnel was making an excellent case to ignore the pain and to keep her on his lap. The pain-pleasure debate that lasted all of 3 seconds, the pleasure won!

“I’ll be okay…”, he said, through gritted teeth, “my dick in your pussy is helping make the pain bearable,” as he started to push his cock deeper into her steaming hot pussy. “Oh fuck, you feel so wonderful, Athena,” he moaned, as he felt her muscles squeeze and release his cock. “Oh Athena, cum on my cock, please. Ride me, hard. Don’t stop until you’ve cum!’

She looked at him with concern. “Tell me if it gets to be too much for your leg, I don’t wanna hurt you…again.”

“I will, but please don’t stop, you feel wonderful!” he moaned.

She eased herself up slowly and gingerly slid down the length of his shaft. Slowly build up some speed, making sure not to drop her ass onto his crotch and cause him more pain, as she gyrated on his hard shaft.

Craig was happy to just sit back and let her ride his stiff pole. He reached up and cupped her breast with one hand, his fingers twisting a nipple, while his other hand slipped down to rub her clit, making her pussy gush.

Athena began carefully bouncing on his cock, trying not to hurt him, as she moaned in pleasure from the manual stimulation of my sensitive spots and his dick plunging her depths. Craig rubbed a little harder, and began to thrust his hips, gently at first but building up the intensity with each thrust.

His foot started to cramp, but he was determined to make Athena cum and fill her cunt with his seed. Her pussy was milking his dick as their hips drove midsections together making a fleshy slapping sound that filled their ears and drove them crazy with lust.

She sucked in her breath and twisted her head and kissed Craig hard on the lips as her pussy convulsed around his dick, and her body shuddered in pleasure.

Craig returned the kiss, firm and deep, his tongue slipping into her mouth. He felt Athena shiver on his shaft as I fucked his hard cock with abandon. Meanwhile, our tongue’s danced together and his fingers trailed delicate circles across my clit.

Our tongues wrestled as she rocked her hips and ground herself on his crotch. She lowered my hand, reaching between her legs and cupped his balls which were full and heavy, getting ready to send another load her way. Craig pressed harder on her clit, and twisted a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, as he thrust his cock deeper.

He could feel his orgasm starting to build in his balls, but he tried desperately to hold it back until she reached her climax.

Athena gasped as her nipple was tugged, and I reached down to rub her clit trying to cum with Craig. Craig thrust deeper, squeezing her rock hard nipple so hard she moaned in pain, as she furiously rubbed her clit trying to push me toward the precipice of pleasure.

The glorious feeling of her sodden pussy on his cock was just too much and he felt his dick stiffen and contract as he reached the point of no return. “Oh fuck, Athena!” he gasped. “You’re going to make me cum again!” as his face scrunched up trying desperately to hold back just a little longer.

She grabbed and twisted her clit as he tried to pull her tits off my chest by my nipples. Knowing he was so close, I told him, “spray my cunt with your hot cum.” My words were the final straw and he grunted and sent blast after blast of man juice deep into my belly. The pulsation of his dick and spraying of her insides was all she needed to turn into a quivering mass of sweaty naked female flesh, overcome by wave after wave of pleasure.

After several minutes she was able to control her breathing, enough to speak, “Th..that…was…intense!” she said, testing her legs to see if they would support her weight. She was pretty steady, so she stood up letting his soft cock slip out of her cream filled pussy.

Squatting down she took him into her mouth, licking and sucking our commingled juices off him. Once his shaft was cleaned, she stood up and stepped into the shower. She took his hands and pulled him into the cramped shower stall. It was difficult to manage, but she was able to wash his body thoroughly, he insisted on returning the favor.

By the time they were done, He was hard again, She dried him he dried her, then he led me to his gym where he had a bed set up for himself. I excused myself for a moment and ran upstairs. Returning to the gym, his eyes widened when he saw the lube, butt plug, and fleshlight in my hand as I closed the door.


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