Nataliya Gets Her Men

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Group Sex

Nataliya couldn’t believe what she was doing, as she sat on the edge of her mother’s master bathroom tub, wrapped only in a towel. She heard her boyfriend, Dalton, answer the front door. A moment later she heard the voice of Dan, a man she had never met before, but his presence being confirmed made her heart sink. Dan was to become only the second guy she has ever had sex with. Dalton was by far more experienced sexually than her, but she was the one with the kinky sexual imagination. She dreamed of doing things he had never thought of, even before she lost her virginity to him months before at 18. Shortly after they had gotten together she started pushing the envelope by suggesting things like having sex with an audience, or having someone take photographs of them having sex and posting them on the internet. She had mentioned in passing the desire to experience two men at once, never expecting him to be comfortable with that idea.

She was wrong. Dalton was downstairs bringing in a man that he had taken it upon himself to invite over to fulfill her fantasy. Hearing the voice of this stranger made her whole body turn to jelly. She had always fantasized about having two men at once, but she had never even had two men separately. She knew how lucky she was to have a boyfriend who both loved her, and did so, so much, that he was willing to allow another man to have her body, simply to make her happy.

She heard their footsteps pass the bathroom door and head into the bedroom before another set of footsteps walked back towards the door and opened it. It was Dalton, and he looked concerned.

“Are you ok, sweetie?” He asked.

She took a deep breath before getting up and walking out the door. He led her gently to the bedroom and she couldn’t help but stop in her tracks when yet another of her senses was given undeniable proof that gaziantep escort ilanları this was, in fact, really happening. She saw that he was a skinny, well-built man. He was in the military, thirty-five years old but still very handsome. Dalton continued to lead her over to the bed to sit next to him, and he sat on her opposite side. Her whole body clenched up from nerves as Dan put his hand on her knee just above where her damp towel ended and her smooth legs began.

Dalton saw this involuntary reaction, but knew exactly how to make her relax. He leaned towards her, putting his left hand on one side of her neck, before opening his lips and gently closing them on the other side of her neck. This always turned her into clay in his hands. All of her tension melted away as he gently kissed her neck.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He whispered.

He made sure to say it in a tone that made it clear he would not object if she decided to back out. But she turned her head closer to him so that their cheeks brushed and nodded. At this, Dalton, kissed her neck more passionately, and Dan followed suit. She completely lost control of her body and fell backwards onto the bed. Dalton kissed his way down her chest and unwrapped her towel exposing her body to both of them. He wrapped his lips around one of her nipples and began to suck, as Dan kissed his way down her stomach and inner thigh, arriving on top of her clit. Her mind didn’t know how to process the sensation of Dalton sucking on her tender nipples, and Dan sucking, licking and nibbling at her clit as he gently stuck his fingers into her pussy, massaging her g-spot.

Her body quaked under the attention of these men, and she wasn’t sure that she could move from the spot if she wanted to. Dalton was clearly enjoying the experience of her pleasure, as she could feel his cock, which was pressed against her leg was harder then she had ever felt it, and his breath had become heavy and labored. He had been enjoying simply feeling her pleasure through the movement of her body to this point, but he clearly needed some relief himself, as he got up and knelt next to her head. He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, then placed his erect cock across her moist lips, allowing it to sit there. She opened her mouth, letting it rest on her tongue, and she moved the tip of her tongue in circles along the bottom. She moved her head back and turned so she could stick it straight into her throat, but just as she did she clenched down slightly as she felt an unexpected sensation from below. She had hardly noticed that Dan had removed his mouth from her pussy, and instead had stripped down and stuck his bare cock inside of her. With his first hard trust, he shoved it in as deep as he could.

Her biggest shock was that she had expected a condom to be used, and had she noticed beforehand, she would have stopped him from entering uncovered. She was glad she had been caught by surprise. She had never imagined the level of pleasure she was getting from having her boyfriend’s rock hard member in her mouth, and another man filling every inch of her pussy with his bare cock. She continued to aggressively work on Dalton’s cock as Dan relentlessly pounded her, harder and deeper with every stroke.

She clenched down again and she felt Dan’s deepest thrust yet, and could feel the warm juices pouring from the tip of his cock and filling her up. He held her hips hard against him as the last few bursts came out, sending her on an orgasmic rush that forced her to pull her mouth off of Dalton’s dick and let out an uncontrollable scream of lust. She lay there motionless as Dan pulled himself out. She closed her eyes, catching her breath when suddenly she felt Dalton rolling her over onto her knees.

Dalton set himself up behind her and gently grasped her hair behind her head. He rubbed his cock under her sending a shocking sensation through her clit, before using the moisture left behind from her mouth to slide it effortlessly into her tight pussy. He started off gently and slowly as he always did, letting her enjoy every inch for every second. He gradually increased the speed and impact of his thrusts, making her moan every time she felt the head of his cock pressing into the depths of her pussy. Suddenly Dan was standing in front of her, erect once again. He grabbed her hair from Dalton and forcefully shoved himself into her mouth and held it there for a moment. He released her slightly just in enough time to let her take a breath. He had complete control over her head, and it was a loss of control that intensified the entire experience.

Dalton’s fucking had reached a new level intensity. Each time he pulled her body against his, it sent a wave through her whole body. She screamed uncontrollably, and this seemed to excite Dalton even more as he increased his speed until finally he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He pulled her back up to his chest and kissed her neck and he released his load deep inside of her.

They stayed locked together for a moment. Panting against each other. When Dalton caught his breath he slowly pulled out. Once he was clear, Dan was intent on finishing once more. He pulled Nataliya forward and off the bed, making her get onto her knees. He leaned her chin back and she closed her eyes as he stroked himself to completion, releasing some onto her soft face and bringing the tip onto her lips, spraying the last bit into her mouth. She swallowed every bit, opened her eyes and smiled at them both,. She got up and walked back to the bathroom, happy that she had been able to live out this fantasy, and hoping it would not be the last time.

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