Nando and Will

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Nando & Will – New Beginnings

It had been a couple of months in the coming, but finally Fernando, Nando Rodreguez was taking the irrevocable step in the relationship that had already changed his life forever. Finally, Nando was going to deflower his virgin lover. Previously the lovers had only managed snatched opportunities for pleasure. Today, Nando was able to provide time, privacy, a bed to share and in his heart he now believed his younger lover was ready for this step. He had previously feared that the lack of sexual experience for his beloved may have led his younger lover to mistake a form of hero-worship for love. But now, the older South American was sure that this was not the case. The love he felt was shared and returned. He glanced quickly at the other basic staples in the room. There was a tray that held some bread, cheese, oil and red wine. Whilst he recognized he couldn’t provide either a boudoir or a banquet, it was somewhere he could unashamedly make love to his beautiful angel.

Blue eyes gazed adoringly at the South American. There was a great deal of nervousness regarding the impending loss of virginity. However, there was no mistaking the desire coursing through young veins to finally make love with the handsome older man who so totally held their younger lover’s heart. One source of nervousness was the lack of knowledge of what to do. Whilst Nando had been very careful in explaining the mechanics of sexual intercourse between them, there remained uncertainty regarding pleasuring the older man. There was recognition that being penetrated could be painful and could cause some bleeding, but the fear of these paled alongside the fear of failing to pleasure the one they loved. Any discomfort would be more than worth it for their body to be as fully possessed by the South American as he possessed the heart and soul of the nervous virgin.

“Te quiero,” Nando husked as he regarded his young lover. “I love you, mi Angel. First we will get more comfortable mmm? Then we need to relax, so we will eat and drink a little. After some food and some wine, Juanita is providing some heated water. I will bathe you and then we will see what happens, yes?” Despite the older man positing the suggestions as questions, it was obvious that he would brook no argument as to the course the afternoon would follow. Smiling at his lover’s nod of agreement, he held out his hand. “We can relax here,” he added. He patted the space next to himself on the bed and waggled his eyebrows. His smile widened as he was joined by his lover without hesitation. As his lover sat beside him, he kissed his virgin deeply, possessing their unresisting mouth. Cupping the back of their neck, he tilted his lover’s head back to expose the fragile column of pale flesh of his lover’s throat. He ran his tongue along the delicate skin, then nipped and sucked sharply to leave a mark of his possession. He felt his cock throb at the gasp from his lover, who made no move to resist the marking. Nando wanted to be buried deep in the willing body that sat so trusting and so temptingly next to him. However, he refused to rush things. This day was a day for love, not lust.

He stood slowly and removed his gunbelt, slinging it over the post at the top of the bed. He then removed his boots and pulled out his shirt from his still fastened pants. Moving to stand in front of his wide-eyed lover, Nando’s smile turned feral. “Unfasten it for me, Angel,” he commanded softly. He watched with a growing hunger as pale, slender hands reached shakily to indo the shirt buttons. Finally the shirt hung open, displaying a dark-skinned, well-muscled torso. A light dusting of body hair over solid pectoral muscles became a slim line of hair pointing the way down to where a solid bulge was evident at the South American’s groin. “Your turn,” he smiled. Pulling his lover to their feet, he removed their gunbelt to hang it next to his. Next he removed their boots and untucked their shirt. He rapidly unfastened the garment, sweeping it open to reveal the youthful, hairless chest of his lover. He growled softly as his fiery gaze devoured the exposed flesh. Reaching out, his hand slowly caressed each dark pink nipple, relishing the gasp of pleasure and the way the nubs instantly hardened under his touch.

“Oh, Nando, I love you so much.”

Nando gazed into the face of the young man he was gently arousing. If he had been told by anyone just six months ago that he would have as his chosen life-mate the young nephew of the owners of the Rancho des Toros, he would have laughed out loud. Nando had loved the young man from the day they had first met, when his older sister Marguerita was becoming Jackson Brooks’s wife. He had loved Will as a sibling, as the younger brother he had always wanted. Will had only been 16, a little short of 17, but so young and naïve he seemed even younger. Nando was already mature beyond his years at 23. However, somewhere along the line that love had deepened and become of a gaziantep suriyeli escort different nature altogether. Nando had been in lust many times with both men and women and what he thought might have been something deeper once or twice. However, none of his previous encounters had made him feel the way he did when around Will or compared to the way he felt about Will. Will was now a devastatingly beautiful young man of 23 to Nando’s almost 30. Nando’s father on his last visit to Rancho des Toros had negotiated that Will spend the last six months at their own Rancho des Caballos to learn about breeding horses.

They lived in a small country, Costa Roja, Red Coast, set between America in the North and Mexico in the South. So called because as the sun set, the shifting sands of the desert terrain looked like a sea of red, stretching to as far as the eye could see. In this country same sex relationships were normal and accepted as equally as those of mixed sexes. Instead of a church wedding, there was a civil marriage, recognised as equally binding as that within the church. Nando’s Papa, Don Carlos had seen the spark between the two men immediately when visiting and Nando was amazed at his father’s matchmaking. Nando had first found that Will’s room was mysteriously in need of some work, as was his own bedroom and the two had ‘needed’ to share a room with two single beds. It had worked its magic. As they sat or lay and talked, the two men had grown closer and closer, finally admitting their mutual love and desire. His young lover had no sexual experience to call upon and Nando had kept his libido in strong check around the beautiful young man. However, slowly he had come to realize that Will often gazed at him with longing when he thought Nando’s attention was elsewhere and tentatively the Rojan had begun to court his young love. Their mutual desire had been expressed a scant two months earlier and Nando was starved for the taste of the young man he loved. The opportunities for the men to enjoy a physical aspect to their love had proven to be almost impossible. There had been snatched kisses and quick touches and a couple of occasions for the Rojan to pleasure his love, but it wasn’t enough. Nando wanted more, much, much more. He planned a very short engagement.

Nando had not wanted to deflower the younger man outside of marriage, but when Will returned home, Nando had a commitment at the ranch of his younger sister Isabella and would not join Will for two weeks. Will had begged to be able to make love before they parted and knowing that as far as he was concerned, Will was as good as married to him, Nando had finally conceded.

The Rojan did have reservations about how the young man’s Uncle Jack would react and was planning on eliciting the help of Will’s other uncle, Bart Brooks. He knew that the other man hadn’t always taken off with saloon girls when the ranchmen had gone out carousing. However, he was always very discreet and Nando was certain that Bart and he shared the same preference for the company of their own sex, whilst able to enjoy the company of both.

“Nando,” the moaning of his name and the gentle stroking of his cheek brought the Rojan back instantly to the present. In front of him was a half-naked Will Brooks, whose nipples were now achingly hard from the constant attention of Nando’s calloused hands.

“Sorry, my love,” Nando apologized. “Sometimes, it is hard for me to believe we are here, now. You understand?”

“Oh yeah,” the young man breathed as Nando lapped gently at the delectable nubs, soothing sensitised flesh with a soft tongue. “I’ve wanted this for so long, Nando,” Will hesitated and as Nando looked up he saw the blush and the way Will had turned his head away. Abandoning the young man’s nipples, he put his hand under Will’s chin and insistently turned Will back to face him, locking concerned brown eyes with Will’s nervous blue ones. “Ah, Nando,” Will whispered. “I don’t want to disappoint you. I want to pleasure you…” The rest of the young man’s sentence was cut off as Nando pulled him into a passionate embrace and captured the younger man’s lips hard.

“That cannot happen,” he assured the worried young man. “Never, mi Angel. No-one has ever offered me the gift that you do. Today will be perfect no matter what happens. That you love me and want to be here with me, offering to share your body with me, that brings me great pleasure.” The older man was more than prepared to find that whilst he might be able to penetrate the younger man with his fingers, things might not go further. Will might not be able to accept his manhood. It was a fence he would cross when it presented itself. Nando had no desire to worry his nervous virgin even further. Making the younger man as relaxed as possible would be vital in successful love-making. However, Nando was more than prepared to wait to bury his body in his lover’s to ensure his slender Mate enjoyed the experience rather than endured it. Smiling gently, he brought Will’s lips to his and kissed the young man softly. “Sit, mi amore,” he whispered.

He brought over the tray and poured two cups of wine from the flask. Handing one to Will, Nando raised his in a salute. “To us, my love,” he said quietly.

“To us,” Will echoed. “To our life together.”

“Together always, my Angel,” Nando confirmed.

The two men drank and then settled to feed each other pieces of bread and cheese drizzled with oil. When the food was finished, Nando realized they were feeding more from each other’s bodies. Will was contentedly suckling on two of Nando’s cheese and oil flavoured fingers, whilst he was sucking each of Will’s fingers in turn. With a gentle movement, Nando lay his young love down on the bed. During their eating, Nando had divested Will of his shirt and the Rojan covered the young man’s naked chest with a thin blanket. Fastening a couple of his own buttons, Nando smiled at his wide-eyed lover.

“Now I will make preparations to bathe you,” he whispered softly. Swiftly, the older man brought a couple of buckets of heated water to put into the small tin bath. He didn’t need there to be any great depth. This was simply another way of ensuring Will was relaxed and both comfortable and familiar with his older lover’s intimate touches. Satisfied, Nando held out his hand and pulled Will to his feet. He kissed the young man deeply as he unfastened Will’s jeans. He pushed the garment down Will’s thighs, smiling triumphantly at Will’s hard need that jutted proudly from the younger man’s groin once the jeans were lowered. Nando manoeuvred Will into the water, his eyes darkening with desire as Will sighed sensuously as the warm water flowed around the heated flesh of his aroused sex. The older male rapidly divested himself of his own clothes and sank to his knees. Nando rubbed soap over Will’s flesh in a slow sensual caress. Finally his hands began working around the young man’s erect flesh and Will couldn’t prevent the moan that escaped his throat.

“Mmm…Nando,” the young man murmured. His erection throbbed with need, but he wanted to ensure he pleased his lover. “Nando, please,” he begged as the more experienced man caressed erect nipples and tantalized sensitive inner thighs. Will couldn’t be certain whether his plea was for his lover to do more or stop.

“Soon, mi amore” Nando breathed in Will’s ear. He stood, holding out a towel and helped Will step from the tub. He towelled dry the young man, patting carefully around the solid shaft and delicate ballsac. Satisfied, Nando led Will back to the bed and directed the younger man to lie down on his back. With a feral smile, Nando parted the younger man’s thighs and moved to kneel between them. He could hear Will’s breath reduced to shallow pants of need and want. He stroked the flesh of Will’s thighs causing the younger man’s head to thrash and hips to thrust blindly. His hands cupped Will’s testicles and gently rolled them and relished the deep moan the move elicited from the highly aroused young man. Leaning down, Nando engulfed the straining shaft as he continued the slow massage of delicate flesh. Nando’s free hand draped casually over Will’s hips was intended by the South American to pin his lover down when the young man finally climaxed.

Will was too highly sensitised from Nando’s earlier ministrations to be able to resist orgasm. The gentle sucking was more than enough added stimulation. Will’s body stiffened and he couldn’t stop the scream of his lover’s name as he came hard. The young man’s sexual offering was greedily accepted by his older lover and not a drop of Will’s precious seed was missed. Nando continued to suckle gently milking the young man of all he could produce. Only when he felt the flesh begin to soften did the Rojan reluctantly allow his prize to slip slowly from his mouth. Kissing the tip of his lover’s penis, Nando then stretched over Will’s body to kiss Will deeply. Will moaned as Nando’s tongue possessed his mouth and the young man tasted his own release. As the kiss broke, Nando gazed lovingly at the softly panting young man.

“So beautiful,” he murmured appreciatively. “So beautiful and all mine, mi chico bonito.”

“Love you, Nando,” Will panted. “Te quiero, mi amore.”

“Now it is time for me to enjoy pleasuring you again, mi pequino,” Nando smiled predatorily. “Now I can touch you … everywhere”.

Will’s innocent eyes widened at the feral look in Nando’s eyes and the raw desire in the South American’s voice. However, the younger man made no attempt to shrink from the need he could see. Instead, trusting that his Mate would look after him, Will raised his arms above his head offering his body to his older lover.

“I’m yours, Nando,” Will said huskily. “Touch me, taste me, and show me I’m yours.”

Nando’s desire flared, but the experienced man refused to rush the next step. He needed to keep Will as relaxed and aroused as possible to be able to initiate their union. Slowly he lowered his head and placed a flurry of light kisses across Will’s face. The delicacy of the act contrasted with the fire and intensity in the South American’s eyes. He finally covered Will’s lips with his own and slipped his tongue into Will’s mouth with propriety. Moving onwards, Nando licked down Will’s chin and each side of the delicate throat before sucking on the younger man’s Adam’s apple. He moved lower slowly to begin licking at the dark skin of Will’s aureoles, delighting at the way the younger man’s nipples reacted by stiffening immediately and the way Will himself was beginning to writhe erotically beneath him. He pleasured both of them by spending long minutes sensually torturing his Mate’s nipples and breasts. He gently squeezed and fondled the sensitive breasts alternating suckling and grazing each cinnamon nub in turn until Will was almost sobbing with need, the hard shaft of flesh gently prodding at Nando’s body solid evidence of the level of his beloved’s arousal. Nando grinned savagely in triumph as Will’s hips instinctively thrust seeking relief.

Carefully, Nando arranged Will to lie on his side. A pillow was carefully positioned to ensure the younger man’s leg was draped over it, allowing Nando access to Will’s erection whilst opening and exposing Will. The young man shivered as the air teased at his anus. Strong hands caressed his body, sliding around him to fondle his delicate ballsac and tease at the slit of his engorged cockhead. Will couldn’t suppress his whimper of need as his hips tried to thrust into Nando’s knowing touch. The nervousness of Will’s exposure retreated under the onslaught of arousal. Nando kissed his way from Will’s shoulders to the pale, muscular globes and the tiny exposed pucker that would grant him entry to this special young man’s body. He nodded in satisfaction as he noted Will continually humping the pillow. He poured oil onto his hand and began to tenderly stroke the exposed skin.

“Just me, mi Angel,” Nando crooned softly into Will’s ear. “Just a touch; just letting your body learn how to accept me.” Nando thrust his tongue into Will’s ear and inserted his prepared finger into the virgin channel. He moved his finger and tongue together. His tongue thrust deep into Will’s ear, whilst his finger began a slow movement in…out…in …out. Will’s hips began to follow the movement and Nando waited until his finger moved easily before withdrawing it to a whimper of loss from his lover.

“I’m coming back, my love,” Nando assured. “This time there will be two and I will stretch you a little.” As he pressed the two fingers into Will’s tight, slick heat, Nando kissed Will deeply, sucking the younger man’s tongue into his mouth to the same rhythm as his fingers thrust into Will’s body. He then began to scissor his fingers to stretch Will further, kissing the young man continually. Before removing his fingers, the Rojan ensured he repeated the thrusting movements, getting his virgin used to the sensation and smiling triumphantly as Will’s hips again followed the movements. “Three, mi amore,” Nando warned. This time he feasted on Will’s neck and shoulders, reaching round Will to fondle the slender man’s genitals as three fingers crowded into the tiny passage. There was no doubt that his young lover was tight. Even having successfully accepted Nando’s fingers, the South American remained concerned. Will was relaxed, but his channel was tighter than the older man had expected. His own sex was thicker and longer than three fingers and Nando feared that he would still hurt his beloved when he penetrated him.

As his fingers continued to work inside Will’s body, Nando oiled his own shaft. He began to shift his fingers a little and was rewarded by a near scream from Will. He smiled as he continued to massage the pleasure centre in the slender man’s body and when Will began pushing back hard on the fingers that impaled him, Nando knew his virgin was as ready as he would ever be. He withdrew his fingers, positioning the head of his cock at Will’s loosened and glistening centre. “Take deep breaths, my love,” Nando warned. “Keep breathing for me. This time you take me into your body and we become as one for the first time.” He pushed forward. The oil did its work successfully. With a little persistence, Nando pressed the flared head of his sex past the guardian muscle of Will’s body. Nando heard the pained whimper that Will tried to muffle into the pillow. Holding his body still, he caressed Will’s back whispering and crooning to relax his Mate. “Relax, my love,” he murmured. “It’s just me. You want me inside you?” Nando’s body wanted to push deeper and release his seed deep in his Mate’s body, but his head wanted Will to be pleasured by the union.

“Want you, Nando,” Will panted softly. “Please, I need you.”

Slowly, Nando eased his sex into Will’s body until finally his balls were flush against Will’s cheeks.

“Ah, my love, you have me in you,” Nando gasped. He caught Will’s hand and guided it round to where Will’s skin was stretched tight around Nando’s solid flesh.

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