My Wife Surprised Me

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This story is more than a cuckold story. It’s about friendship, sharing and loving your partner.


My name is Tony & my wife’s name is Lisa. We are both in our thirties and have been married ten years. We have no children.

Lisa is a true Scandinavian descendant, 5’8″, blonde hair, blue eyes, milk white complexion and an infectious smile. Her blonde pussy hairs are a stark contrast against her milk white skin.

Our sex life has always been good but lately, a little too ordinary, if you know what I mean. Even my wife mentioned how routine our sex has become.

I used to work in the city but due to the pandemic, I now work from home, as does my wife. I am a community affairs director & my wife is a fashion designer. We have done ok financially and finally saved up enough money to buy our first home.

We decided on buying a town house and looked at many places before we decided on a town house in a new development called Eagle’s Nest.

We chose an end unit that overlooked a beautiful courtyard in the back with other townhouses circling the courtyard.

The unit had three bedrooms, a den and 3 full bathrooms with a hot tub in the master that faced a big picture window to look out. My wife enjoyed the view more than I did and I didn’t understand why until much later.

We closed on the unit and moved in at the end of April. We didn’t have a lot of furniture and the move went better than expected.

The first night we celebrated by going out to dinner then coming home and fucking the night away.

Over the course of the next few months we made friends with several couples. However, Lisa became good friends with a couple in their late twenties, Ron & Gloria. They lived in a unit on the backside of the courtyard which we could see from the master bathroom with the hot tub.

We became close friends and pretty much enjoyed a lot of the same things like hiking, swimming, camping, dining out, dancing, day trips and playing all sorts of board games.

Ron was in construction and had the body to show for it. Gloria was easy on the eyes and, at 5’6″ was built for pleasure and was somewhat of a flirt.

Every now and then we would do a sleepover after a night out and just crashed at one of our homes. The next morning we usually had breakfast and then headed to our own house.

After several months, it became a regular event so we each brought clothes and left them at each other’s house for our sleepovers.

One night, after dining out and dancing, Ron & Gloria slept over at our house. They always slept in our guest bedroom which was next to ours.

This particular night, after we went to bed somewhere around 3:00 a.m., I heard some noises from the bedroom next to ours. I got up and checked out the noise and I knew from the sound, Ron was fucking Gloria. I peeked in through the door that was left a little open and I could see Gloria on top of Ron as she was riding his cock. I staid long enough to know he shot his cum into her and then I left.

The next morning, it was business as usual at breakfast and then they went home.

I couldn’t wait to tell Lisa about what I saw. After we cleaned up, I told her I had something to tell her and we went upstairs to our bedroom.

We sat on the bed and I said, “Babe, last night I heard noises in their bedroom and I checked it out and I saw them fucking with Gloria riding Ron’s cock. I watched until he came in her then I left.”

“Wow. You should have gotten me. I would have loved to have seen that.”

I laughed and replied, “I didn’t know you were a pervert like me.”

“Well, I would have liked to see them fucking, that’s all.”

“I bet you want to see how big Ron’s cock is.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind getting a look at his cock. After all, you saw Gloria’s tits and her riding him.”

“Are you serious? I bet I could arrange it. All you have to do is give me the go ahead.”

“That sounds interesting and maybe it will perk up our somewhat boring sex life.”

“Why don’t we do this? The next time we stay over at their place, we can give them a show. What do you say Lisa?”

“Tony, where is this coming from? You’re ok with them watching us fuck?”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind giving them a free show. And besides, if you are ok with it, maybe we can get more adventurous.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying? You want to swap with them?”

“Would you want to? Could you fuck another guy with me watching?”

“And you would be ok watching another guy sticking his cock in me and making our with me?”

“I have fantasized about it. I wouldn’t mind watching you. Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Well, if you’re ok with another guy fucking your wife then I wouldn’t mind some guy sticking his cock in my cunt with you watching.”

“Ok, but only if everyone agrees to it and we all can still all be friends. And besides our sex life has gotten a little to predictable and this might spice it up a bit.”

“Ok. Let’s do it.”

“Great, I will figure it out. Now, let’s fuck.”

And fuck we did…for the isvecbahis yeni giriş rest of the morning.

The following week I asked Ron & Gloria if they would like to go upstate for the long weekend, stay at a cabin and do some fishing and hiking. They said it was a great idea and I made all the arrangements.

Lisa was ecstatic about the planned weekend.

Before we knew it, we were in our truck and headed upstate. The trip took about two hours before we found the cabin and unpacked.

To our surprise, there were two double beds side by side. We all looked at each other and I said, “When I made the arrangements, I told them I needed a cabin with two bedrooms. I’m sorry guys. I guess this is no good.”

Then Lisa said, “Look, it isn’t so bad. We can make it work if we want to.”

Gloria said, “But Lisa, what if Ron and I want to fool around?”

“So, you fool around Gloria. Look, to me, it’s no big deal if we have an audience when we fuck.”

“If you want to fool around, do it. We wouldn’t mind watching.”

We all laughed and decided to stay. I knew then that this was going to be some weekend.

The four of us got things in order and we had some time before dinner so we went out for a walk on the path. As soon as we started our walk, we saw a huge hot tub on the back deck and we checked it out and found it to be in great working order.

We took in nature and saw the lake that looked inviting. We even joked about going skinny dipping and the girls said they wouldn’t mind and we laughed.

By the time we got back to the cabin, it was time to go out for dinner. We found a nice little restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal and plenty of wine.

We got back to the cabin around 10:00 and Gloria went and checked out the hot tub. She came back in and said, “Who wants to join me in the hot tub?”

The three of us quickly answered, “We do.”

Then the four of us changed into bathing suits and got in the hot tub. I sat next to Lisa who sat next to Gloria and who sat next to Ron. The water was nice and hot and soon Lisa said, “I don’t know about you guys but I am sweltering and slipped off her bikini top. Ron & Gloria smiled as they ogled my wife’s big tits.

This was a first for my conservative wife.

Then Gloria followed and her top came off.

“Wow Gloria,” Lisa said, “Your tits are beautiful.”

“So are yours Lisa. May I touch them?”

Then Lisa turned to Gloria who gave my wife’s tits a nice feel. Another first for Lisa.

I looked at Ron and he looked at me and we both had the same idea and we took off our bathing suits at the same time.

I said, “Come on girls. You started it. Get naked.”

They looked at each other then slid their bikini bottoms off and the four of us were naked.

I told Lisa, “Why don’t you go sit next to Ron. Gloria, sit next to me.” And we all changed positions.

After a few minutes I said, “Hey Ron, Lisa told me she wanted to see your cock. Will you show her?”

We laughed and then Ron stood up and his 9″ hard cock was out for everyone to see.

Then Gloria yelled out, “Come on Tony, let’s see your cock.”

I stood up and my 7″ cock was out in the open.

It wasn’t long before we were all over each other, feeling each other up. After some time I said, “Let’s say we go and take this inside?” We got up and dried off and headed inside wrapped in our towels.

I poured us some wine and we chatted a bit.

“Well, now that we’ve gotten to know each other better, what do you guys want to do now?”

Lisa said, “I’m horny and I want to fuck.”

“Yeah, me too.” Gloria said.

“Ok. Who with who?” I replied

Lisa looked at me and smiled. “If my husband & Gloria are ok with it, I’d like to fuck Ron.”

“It’s ok with me Lisa.” I said.

“Me too.” Said Gloria.

Then Lisa and Ron got up, dropped their towels and got on the bed as Gloria and I watched them.

It wasn’t long before they were all over each other. I watched my wife with another guy and she was really into it.

“Come on Ron, stick your cock in the whore.” Gloria yelled out laughing.

Lisa was grunting and making moaning noises I never heard from her. “Fuck me Ron. Stick your cock in me. I want Tony to see the slut he married. Fuck me…then shoot your cum all over my tits.

In a second, Ron slid his big cock into my wife’s cunt until it couldn’t go in any further. He started fucking her and she was fucking him back. Her body was writhing in pleasure…her hips rising to meet his thrusts…her tongue was deep inside his mouth, saliva flowing from their mouths.

“Cum on me Ron. Shoot your hot cum on my tits for Tony to see.”

He pulled out his cock, gave it a few jerks and sprayed her tits, face and mouth with his cum. As he finished his spurts, my wife slipped his shrinking cock into her mouth and sucked out whatever cum was left. They both finally finished, exhausted.

I looked at Gloria and said, “I guess us having two double beds are ok and we don’t have to be concerned about fooling around.” isvecbahis giriş And we both laughed.

Gloria and I got up, dropped our towels and headed to the bed. Gloria immediately got my cock in her mouth as I played with her tits and erect nipples. I had to slow her down or I would have filled her mouth with my cum and I wanted my cock in her cunt first.

As we made out, I saw Lisa and Ron watching. I spread Gloria’s legs wide and mounted her and slipped my cock in her wet, waiting cunt. My cock easily went in and we started fucking, knowing we were being watched.

It didn’t take me long before I told her I was going to cum.

Ron yelled out, “Tony, fill her mouth with your cum.”

I pulled my cock out and slipped it in her mouth as she started sucking me hard. In seconds, my cock exploded with streams of cum filling her mouth. As I was cumming, I took my cock head out a bit so our audience could see my cum spurting into her mouth as she swallowed it all.

We lay on the bed exhausted.

After a few minutes, we all looked at each other and smiled and I said, “I think we should call it a night since we will be going hiking tomorrow.”

The girls laughed and Lisa said, “We can go hiking later tomorrow. I would rather continue what we were doing.”

Gloria said, “Yeah. Fuck hiking. I’d rather stay in the cabin and fuck the whole weekend with you guys & Lisa.”

Lisa looked at Gloria and replied, “Are you serious Gloria? You want to fuck me in front of Tony!”

Gloria looked at all of us and smiled and said, “Lisa, I’ve wanted to fuck you from day one. I bet your husband would like to see you with a woman. Right Tony?”

I looked at her and then Lisa and replied, “That would be up to Lisa. That never came up with us but I’m ok with it if she wants to.”

“What do you say Lisa? Want me to make love to you in front of the guys?”

Lisa looked at me and Ron and then said, “Tony doesn’t know Gloria.”

I said, “What don’t I know?”

Lisa said, “Tony, before we go further, I have something to tell you & please don’t be mad at me.”

“Ok, so tell me. I promise not to get mad.”

“Gloria and I have been fucking each other ever since we met. Ron even watched us one time when he caught us. I didn’t know what you would say.”

“Wow…My wife has a lot of secrets…tell me more.”

Lisa told her story, “One day Gloria and I were shopping for bathing suits and we were in the dressing room, naked, when I felt Gloria’s hands cupping my tits from behind. I turned to her and we kissed. I found myself enjoying the moment and spread my legs as she slipped her fingers in my cunt. I came immediately. We left and went to her house where we were having sex when Ron came home and caught us. I wanted to run out but they calmed me down and Ron said he liked what he saw and for us to continue. He sat in a chair as Gloria and I continued until we both had orgasms. In the meantime, Ron jerked off, then left.”

Lisa continued, “After Gloria and I did it a few times, she told me that her friend, Diane, would like to join us and asked me if she could. I loved it so much I told her that it would be fine. So, We wound up doing threesomes and I loved it.”

“Wow. My wife likes women. I’m ok with that babe. It’s fine but you should have told me. I still love you.”

We then hugged and kissed.

Then Gloria said, “Tony, you are a lucky man. Lisa is terrific in every way.”

Gloria continued, “Would you guys be ok with me calling Diane and inviting her and her husband up for the rest of the weekend?”

Lisa looked at me with her sad blue eyes and I told Gloria it would be ok with me & Ron said it would be fine with him. Gloria smiled and called Diane and invited them up and Diane said they would come.

For the rest of the night we all shared each other and I got to see my wife with another women and it was an incredible sight.

We all fell asleep in a pile of nakedness covered in cum and juices.

We all got up in the morning and started the day fucking and swapping. It was almost 10:00 a.m. before we got our act together and waited for Diane & her husband. We didn’t even dress, just had towels wrapped around.

Just as we were going to have lunch, Diane & her husband arrived.

Gloria welcomed them in and introduced everyone. Diane introduced her husband, Bob, to us and he seemed like a nice guy.

Over lunch we chatted about the weather and the weekend trip. Then Gloria said, “Diane & Bob, this weekend started out as a getaway to relax and commune with nature for us. However, it escalated to a more intimate trip and we thought you two would be interested in participating with us. That is up to you.”

Diane replied, “I am guessing that Gloria has told you about the three of us getting together, so that isn’t an issue. Bob knows all about them. My only question is, would the guys be ok with Bob fucking their wives?”

Ron replied, “I have already watched Gloria getting fucked by Tony and Tony has watched his wife being fucked by me, so that isvecbahis güvenilirmi should answer your question.”

Diane & Bob smiled and shook their head in approval.

Lisa then said, “Why don’t you guys get comfortable and join us in the hot tub out on the deck. No need to put anything on.”

It wasn’t long before they joined us naked in the hot tub. Diane had a great body with full tits and a smooth pussy. Bob had a toned body and had a nice thick cock, thicker than mine or Ron’s.

As we enjoyed each other’s company I couldn’t help but think about what happens next for me and Lisa. How far is far enough and how does it impact our married life and love for each other. I convinced myself that it’s just sex and not love and there is no harm to our relationship. I guess this weekend will be the test and when we get home, we will iron things out. I’m the meantime, it’s pleasure time.

As we basked in the hot tub, Bob and Gloria got together as did Ron & Diane. Lisa and I started playing with each other as we watched them.

In a short time, Bob made his move on Lisa and soon my wife and a complete stranger were having passionate kisses…tongues in each other’s mouth, their saliva oozing down and onto Lisa’s nipples which were now being sucked by Ron & Diane.

My wife was now the center of everyone’s attention and their living sex toy. After a few minutes, we got out of the hot tub and headed to the bed. Lisa laid on the bed while I watched the four of them do everything they wanted to Lisa who was really enjoying them.

I had mixed emotions as I saw my wife spread naked with each nipple being sucked, a cock in her mouth and a cock in her cunt. Lisa was making noises I never heard from her…

Then I heard the guys say they were going to cum. In seconds, one guy was ready to cum. I yelled out, “Bob, cum in her cunt. She’s safe.” Then he shot his cum into Lisa’s cunt and then Ron pulled his cock head a little out of her mouth and his cum started streaming into her mouth, making sure I could see each spurt of cum filling her mouth as my wife was swallowing it all.

As soon as the guys finished, Gloria mounted Lisa and rubbed her pussy into Lisa’s until they had orgasms. Then Diane mounted Lisa and rubbed their counts together until they both had orgasms.

My wife just laid there, legs spread, juices and cum flowing out of her cunt. It was a sight…as she fell asleep.

A few hours later, it was time for dinner and we all showered and dressed and headed out to a restaurant.

I was surprised that my usual conservative wife wore a see through blouse with no bra. Her tits clearly visible. I have to admit I liked her new look and was proud of seeing her like that. I then realized that I did actually like my wife’s exhibitionism and her sexual coming out. I was also ok with her enjoying sex to the max, knowing it was just sex, nothing more.

At dinner we all chatted and I said, “You guys were terrific today, all of you, especially my wife, Lisa. And if it’s ok with Lisa, I would like the four of you to use my wife in every way possible for tonight and tomorrow until it’s time to go home.”

Lisa looked at me and smiled.

Gloria said, “So Tony, you enjoyed what we did to your wife today?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Lisa, did you enjoy yourself today?”

“Oh, yes I did… especially knowing Tony was watching.”

“You want an encore tonight Lisa?”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

“Tony, are you ok with Lisa being our sex slave from now on? You ok with us owning your wife for whatever sexual pleasures we want?”

“Yes, I am. I give my wife to the four of you for whatever pleasures you want from her.”

Lisa looked at me and said, “Hon, are you sure? You want them to use me for whatever sexual activities they want?”

“Yes. You seem to enjoy pleasing them, so, yes.”

“I don’t know if I am ready for that.”

“Can we discuss the parameters later before I commit Lisa to you?”

Ron said, ” Sure. We all would feel better if we had guidelines. Tonight before we start.”

We finished dinner and drove back to the cabin.

As we sat around having some wine, Gloria said, “Let’s set the guidelines.”

Ron started, “First, it will just be the six of us, nobody else. Second, ‘No, means No’. Third, No pain. Fourth, There must be adequate notice for any activity and there are No ‘one on ones’ unless approval from a majority is obtained beforehand.”

Gloria added, “No clothes are to be worn at any point in time when we are together.”

Lisa and I looked at each other and nodded an approval.

Diane added, “Can we take photos and videos?”

I responded, “Yes, but the original photos and videos stay with us.”

We all agreed and it didn’t take long before the six of us were naked and heading to the beds, which we put together so it was one huge bed.

Naked bodies were played with and felt. I saw Lisa get on all fours as Ron slipped his cock in her cunt from behind. Gloria and Diane were underneath Lisa, each one sucking on a nipple. Bob had his cock in her mouth and Lisa had my cock in her hand.

It definitely was a sight. Ron was the first to say he was cumming and filled Lisa’s cunt with cum. Bob then filled Lisa’s mouth with his cum and Lisa jerked me off and my cum landed on her tits and the girls faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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