My True Story

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This is something I must get off my chest.

I am a black man aged 30 and I have the occasional gay session with strange men.

My friends think I am one of the lads but if they knew what I did in my spare time when I am horny they would be surprised.

I have a lovely girlfriend , but no one gives a good blow job like a man.

My most recent experience was about one month ago.

I met some man in a chat room on AOL.

We cybered for a while. then I called him. I found out he was much older than me. His name was Phil and mine is Paul. He told me how he went to sex orgies where up sixty men had safe sex with each other. This got my cock hard in my jeans as he spoke. He was on the highway in his car while we were talking and it was too late for us to meet up that night. So we arranged to meet two days later.

I could not wait. I kept thinking about this older experienced man doing things to me. I have never been fucked up the ass properly so I wanted him to do it for me.

I kept calling him in the two days that led up to our meeting. He is a nurse so he worked shifts. This is the second male nurse I have met like this.

I did not masturbate in the two days that led up to our meeting.

Anyway the big day came . I called him on his cell phone and we agreed to meet in a layby on the highway, from there we would drive back to his house.

He gaziantep suriyeli escort turned up as planned.

He was wearing blue denim jeans and a white t – shirt . He was very lady like. I could see that he had a big cock because his jeans were tight around his hips and ass.

We made a quick getaway from the layby back to his place.

I wonder what the truck driver waiting behind was thinking as we drove off? Who knows maybe he was waiting for some hot man too.

Anyway after driving for what seemed like ages we got back to his place.

He lived on a small farm in a mobile home.

Once inside we both discussed what we were going to do as if it was some sort of business transaction. I felt a little bit uneasy in the mobile home to be honest.

Anyway he purred me a stiff wi sky which I downed quickly.

I asked him to put on one of his gay videos to get me in the mood.We watched this video with some sailor boys wanking off. Some of the boys were fucking anal as well.

I then held Neil in my arms from behind him and I kissed his next like a woman would.

He told me to get undressed and I started to take my top off then my jeans.

He stripped down to his pants and I could see his cock bursting off the small white pants he was wearing.

By this time I was completely naked.

He took my black cock into his mouth and started to suck me off. I wanted to put a condom on but I thought this was reasonably safe so I just held my head back in pleasure as he sucked me off. I am getting hard just typing this.

This carried on for some time . I then lowered my face into his groin and placed a flavored condom on his cock before I started to suck him off.

I did this sucking until I got tired. My jaw began to ache.

Then he took me to his bedroom. It was heated so it was nice.

We got to business. He gave me something to sniff which put me at ease. It was called poppers or rush. I was on cloud nine by this stage. He started to lick my ass crack which I liked very much. This carried on for a while . I placed another condom on his hard 7 inch cock and started to suck him off again.

This was interrupted by him saying “do you want me to fuck you now?” . And you can guess, I said yes please. I said “you can talk dirty to me as well , I don’t mind even if you call me black boy etc , I will not mind”.

I could feel him smearing some KY jelly around my crack. I had to sniff some of that thing again to be at ease , as he was now forcing his finger in my tight ass . I just laid face down on the bed enjoying it . I could feel more fingers going in me and tears started to run down my face.

I thought “what am I doing here with this strange man?” but to be honest I loved it .

The fingers were pulled out , slowly then he asked me if I was ready and I said yes just fuck me please. He put a strong condom on which I checked to be safe. It was painful has he tried to force his 7 inch cock into my tight ass. Oh it was so painful. I don’t do this very often . He was finally in . I just lay there as he slowing fucked my black ass. “If my girlfriend could see me now” I thought to my self.

Me in the passive state being screwed by a man. In and out , in and out he banged me real good. I was begging to loosen up slow as I sniffed more of that poppers stuff.

My face was still facing down with my ass up in the air for Neil to fuck , which he did real good.

I think I was literally crying at this stage.

His pace began to get faster , so I figured he was coming. He continued fucking my black ass and for some reason did not ejaculate . He just continued to fuck me as if there was no tomorrow.

After 45 minutes of pure ecstasy I felt his muscles stiffen up and he went with more speed now. “Joy” I thought as he was emptying his cum into the condom with his cock buried in my not so tight ass.

After he pulled out I wiped my ass with my hand and it was all greasy . I went to the toilet to wipe myself off.

As I was in the toilet I looked at myself pleasingly in the mirror and smiled as my cock regained its stiffness which it had not really lost.

I then returned to the bedroom to find Neil laying face down across the bed.

To Be Continued…

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