My Toy

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“Welcome home Daddy,” Mary said, handing me a vibrator before she turned around pulling up her skirt and bending over. I pushed the vibrator into her pussy turning it on before removing the butt plug replacing it with my cock.

I smiled as I fucked her ass, I never imagined that I would have my own little fuck toy, but that all changed a couple of years ago when my wife decided to return to work once the children started school.

Sandra took a few years off work when we decided to have a family, a few turned into 10 years and 3 children later. When our youngest started school Sandra decided it was time to resume her career as an accountant. She had kept her qualifications up to date over the years and with some intense study she got herself to a position to start work again in her old firm.

After resuming it didn’t take long until she was working her way back up in the firm, extra responsibilities and extra hours. It was then that Sandra suggested that we needed someone to help around the house with cleaning, looking after the kids. My own job requires me to be on call 24/7 and have anything but regular hours, I agreed.

We contacted several agencies, after receiving some initial information we cut the number of possibilities to 6 and arranged to have interviews with each of them. From their credentials they were all excellent candidates, now it was up to them to present themselves to us, we did have one special condition which may rule some or all of them out, we wanted the person to live with us, to be available day and night for the children Monday to Friday, they would have weekends off.

We have a granny flat, fully fitted out with kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, adjoining the house and that will be her quarters.

We did the interviews over several days, the first two girls weren’t interested in living with us, the third girl Debbie, if I was going to have an affair it would have been her – blonde, tall, big tits, round firm ass. Her presentation was perfect and we were both impressed how she came across, only issue was she just wanted to do it for 12 – 18 months to save money for travelling overseas. The next girl ruled herself out not wanting to live with us, then it was Mary’s turn. Mary was skinny, about 4 foot 9 or so, her breast small but perky, her ass was small and firm. She had just moved to town are completing a child care course and couldn’t find work, she was keen in making it a long term career and being new in town living with us was ideal. Her presentation was excellent and we found her very engaging to talk with, Sandra felt she was perfect. The final girl Rachel was also an excellent candidate but Sandra had made her mind up, Mary got the job.

Mary had several responsibilities within our household from Monday to Friday. The main being of course the children, she was expected to prepare them for school, taking to and picking them up from school, helping with homework, playing with them and putting them to bed.

She was also responsible for cleaning the house and preparing meals as both Sandra’s and my hours are long and irregular.

On weekends she was free to do what she wanted.

Sandra wanted to make weekends our special time with the children and we would take them out together and Sandra would prepare the family meals.

As the weeks passed Mary became more and more part of our family, Sandra even included her in many of our activities, even an occasional day out with us on a weekend.

I also found when I was at home during the day she would spend a lot of time with me and would regularly make me coffees and lunch. She also dressed more casually during the day, when Sandra and the children were around she was always well presented wearing slacks and a blouse, or a full length dress. But as soon as they are gone she changed into shorts and a t shirt or her bikini.

As I said she didn’t have the body that would make you stop in the street and stare at her but it was still a pleasant sight watching her wearing very little.

My relationship with Mary changed following a late night at work. It was on a Friday, I did my normal day shift getting home about 6pm, I don’t work Friday nights to give me a free weekend with the family but this Friday we had a major issue and at 10pm I got an emergency call. It was nearly 6am by the time I got home.

We had planned to go to the beach with a couple of girlfriends of Sandra’s and their children. Sandra decided to go and leave me at home to get some sleep, I was quite glad not just because I was tired but I knew that the outing would end up with me watching 6 children while the women sat around gossiping.

It was just after midday when I got up, it was quiet around the house, I put on my swimmers with the intention of a lazy afternoon beside the pool.

I was standing in the kitchen staring out the window as I drank my coffee when Mary walked out of the guest house with a towel wrapped around her, I assumed that she was going for a swim. As she walked toward the isvecbahis yeni giriş house I was about to tap on the window and give her wave when she pulled the towel off dropping it on to a sun lounge.

She stood there naked facing the window, I’m guessing she thought no one was home and was going to do some sunbaking, she obviously couldn’t see me standing there.

The sight of a naked 23 year old was very arousing, as my eyes wandered over her body my cock grew hard in my pants. She looked gorgeous with her long hair falling over her shoulders, her small perky tits sticking out with sweet little nipples, her smooth, flat stomach and a perfectly trimmed triangle of red hair sitting on the mound above her pussy. She turned around giving me a view of her pert little ass as she sat down on side of the lounge.

She then proceeded to apply sunscreen, leaning forward she stretched out her legs drizzling sunscreen along the front of them before spreading it, her hands moving up and down, her little tits bouncing with her movement. She sat up leaning back sticking her chest out, she drizzled sunscreen on her tits then slowly spread it over them and her stomach, she then laid down on her back on the lounge.

I suddenly realised I’ve been standing here for 30 minutes staring at Mary with a raging boner, I wanted to jerk off but was also concerned that Sandra and the kids could come home earlier than usual since I wasn’t with them. I needed to get Mary to put some clothes on.

Mary seemed to be asleep as I walked towards her, a thought suddenly crossed my mind, it’s not everyday a naked girl is lying in the garden, a couple of photos on the phone first then I’ll wake her up. I quietly walked around her taking a lot of photos.

Leaning over her I touched her shoulder, she jumped and quickly tried to cover herself with her hands.

“Mary you can’t be lying around naked, if the children should see you, ” I said “Sandra will be livid.”

“Shit, sorry David, I feel asleep,” Mary said panic in her voice as she twisted her around looking for Sandra and the children.

“It’s alright, they aren’t home yet, but this is very serious, it could have been them, you just can’t assume how long we will be out,” I said.

“I’m so sorry David, please I do anything, I don’t want to lose my job, I love it here, I love the children, please David, please,” she begged.

I stood up, towering over her, I could see her eyes drift toward my crotch, I still had an erection, not quite as pronounced as earlier but still obvious.

“Go put your clothes on now Mary, they could be home any minute, then I’ll think about what happens next,” I said heading to the other sun lounge and lying down.

“Yes Daddy,” she mumbled.

Did I hear her right, did she just say Daddy, no I must have misheard, I’m not concentrating, too busy thinking about her naked body.

Mary returned a few minutes in her bikini, she had brought me a beer, she sat on the edge of the lounge, “Please David, it won’t happen again, please don’t fire me,” she begged, her eyes again drifting to my erection.

Her hand brushed my cock as she stood up and moved to the other lounge, this time lying on her front. I laid there looking a her, my eyes trailing along the curve on her body, the graceful slope from her shoulders to the small of her back, then the gentle rise over her ass, and falling to her thighs and along her legs. There was no way my boner was going away soon.

I heard the car pull into the garage, time to cool off, I jumped into the pool and swam a few laps. I stopped as the children rushed out, glancing to Mary’s lounge she was gone as was my boner for the moment. I climbed out greeting my family.

The next week I was working nights, Monday morning saw me lying in bed while the rest of the house went about getting ready for their day. When the house fell quiet I got my phone flicking through the photos of Mary as I stroked my cock until I came.

After my shower I went downstairs, Mary was at the sink washing up, “Good morning Mary,” I said.

Mary froze, “I’m having a coffee, can I make you one also?” I asked.

“Yes thank you David,” Mary said softly.

She was wearing her shorts today and her ass was looking particularly gorgeous. I sat at the table sipping my coffee, staring at her ass, when she finished the dishes she turned around. I didn’t try to hide the fact I was staring at her, I kept staring just moving my eyes between her tits and crotch.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Saturday, actually I couldn’t get the images of her naked body out of my mind, as I looked at her I didn’t see her in clothes but I was looking at her naked body, it was making me hot and hard.

“We need to talk about Saturday,” I said.

“I’m sorry David it will never happen again,” Mary said.

“It’s not that, it was something you said,” I said.

Mary stood there with a puzzled look on her face.

“You called me something, can you remember what it was?” I asked.

She isvecbahis giriş stood thinking for a moment, then a smile crossed her face, her cheeks turned red. “I think so,” she said.

“Tell me,” I said.

“Daddy,” Mary said.

I smiled.

I was 45 she was 23, I was old enough to be her father but that was not the Daddy image I got when she said it.

“Do you like me calling you Daddy?” Mary asked walking towards me smiling.

God she was looking sexy, “Why do you want to call me Daddy?” I asked.

She stood thinking, “I want a Daddy to tell me what to do, I liked the way you told me to get dressed on Saturday.”

“And would you obey your Daddy, be a good girl for him?”, my cock was rock hard, I was just about to pull it out and feed it to her when the phone rang.

It was the office, I had to answer it. “Yes alright, no I understand it’s an emergency, I’ll be there in 10”.

“I need to go Mary, bring me a coffee tomorrow morning and we’ll continue this conversation,” I said.

“Yes Daddy,” Mary said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

By the time I got home from work everyone else was home also, they were having dinner as I walked into the kitchen.

“Looks kids Daddy’s home,” Mary said with a smile.

I gave Sandra a kiss and said hello to the children, I gave Mary a scowl as I greeted her.

Next morning there was the usual early morning bustle as everyone got ready for their day, by 8.30am the house was peacefully quiet. I reached for my phone and flicked through Mary’s photos, my dick growing.

I didn’t hear Mary get home, it wasn’t until my bedroom opened that I knew. I was still looking at her photos, admiring every inch of her body, I also knew that my erection would be obvious.

“Good morning Daddy,” the words singing from Mary’s lips as she pranced into my bedroom. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the raised sheet from my erection.

“What are you doing girl, bring me my coffee,” I said, seeing Mary in her family clothes made me remember her greeting at the dinner table last night. She can’t do that again.

“Why haven’t you changed?” I asked.

“What?” Mary asked me with a blank look on her face.

“You always take those clothes off to do your chores, why haven’t you taken them off today?” I asked.

“I wanted to bring you your coffee as soon as I got home,” she said, a puzzled look on her face.

“Take them off,” I told her.

“What?” she said.

“Are you deaf or just stupid, take your clothes off now,” I told her.

Mary put down my coffee then slowly remove her blouse letting it fall to the ground, she then took off her slacks leaving them on the ground also. She wasn’t wearing a bra and only had a pair of skimpy panties on.

“God your useless today, pick your clothes up and fold them neatly, you need to put them on again later,” I told her.

I watched as she picked her clothes up, neatly folded them and place them on our dresser.

“Come here,” I said pointing to the side of the bed.

She walked over, standing on the spot I indicated.

I was sitting upright in bed as I stared at hear, I could see she found the silence unsettling.

“You have been very naughty,” I stared at her letting it sink in before continuing, “You’ve been disrespectful, irresponsible and that nonsense at the dinner table was totally unacceptable.”

She just stood there, staring at me, I could see a tear running down her cheek.

“Don’t just stand there crying like a baby, do you have anything to say?” I asked.

“No,” she mumbled.

“No what?” I shouted.

She jumped, “No, Daddy.”

“Good girls deserve treats, naughty girls deserve punishment, lie across my lap,” I said.

She hesitated for a moment then lay across the bed, my cock was still hard and pressed against her through the sheet, I positioned her body putting her ass in a good position to spank it.

“Now for a few rules,” I said as I rubbed her ass cheeks.

“Whenever we are alone you must finish ever sentence with Daddy and preferably yes Daddy,” I said as I gave her a hard smack on the ass.

“Do you understand?” I asked as I delivered another smack.

“Yes Daddy,” Mary said.

Each smack brought a flinch from her body and a squeal from her mouth, and I wasn’t finished yet.

“Whenever we are alone you must wear a short dress and no underwear,” another smack.

“Do you understand?”, I asked with another smack. Her ass was starting to go a nice red colour.

“Yes Daddy,” she whimpered.

“I didn’t hear you,” I said as I delivered another smack.

She all but shouted “Yes Daddy.”

“You must always wear your hair in a single or double ponytail”, I said smacking her again.

“Yes Daddy,” she said.

I smiled as I got ready to tell her my next rule, “You will never, ever refer to me as Daddy in front of the family,” I said with a smack.

“Yes Daddy,” Mary said, I smiled she is learning.

“You will never act flirtatious isvecbahis güvenilirmi or seductively in front of the family,” I said, no smack this time.

“Yes Daddy,” she purred as my hand now gently rubbed her ass,

“Remember your purpose is to please and pleasure Daddy, and your pain can also give Daddy’s pleasure,” I said.

“Yes Daddy,” she said.

“Look after Daddy and Daddy will look after you,” I said.

“Yes Daddy,” Mary said.

I lifted Mary off the bed and pulled the sheet down, my cock still erect.

Mary looked at me, I nodded, she got on her knees beside the bed taking my cock in her mouth. She slowly sucked my cock, it was growing harder in her mouth, I put my hand on her head, pushing it down, forcing my cock down her throat, making her gag. Grabbing a handful of hair I began pumping her head up and down, faster and faster, she was choking on my cock, salvia pouring out of her mouth over me. I felt the first throb of my cock and rammed her head down against my body, my cock throbbing as I pumped cum down her throat, she was coughing, gagging on my cum and cock, but I didn’t lift her head up until I finished.

Tears streamed down her face, cum and salvia cover her mouth and chin, my cock was also covered and the sheet under my body was wet. Climbing off the bed I wiped my cock and balls with the top sheet.

Mary was still on her knees, “I’m going for a shower, wash the bedding and clean yourself up,” I said.

When I next saw Mary she was wearing a dress, it was longer than I would have liked. “Do you have a shorter dress Mary?”

“No Daddy,” she said.

“Well tomorrow I will take you to the shops,” I said.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said.

Next day I arranged to meet Mary at the mall once she dropped the kids at school, I was sitting outside the dress shop as she walked around the corner wearing her slacks and blouse, her hair plaited into a long ponytail.

“Good morning Daddy,” Mary said as she kissed me on the cheek.

“Good morning Mary, shall we,” I said taking her arm and leading into the shop.

I was wanting something short, I wanted to see plenty of ass and tit. The challenge was Mary was also small and the smallest ladies clothes still covered her. I took her to the children wear section and selected a couple of outfits, holding them up against her they would only just reach from tit to ass, perfect. Leading her to the change room I pick a couple of adult dresses, something still short and tight, but something I could take her outside in.

“Try these on first,” I said handing her the adult clothes, “And then these, tell me before you do.”

“Yes Daddy,” Mary said taking the clothes and going to the change room.

I frowned, that’s twice she called me Daddy in public, not good.

As in retail now days first thing in the morning there is only one shop assistant on and she is usually too busy to see what is going on every where at once, so when Mary waved to me that she was about to try the children wear on I was able to sneak into the changeroom.

As I stepped into the cubicle Mary was standing in front of the mirror, trying to adjust her dress. pull it down to cover her ass and pussy her tits pop out, pull it up to cover her tits her ass and pussy were on display. Perfect I thought, my cock growing hard as I watched her.

She was getting frustrated, taking off the first dress she tried the second, same problem. Standing there she stared at herself, tits half out, pussy showing, “They’re too small Daddy.”

I stepped up behind her, I moved one hand around her cupping her breast, my other hand sliding along her ass between her legs to her pussy. I leant over nibbling her neck and shoulder as I played with her, she let out a moan as I pushed my finger inside her.

“Are you alright madam,” a voice said from outside, “Is there anything I can help you with?”.

I fingered her pussy faster, squeezed her tit harder, “Answer her,” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes, no I’m fine thank you,” Mary spluttered out, trying to control herself and not moan again.

“Alright, let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you,” Mary replied.

She was getting wetter, her breathing getting faster and heavier, she was getting close to an orgasm. I stopped, she looked at me in the mirror, her eyes begging me to finish her off.

“Get dressed,” I said.

I glanced out of the cubicle, all clear, I quickly turned around grab her panties and stepped outside.

Mary got dressed and came over to me, I took the clothes and headed to the counter to pay for them

Mary needed to know I was in control, denying her an orgasm was part of the process. Watching her discomfort walking around with wet slacks from her pussy was another. Plus it was also punishment for saying Daddy in the wrong place.

When we got home Mary went to her cottage to get dressed, I made myself a coffee while I waited for her to return. I hadn’t decide if I’ll fuck her or just make her give me a head job.

She walked in wearing her new dress, she had decided to cover her pussy showing her tits, she looked slightly nervous, uncomfortable in her new uniform.

“Very nice Mary, can you make me some lunch now?” I said.

“Yes Daddy,” Mary said moving around the kitchen.

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