My sister’s workout part 1 and 2 (Repost)

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Part 1,

My name is Brian. Eighteen years old, I’m a rather tall, almost six foot, and short, dark brown hair that comes down to my ears and dark brown eyes. Cycling and running has kept me in a pretty good shape. I’m not good at school works, I don’t know why, but I never took it seriously. I always hang with my group of friends who doesn’t give a fuck about school, just like me. I’m the loser of my family, I have only one younger sister, and I knew she is doing pretty well comparing to myself.

My sister, two years younger than me is completely different than me, compare to me she is rather small, young girl, about four foot and half, dark hair that comes down to her shoulders and dark eyes. She is not into sports or any kind of physical activity but really good with nerd stuff. Because of that she is little bit chubby. It doesn’t make her unattractive, she is pretty in her own way. She is bit of shy but very friendly once get to know someone. Only problem is her whining about everything that bothers her. It really makes me angry sometimes.

We are not very close to each other. She has her group of friends, like her nerd self and I hang out with my friends. She is good at school works rather than me and my trouble making friends. I barely keep up my studies as most of my friends. As you can see I’m the loser of my family and she is the rising golden star. That didn’t make us close to each other. It didn’t means we fight always, but there is always a wall between us. She is on her nerd mode and I’m being the trouble making douchebag.
As I told you before I like running and cycling. It’s the only thing that keeps me in shape. Every day in the morning I run around our neighborhood park, after that I ride my bicycle to school. It’s my morning routine. I maybe a lazy asshole but I always wake up early in the morning to start my schedule.

One day, right after I came home from school while I was also getting ready to go out with my friends, I heard a knock on my room door. Who the fuck is knocking? I knew my mother never knocked, they don’t give a shit about my privacy. It’s also my fault too. Once I got caught smoking a joint in my room. Since then they invade my room whenever they want. I knew this was my sister, she is the only one that knock, but I was getting ready to go out, so I ignored her.” Fuck off sis “I murmured to myself. But she didn’t give up.
“Bro, you in there? Come on, I need to a talk before you disappear”.
I knew she wants something. I couldn’t remember the last time she called me bro. I heard more knocking. This little brat is going to brake my door.
I quickly put on some clothes and opened the door. “What the hell? Are you trying to break my door? You didn’t give me five dollars yesterday”. I said looking down at her. I could see that she just came home. Wearing her baggie nerd clothes with some books on her hand. I always borrowed money from my sister. She is like my bank that I never pay back. She knew our parents don’t give me enough money because of things I get caught up with. If I bothered her enough I could get some money.

“I had given you more than anyone. You never pay back asshole”.
I never thought she would explode like that. That’s the first time I ever heard her use ‘asshole’. But now I can see her eyes were red, looks like she was crying.
“Hey, calm down Jules. I was just kidding. If mom heard you shouting than she will crawl up in my ass”.
That made her slightly smile. “Come in, don’t shout, okay?” I took her in. She sat on my table silently. I only got one chair in my room, my bed wasn’t in a good position to sit with all my stuff from school on it.
“Okay, tell me, what do you want from me? Don’t tell you want a joint”. I joked. I know how to cheer her up when I want to.
“I want your bike”. She told me quietly while looking down.
“What the fuck” came out of my mouth. I knew if she told our father she want my bike, I can say my precious bike goodbye. I just lost control. I saw her eyes become tearful again. If she cried in my room than it’s a complete clusterfuck.
“Ok ok don’t cry here Jules. I’m sorry I lost my temper”. She is still looking down. “Tell me why do you want my bike? Girls don’t ride bikes”.
“Today Britney embarrassed me in front of our whole class, she told me I will look like a farm cow in two years”. She said leaking teardrops from her eyes. I actually felt sorry for her. She is little bit chubby but I don’t think she is out of shape. I knew she get bullied sometime, I stopped some boys a while back, but how can I stop girls? I sat beside her and put my arm on her shoulder.
“Don’t cry… You are not that bad… but cycling won’t put you in shape Jules”. I comforted her. I don’t want to give her my bike. I don’t even give it to my friends. I know I’m a selfish person. “Bu… But I want to lose my weight Liz told me cycling will help”. Liz that is her best friend.
“Then come run with me in the morning. Running can help you to lose your fat ass”. I joked while shuffling her hair. “I can’t run. Running hurt my legs. I won’t even run a hundred meters with you”. She told me with tears leaking from her eyes.
“That’s okay, I will help you if you can’t keep up”. She seemed thinking about it. “Let’s start tomorrow ok? I will wake you up about at six”.
I needed finish this fast to hang out with my friends. She gave a little nod and start walking toward her room. This is fucked up, I don’t want to babysit my sister while I’m running. Hopefully she will forget it tomorrow.
I went out of my house with those thoughts on my head to start my usual schedule. After spending some time with my friends at Jimmy’s place, I came home about nine o clock.

I went through the fridge trying to find something to eat. “Is that you Brian?” I heard my mom’s voice from upstairs. “Who else?” I shouted back.
“Hey I got some pizza for you”. I heard my sister shouting from living room.
“Fuck me… she didn’t forget about running” I thought.

She was laying on couch watching TV in living room with a pizza tray on her lap. I took tray from her while pushing her legs away to make room for me on the couch beside her. She is wearing her nightgown. It’s little big for her, it came pass her knees. I was unaware that I was checking her out. Maybe it’s because of our earlier talk, I got interested on her body. She has nice boobs that’s the first thing I noticed. I can see her bra straps on her nightie. She is little bit chubby but with her cute face she is not that bad looking. Just now I actually started to see her as a girl. Nice handful boobs, cute face, pouty lips. I was in those thoughts when my sister put her legs on my lap.
“What are you looking at?”
“Huh?” I replied like I wasn’t checking her out.
“You were looking at me like I’m some kind of freak”. She replied.
“I was looking at you because of our earlier talk”. I admitted.
“So what do you think?” she asked.
“I don’t know Julie I like the way you are. My little chubby sister” I pinched her cheek. “Ahh… Don’t call me that. I wanna lose my weight” she told me while hitting me with her legs. Actually it felt good to spend some time with her after a long time. I rubbed her legs a little bit and I saw she was going to fall asleep on the couch. I watched TV while longer and got up to hit the bed while waking my sister. She dragged herself to her bedroom half asleep.

Alarm or not I always woke up around 5.45 am. I quickly went to bathroom and got ready for my morning schedule. I heard that my sister was awake too. I went to her door and knocked. “WAIT! Don’t leave, I will be out in a minute”. She shouted.
“Hurry up” I shouted and went outside. After about five minutes, my sister came wearing a lose skirt that comes to her knees and a tight white top, her hair in her usual ponytail. I can see her bra outline and it’s not a sport bra. I knew she didn’t have any gym clothes.
“You are going to run around the neighborhood in those clothes?” I asked.
“What? What’s wrong with them?” She asked innocently.
“No no nothing. Come on, hurry up lets go”. I couldn’t wait any longer.
She started running with me side by side. After a while I can see that she is little bit tired. I slow down a bit for her to keep up.
When we came near the park I can clearly see she is struggling with something. “Hey, what’s wrong? “ I asked.
“I c…an’t. Pl…ease lets rest a while in the park” she is talking while trying to catch her breath. I felt sorry for her. I could see that she was even struggling to stay on her feet without falling. She looked like ran through a shower. Her whole body is dripping wet from sweat. Her tight top was becoming completely see through. I could clearly see her cleavage and her white bra. “Please… let me rest a bit”. Her whining bought me back to reality. “Ahh… yeah let’s go”. I put my arm around her stomach and she put her hand around my shoulder. I guided her to a bench. She dropped to it like she is dead and closed her eyes. Looked like she got drowsy. There weren’t much people around the park this early in the morning. I sat beside her and guide her head to my shoulder. She didn’t open her eyes yet. I was again checking her out without thinking. Her busty body, nice boobs, short skirt I was looking at those without thinking. Sudden movement of her hand brought me back from my fantasy. She is touching her left side of breast slowly. “It hurts”. She whispered without even opening her eyes. “What?” I confused. “My bra straps… It hurt, I think it’s too tight”. She sound concerned. “Then get rid of it”. It came out of my mouth without thinking.
“I can’t in here, people will see”. I can’t even imagine she is considering my advice.
“Please Brian I need to go somewhere private, what will happen if it started bleeding?” she told me with tears in her eyes. There was a private place near the lake, that me and my friends hangout. It’s an old cabin that no one use, other than peoples like me.
“Okay, can you walk?” I looked at her. “What?? I don’t know, can’t you carry me? My legs are burning”. She was now begging.
I put her arms around my shoulder, one of my arm under her legs and lift her. She rest her head on my chest. She seemed so innocent.
It took me about ten minutes to get her to our hideout. We don’t have any furniture in our cabin. Just bunch of old chairs and an old bed.
“Wake up Jules”. She was still drowsier in my arms. I nudge her stomach. She barely opened her eyes. “Are you all right sleepy head?” I asked. “Hmm… Let me down” she said. She sounded better than earlier. I let her down and led her to bed. “I’m sorry Brian I ruined your workout” she apologized. “That’s ok Jules. I won’t lose my sexy body missing one day workout”.
I joked. She smiled slightly. “Is there a mirror here?” She sound concerned. “For what? We don’t use this place for makeup”. I replied. “Yeah I can see what you and your friends use this place for”. She said looking at beer cans and trash around the living room.

“I need to take out my bra I think I cut myself”. That’s when I remembered why we came to this place. If she took out her bra her boobs will be completely see through in her top. I was still starring at her thinking what to say. She will look good enough to eat if she removed her bra and stayed in her wet top. My other head was now hard with those thoughts.

She got up and turned her back to me while sliding her hands under her top. She was trying to remove her bra without taking her top off. She slid her bra to her stomach, turned it around and unsnap it. She threw it to nearby chair but she didn’t turn around to face me. I was busy fondling her ass with my eyes while she was struggling with her bra.
“How bad is it?” I couldn’t wait any longer. She lifted her top around her arms and now I could see her whole naked back side to me. She was so busy checking her boobs.
“I can’t see without a mirror”.
“You can’t see what?” I asked like a complete fool.
“I can’t see under my boobs. Maybe you can check?” She still didn’t turn around.
“Huh? You asking me to check your tits?” I couldn’t believe my ears.
It came out of my mouth like a joke. “What am I not pretty enough to you to look?” She said in her whining voice. Actually this time I got annoyed. Why is she always whining about her body? I grabbed her from shoulders and turned her around to face me. She quickly pulled her top down. I was now rock hard. If she looked down she could clearly see the outline of my tool through my gym short. I was not clearly thinking either with my two heads. One head is angry other one is horny enough to fuck a cow. I caught her arms before she completely pulls her top down.
“What are you doing” she panicked. “What you want me to do. I will show you how much I like looking at you”. While saying I took hold of her arms over her head with my right hand, with other hand I completely took her top off and threw it away. It’s was easy because she is much shorter than me and tired from running. As fast as I let go of her hands she covered her well-developed chest. She looked at me like I was going to rape her. Am I going to rape her? That’s when I thought about what I have done. I fucked up. She was looking at me with her big teary eyes. I felt really bad about my behavior. I forgot that she is my sister. Now I completely fucked up my relationship with her. I was not even hard anymore, looking at her, helpless self, staring at me like I’m some kind of animal. “Please Julie I’m sorry. Don’t look at me like that. I just lost my control for a second, I would never hurt you”. I apologized to her best as I can. I started to walk toward her. She took a step back with fear in her eyes. I dropped to knees in front of her so I can look in to her eyes. “I’m sorry Julie Escort Ankara I would never hurt you. Please… forgive me for losing my temper”. I felt like shit. I nearly raped my sister. My eyes were becoming wet now.
“I’m sorry too for becoming a big pain in your ass today” she whispered.
“You are not a pain to me sweetie. I’m the one who lost my temper”. I replied. She knew that I can’t control my temper sometimes.
I was still looking at her eyes. A tear drop from her eye. She suddenly hugged me in a vice grip. I didn’t know what to do. Hug her back? But she is topples. I can feel her tears dripping in my face. I hugged her back. I kept my hands on her naked back.
“I love you sis and I’m sorry “. I turned her big teary face to me and kissed her nose. I always kissed her nose when we were kids. But somehow when we grew apart I lost that habit. It made her giggle when I did that when we were younger. It brought a small smile to her face. She kissed my cheek. She looked like blushing. It brought me a smile. “What? I love you too”. She said quietly while hiding her face in my neck again.
“You blushed”. I said while holding her in my arms.
“What did you expect? I’m half naked and your thing is trying to drills my stomach”. She whispered to my ear, hugging me tighter. That’s when I felt my cock was full hard and it’s poking her stomach. I tried to get her off me. “Don’t” she whispered. “If I let go of you, you will see my boobs”. I could feel that I’m not the only one hard. I can feel her nipples harder than my cock. I rubbed her back,
“Hey, we need to go, we will be late for school”. I hate to break this moment.
She slowly removed herself from me. Now I was looking at my half naked sister in mini lose skirt. Her face is red as a cherry. She brought her hands to cover her nipples. Her boobs are big and perky, her small hands barely covered them entirely. I could see a red mark of her bra under her left side of her breast. Without even thinking my hand moved to that spot.
“It hurts in there”. She whispered. “Hmm, I can see a red mark”. I told while rubbing under her boob. “Mmm…” she sounded like humming. I guided her to a nearby chair while rubbing her spot. I can see her arms tightening around her boobs. She was clearly turned on. “Remove your hands so I can check better”. I played along. That bought a smile to her face. “Are you sure doctor?” She teased.
Her eyes were closed. She was now rubbing her nipples. I covered her hands with mine. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted to taste her pouty lips. Things that happened today brought us closer to each other than ever. I kissed her right on the lips. She seemed hesitate for a moment. I kept my lips on her without moving or rushing. Finally she started to kiss me too. That’s all I wanted. She opened her mouth to take a breath. It’s like an open invitation from her mouth to my tongue. It’s become very hot after that, our tongues tangling, arms exploring each other’s. I was so busy tasting my sweet little sister’s mouth, I didn’t realize that she had taken my jacket off. Now we were both topless while trying kiss each other to death. I was still kneeling in front of her chair. She put her legs in a vice grip around my waist, arms around my neck while still trying to overpower my tongue. I lifted her like that and try to put myself in her chair. I lost my balance and drop to the floor with my sister still holding to me.
“Awww”. I heard my sister. My forehead hit her forehead. That broke our spell. I heard her giggling. She is still on top of my body. Both without tops, skin to skin and horny as hell.
“I never kissed anyone liked that before”. She broke the silence. She is looking right at my eyes.
“Me neither”. I told cupping her face.

She blushed. She seemed so innocent and cute like that. She was rubbing her hands on my chest while laying on me. I could feel, my cock was right on her crouch. Her loose skirt was on her waist. She had put a small tight pant under her skirt. It came down to her ass cheeks. It’s doing a very poor job holding her big ass. My sister started to move her crouch while rubbing it on my hard cock. She was resting her head on my chest innocently. I looked at my topless sister, her skirt is on her stomach, laying on my body while rubbing herself on my cock. The opening of her cunt was now wet with both of our juices. I began to rub my cock on her pussy best as I can. I wouldn’t last much longer if she kept this up. I let her keep up while my hand move to her breasts. She let our embrace go a bit to move my hands under her body. Her little nipples were hard as rock, I could press them to her chest and roll them around. I was getting so close to shoot my lord on my pants when my sister reacted as an electric current passed through her body, she bit my shoulder with her massive orgasm. It took me off the edge. I shot load after load in to my pants. I could feel her body was shuddering as mine. She was breathing hard trying to catch her breath. I didn’t remember how much time passed like that. We stayed like that for a while.

I lifted my head and looked at my sister. She had fallen asleep on my shoulder. Suddenly I got an idea. I looked around for my jacket. I saw it near my left side. I grabbed it without waking my sleeping beauty. I took my phone and covered her naked body from my jacket, than took a photo of this wonderful moment. I waited till another five minutes passed. We were late for school. I will have to tell a big lie to my parents. I brushed my sister’s hair from her sleeping face and gave kiss to her forehead.
“WAKE UP”. I cupped her beautiful cheeks. “Mmhh…. What?” She got up and sat on my stomach making I wet from her dripping cunt juice. Her hair was messed up, but to me she looked like sexy as hell.
“Where’s my hair band? And my top?” She asked me with her big eyes looking around.
“I got your hairband and bra but do you need your top to go home?” I teased her.
She hit my stomach. “Awww… Ok ok get up I will help you find them”.
She got up and looked around. I saw her top is on a pile of dirt and it didn’t seem clean enough to wear. She was still holding my jacket in her arm. I handed her hairband and bra.
“You keep it”. She threw her bra at me. While tugging her hair.
“What you going home topless?” I asked.
“No… You are…” She put on my jacket while giggling. Going home topples is nothing to me but in my condition, with my cum leaking short is the problem. I saw my sister looking at my crouch.

“Ohh you have to wash that, nobody will see that it’s wet, because of its color”. She told me while checking out my mess.
“Ok smart ass, wait outside I will take a quick dip in lake and come”. I ran outside to the lake.
“Hey!! It’s nearly 7.30″ I heard her scream my father went to work around seven. My mother maybe worried about what happened to us. But she would call if she’s worried.
I took a jump to the lake and washed my short best as I can. Now thinking about the things I did with my little sister I’m getting another hard on. I quickly pulled up my shorts and went to the cabin. My sister was sitting in front of the door talking to someone on my phone. “Yea… I’m feeling well, I will call when we come home”.
“Who is it?” I sat beside her.

“Its mom, I told her that got me drowsy from running and not feeling well enough to go to school today”.
I knew my parents believed anything that comes out of my sister’s mouth.

“She is not at home by the way” she said smiling. It’s like music to my horny cock. I turned her head toward my face and kissed her. I could sense that she needed this just like me. I had never felt like this with any other girl I had been with. She was melting in my arms. “What are we doing Brian?” She asked breaking our kiss. “I don’t know Jules I have never felt like this before with anyone”. I guided her head to my shoulder with a kiss to her head. She kept her head on me for a while. “How many girls have you been with?” She sounded funny. It made me smile. “Why are you smiling? I asked a serious questions. It’s not funny to me”. Did I hurt her feelings? I thought while rubbing her shoulders. I didn’t know what I should tell her. Truth maybe hurt her. I could sense her first time is with me because I never seen her hanging with a boy.
“Some girls, here and there ” I told her.
“Some? How many and what’s their names?” I really didn’t want to have this conversation in this wonderful time. “Just two” It came out of me like a whisper.
“Huh? Who?” She knew I’m not that much famous in school. I knew I had to tell her the truth.
“You remember the two girls that sometime hangout with my friends? Trisha and Ella?”
“Yeah I can remember all jerks in your jerk pack”. She sounded angry.
“It’s not serious, do you know that I drink and smoke with them quite a lot right?”
“Yeah everybody knows what your gang is famous for”. I knew I had let everyone down with my adventures with my friends.
“Once we got pretty wasted at Jimmy apartment. We did some things that actually I feel ashamed now. I can’t remember what happened exactly but I’m pretty sure all three of us fucked those girls that night”.
I had three friends I had known for a while. Jimmy he lives in his own small apartment. He is the money guy. His parents have lots of money. Other one is Joe. We call him fat Joe. Sometimes he comes to run with me. Those two are my closest friends. We got some crazy kids here and there for our drinking sessions.
“That whores, I knew something is off with those sluts”. My sister’s voice brought me back.
“They are not bad, it’s everyone responsibility that night got carried away. Those two still hang with us right?”
I asked my sister. “Yeah I guess, but I will guarantee this. If you want to be with me you can’t be with any other girls”. She told me with her bossy voice. Is she seriously considering this, our relationship?
I was speechless for a second.
“Of course Jules, I won’t lose you over them”. She beamed with my voice. Her smiling, cute face look more kissable now. I give quick kiss to her forehead. I knew if I went to her mouth we won’t stop with just a kiss.

“Let’s go home”. I pulled her to standing position. Her head only comes near my shoulder with me standing. She tried to kiss me, but it landed on my chin. I kept my head straight looking at her struggling.
“You don’t want to kiss me?” She asked innocently. She tried again, I turned my head to land it on my cheek. It made me smile.
“Now you did kiss me twice” I told her laughing.
She hit my stomach hard enough to make me bend over. “Ahh…” I couldn’t finish the sentence her mouth met mine. Now I knew I couldn’t stop. My hand roamed under her jacket as my tongue explored her mouth. I pulled down the zipper and started kissing her neck. She and I both knew where my mouth was going. I bend down while taking her left nipple to my mouth. She was now moaning in to my head. I played with her nipples while my hands busy pulling her skirt down. I stopped my attack and look at her beautiful body in front of me only wearing her tight yoga pants. She turned red and covered her breasts. I pulled her closer to me and lift her like I carried her before.
“Huh… where are you taking me? Put me down”. She panicked. “Brian… no… Don’t… You know I can’t swim”. Now she knew my destination.
“You need to clean up”.
I walked far as I can in to the lake and dropped her screaming body. It’s not deep enough to kill someone. I and my buddies hang here always. She hold on to my neck like a scared cat.
“Calm down sweetie, see you can put your feet on the ground” I let her down till water covered to her neck. She put her legs around my waist, her cunt resting on my bulge.
“It’s cold” she said rubbing her body on me. I knew she is turned on just like me from her rhythm on my cock. She was now grinding herself against me. She was now struggling with my pants, trying to take my cock out. It’s the first time she ever touched it. It’s not a big cock like Rocco’s. It’s about six and half inches. But now my sister was practically sitting on my naked cock, grinding her pussy on it. My hands and my mouth were on her tits this whole time. Pinching, biting, and sucking her nipples. I made my way to her short while she was humping my cock. It didn’t took long her to stop humping, she let go of my waist and I took her short out of the way. I really want to put my cock inside her pussy this time. I knew I can’t stop myself either in this situation. Her arms were around my neck while her head is on my shoulder, moaning like crazy. I aimed my cock to her opening with my hand. I carefully pushed it inside her sweet hole. I felt her arm tightened around my neck as I buried myself fully inside her.
“Ahh… Stop… Don’t move… It hurts…” I heard her yelling. Her legs tightened around my ass. I turned her face from my shoulder and looked at her. Her face was red, eyes looked tear full. I knew I couldn’t stay without moving my cock inside her. It’s throbbing inside her tight walls. But her face looked scared right now.
“Did I hurt you?” What a stupid question to ask. She nod her head slowly.
” Let’s go to shore” I saw my short on water I grabbed it with my left hand, she was still clinging to me, her tight pussy on my cock, legs around my waist, while she was resting her head on my shoulder.
I carried her in to the cabin best as I can, I sat on our old bed still holding her to my body. She was moaning, whimpering while I carried her to the cabin. She started moving her hips on my lap as soon as I sat down. She was now moaning and biting my shoulder while milking my cock. I’m so closed to cum from her grinding.
“Jules I… Will come inside… you…” I made words while moaning. “No… Don’t I’m not on…..” She didn’t get to finish Ankara Escort that sentence, her pussy tightened around my cock with her orgasm, I came like a horse inside her clenching pussy. She moved her head from my shoulder and kissed my lips. I knew that was the greatest moment of my wasted life. I laid on bed holding her.
“Don’t ever leave me”. She said looking into my eyes.
“You know I won’t” I took her into another kiss. We kissed till we both recovered.
My cock was hardening inside her cunt again, this time I took matters to my own hands. I rolled her under me and entered her from behind.
“Ohm… My god… What are you doing to me? “She whimpered while moaning.
“You want me to stop?” I started to pump in to her faster.
“Ahhhhh….. Don’t… Don’t… Stop”. She shout from her ecstasy.
“Don’t stop what?” I slowed down a bit.
“Faster… Please….” she was now begging. I slowed down than before.
“Please… Brian… Fuck me faster…”
Those were the words I was expecting to come out of her sweet little mouth. I never heard her cussing. I pounded in to her as fast as those word left her mouth. Her ass cheeks jiggling under my assault.
“Ohh.. Goood.. Faasterr…”. I couldn’t make sense of what she is saying now.
She was now fully adjusted to my size. She was moaning and withering under my body.
When I thought she was getting close to her orgasm, I touched my fingertips to her nipples and gently rolled them on her chest. Every muscle in her body clenched, including her cunt around my pumping cock at that moment.
I was going to put another load inside her fertile pussy. That thought made me explode inside her with her own orgasm.
It was great. She was not moving except to quiver and shake and yet her cunt muscles milking my cock like her pussy is sucking on it.
I was beginning to worry till she grasped in a tremendous breath and collapsed under me, completely exhausted. I laid beside her and turned her toward me.
“Did I hurt you sweetie?” I asked pulling her closer to me.
“Ahh… Are you crazy? That’s the most wonderful thing I ever did”. She leaned on to my chest. I knew she meant every word of it from the look of her eyes. We stayed like that for a while longer.
I knew we should go home now. I looked around for my short. It’s on the floor beside our bed. Ohh… Shit! I forgot to grab Julie’s pant from the lake earlier. I got up quickly while waking my sister from her peaceful sleep. “Where are you going?” She barely made a sound.
“Stay here, I will come back in a second”.
I pulled my short up while running to the lake. I found her skirt and my jacket on the ground where we started eating each other out earlier, but her pant, I couldn’t find it anywhere on the shore or in lake.
I gave up looking for her pant. At least I found my jacket and her skirt. I went inside after cleaning them from dirt as best as I can.
My sister had got up, she sat on our bed with her legs at her chin to cover her front. She was trying to cover herself up after gaining her senses.
“I thought you left me”. She sound scared.
“You think I will ever leave you?” I asked her standing in front of her.
I tried to get a clear look at her pussy, but I can’t see much with her legs covering her body.
“Give me those” she pointed at my arm smiling.
“Huh? Give what?” I played along hiding clothes behind my back.
“My clothes… you jerk…” I threw her skirt at her. She had to stand up to put it on. I didn’t get a chance to look at her sweet pussy during our love making sessions. She knew I was trying to take a good look at her sweet little cunt.
She stood up on our bed looking straight in to my eyes. I couldn’t see her pussy lips but her front was covered from her growing dark hair. My mouth was watering looking at her. She pulled her skirt up to break my spell. I handed her my jacket, while walking toward door. I heard her putting it on and coming after me. It’s past eight now. We walked silently toward our home busy in our own thoughts.
About half way to our home, I couldn’t take this distance between us any longer, so I put my hand around her waist to pull her closer. We were walking hip to hip on our way home.
“You know something Brian?” She broke the silence.
“Huh?” I looked at her grinning face. What’s so funny? I thought.
“I think I can lose my weight faster if we keep up this workout every day”. She told to me looking at my grinning face, giggling brighter than ever.


“Brian, what happen? You guys at home?”
“Yeah, We are here..”
“I’m gonna be late, Look after your sister, okay? Don’t leave her alone”.
“I know , I know, She is not a kid by the way..”
As soon as we came home, I called my mother to tell about what happened. Actually I told bunch of lies, that we discussed on our way home. My sister told me, mom went to the hospital to visit our neighbour Janet. They are a young couple that moved here a while ago. Janet was pregnant, she had a baby last night.
Julie went to take a shower as soon as we set foot in to our house. She told me , She feel very tired and got a headache. I knew she want some privacy, So I went to our parent’s room to wash my self. After I finished cleaning my self, I found a clean pant and a t-shirt.’ I need something to eat’. I could hear my stomach grumbling. There’s not much in the kitchen for my taste. I made some sandwiches best as I could from the things I found, I left two for Jules. She was still taking her shower.
It was enough for me to fill my hunger, I laid on couch, thinking about the things we did. I can still feel her smell, soft body,
‘i fucked her twice, no no not twice, I made love to her first, second time I fucked her brains out’. In those thoughts I drifted in to sleep in our living room.
I felt someone nudge my shoulder, “mmm… What?” I barely opened my eyes, it was mom, she was smiling, looking at me.
“Huh?” What’s so funny? I can’t remember the last time she smile at me.
That’s when I felt my someone was sleeping against me on the couch. Her head on my shoulder, one leg around my waist, a hand wrapped on my neck. I don’t know how she came here without waking me up. She looked so innocent and pretty, Only wearing one of my father’s old shirt, long enough to cover her sweet little body. Mom put a finger to her mouth to tell me not to make a noise.
Suddenly my phone started to ring. Fuck it, that’s enough to woke up my sister. She lifted her head , half asleep , without even opening her eyes , she dragged her self up to kiss me right on the mouth. I knew what was happening. I turned my head to land it on my cheek. She was trying to find my mouth while dragging her lips on mu cheeks.
Our mother’s laughter, woke up my sister completely. She turned herself around to look at our mother with her shocked face, “awwww…” She fell on her ass. It made me and mom laugh harder.
“Cut it out.. Jerk!, You pushed me” She stood up, while massaging her ass with one hand.
“What got in to you two? I haven’t seen you two like that ever”
“That’s because I made love to her today”. Its the answer that popped in to my head.
“Nothing, I wanted the couch, but this jerk was already on it…” My sister was bubbling words while blushing.
“Is that so?” Mom can see her blushing red face too. She didn’t seem angry. She was smirking. She touched my sister’s head to check temperature.
“its hot , your head hurt?”.
” Yeah.. A little.. ” she sat beside me answering our mother. ” Move your legs” she pushed me to make a room for her ass.
“okay okay stop whining.. ” I sat beside her. I knew I have to answer some shit now.
“No more, morning workout with your sister, all right?”. Mom was on her bossy mode now.
“But.. She is.. “
“No No I don’t want to listen to any of your excuses”. She cut me off.
“But.. Mom.. I need it.. He is just trying to help..” .
“You can go now Brian, I wanna talk with your sister alone..”. I hate her bossy self. Sometimes she is very kind and funny. But now I knew I couldn’t do much. I grabbed my phone and went upstairs.
Who called earlier? I checked. Ahh this asshole, I dialed back.
“Where have you been? Mother fucker…” Its Jimmy.
“My sister got ill, asshole”
“What? is she pregnant ? Maybe it’s mine”. Stupid fuck knew how to get on my nerves.
“Pregnant my ass… Why the fuck you called earlier?”
“Me and our fat fuck, waited for your ass at school.. Because you didn’t show up now we are at my office”
“What office asshole?”
“Just shut the fuck up and come to my father’s service station”. He cut the line.
I ran downstairs, my mother still talking to my sister. I rode my bike as fast as I can to Jim’s office. We worked for his father on our summer vacations couple of times at his service station. I don’t know what’s Jimmy and joe doing there. Did his father give it to him? He always helped his father with his business, Because his mom passed away when he was young.
I pulled my bike into the service station. Its a very profitable business. They always had lot of customers. He is lucky , one day he is gonna own this shit.
” Hey Fuckface! Come here..”. Joe was waiting for me at the office door.
“What’s up dude?” I slapped his shoulder.
“Lets go inside, you going to be one lucky fuck..” He said pulling me inside. Jim was in there, on manager’s seat, with his boots on the table while smoking a cigarette.
“Mother.. Fuck.. Did your father give it to you?”
“Sit down.. And listen” I sat on the chair in front of him. “My father caught these fuckers had been stealing from us this whole time.. Now both manager and supervisor is in court. They won’t work here again ever”.
“We are fucking rich than? You won’t forget us right?”
“Let me finish asshole… I’m the temporary manager. I can make it permanent if I do a good job here. I expect you to be my supervisor”.
“Aww.. Man.. Really? Why me? I got no experience”.
“Because I trust you asshole.. Not like that thieving Fatfuck behind you.. And you can drop out of school without a problem, right?”
I knew it’s a lot to take in. Joe cant take the job because his parents won’t let him cut the school. He is the only one good at school works in our little gang.
“Yeah I can, but its a big responsibility. I don’t know if I can do it”
“That’s okay bro.. I will teach you.. Stay with me till evening.. ”
“I will … You wanna thank you kiss?” I leaned on to him.
“Get the fuck out of my face you gay fuck… Kiss that fat asshole..” He pushed me away.
Me and Joe went outside laughing at Jimmy. “I’m gonna sneak into school, are you coming?”.
“nah.. I got a job now”.
“By the way, Is she pregnant?”.
“Are you crazy ? You sick fat fuck”. I pushed him away from me.
We said our goodbyes, I turned back to Jimmy’s office. We worked there till about six. It’s not really a new experience because we worked in there every summer. His father came at evening and gave us a big speech about our responsibility. He had known me since I was a kid, also he knows my parents very well. Jimmy had spent most of his time in our home when we were younger because he lost his mother.
After work, I rode my bike home completely exhausted. On my way home I saw Liz walking toward our neighbourhood. She was carrying a bag with her. It was probably school works for my sister. I stopped beside her.
” Hey babe, wanna ride?”. She knew me very well. I teased her whenever I can get away with it, I enjoyed making her nervous. She is always a shy little girl. She blushed and looked at me speechless.
“Nope.. I will walk.. ” she looked down.
“l was just teasing Liz, come, sit here”. I pointed at my bike. She nervously came near me and put herself in front of me. ” Give me the bag ” I took it from her and put it around my shoulders. I could see that my riding scared her shitless. It only took about ten minutes.
After we arrived at our home, Liz thanked me and went in to my sister’s room. I need a shower, than talk to my parents. I quickly took a shower, dressed up in to my usual attire , a short and a t-shirt. Mother was in kitchen, making something. Father was watching TV. I talked with them for a while about my situation. They knew I’m not good at my studies and always cut classes. After a long conversation and a call with Jimmy’s father they gave me their blessing.
It’s a one of best days in my life. I took my dinner, after I washed my plate, mom handed me a plate for my sister. She was resting in her room. I saw Liz leaving, while ago when I was talking with my parents.
‘Maybe she is up for another workout. I never got a chance to see her pussy earlier. How is it gonna taste? Maybe this time I can fuck her sweet little mouth or her tight little ass’ .
I was standing in front of her door with a hard on, with those wicked thoughts, picturing her in my head.
” What are you doing ? Standing there?” My sister had opened her door for something. She was in her nightie, my eyes automatically went to chest, her nipples making a nice little tent on her thin clothes.
” I bought you some food” I gave the plate to her, while trying adjust my pants .
” hmm.. I can see that food is not the only thing you bought for me..” She said rolling her eyes toward my hard on.
” Hurry.. Come in” she pulled me inside giggling, locking the door behind her. She put herself on her bed with the food plate on her side.
“What’s up with Liz? She didn’t stay much longer”. I made a conversation while she finished her dinner.
“Yeah.. I sent her home quickly. I thought you gonna come see me, soon as she left”. She sounded upset.
I told her about my job. She beamed with happiness and gave me a hug. I felt her hard nipples pressing in to my chest as I gripped her tightly to my body. She was really happy for me, I could see it in her gleaming eyes. It lasted Ankara Escort Bayan longer for a normal hug. As my sister began to move her hands on my back, I decided it was time to stop, I knew if I started something here I couldn’t stop my self. I carefully removed my body from her. Its too risky, I can hear our parents down stairs.
Her nipples were hard again, I watched them rise and fall with her each breath.
I took her empty plate and turned toward the door to leave. She grabbed my arm, taking the plate from me. I turned around toward her , she was on her bed with her cute little face right on my crotch. I was horny as hell. She was busy touching my cock up and down over my short.
” I never got a chance to see it earlier”. She was running her small hands all over my crotch.
‘ She is so slow, I can pound her mouth till she can talk, maybe a quickie , she can’t make a sound I put my cock in her mouth ‘.
I lost control with my horny mind’s dirty thoughts. I pulled my short down to reveal my full hard cock to her shocked face. One hand automatically went to back of her head.
“What are you….?” She never got a chance to finish that sentence, I was inside her mouth pumping my cock in to her as soon as she opened her little mouth. I was lost in my own pleasure , I didn’t realize how hard I pounded her mouth and how hard she tried to pull me away. Finally after about three minute nonstop fucking, spurt after spurt I released my cum in to her throat while trying to hold her head still. It didn’t even took three minutes. Her mouth was so good, wet and warm. I pushed my self away and looked at her.
‘Ohh my god… What have I done?’ Her face was a complete mess, teardrops leaking from her eyes like a waterfall, her mouth slightly open trying catch her breath, my cum and saliva dropping out from a corner of her mouth. She was silently sobbing looking at me like a scared rabbit.
“Jules.. I..” I didn’t get to finish it, someone was knocking . I pulled my short up quickly, I opened the door slightly, It was dad.
“ahh.. dad, she is sleeping” I pulled my self outside, shutting the door behind me, without giving him a chance to look in to her room.
“ohh.., I heard you took care of your sister well today, good job” he said slapping my back.
“By the way you can take your sister to running if she want, she need some exercise”
I was not in the mood to listen to his babbling. I made my way to my room, I laid on my bed thinking about what I did. I fucked up,
I hurt her so much today.. I don’t deserve someone like her. It hurt me so much thinking about how I lost control and what I did to her sweet innocent face.
I stayed like that for hours starring at the ceiling. I want to see her, but will she even look at my face after what I did?.
I checked the time, ten, my parents probably asleep now. I dragged my body to her door. Should I knock? No.. Maybe she is asleep. I gave a small knock on her door. No answer.. I sat on the floor, my back against her door.
I don’t know how much time passed like that. I woke up because someone opened the door.
“What are you doing? I heard someone snoring…” It was Julie. I quickly got up. She dragged me inside without saying another word.
” I’m so sorry Jules, I don’t deserve your love” A tear fell from my eye. She was looking at my eyes , sitting on her bed. I knelt in front of her bed waiting for her to tell me something.
She touched my cheek, “it’s okay, I still love you..”
“What? Why ? I hurt you earlier? You should hate me for what I have done” I was sobbing like a kid now. Why she never scream at me? She should slap my face for what I have done.
“Yes.. I know you hurt me earlier but.. but I don’t love that animal side of yours, I love the one who slept with me on the couch, I love the one who fell asleep against my door, I love the person who is crying in front of me right now..” She was crying now too.
She hugged me telling those words right in to my heart, tears leaking from her face. She pulled me to her bed , giving me a kiss to my cheek. I hold her body to me closer as I can, till I hear her heartbeat. I won’t ever hurt her again, I made a promise in my heart. Both of us fell asleep like that holding each other.
I woke up to a ringing of an alarm. I woke up remembering what happened last night. I was still in my sister’s room. I turned her alarm off with one hand. She was sleeping, peacefully on my body. I checked the clock, five thirty, we still got time, our parents woke up around six usually. I rubbed her head, removing her hair from her innocent face.
“Mmm… ” she stirred on me, tightening her hand around me.
” What time?” She was asking half asleep.
” About five thirty now..” I told running my hand on her face. She sat on my stomach, looking at my face with her sleepy eyes. I really needed to kiss her sweet face. I pulled her head to me and gave kissed to her head.
“Why always head?” She asked smiling at me.
“Because I love you more than anyone..” I looked straightly at her eyes. She gave a quick kiss to my cheek and ran outside, giggling to use the bathroom before me.
After about ten minutes she came back.
” We can workout again, i got permission from dad yesterday” she said looking nervous.
“Yeah, he told me yesterday.. Get ready i will wait outside”
It didn’t take much time for me to get ready. I quickly finished my business in bathroom, put on a short and a jacket. I eagerly waited for my sister to show up. I heard someone opening our garage door. I saw my sister coming at me wearing a jacket with a hoodie, and tight blue short that come past her ass cheeks. Actually her jacket covered most of her short, more importantly she was pushing my bike out of the garage.
“Hey, why are you messing with my bike?” I was little bit angry. She felt it in my voice too. She stopped what she was doing and looked at me.
“We can get to the park faster.. If you ride with me like you did with Liz yesterday” she brought my bike to me while explaining.
“Don’t wanna run to the park?”
“Noo.. Lets head to park first.. Now hurry up”. She said tapping the seat of my bike.
“all right, whatever my princess say..” I started to ride with her. She had rode my bike with me couple of times. Its not a new experience for her.
“What’s up with the hoodie ?” She had covered her face with her jacket hoodie.
“Ahh.. You will see…” She was smiling. I didn’t give it much of a thought.
I stopped near the bench that we rested yesterday.
“All right, sit there”. She pointed at the bench.
” Huh?”
“Sit and shut up”. She sounded so bossy, like our mom.
I sat on the bench looking at my sister Standing in front of me. She quickly kneeled in front of me as soon as my ass hit the bench, like getting ready to give me a blow job. ‘Noo way.. it can’t be..’
Thinking about it, was enough to made me hard. She surprised me by touching my hard cock, rubbing up and down, while looking at my face. Her gentle fingers moving around my cock was driving me mad.
“Some one will see Jules..” I said while looking around.
There are some people who use this path to run sometimes. If some one came, they will clearly see what going on without a doubt.
I couldn’t take her slow torture anymore. But I couldn’t lose my control like last night either. I pulled my short down to reveal my meat to her wondering hands. Her mouth was so close to my cockhead enough to feel her breath hitting my sensitive head several times. She was pumping my cock up and down with one hand while other one fondled my balls. She squeezed my shaft making a big drop of pre cum oozed out. She gripped my cock again, leaning forward , and licked the fat head, tasting my oozing pre cum.
I saw a person running toward us through the woods.
” Ohh.. JULES!! Julie someone’s coming”
I heard her giggling, she pulled her hoodie up to cover her face while taking my cock in to her warm mouth. No one can’t identify her like that. She was hiding her face in my crotch. But me? Any one can see my face clearly.
“Ohh.. God Jules, you are killing me” I groaned with pleasure. She had wrapped her tongue around my cock, while moving her head up and down. I didn’t care about who saw or what will happen, i only cared about right now with my sister’s tongue and lips on my shaft, trying to blow me best as she know.
I looked at the person who is running toward us.
‘ Shit, it’s a young girl, around my sister’s age’.
She stopped from seeing us, her hand move to cover her opened mouth, her face became pale like she saw a ghost.
‘May be its her first time seeing a some one sucking a hard cock, I will give her a good show that will never leave her young innocent mind’ I was lost in my horny thoughts.
I was so close to cum at that time. “I’m gonna cum baby…” I warned my sister. She took her face away from my cock and start pumping faster up and down with one of her hand.
“Ahh…” I groaned with my orgasm hitting my body. I emptied my load on my sister’s jacket one shot after another.
That girl was still watching the show. Her face red from what she had seen, I looked at her and winked. Her mouth opened to say something, but she turned around and started to run faster than she came here.
‘haha…. It was so funny..’ I was laughing my ass off after my sister’s blow job.
“Why are you laughing?” My sister thought I was laughing at her.
“Nothing.. Its nothing sweetie, Come here”. I pulled her to my lap, covering my nakedness.
I unzipped her jacket while taking her into a blissful kiss. Exactly as I thought, she was naked under her jacket. My hands roamed inside her jacket feeling every curve of her body.
I was getting hard again under her wiggling ass.
“Stand up.. ” I made her stand facing me.
“Why…?” She covered herself with her jacket. I didn’t say anything, I quickly pulled down her short past her knees. She stopped my hands without letting me yanking it all the way.
“Calm down Jules .. Trust me.. Your jacket covers you. more than enough”. I calmed her down while taking her short off completely. She was now facing me trying to tug her jacket down to cover her exposed ass. I was full hard from her embarrassing moment.
” Sit here..” I showed her my hard meat pole. Nervously she put her legs around me while rubbing her self on my cock. I had felt her love juice leaking on my cock as soon as she started grinding her pussy on my top. I pushed her down suddenly burying my self completely inside her love hole. “Ahh…” her mouth opened. I shut her mouth with my lips to calm her down. I started sucking her lips, she opened her mouth to let my tongue explore every inch of her sweet mouth. She was now slowly jumping up and down on my cock. I moved my mouth lower , toward her naked breasts. I bit both of her nipples lightly one after other several times making her moaned in to my head. I traveled my hands to fondle her ass while sucking her tits. I ran my fingers on her ass crack making her squirm on my cock. I felt her tighten around me. I grabbed her ass cheeks to stop her moving.
“What the hell?” She tried to move, frustrated. I didn’t let her.
“What are you doing? Let go of mee..” She was begging like a kid asking for a favorite toy.
She knew what I was waiting to hear.
“let.. Let me fuck you.. Please.. I want your cock moving inside my pussy..” she was now mumbling to my ear because of her need to cum.
This time I started to pound her leaking pussy as fast as I can while holding her ass still, one of my finger entered her tight little hole from behind.
“Ohh.. Yes.. Faster.. Faster…” Her voice made me thrust into her faster than ever while pushing my finger deep inside her ass hole. I was so close, our thighs slapping sound was like a music to me. I felt her cumming, shaking, a shudder passed through her body, she bit me again with her tremendous orgasm going through her body like a shockwave, like she did yesterday. Ohh god…this time its a side of my neck. It hurts like hell. She was squirting under me, biting my neck. i pounded in to her a while, till i came inside her fertile pussy for the third time. We were tired. My shaft lifeless inside her. She was already looked asleep on my shoulder.
We couldn’t be late , not today. I kissed her head several times to wake her up.
“Come on, wake up”
“hmm… I was not sleeping, we need schedule this to evening, its making me tired.. ” she said grinning at my face. I pulled my short up smiling, making her get off my lap. I saw my sister was looking for something.
“Where’s my short?” She asked me. I got it hidden under my jacket.
“Don’t know, you look good enough..” I ran my hand over her naked ass tightening my grip on her cheeks, lifting her, while kissing her lips. I was getting hard again. Her ass so soft in my hands.
‘One day I’m gonna fuck her sweet ass’ my dirty mind was thinking.
I knew we had to stop, but my sister won’t let go of my neck. She was holding my neck with all of her body weight smashing her lips to mine.
” Stop, Julie, We need to leave..” I told, avoiding her hungry mouth. I put her down.
“Please only once..” she said pouting.
“You mean a kiss?”
“No silly.. I mean this.. Just one quickie…” She was now lifting her jacket , showing me her pussy.
‘What have I done to my sweet innocent sister? ‘
I checked my watch, we were late. My small head was telling me to bend her right here and fucked her soft tight ass senseless till she can’t walk straight.
But what to do? Not enough time.
“Come here, we need to leave, now”. I was on my bike.
“Okay. Okay.. You ruined my mood”
She pushed herself in front of me making a angry face.’ is angry with me for not fucking her?’ I gave a sloppy wet kiss to her cheek, leaving a wet mark . it made both of us smile.
On our way home, ” What about the evening workout ? Can we start today?” My sister turned her head to me, smiling innocently.

Tell me if you want this to continue… This is my first story, I know I need to improve a lot. I appreciate your feedbacks very much, thanks.

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