My Post-Holiday Trip

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We just got back from a holiday trip. My wife’s family lives on the east coast. We live a country away, on the west coast. This is normally fine. My own family is a comfortable distance away, so we don’t have to spend a lot of time with either of our in-laws.

Still, since we had been married a couple of years and I had yet to meet her parents, I felt compelled to take this trip between Christmas and the New Year. I have two stepdaughters. I had met the older one and the younger one lived with us while she finished high school. She and I became very close but there had been no “inappropriate behavior” between us, even though I had the feeling that my fantasies were somewhat mutual. Billie is shaped like her mom, nicely rounded. Jan, her sister, is almost too thin. Sherry says she is a replica of what she looked like at Jan’s age. I’ve seen pictures and she is right.

We got off the plane in Baltimore and took the shuttle to the car rental lot. After an hour’s drive, we pulled into the driveway of a nice little home. Sherry’s parents came out to meet us, despite the chilly air. Her mother is an older version of my wife. If this is what I can look forward to Sherry looking like, I thought, it will be fine. They are short women and plump, but not obese. I’ve always liked a little more meat on my women than most men.

Alice, my mother-in-law, is a little heftier than Sherry, but still attractive at 67. I was not surprised to find myself being hugged by Alice. What surprised me were the nipples that hardened against my chest as she accompanied the hug with a kiss on the cheek. We got our luggage into the house and down the hall to Sherry’s old room.

In the living room with a drink, Sherry answered all the usual questions about the trip while I adjusted. I really dislike staying with other people, even my family. I have developed my own routines and it’s disconcerting to have them interrupted. Still, being a dutiful husband, I tried my best.

We all stayed up late — until about midnight, which was three hours earlier to our internal clocks — and the parents went to bed. Sherry and I had one more drink as we looked through her memorabilia for another hour.

When we did go to bed, it was a special thrill for her to have me fuck her in the same bed where she lost her virginity years before. The best part for me, though, was when I turned her over and tongued her asshole under her parents’ roof. Even more exciting was when I pulled her hips up and slid my hard, slippery cock into her butt. We cleaned up and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke in the night with a terrific thirst. I slipped into the robe hanging in the closet. It was one of Sherry’s old ones, but it was sort of a unisex terry cloth number. The belt was missing, but I walked through the dark house to the kitchen holding the robe closed. “Not a creature was stirring, etc., etc.” At least that was what I thought.

In the kitchen, I turned on the dim light over the stove and opened cabinets until I located a glass. Since there was nobody else around, I wasn’t too concerned about my partial nudity. I had just tipped up the second glass of cold water when I heard a noise behind me. I turned around to find Alice standing in the doorway.

She smiled and came into the room. Her eyes drifted down and I remembered the missing belt. Her smile told me she wasn’t offended, however. I discreetly pulled the sides of the robe closed and felt my face heat up. She, however, just smiled at me and got her own glass for a drink.

“Don’t be embarrassed Jerry,” she said as she drew her water. “I’ve seen my share of naked men before. It’s been a while though.”

I thanked her nervously but still held the robe closed. We sat at the kitchen table and made a little small talk. As we sat there, I noticed for the first time that she was wearing a much thinner robe than the one I wore. It wasn’t sheer, but it was clear that she was as nude as I was underneath. She had a belt for her robe, but it was designed to show a fair amount of cleavage even when it was tied closed. For a woman her age, Alice’s breasts stood surprisingly high. I wondered if she had had work done on them. I was surprised to feel my dick twitch as I glanced at the open vee of her robe. Then I realized that the gap in our ages was only slightly more than that between her daughter’s and me. I looked at her again with a new appreciation.

I finished my water and rose to put the glass on the counter. Alice came over behind me to put hers beside mine. As she leaned forward beside me, her robe opened a little more and I got a view of her left breast. Her nipple was hard. She put her hand on my back for balance, just where it met my ass. My dick was definitely responding by then and I wanted to beat a hasty retreat. She had to hug me goodnight again, though, and she kind of chuckled when she felt my growing erection. She pushed her hips against it and said in a quiet voice, “Thanks for that. Sherry said you were a great lover. With equipment like marmaris escort this, I can see why.” My face burned in embarrassment, but she just turned and swayed her way back down the hall to her room. My dick just got harder.

Back in our room, I spooned up against Sherry’s sleeping form, burying my cock between her butt cheeks. She grumbled, but didn’t wake up. We had cleaned up after our sex, but there was still a little slickness between her cheeks from the lube I’d used for her ass. I gently slid my cock up and down between her fleshy cheeks and thought about Alice. When I felt my orgasm, I pushed the tip of my cock down between Sherry’s thighs and came right in her crotch. Maybe it was a dirty trick, but it felt great. Besides, I knew that Sherry wouldn’t mind waking up with a sticky crotch.

In the morning I was the first one up. Ben, Sherry’s dad had explained to me where the coffee and filters were, so I made the coffee. I’d worked my way through most of the pot by the time he made his appearance. We chatted a while until Alice made her appearance. She was wearing the same robe as during the night (I had opted for some sweat pants and a tee-shirt). In the morning light I could see that it really was thin. Still, as she moved around making some scrambled eggs, I could still se that she was naked beneath it.

I went and roused my wife just before the plates hit the table. She grumbled, but got up. We ate and adjourned to the living room. After a half hour or so, Sherry told me I could take a shower if I wanted to. I did, especially since I was wearing the residue of my masturbation during the night.

I was under the steamy spray when the door opened and Sherry joined me in the shower. We played around a while before she said, “I noticed that I must have “leaked” a lot during the night. Or is there something you want to tell me?”

“Well, I woke up and got a drink. Your mom was thirsty, too. We talked a few minutes and went back to bed. When I got there, you were so warm and sexy that I just couldn’t help myself. Rather than waking you, I just used your ass crack to rub against.” As I told her, my soapy fingers were duplicating the motions I’d made with my cock. She pressed her wet body against me and parted her legs to give me better access.

“Mmm…well, you could have woken me up. I’m always ready for you. But was it talking to Mom that got you excited?”

“I know, but I got what I wanted. About your mom…well, she did kind of come on to me…a little.” My finger found her anus and probed a little bit. She bit the side of my neck and purred. We played a bit more but rinsed and got out when we felt the hot water running out. We dried each other and went to the bedroom to dress.

The first thing I put on was a tee shirt. Sherry slapped my bare ass and said, “I’d better not catch you sneaking off to the basement with Mom.”

“Well, the situation wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t bragged about me to the whole world,” I said.

“Oh, I only told her…and the girls…and Walt, of course.” Walt was the ex-husband. I didn’t mind her tweaking him a little, but the news that she’d told her daughters was interesting.

Later that day her daughters arrived from Florida. Jan is engaged and living with her fiancé there. She is in graduate school at the university. Billie had started school there and was living with them. We drove back to BWI to pick them up. When Jan came out of the security area she practically threw herself at her mother. Billie smiled and wrapped me in a more reserved hug. Without thinking, I slid my hand down to pat her butt and then just left my hand there. It was just a loving gesture, not — at least consciously — a sexual one. She cleared her throat pointedly. I realized what I’d done and quickly removed my hand. I apologized, but she just laughed and shook her head. “Same old Jerry,” she said.

Then it was my turn for Jan’s hug. I managed to refrain from feeling her ass, but the nipples on her tiny tits poked me in the chest. Jan had come to visit us a couple of times. We had only begun to get to know each other, but we’d spoken a lot on the phone — mostly about her mother — so I felt like I knew her somewhat. I know I liked the way she felt in my arms. I’d had masturbation fantasies about both girls but I knew they were just that — fantasies. I certainly believed that nothing would ever come of them.

We got back to the grandparents’ house and it was family reunion time. I took my book and retired to the living room while they all sat in the kitchen and got caught up. I didn’t mind. In fact, I enjoyed any time I could steal for myself. After a while, Billie came in and sat next to me on the couch. I put my book aside and put my arm over her shoulder. She hugged me and rested her head on my chest. She is a very affectionate girl. We’d shared back rubs while she lived with us. It was common when she was living with us for her to just come up behind me and wrap her arms around me for a hug. Sometimes I had the feeling, marmaris escort bayan as I said, that if she’d lived with us longer something might have happened between us. I was both relieved and disappointed when she left for college in Florida. I was never sure what I’d have done if she had opened that door.

We talked about school and the couple of dates she’d had during those first months of her freshman year. I was surprised that I felt glad when I heard that both guys had been disappointments to her. I knew that was an irrational thought, but I felt it, nevertheless. She turned around and rested on her back, her head on my thigh. She took my hand in hers and played with the fingers as we continued to talk. She seemed unaware of it when she let go with one hand and just held my hand with one of hers, resting it right between her large breasts. It was actually about halfway on the near one. I wasn’t unaware of it, however. My cock began to respond under her head.

I couldn’t let things go on much longer. I flexed my fingers and Billie suddenly seemed to realize what she’d done. She moved our hands away from her tit and sat up, blushing. “We’re all going to a movie this afternoon,” she told me. I’d heard the plans being formulated in the kitchen. Before the trip, I had volunteered my services as cook for the duration of our stay, though. It was late enough in the day that I knew I’d have to stay home and start dinner. I told Billie that and she was disappointed.

When the rest of the family came into the room and started putting on their coats, I told Sherry I couldn’t go with them and still have dinner on the table at a reasonable time (she had told me that, at 75, her dad was a creature of habit and they normally ate no later than 6PM). She accepted that and gave me a hug with her thanks. About then, Jan spoke up.

“You know, I’m pretty worn out from staying up so late last night and the flight. I think I’ll skip the movie, too.” Sherry was disappointed, but said she understood. So the other four of them went off to the theater.

After they left I went to the kitchen. It was too early to start cooking, but I was thinking I could do the prep work. Jan followed me out and took a seat at the table. “I thought you’d want to take a nap,” I said. “Not that I mind your company, though.”

“I’m not that tired,” she admitted. I looked at her. She was looking back at me steadily. I suggested she get us a couple of beers. I was thinking I might need one. She popped the tops on one for each of us and sat at the table while I continued to slice mushrooms. “I really stayed home to get some time alone with you,” she said after a few minutes. I was puzzled, but flattered that my stepdaughter wanted to get to know me better.

“Great!” I said. “It’s about time we got to know each other a little better. Your mom tells me almost everything you tell her, so I know pretty much what’s going on with you. That’s not the same as actually talking to a person, though.”

“No, you’re right about that. Speaking of Mom, she tells me a lot about you guys, too.” I already knew that, remembering the morning conversation with my wife. “Has Mom told you much about Joey and me?” she asked.

I wasn’t sure where she was going with that so I just said, “She hasn’t said much about Joey. Most of what she’s said is just about you. You know, she’s kept me updated on your grades and your job and stuff.”

“Then you don’t know what a lousy lover he is?” I almost dropped the knife, but I think I managed to maintain a noncommittal expression. We didn’t seem to be talking about ourselves yet. I was waiting for that more comfortable part of the conversation.

“Um…no, she hasn’t mentioned that. What seems to be the problem? It certainly can’t be a lack of attraction to you.” She smiled at the compliment and shook her head.

“He’s just not hung very well. Also, he’s not too interested in oral sex. When I can get him to go down on me, it’s pretty brief. Of course, he loves blow jobs. He just doesn’t seem to be interested in returning the favor.”

I shook my head. Since she was being so open about things I loosened up a little bit. “That’s my favorite part of sex — giving, that is, not receiving.” Jan got to her feet and came over to stand next to me, leaning her butt against the counter.

“That’s what Mom said. In fact…” she hesitated then. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise. Somehow I knew what she was going to say. “In fact, that was part of the reason I wanted to stay home.” I looked at her. She wouldn’t meet my eyes, however. I guessed she needed a little prompting.

“Okay, can you explain that a little more?” Then she did look at me. I saw that she was blushing. In my mind I was frantically trying to decide whether I’d really go through with this. God knew I wanted to, but I’m married to her mother, for Christ’s sake! Not only would it be adultery, it would be something like incest — maybe step-incest.

She seemed to be trying to see into the little escort marmaris hole in her beer can. “I’m horny as hell, Jerry. I really, really, REALLY need a good licking and fucking.” Her cheeks continued to blaze bright red as she said it, but she raised her head and looked me straight in the eye. I had to decide, and quickly. My dick knew what it wanted. It was straining against my jeans already.

I picked up my beer and took a long pull on it, delaying opening my mouth. I could almost feel the miniature devil and angel on either shoulder. “She’s your stepdaughter,” said the angel. “She’s a beautiful, young, horny woman who wants your cock!” said the devil. The argument raged on as I tried to speak.

Before I could formulate any sentence — whether of acceptance or refusal — Jan moved in. She pressed herself against me, her hand sliding down my belly to grip the bulge in my pants. Then she pulled my head down and kissed me. Her tongue was an eel in my mouth as she swabbed it around. My arms went around her and the decision was made.

She broke the kiss and grinned at me. Without another word, she took my hand and dragged me down the hall to the room she was sharing with her sister. Once in the bedroom, she stripped her shirt off over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I had already noticed that, of course, but seeing her little mounds was a delight. The nipples were almost as big as the rest of her breasts. They pointed straight at my mouth. I had a ridiculous picture of them standing on their little individual islands and waving at me for rescue.

I sat on the bed. She seemed puzzled that I wasn’t getting naked too, but that didn’t stop her. Sherry had already informed me that both her daughters shaved their pubic hair — just like their Mom — so I wasn’t surprised at its absence. I reached for her and she moved in between my legs. Her height was perfect for me to reach her nipples with my lips. I spent some time sucking them and caressing her skinny little butt. She sighed and when I glanced up I saw that she had her eyes closed. She was smiling. I popped the nipple out of my mouth and gave her ass a sharp swat. She jerked and let out a little, “Ouch!” I moved her to one side and pulled her down on the bed.

I leaned back and rolled over. I wanted to rip my clothes off and plow into her but I knew if we were going to do this it had to be special. I kissed her again as my hand played over her smooth young body. I tweaked her nipples and slid my hand down her flat belly to her hip. I deliberately skipped her crotch, despite the fact that she spread her legs as my hand approached. Part of being a good lover is teasing sometimes. Anticipation works wonders.

I squeezed each of her thighs and trailed my fingers back up the inside. She gave a snort of frustration as I again avoided touching her cunt. I went back to sucking her nipples. A few minutes later I caught both her hands and raised them over her head. I lowered my mouth as if to do her tit again. I surprised her by detouring and flattening my tongue in the hollow of her armpit. She gasped and writhed — and not because it tickled. I knew she was having a mini-orgasm. She clamped her thighs tight together and shuddered. I looked up to find her eyes gaping wide open. “Nobody has ever done that!” she whispered hoarsely. I smiled and leaned over to do the other side. Again she writhed, but the element of surprise was gone. The pleasure remained, however. She growled out, “I like it!”

I sat up and slid to my knees beside the bed. Seizing her hips, I pulled her to the edge of the bed. Her quick inhalation told me she knew what I was going to do. She helped by opening her thighs wide and propping her heels on the mattress. I marveled at her flexibility. Her scent was erotic. There’s no better perfume on earth — or anywhere else, I’m sure — than the smell of an aroused female. I’m sure males of all species feel the same way. I dipped my head and blew lightly on her swollen, glistening flesh. She rocked her hips back and opened herself farther with her fingers. I heard a hissing, “Yesss…”

I kissed all around her slit without actually touching it. The several levels of her were engorged and inflamed with the hot blood rushing there. She was going nuts. It was almost perfect, I thought. I say “almost” because I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. I had to taste her. When I placed a light kiss right on those lips she stiffened. I stuck my tongue out and slid it up the center gently. She bucked, trying to feel more, but I was ready. I wanted to control this. She was going to have several orgasms before my cock ever left my pants.

Finally, in response to her pleading and groaning, I slipped my tongue inside her. She was sweet and wet. I sucked at her tender tissues and she finally let out a growl of pleasure. I was to learn that Jan growled, just like her mother groaned loud when she was in the throes of pleasure. I took her surprisingly large clit between my lips and feathered my tongue rapidly against it. She came hard then. I felt the increased flow of her juices in my mouth. I suspected that she might be one of those women who might ejaculate when they came especially hard. I hoped she was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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