My Nights with You

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I hear the car arrive. We live away from everything and everyone so immediately I know that it is you. I stretch out on the bed, I smile just thinking about what is coming, what will happen once we are together. Six hours apart seems like an eternity.

Perhaps driven by desire or because sometimes I feel that my lack of limbs has led to an improvement in my other senses, I smell you as soon as you enter the house. I hear your heels thumping the wooden floor of the house, I hear you approach and immediately my abbreviated body responds. I feel a tingling in my genitals; I feel like the blood begins to fill the cavities of my penis and thus, it begins to rise little by little. I cannot help it, it happens every time I think of you.

The door opens and there you are. Beautiful, magnificent, impressive. You, the love of my life, the only one to whom I mean something, the one who rescued me from hell.

You walk over and greet me with a soft “Hello.” Your voice is like a bell in the dark, there you are, and I recognize you. You lose your ponytail and your magnificent red hair that looks like hot fire falls over your shoulders. The contrast with the marble-white color of your skin enchants me, it hypnotizes me. You walk over to the bed and sit down gently. You come closer and you give me a soft kiss on the lips. Your smell is exhilarating.

You stand up and casually start to tell me about your day. I cannot resist it. At this point, my erection is visible even under the thin silk sheet. And you know it. You smile and wink at me as you approach and gently massage my member. I smirk and tell you with my eyes what I want, what I desire with my soul.

You go into the bathroom for a few minutes. Being in this state, separated even for seconds is agony. You come illegal bahis out completely naked and I remember the first time I saw you like this, with your wonderful Eva costume. Your big but firm breasts, your flat abdomen with those wonderful abs that are so marked and your pubis with just a glimpse of that fiery red hair. You turn to close the door and I see what I like best about you. You round and wonderful ass. You are the perfect woman for me, for an imperfect man.

My mind starts to wander, drunk from the smell of your body and without really wanting it, I go back to that moment seven years ago when you arrived at the hospital and you saw me there, sitting in a damaged wheelchair, me, dirty and tattered. When I saw you, I thought I was dreaming. When you approached at me I could not believe it, when you spoke to me it was incredible to hear a voice different from the same ones that I had been hearing all my life. I was just 17 years old and you at 25 were still the youngest person I had ever met. In the hospital, there were only old nurses and patients, wrinkled in the twilight of their lives. Without further details, that day I left that damn place with you forever.

With your plodded and elegant walk, you approach the bed and remove the black sheet that covers me in one fell swoop. And I am fully exposed to you. Naked and defenseless. You do not look at me with regret; you look at me with love, desire and passion. You are not ashamed of me; you are not ashamed of my body. My body without arms or legs. I was born that way; my condition it’s called Total Amelia, complete lack of limbs. I do not even have collarbones, and there are no hints of legs. I was born as a total torso.

You get on all fours on top of me and you start kissing me. I answer you with illegal bahis siteleri all the passion possible and immediately and instinctively, I lift my barely hip trying to find your vagina. You realize and you tell me: “silly man”. You take my member firmly and slowly you put it in your hot and humid zone. You are as excited as I am. You go down and up in mesmerizing cadence for just a few seconds. You take my penis out of you and stand up smiling. I cannot resist it, the excitement is unbearable. I scold you: ¿How can you leave me like this? I yell but with all the possible affection and care. “Wait and see” you say as you stand up and go to the door where you left your purse and a mysterious bag. You take a piece of equipment out of it and I smile from ear to ear. “Something new for both of us. We would like this one much more than the previous one! “. It is an erotic harness with what appears to be double penetration. I love it. Never since we met have we denied ourselves the deepest and strangest sexual pleasures. We are a couple of perfect deviants. The only thing we never do and it was a mutual agreement is have sex with other people. You are only for me and I am only for you.

You uncover it and observe it for a few moments. You take a lubricant from the nightstand and smear it with it. Then you proceed to put it on. It is double because one of the dildos enters your vagina and the other one in my anus. The ends are both very big. When you put it on, you immediately moan with pleasure. You are at an incredible point of excitement, so much so that the mere brush of the device with your clitoris makes you sigh with pure joy. And there you are, splendid, beautiful and with that device that makes you look like the strangest lover in the world.

Again, you canlı bahis siteleri get on the bed and kiss me passionately. In doing so, you put your right hand behind my back and with the slightest effort, you get up with me in your arms. You kiss me up and down, my face and neck. You stop for a second and with your left hand take a little lubricant and apply it generously to my anus. Then, slowly, you put the dildo deep into my ass. And I scream with pleasure. There is no pain, none, the dildo touches the right parts inside of m and I feel like I can’t take it anymore. You raise and lower me in a rhythm of love and I moan and scream while you look at me with a face of absolute and sincere affection. I cannot take it anymore and I come with a tide of hot semen that fills your chest. You lay me on the bed while you spread my sperm all over your body. You moan and moan with pleasure while the dildo that is inserted in your vulva does its job. You lie on top of me and you penetrate me again, this time with a little more force with a little bit of violence. While all this happens, my penis that has not lost its strength wobbles from side to side. You take out the dildo, bend over a bit and take it with your hand and put it in your mouth, you slurp the rest of the sperm and start sucking my phallus until I am exhausted. I come again, this time in your mouth and you can only burst out laughing.

You stand up and remove the harness. You lie next to me and easily lift me back. This time you put me on your abdomen, take my penis again, lift me a couple of centimeters and gently, you put me inside you. Again, the dance of love begins but this time I am moving while you raise and lower me. Your arousal level is so high that you come in a couple of minutes, this time; my penis falls dead and flaccid inside you. You let go of me and I fall heavily on your boobs. You hug me and so, sweaty, sticky but happy, we fall asleep.

And this, or very similar, is something that happens every day of our lives. And I cannot be happier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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