my mysterious blob_(0)

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I woke up to the warm air through the window wake me, making my head stir. I wen’t downstairs for breakfast, alone, ever since that bastard ex-husband of mine attempted to choke me in my sleep.

I looked in the mirror, and immediately started to check myself out. for someone who has been living in the woods, i looked drop dead gorgeous. i had C34 tits, nice, firm and round, a nice, firm ass, my hips could bewitch a man in seconds, and my skills in the bed were par none. despite being in the woods, i saw many men in the woods come by.

I started to make coffee, when i wanted to go outside. since i live in the middle of the woods, i could go out naked, and so i usually did. today wasn’t an exception. I wen’t outside, Naked as a [insert animal of your choice here].

I walked around for about an hour, coffee in hand. When i heard a ear shattering yell for help. I rushed towards where the call for help was being produced, running as fast as i could.

I finally found the man who had been yelling for help, “Sir, are you okay?” i said. he replied “n-n-no…” and passed out.
im a very strong woman, even for my petite stature, and i carried him back to my cabin. i laid him on my bed, checking for any possible damage to him. i found nothing except for a small amount of pink, gooey substance around his lips, penis and Asshole.

“Wh-where am i?” the stranger asked. “who are you? what am i doing here?!”
“calm down, im michelle, i saw you laying in the middle of the forest yelling for help, so i carried you back here.”
“a small woman like you? you could not have possibly carried me.” he made a failing attempt to smile. i couldn’t help but feel sorry for this man.

He woke up again, and decided he was able to answer some questions.
“what happened to you?!”
“th-this pink, puddle thing…”
“huh? what the fuck happened?!”
he then grabbed me, and pulled me into a kiss. i couldn’t believe it. but i kissed him back anyway. it’s been so long since i’ve had contact with another man… it felt nice. my pussy started to twitch, and i started working his cock to its full length. i dropped down from the kiss, and put his dick in my mouth. i heard him moan, and i let out a slight moan of my own as his cock hit the back of my throat. i started pumping furiously, with one hand on the base of his cock and working as hard and fast as i could. i wanted him to shoot his load down my throat.
He started to say “i’m cumming!” but it took me a few moments to register, and before i did, his cum was splashing the back of my throat. at first i gagged, and let some spill out, but i quickly corrected and started to swallow as much as i could.

As soon as he was done cumming, his dick was still hard as a rock
“wow! you’re still hard after th-”
before i could finish, he started to feverishly lap at my pussy. licking up and down the slit, and intentionally escort maslak missing the clit, to tease me. “ohhh, fuck, yes, eat my pussy!” i heard myself moaning. i Clamped down on his head as he started to ravish my clit, and i began to climax as hard as i ever had. i have masturbated while being in the cabin, but i never came this hard! it was an entirely new expirience to me!

as i came down from my high, i pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him. i grabbed his dick, and positioned it to aim straight at my pussy. i needed this pecker in me, NOW!
I dropped my weight onto his cock, impaling me. “OHHHHHHHH GODDDD YES! FUUUUUCK! THAT FEELS SO GOOOD IN MY CUNT!” i yelled out. i started to gyrate my hips, and bob up and down. he was thrusting upwards, fucking me as hard as i had ever been fucked. he hit every single spot in my cunt i haven’t ever been able to get with my fingers, and it felt incredible. i climaxed hard on his willing cock, squeezing it until he started spurting his wonderful cum into my pussy, filling me to the brim. a bit leaked out around the edges, and i was amazed at how much this guy could cum even after i sucked his cock dry a few moments ago.

Well. i musta passed out, because i remember waking up on my own bed, feeling exhausted and quite content a couple hours later. what i noticed different was though, he was gone. “helloooo? are you there?”. no answer. fuck! he musta tried getting out of the forest. but the only way i got in was a 3 hour drive through a barely visible dirt road.

I decided to go for another walk. hoping to find him but also just to cool my nerves. i walked north about a kilometer or so, until i saw this pink… puddle. it was about 6 feet in diameter, roughly circular, and no more than 2 inches thick. I knelt down, and touched the soft liquid, resembling alot what looked like the stuff i found on the guy earlier. hell. i hadn’t even caught his name and i fucked him silly.

The liquid began to churn, and i realized i couldn’t get my hand out of the puddle. i panicked. i brought my foot up into a kneeling positioning. bad mistake. i got my foot caught in the pink goo as well. fuck. im stuck.
Then, it covered my entire body, and took control of me. i couldn’t control anything but my voice, eyes and breathing. i couldn’t move on my own. fuck. the goo made me go back to my place. it made me clear a spot on the hardwood floor, and laid me down, on my back. my mind was screaming, and so was i. i couldn’t believe this was happening to me. But, i realized it was useless. “my” arm started to insert 2 fingers into my pussy, and burried them as far as they could go. as soon as they couldn’t go further, the goo started to stretch out, filling every single corner of my pussy. it felt wonderful. i always wanted to get fucked by something similar to this, though. although i never really admitted it. the goo beyoğlu escort filled every corner of my pussy, and went into my womb. it started to expand, and i was moaning in pleasure as i climaxed hard onto two fingers.
I felt a gelatinous tentacle rubbing against my ass, and knowing what was going to happen, the goo-made-tentacle slipped right in. i screamed in ecstasy as i came hard, again, for the second time in less than a minute. i was having orgasm after orgasm, sometimes overlapping as i orgasmed after orgasm. my fingers withdrew from my pussy, and so did all the liquid. the tentacle-thingy stayed in my ass, conforming to every nook and cranny in my larger intestine. due to this thing was made out of a goo substance, when it penetrated my ass, it didn’t hurt. it felt amazing.

The goo put my hand right back to my side, and i couldn’t move any part of my body. it felt like i was in a warm, gelatinous bath. the goo covering my pussy started to condense, creating a small little globe of near-solid goo, and it extended. it turned into a penis-looking rod, and shoved into my pussy again. i let out a squeal of relief, as i came twice in a row as it penetrated me, hard and fast. I felt the gooey substance start to conform again, but this time, a third tentacle came out, and aimed straight for my mouth! I’t didn’t actually taste that bad. it tasted sweet, almost sugary. i kept swallowing more and more of the large tentacle, until i felt it actually TOUCH the tentacle that was penetrating my ass.

The liquid started to expand in my body. filling every single nook and cranny in my body. i felt two more tentacles, very thin, penetrate my ears. i felt a slight tingle in my brain. “oh shit.” is all i could think of at the time. i came again, squeezing against all the tentacles in my body. i felt a sudden urge to… obey.

I woke up to the warm air through the window wake me, making my head stir. I went downstairs for breakfast.

I started to make coffee, when i wanted to go outside. since i live in the middle of the woods, i could go out naked, and so i usually did. today wasn’t an exception. I wen’t outside, Naked as a [insert animal of your choice here].

I walked around for about an hour, coffee in hand. enjoying the joys of nature, the trees, and such. About 2 hours later, i went inside, and had some hotdogs cooked on my mini-grill. “Come.”. I felt the sudden urge to go to my bedroom, but i ignored it. “COME!” the voice in my head demanded, and i shot straight up, without any control, and started to walk to my room.

As soon as i heard the first command, my pussy immediately became slopping wet. I went into my bathroom, and immediately saw a large pool of pink gel in my tub. i yelled “WHAT THE FUCK?!” and tried to run. but my legs wouldn’t allow me. i was still standing there, naked. A tentacle looking thing protruded from the glob, and escort nişantaşı snaked towards my pussy. my pussy climaxed before it even got to me, and i collapsed in pleasure. i had the sudden urge to obey. i laid down, IN the puddle, with my legs spread wide open. The goo Enveloped my entire body, and i had an instant orgasm. my legs clutched together as i squirted my juices into the goo, making it even more erotic for me. it felt like taking a bath in living-anal-lube. i was in pure bliss as a thin tendril of the goo went up my ass, and expanded slowly. “oooohhhh, fuck, that feels so fucking good!” i heard myself say. The same happened to my pussy. The tendrils started to pump in and out, fucking both holes harder and harder. making me go through orgasm after orgasm. it felt like bliss. a third tendril came up to my mouth, and started fucking my mouth hard. then, all the goo immediately got off of me, and i felt empty. but i just stayed still.

A form started to appear from the goo. it looked humanoid. female. it then started to take on a definite woman form, but her skin was pink. “you are my slave now” it said. “yes, mistress. what do you want of me?” i said, in a monotone voice.
a large tentacle started to protrude from the goo-womans back, and aimed towards my ass. i sat there, legs spread as far as they could go whilst in the tub. i propped my ass up, for easier access to my ass. the tendril penetrated me with a swift move. i orgasmed immediately. “wow, whatever this thing did to me, im super sensitive now!” i thought to myself. “yes, i enabled a pleasure receptor most humans do not have in their brain. that’s why you’re the perfect target here.” she said, in a very feminine voice. two more tendrils, with suction cups this time, protruded from her back. and they latched onto my nipples.

“oooohhhhh, fuck yes. oh god yes that feels so good!” i moaned.
She started to grow a cock made up of the goo substance she was made of, and aligned it with my pussy. it felt so big inside me, despite it being squishy. It started to harden when it was inside of me, and expanded to my breaking point. her cock must’ve been about 12 inches long and about 4 inches wide when it was finished. i came hard, squeezing down on the cock. she started to pump in and out furiously, fucking me harder, with more vigor. I kept cumming, once one ended, another started. i couldn’t stop myself from cumming. no matter if i wanted to or not (who wouldn’t wan’t to be cumming 24/7 anyway?). i just sat back and enjoyed the ride.
The cock started to twitch, and Started to pump more and more into me, until i came hard ontop of it, and it shot a bunch of the pink stuff into my womb. i felt spent.
“hold onto this baby like it is your own. never let it go. it will feed off of your orgasms, so you need to fuck it regularily. it will turn into another thing like me once it’s done its duplication stage.
i just nodded in agreement.


tell me what you think, and if it’s good, i’ll write a sequal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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