My Husband Works Nights – Chapter 2

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Chapter – 2

The next two days where a complete blur, rocking my mind with a mix of torture and sickness. I could not stop thinking about what happen the other night after that man…that monster did what he did to me. I was in a daze just going through the motions as if nothing had happened and hiding every bit of fear, sickness, and guilt from my husband.

The third night as I was in the shower, letting the hot water ran over my body, I looked down across my large nipples. The tips of them just sticking up when I felt my hands run along my thighs and down my ass. Flashes of his warning came rushing to my mind. I started to shake a little and looked about my body wonder what I was going to do if he did come back. Would he really try again, knowing how much I hated what happened?

As my hands rub along my large ass the edge of my fingers slowly spread my cheeks apart and ran along the inside edge. I pulled my fingers away. Damn him for making me even think about doing this. I hated anal, just the thought of having anything in there was frightening and sickening. A recollection when me and my husband first started having sex reminded me of a time his tip tried to go inside my ass and it hurt so much.

I felt like crying as I reached outside of the shower curtain to the small shelf right above the toilet. My wet hand dripping water as it wraps around the tub of petroleum jelly and pull it into the shower with me. I look down at it and turn away from the spraying water. With a pop sound the lid opens up and one finger gathered a glob of jelly onto my finger. *Sign* I mumble out and close the lid, setting it on a shelf ledge in the shower.

Slowly I lower myself to a squatting position and move my hand behind my back and down to my ass. Carefully my other hand grasp along the fat of my ass and pull the cheek back to help give spreading room for my other hand. The tip of my finger, covered in jelly, push up against my back entrance and rub.

The feeling was so different and caused me to cringe a bit. A little further my finger push until my knuckle passed the circle entrance and allow me to push along the inside of my ass hole’s ring. I could not hold my position long with my heavy weight. The strain on my legs starting to burn as I could feel my finger shove as far as my hand would reach. After a moment I pull my finger out and stood back up. I gave a soft grunt standing back up letting the water rush down my fat body.

I started washing my hands instantly and wonder if I was going to be able to do this, knowing it was only for the off chance his threat was real.

Several days have passed from my first anal fingering and slowly it had worked up to two fingers, then a third. I found it impossible to be able to hold myself steady in the shower because of my weight and found it to be much easier to lay in the bed. Even if the lube by the bedside worked much better, my husband would not get suspicious from a reduction of petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly works much better and last much longer. It was the first time sticking three fingers in that my body started to really like it, and started to crave this feeling.

I felt myself laying in the bed knowing my husband was away at work. The lights where down low and my fingers slowly rubbed jelly over the end of two of them at first. A bit more was then applied to my back entrance and felt the tight sensation as my hand pushed those two fingers into my hole.

My hand worked slowly at first helping spread the petroleum around the edge and then gradually I started to curl them up and pressing towards my pussy from the inside of my ass. Thoughts of the man and his request grew deep in my mind and I rub my third finger along the edge of my hole. With a little bit of effort and a little gasp I add this third finger in and started to rub all three in and out.

With three fingers in I finally begin to work towards a goal of getting my ass stretched further. A sickening memory of his first penetration in my pussy reminded me of his size. Fear made me push my fingers hard along the edge and start to pull and shift the tight ring left and right. The whole time my pussy was tingling from the pleasure that was coming from my back ass. “Mmmmm”, I moan.

My hand moves faster and my ass felt my hand push my fingers deeper and harder until I could not stop myself. The rush of pleasure flows over my body. My toes even curl and I let out a deep moan before holding my hand against my ass and flex my fingers up and down along my inner wall of my anus. My pussy starts to drip a little, which is more wet then it normally would on my horny’est days.

I lost track of how many days I pass from training myself for anal. It was scary every night and I barely could sleep. Around the house my husband had picked gaziantep swinger up on my uneasiness, but having a slightly unhealthy body I could always play it off as just feeling sick more then usually. He even offered to take me to the doctors if I would need, but I casually wave it off and let the days go on like normal.

With four fingers able to pull my ass open when I needed it to, it still made me sick to think about why I was even doing those things in the first place. My mind drifts off into another shaky sleep this night. About one in the morning is when fear grips my whole body as a heavy hand covers over my mouth.

I want to scream just like the first time it happened, but the audible “Shhhh” kept me from doing anything. Only one hand came up to grasp around the forearm but I quickly return it to my side knowing it was useless to fight. The man flicks my night stand lamp on while flashing a chilling smile.

My eyes instantly start to shake while tears well up. How I just want this to be a nightmare, just another bad dream that would end in a few moments. The sight of his knife clearly in view, he was still cautious, wanting no chance of me resisting.

One of the man’s hands grasp my face and his fingers wrap around my mouth and squeez it tight. I almost thought about fighting and biting, but just lock my eyes on him, pleading him to stop. His hand pulls on my cheeks and guides me up and into the sitting position. I could clearly see how his eyes roam over my heavy body. My short legs hung over the edge of the bed with my toes nearly touching the floor.

“Now that you are awake, same rules apply”, he said in a deathly whisper. “No noise or ill take care of that kid of yours, I am not into hurting kids but do not think for one second I wont if she gets alerted to our…” he paused and eyed me once again, “time.” That look made my stomach turn a knot and I felt my breathing quicken. The pain his fingers gave my face as they dug in did nothing to easy my anxiety.

I watch as he slowly let go of my face and trace his fingers along my jaw. The knife held in his other hand moved behind his back out of sight and when it returned, he playfully pulls on my shoulder length blondish brown hair. “Take them off me,” he demands while motioning to his pants.

My fingers tremble while lifting up to his blue jeans and undid the clasp, the zipper with difficulty lowers. Slowly I yank them down along with his boxers to reveal his massive cock once more. Vivid memories of this thing violating me not so long ago made more tears. I felt them soak into my night shirt along my small chest. His right hand came down lifting his dick up placing the tip against my lips. “Do it bitch,” was his next command.

My lips slowly part letting his head stretch my mouth open. To not drag against my teeth his manhood filled the cavity all the way slowly. This position was different then last time and my tongue was freer to rub along the bottom of his shaft. Trying to swallow and breath at the same time while my tongue naturally pushes along his cock. his eyes glaze over with a satisfying look of lust.

Less intense fear allows for my mind to take in the man’s features more so then last time. Although my tears had started, they are short lived before drying up. My dark brown eyes could see how hard his cock was, swelling in front of my face. The dark curly color of his hair that surrounded the base of his shaft was trimmed. My arms wrap around my chest and belly trying to forget that this was even happening to me.

Holding my eyes open had become difficult. That burning sensation from keeping them open after crying strain my eye lids. I look up at him and watch as he rocks his hips back and forth to help push himself deeper. It would not reach much further, reaching the back of my throat causing me to gag.

I recoil pulling my face away for a moment feeling the head of his cock touching my throat hole. My eyes focus on his belly, his shirt slightly hanging just above the base to his monster cock. I could see his hands reach up and rub his finger gentle along my cheeks while my gag subsided a bit. “Still as tight as ever,” he said.

A chill ran up my spine when his hands move pass my ears and grabbed the back of my head. The man’s hands where bigger then my husbands. His fingers gliding through my hair as I felt his strength press into my scalp. That is when he pulled my head violently towards him. His cock was pushing hard to the back of my throat, slamming into the posterior of me causing a loud cough.

My arms unclasp my breast and belly and push up against his thighs. Hoping to reduce the brutality of what was happening to me. I could feel the burly strength of the muscles along the man’s legs as I pitifully attempted to slow his thrusting. No amount of protest my weak arms produced could reduce that forceful face fuck he gave me while I gasp for air.

I gag and cough, using all my will to keep as quiet as possible. This was to much and may wake my child, leading to a nightmare far worse then this one. New tears stream down my cheek, dripping into large drops along my shirt and thighs while sitting on the edge of the bed. I tilt my head back a bit and was able to look up to meet his eyes.

As our eyes meet his voice came out low and treacherous, “Swallow as much as you can girl”. My eyes widen suddenly when his gush of seed unloads into my mouth while he grunts. A spurt of white thick cum pour down my throat, forcing me to start swallowing it in big gulps. Far too much to drink at once, white seed flows out around my lips and drips down my chin. Large globs of his sperm splatter down on my thighs, chest, and belly.

With each new spurt my mind could only think of my husband and how much less sperm he would make when he came. Not that he did not have a good amount, but nothing close to the volume of this man. Moments pass and his grunts slow along with his expulsion of cum from his balls. His final drops slowly slide down my throat to my belly.

I set and my eyes barely open enough to watch him pull back as the tip of the head popping out pass my lips. The tip flexes up and down along with his shaft, dripping another few drops of cum down onto the top of my thighs. My hands slowly rub up and down his legs trying to catch my breath. “Damn, you did not swallow it all did ya,” he said quietly. “No matter, get up on the bed and turn around for me.”

I pull my hands away from his legs and wrap them around my chest while turning slowly to face the headboard of the bed. I heard him open my night stand and pop the top of the lube bottle that was there. I could only be thankful he remembers it was there. “Well, bend down bitch”, he demanded. I started to sob softly while my head and shouldered lowered to my pillow. My head turned to the side to look at my husbands’ pillow, empty and cold.

The man’s hands suddenly grasp my hips around the edge of my panties. Slowly they trail around the edge of my cheeks and his voice was low and throaty. “This ass is so fat I am going to enjoy this way too much,” he snared. I felt him lean down resting his cock against the crack of my ass, “and you will enjoy it too if you practiced like I asked.” Then with a sudden pull my panties drop down pass my thighs to lay bunched up around my knees.

My face turns to the pillow and buried my mouth into it as the head of his massive cock pressed up against my virgin ass. Why had I not at least let my husband have this first, I could of a while ago, when I started to practice. I was just afraid my change in sex would cause him to get suspicious. He was smart and may have asked questions about why I was Ok with anal sex all of a sudden. I know I would have been to weak to lie about why. My child was in danger, my husband was never afraid of anything. He would have called the cops, and I would have lost my child when this brute saw them show up.

The lube betrayed the impossible task again, but did little to dull the pain. I let out a low cry into the pillow feeling how much bigger his cock was than my fingers. Practice did nothing to prepare my tight ass for this invasion. Stretching hard and firmly around this man’s tip. His hands grasped my hips firm and with a grunt thrusted into my ass like it was suppose to go there. I felt the wetness my tears caused soaking my pillow.

My pussy clinched hard and my hips tried to buck away from him only to feel his strong hands dig into my skin and pull me harder towards his hips. The length of his shaft digging deeper and deeper as the lube let him slide unimpeded to my depth. Finally, with a sudden grunt his balls brushed up against my pussy lips while feeling his entire length. My cries sounding distant and muffled as I scream into the soft fluff of my pillow.

He held still for a good while. Just letting my ass muscles tighten and flinch all around the shaft and tip of his cock. “Damn its tighter then your pussy,” he mumbled. “Get ready bitch,” he said. The man drags his entire cock all the way back out till the hoop on his cock head tip rubs the entrance of my ass hole.

With a grunt he would push into my depth once again. The extent running along the inside pass my pussy walls. My body was wrecked with pain from how much bigger his cock was comparing to my attempts to stretch it with my own fingers. The first feeling of betrayal envelops my mind when he pulled back a fifth time and a clear drip of my pussy juice start to fall, soaking my panties wrapped up around my knees.

With every new thrust, came a new increase in rhythm. My mind was able to identify every inch because his cock’s head was so hard and defined. His head would push all the way inside and pull back to my hole, faster and faster. My pussy quivers slightly when I felt his hand rear back and come down on my bare ass with an audible slap. I shot my head up and look over my shoulder, “no, please do not make any noise”. He just grinned at my menacingly and started to hammer into my ass harder.

After that the way his hands grasp around my hips hurt. He was fucking me like a wild animal and force me to lean into my pillow hard. A long low moan escapes my lips instead of the sobbing I had expected to be doing during this whole trial. My knees try to pull further apart to easy the angle he was pushing inside. I curse feeling my panties trap my knees.

The man watches me start to shift my legs back and forth working my panties down over my calves and arch my back a bit. My heavy stomach was hanging down from this position. His eyes could only look over my bare skin along my back while my night shirt had fallen forward and bunched up over my shoulders. The weight pulling down my belly made the skin of my ass tight looking. His fingers would dig into my skin to kneed them like dough.

“Oh girl, you do not disappoint,” he said when he suddenly slows his thrust just on the cusp of my first orgasm. I let out a whimper of both disgust and disappointment. That whimper was short lived when he reaches one hand back grasping the base of his cock and pulled himself fully out.

I gasp at the sudden loss of pressure from my ass hole and then dug my face into the pillow again when his cocks head push my pussy walls apart and plunge deep inside. Fast and brutally he did not wait for my pussy to adjust and drove himself as far as he could go, smashing my cervix while he grunted hard.

I start to cum in huge waves of pleasure from this new assault and felt my juices start to run down my legs in an almost steady stream. I soon realize the reason he had pulled out and shoved it in my vagina was to erupt his hot thick cum inside. As each spurt of his sperm filled my womb and pussy my toes curl in ecstasy from with the orgasm it gave me.

His cock stayed inside me for several minutes, just letting himself empty everything. I could feel the cum overflow and run down my legs. I breathe deep and slow waiting for my mind to clear and look over my shoulder. His head was leaned back a bit and his body just kneeling there breathing over and over.

The man pulls himself from my cunt letting himself spill out even more in a large gush onto the bed. Damn it would be hard to clean this up, my mind was no longer even thinking about the fact this man had raped me once again. Taking my anal virginity and made me cum harder then ever, even though I was so close from cumming from my ass.

I felt the man lean over me and his long shaft pushed up against my slit, feeling him breath heavy on the back of my neck. “Mmmmm,” his voice moaned as if fully satisfied. My breathing quickened feeling him start to grind against my backside. I should not want this, I should stop enjoying this. I grind back against him causing his dick to flex hard against me.

“What, you want one more round babe”, he asked. I turned my head into the pillow and slowly nodded my head, then I pulled my face up and spoke. “Just…let me cum from my ass and then you can leave.” I felt his cock slide up along my slit collecting some cum and then pressed the tip along my back entrance once more. “Sure babe,” was all he said before he buried himself into my ass once more.

My mind was flooded with guilt and pleasure. Two so contrasting feelings I felt like I would throw up. However; pleasure was winning the battle and soon I just moaned into the pillow as his cock rammed in and out of me like a jack hammer. I start to cum in no time at all. My hips buck back towards his hips and rode through several more orgasm until he finally clasp my hips hard and cam a third time, although his volume of cum was far less then before.

After that he simple pulled out and then got off the bed. I roll onto my side and my hips shook with a new feeling of weakness they had never felt before. As he pulls his pants up, I lick my lips a bit remembering the taste of his cum, somehow, I had a bit of a craving on the tongue for more.

When he was fully dressed, he simple looked down at me and then smiled, “I will be back sooner then last time…” then he turned and left.

Although the guilt was so sickening the next few days it was hard not to want to throw up, I was able to keep my composure enough to not lead onto any new suspicions. However, sex with my husband became even less often then it already was. His frustration was short lived as I gave him permission to watch porn more often and promised I would not get mad.

As long as he was happy at his night job.

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