My Hot Uni Roommate Ch. 04

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Previously: I also decided to try to have something ready for him to eat when he returned. I wasn’t sure if “something together for dinner” meant pizza or a restaurant or leftovers or something else, but I suddenly felt like doing something sappy like cooking a meal for him was just what I wanted.

I have a boyfriend, I thought to myself as I dried my hair in the mirror. My smile looked more radiant than it had in a while as I stared at myself. Now the only question was what should I cook for us?


Even after the shower, the temptation to jerk off was real. I also knew from experience that if I sat around, time would slow to a crawl while I waited and wished that Michael would get back sooner. No, the best solution to both my problems was for me to get out of the dorm for a while.

I put on some sunscreen, donned my sunglasses, grabbed a water bottle, and triple checked that our door was truly locked before heading out into the gorgeous sunlight. My bike was locked just outside the building, leaning against the metal bars of the rack in all its mediocre glory. Some people kept their bikes inside to prevent bike theft, but I figured that the lock and the evident age of my bike were strong enough thief-repellant to keep it safe outside.

Once unlocked, I slung my body over the bike and set off down the sidewalk and onto the road. I joined the meager Saturday traffic waiting at the stoplight and within a few minutes I was moving through the heart of our campus. My destination was the bike trail at the other side which I found to be delightfully empty by the time I got there.

Following the trail all the way down and back took me about two hours. I didn’t head straight back home yet, deciding instead to stop outside a Wendy’s on campus to grab a salad for lunch before completing the rest of the return journey. There were a few slices of bacon on top of the greens and without a second’s hesitation I removed them from the bowl. The bacon breakfast a few hours ago had been more than enough, thank you.

After I got home and put everything back in its place, I managed to do the last few parts of my homework that were needed for Monday.

The next few hours dwindled away as I turned my attention to some games and tv shows. Midway through watching the last few episodes of Game of Thrones, I decided to retrieve one of my big dildos.

Then it was right back to the couch to continue watching, but this time while practicing my dick sucking on the toy. Might as well do something useful while watching tv, right? I had never sucked a dick let alone touched one, but I had practiced on my toys before. Now that Michael was interested in me, it was a good time to freshen up my skills and strip the old varnish away. I was going to dedicate myself to giving the best head he had ever received so he wouldn’t even be able to think about his past lady friends while I had him between my lips.

Around 4, I took another quick shower to cleanse the sweat from the morning’s exercise before leaving the building again to go buy some food. While wandering around the store, I realized it might have been clever to figure out what I wanted to cook or buy before I drove over here, but eventually I made up my mind.

I didn’t know exactly when Michael was going to get back, so I wanted something that could be left to heat for a little while before burning or something. I wasn’t a particularly great chef either, so it couldn’t be anything too complicated. With these limits on my mind, I eventually decided to just go for some simple ingredients like chicken, onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos.

Once home, I got the chicken starting to cook. Once it had about half an hour left, I started with the other ingredients, grilling them all together and leaving them on low heat while I waited for Michael.

He ended up arriving about a quarter before 6, which was conveniently only a few minutes after the chicken escort bayan gaziantep had finished. I had finished cutting the chicken up into flat pieces when he walked in.

“Hey Noah, I stopped by Taco Bell if you wanted anything,” he said, brandishing a plastic bag.

“Oh…” I said, feeling disappointed. He walked over and looked at all my food.

“God damn are you cooking enough for both of us?” he asked. “I didn’t actually eat anything yet, so don’t feel bad.”

“I thought it would be fun to make something for both of us, yeah,” I said. Happier again, I started piling the diced onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos over the chicken along with some melted white cheese and salsa.

“Well fuck this stuff then,” said Michael. He opened the refrigerator and tossed the Taco Bell bag in unceremoniously. “What all did you make?”

We ate together while Michael told me about helping his family back at their home. Once we were both full to the brim, he looked past me and over to the couch.

“Were you fucking yourself again Noah? It looks like you left your dildo on the couch,” he said with an evil smile.


“No that’s not it!” I said as I jumped up and grabbed the dildo. I hurriedly cleaned it in the bathroom and tossed it onto my bed before returning to Michael.

“Were you just staring at it then?”


“Tell me!”

“I was sucking it,” I admitted, looking at the ground and smiling despite my embarrassment.


“Err… Just to… Practice more, I guess.”

“Oh yeah? Preparing to jump my loins right when I got home perhaps? Or maybe after I lowered my defenses?”

“Please never say “my loins” again Michael.”

“Sorry Noah, my loins are here to stay.”

“And I cooked you a nice dinner too.”

While firing back, my eyes lowered down to his crotch. I could see a bulge there. Was he hard?

“Eyes back up here, Noah,” Michael said suddenly. I jumped a little and looked back at his face. Caught red-handed like a kid again. “So, why were you practicing your cock-sucking? Please explain everything to your dear friend Michael and don’t look at your toes while you do it.”

“I wanted to practice… So, I could do it well if I got to suck yours,” I replied while focusing on looking into his face.

“It’s fun making you admit to your perverted ways without you being able to hide your eyes from me,” said Michael. “Anyway, I’ve heard gay guys give the best head. Fact or fiction?”

“Definitely fact.”

“Oh? I think I’ll decide that actually. Want to test your hypothesis?”

“Well we are both scientists,” I said, trying to hide my giddiness.

“Good point.”

Michael stood up.

“Alright, get naked.”

I was surprised at the sudden sexually charged order but was out of my clothes in a heartbeat. Michael smiled at my dick which was pointing straight out and bouncing up and down.

“Good. Now, on your knees Noah.”

I blushed but lowered to my knees on the carpet. To my surprise, Michael walked past me and sat on the couch.

“Come over here.”

I started getting up before he spoke again.

“Don’t stand up. Crawl over here like a good cocksucker.”

Feeling humiliated but also incredibly turned on, I crawled over to him and knelt between his legs. He had already removed his shorts and underwear and peeled off his shirt while I waited there. I stared at his throbbing dick while he stripped. I must have looked needy because he chuckled and murmured something about me still being so hungry after just eating dinner.

“Mm… I like seeing a hot guy like you sitting obediently between my legs,” he said lustfully. “So eager to be my cocksucker. Are you okay with me calling you that?”


“Does it turn you on? You like me talking dirty?”

I nodded.

“Awesome. I actually did want to let you blow me last night, but I thought it would be a lot more satisfying if the first time was you doing it all on your own like a hungry slut. Why don’t you ask nicely for me to let you begin, Cocksucker?”

“Can I please suck your dick Michael?”

“Of course, Cocksucker. Get to it and show me how badly you’ve been wanting it all day.”

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as I leaned forward. His dick jumped a little, hitting me in the nose. I took a deep breath in. He was a little musky, perhaps from sweating throughout the day, but he still smelled really good. I moved my face a little lower to smell his trimmed pubic hair as well.

“The hypothesis wasn’t that you’re gay as fuck for me Cocksucker, it was that you can suck my better than a woman,” teased Michael.

I blushed but didn’t talk back. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue, and began to slide it up his shaft at a dainty pace.

“Mm that’s much better Cocksucker. Finally getting what you’ve always wanted. You’ve been training your whole life to worship my fat dick, haven’t you Cocksucker?”

I moaned and nodded as I licked him again. I kissed the tip, enjoying the feeling of it bouncing against my face again. I felt a wet spot as he left some precum on me. I couldn’t believe how much better this was with a real dick in my face. So warm on my tongue with a fleshy taste and a manly smell. I opened my mouth and took him inside, trying to surprise him by suddenly swallowing half of his length.

“Oh fuck!” he grunted. I grinned around his dick, feeling satisfied that I had made him react like that. I began to blow him with a great eagerness, and he kept rewarding me with soft groans and thrusts against my mouth.

“Such a good little slut,” moaned Michael. “Fucking swallow that dick Cocksucker.”

I lost track of time as I desperately blew my roommate… Boyfriend. After the first few minutes, I closed my eyes and just let my instincts take over as I lost myself in the feeling. I wanted to jerk off but I kept one hand teasing his balls and the other rubbing his thigh. I tried to remember all the tips I had read on the internet while I blew him, keeping my tongue active, mixing my movements and the speed up from time to time, moaning quietly around him now and then to show him I was enjoying myself…

While I wasn’t doing poorly, I had to stop a couple times. It was taking a bit of time to pop his cork. I was beginning to feel like I was running out of energy and disappointment was settling in as I thought about being unable to make him cum. He tapped my head and I opened my eyes, snapping out of my dick-fueled haze.

“Keep going Cocksucker. I’m a-about to cum ohhhhh… You’re going to swallow everything, right Cocksucker? Not going to be a spitter quitter like some of my hookups?”

I nodded while I silently wondered what his cum would taste like. Like any curious gay man, I had tasted my own cum before. Did other guys taste the same?

“Good boy. Cocksuckers need all the c-cum they can get. Get ready f-for it Cocksucker,” he gasped. “if you swallow it all, I’ll g-give you a reward!”

I redoubled my efforts to make him cum, and I was successful a few moments later. His hands appeared on my head and he pushed me further down around his dick. I felt him twitch and then a warm liquid appeared it my mouth. I couldn’t figure out how to swallow it, so I focused on tightening my lips so none would fall out.

After maybe ten seconds, he relaxed his muscles and helped lift my face up and off his dick. I tilted my head back so none of the cum would fall out and tasted it for a minute. It wasn’t great, but I still liked it. I swallowed a few times until it felt like it was all gone. It had a strong aftertaste in my mouth though.

“Fuuuuck,” Michael sighed. “Swallow it all you eager whore. I could see it moving down your throat. Did you enjoy yourself Cocksucker?”

“Yes,” I said shyly. It was true. I felt like I was above the clouds. I had finally sucked my first cock and made a man cum!

“That’s good. On matters of science, however, I wouldn’t say you were the best out of anyone who’s blown me.”

“Awww,” I whined. It wasn’t a huge surprise though.

“Don’t mope. You were probably the most eager cocksucker I’ve ever had. Eager mouths can be trained with practice. Starfish women are hopeless at improving.”

“I guess you’ll have to train me more often,” I whispered seductively.

“Well science does require repeated testing before drawing conclusions,” said Michael. “Anyway, about your reward for swallowing my hot jizz so well…”

I was about to ask what it was when Michael suddenly grabbed me and tossed me on my back next to him on the couch. He leaned down and took my dick into his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned in surprise. Michael quickly surfaced, coughing.

“Oh my god, you made it seem pretty easy,” he grunted. “I suddenly appreciate women more. I’ll do my best though. Just whack me or something if I’m doing it badly. I’ve never shoved anything bigger than a clit or nipple into my mouth.”

“O-Okaaay!” I whimpered as he began trying to blow me again. I spread my legs wider and closed my eyes. I couldn’t believe Michael was blowing me too! I had been expecting him to take a while to warm up to the idea of swallowing another guy’s dick after hooking up with women his whole life.

Even though Michael was rough around the edges, he was doing alright. I took no small pleasure in offering him advice and guidance throughout the blowjob during his many breaks to catch his breath. It made me feel like the more alpha male if even just for a little while.

I was so horny and pent up that it didn’t seem to take Michael too long to have me on the edge. Eying the clock by the tv, I saw it had only been a little over fifteen minutes since he had started.

“I’m going to cum if you want to stop Michael,” I said as a warning as I sat up a few inches. He seemed to ignore me, instead suddenly doubling his speed and sending me back down onto the couch. “Oh fuuuck!” I whimpered while I rubbed my hands through his hair. “Michael I’m going to cuuum!” I moaned like a slut as I started cumming. I was thrashing and moaning crazy loud as he continued to milk my sensitive shaft with his mouth.

Finally, it was over, and I collapsed even deeper into the couch cushions as my muscles relaxed. Michael carefully extricated himself and coughed. I saw a bit of cum dripping from his lips and a few puddles on my crotch.

“Damn, how the fuck did you swallow all of mine?” he asked, catching his breath.

“It’s probably easier when you’re on your knees because like this you’re working completely against gravity,” I said. “I’m just really surprised you even tried to swallow mine. I guess you’re an honorary bisexual now.”

“Of course I tried. My momma didn’t raise no weak ass bitch,” he retorted. I began giggling as he wiped his mouth a few times with his shirt. Shooting a look my way, Michael threw his shirt at my face with the cum pointed towards me. I yelled in surprise and tumbled onto the floor to dodge as Michael took over laughing at me.

“I’m going to go rinse out my mouth,” said Michael. “I don’t want to taste your dick all night. No homo.”

“No homo here either,” I said while trying to sound serious. “Just some brojobs.”

“If your homie makes you dinner, you gotta suck his dick,” said Michael as he stood up. “Nothing gay about it.”

“Definitely. Very straight. Very normal,” I said while nodding now that I had stood up too.

I got dressed while Michael went to the bathroom to wash his face and mouth. Once dressed, I went back to the kitchen area and started putting the dishes into the dishwasher. Michael returned partway through and helped me finish the rest.

“Want to watch a movie or something?” he asked.


I went and sat down on the couch while Michael stood with the remote and cycled through Netflix until he found something he wanted to watch. I expected him to just sit next to me, but after he sat down he pulled me over to him until he was lying down with me as his little spoon. My skin tingled with happiness at this turn of events. I wiggled against him a few times to get comfortable and then settled in for what would hopefully be a long movie.

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