My Hot Uni Roommate Ch. 03

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Previously: “It’s no big deal Noah,” he said, sounding sleepy. “Let’s sleep and in the morning we can talk about things.”


Michael adjusted himself a couple times and then I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck every few seconds. I had never been held by someone who wasn’t my mom, and it was just as nice as I had always thought it would be. Even with just his arm around me, I could feel his heat, his strength, and I could smell his scent. I closed my eyes and must have fallen asleep within minutes.


I woke up to sunlight peeking through the window blinds into my eyes. I closed my eyelids tighter and rolled onto my back. My hole and my dick both felt warm and a little sore. With my left hand, I felt around for Michael to my left, but he wasn’t there. Did I dream everything?

Still feeling half-asleep, I crawled my left hand over my hips and onto my stomach. I felt dried cum all over the area around my belly button. It took a lot of effort to roll over onto my left side and even more to crack open an eye. I saw Michael’s underwear, the black pair that had been in my mouth, still sitting on the floor where he had flung it.

It had really happened. My sexy roommate had forced me to cum from getting my ass rammed by a toy after all. Had he woken up and regretted it? I had been hoping I would wake up still nestled underneath his arm.

The sudden clang of a metal pot on the stove roused me. The digital clock on my desk said 9:13, so I decided to force myself to sit up and gradually open my eyes. I couldn’t afford to wake up too late even if it was the weekend now. I had a bunch of early morning classes this semester after all.

Not wanting to exacerbate the issue if Michael was regretting last night’s events, I pulled on a pair of jeans over my underwear and used a tissue to pry off a bit of the dried cum from my belly and chest. Then I opened my bedroom door.

Immediately, the smell of bacon hit my nose. The only thing I had eaten last night after dinner was Michael’s boxer briefs. Normally I snacked on something unhealthy late at night before I went to bed at 11 or 12. The result was that now my stomach was unhappy with me after missing its fatty and sugary treat from last night.

I stumbled down the short hallway to the commons area and saw Michael at the stove. Like me, he wasn’t wearing a shirt, only shorts. He seemed to have heard me coming at some point because he shot a glance and a smile over my way.

“Morning dude. I’m feeling a little crappy from the alcohol so I’m cooking a big pack of bacon. You can have some if you want in a few minutes.”

“Okay,” I said. I stood there for a couple seconds and then sat down at the table. Michael focused on the stove again and the room was silent except for the sizzling bacon. It dragged on for a good ten seconds before I go uncomfortable.

“So… How come you never told me you escort bayan gaziantep were bi?” I asked. Michael stiffened for a second and then looked back at me again.

“Well, you never asked,” he said with a shrug.

“Well I thought you said you were straight…” I mumbled, feeling dumb.

“I don’t think I did. I’ve just only talked about girlfriends and women. I’m just messing with you though; I probably wouldn’t have admitted to not being straight anyway. It’s not something I ever really talk about. Pretty much only my sister knows I think. Not that I’ve ever done anything with a guy before though. Well, until last night.”

I saw a little smirk on his lips.

I couldn’t think of a way to respond to that. While I was thinking of something, Michael spoke again.

“You’re a pretty impressive guy Noah. I keep thinking back to when we first met… Practically the fifth sentence out of your mouth was saying you were gay and asking if it was a problem. It was really brave man… I’ve low-key admired you for that ever since. Much respect. If I were as brave as you… Maybe I would have mentioned something then, but… I guess it’s always been easier to just pretend that I’m totally straight since I like women more anyway. When it comes to guys, I have a specific type. With women, I’ll hook up with most of them as long as they’re cute and don’t seem like they’ll bite me.”

I found myself sitting stiffly as I listened and allowed myself to relax as he finished speaking. Michael thought I was brave? The thought was leaving me stunned. It made me feel good… But even more than that, I felt a certain sadness for Michael. The memories of my own road to acceptance came flooding back in. It hadn’t been easy. If I had been bisexual, I probably would have been the same way as him.

Michael thought I was brave. That gave me enough guts for the next moment to ask what had been on my mind since waking up.

“Michael… I’m not… Just a hookup… Am I?”

I hated myself for how my voice trembled. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, I yelled at myself. Don’t guilt trip him.

Michael finished plating the last of the bacon and put the big dish on the table in front of me and sat down across from me.

“Do you want to be?” he asked slowly as he cast a searching look with his own eyes into me. “Or did you want more?”


What did I want? I wanted everything. I wanted him to keep telling me funny stories and beating me at games. I wanted him to keep talking about the things he loved and all the crazy shit he was learning that I didn’t understand. I wanted to feel his arm around me again with his bare chest against my back. I wanted to try kissing a guy I really had feelings for. And I wanted to feel that titillating build-up of pleasure and heat that I felt last night just before Michael made me cum all over myself.

“I want a b-boyfriend,” I said. Again, it came out weaker than I wanted, although this time, I felt a single tear drip down the left side of my face.

“Aw, Noah, you’re so cute,” he said with a melancholy chuckle. I felt my face flush and then he was standing up and pulling me out of the chair and hugging me.

“Come on man, don’t cry. I’m not good with crying people,” he said. I could detect the nervousness behind the jovial tone he was forcing into his voice. I wiped the tear away with my bare arm. “I’m not going to treat you like a one-night stand and toss you away after last night Noah,” he said quietly while my nose pressed against his collar bone. “That’s why I said we should talk about things in the morning. I don’t really know what I’m doing… But I’m willing to try something more long term with you.”

“Really?” I sniffled. I truly couldn’t believe it.

“Yeah you do fit my type when it comes to men. The only guys I usually find attractive are the white, surfer, softer, twinky kinds of guys. Hopefully this doesn’t offend you… I just like guys who are cuter and remind me a bit of women I guess. I think walking in on you last night was enough of a shock that it finally cast you in a more sexual light for me.”

“I’m not offended.”

“That’s good. Now let’s sit down so we can eat our all-bacon breakfast like real men,” said Michael as he gently pushed me away from the hug. I bit my lip and smiled like an idiot as we both sat down.

The salty bacon was electric on my hungry tongue. I stuffed the entire piece into my mouth and practically swallowed it whole. Michael stared at me with half of his first piece of bacon still in his hand.

“Is this how you seduce men?” he asked. I snorted and it hurt so I covered my face.

“No, I’m just hungry!” I protested.

“Good. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to deep throat a banana instead of biting a slab of bacon and swallowing the whole thing. That’s probably why all the college studs aren’t all over you.”

He always knew how to make me laugh. Within moments, my trepidation and heavy thoughts were already leaving me.

“So… You’re going to be my boyfriend?” I asked while trying not to sound too hopeful. I bit into another piece of bacon.

“Duh… I did just fuck your ass with that mini lover of yours last night. It might take me a little while to think of it in those terms though… I need some time to get used to the idea before I introduce you to any of my friends like that. I hope that’s okay.”

“That’s totally fine,” I said, and it was true. Suddenly, I couldn’t stop smiling. Michael didn’t regret everything. I was going to get to kiss him and he was going to cuddle me more and I was going to get to touch his dick eventually… I felt myself get hard and was thankful the table was in between us.

“Awesome dude. Not the most traditional way for a… Relationship to start,” said Michael with a wry smile. “Although if I ever meet your parents I’m telling them that our first date was you tied to your bed and me making you cum from your ass. Make them really afraid of black people but for a good reason this time.”

“Oh my god I’ll die if you do that,” I gasped. “And my mom might too.”

“Alright then. You can tell them we met on Grindr.”

“You’re such a piece of work Michael.” I tried to roll my eyes at Michael but found myself cracking up along with him.

We joked with each other, forgetting the super-real conversation we had just had. Before I knew it, we had finished off the entire pack of bacon in one sitting. Michael took my plate and put it in the dish washer and moved the bacon pan into the sink.

“There was another thing I wanted to talk about…” he said while looking at me and performing a long stretch by the sink.


“You like being tied up, right? Are you into BDSM?”

“Well… I don’t know if I am, but yeah I really like the idea of being tied up like last night,” I replied. I felt the embarrassment all over again as I stared at the table.

“It’s okay Noah. It’s really not that weird at all actually. Try looking me in the face.”

I felt like a kid getting caught by the teacher for a moment. I glanced up sheepishly and looked into his face.

“Say it again,” he said.

“I like being tied up,” I managed to say without blushing or looking away. Michael smiled.

“There we go. I just wanted to find out how deep that kink or whatever goes before we get down to any kind of sexy fun again. Do you think about being a submissive?”

I blushed this time but I focused all my willpower on not looking away.

“Yeah… I don’t know why.”

“I thought so, but I just wanted to make sure. I’ve been with a lot of women who want me to hold them down or cuff their hands behind their back or to give them a rough spanking before we have sex, so I’m used to it. I’ve enjoyed it so I’m down to do more of that with you if you want it. But we can talk more about it later.”

“Okay, sure,” I said. My mind was stuck on the idea of Michael holding me over his lap while spanking me and whispering that I was a good boy. Hopefully he couldn’t see me drooling.

“I’ve got to go help my family out today, but I’ll be back a little before 6 probably. Maybe we can eat something together for dinner and play some games or… something,” he said slyly.

“That works with me.”

“Alright Noah. I’m going to get a shirt and some shoes on and then I’ll be out of here.”

I went back to my room and got a change of clothes and went to take a shower. While I was washing the rest of the cum off my body, I heard Michael leave the dorm. My dick wouldn’t go down, but I decided to ignore it for now, in case something naughty happened after Michael got back.

I also decided to try to have something ready for him to eat when he returned. I wasn’t sure if “something together for dinner” meant pizza or a restaurant or leftovers or something else, but I suddenly felt like doing something sappy like cooking a meal for him was just what I wanted.

I have a boyfriend, I thought to myself as I dried my hair in the mirror. My smile looked more radiant than it had in a while as I stared at myself. Now the only question was what should I cook for us?

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