My Happiest Anniversary

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Chapter 1

Jim and I met and fell in love in San Francisco. I’d always thought The City, as it’s called locally, was the most romantic in American and romance swept me off my feet and into Jim’s bed, my first time with a man.

Yes, I know, I really was pretty inexperienced, I had friends who were giving all the ‘jobs’, you know, hand- and blow-, when they were younger than I was.

Well, I didn’t, I didn’t even get my boobs felt until I was a senior in high school, now over eighteen and, then, it was through my blouse and bra. Not too exciting, I guess.

So, Jim was my big love. Yes, it was like the movies with music and dancers and all. It was lovely. And, yes, he was the first guy I really wanted in my panties.

I was twenty, in college on the West Coast, we met and I was head over heels, as they say. This was the big one.

Oh, Jim was different from the guys I had dated. He seemed to be a lover, not a boyfriend. You may not get the difference. Well, if you don’t, you’re probably a guy. He just concentrated on me, made me the center of his world. This was all so new to me that after our first few dates, I went to bed filled with very naughty thoughts, dreaming of things I was brought up to consider base, dirty.

I went to bed thinking of holding him naked in my arms, his caresses roaming all over my body. I dreamed of his touch as I rubbed my hand between my legs those first nights. I had never had these kinds of feelings before. Oh, I had been turned-on some before, with sexual thoughts and feelings, but this was new, different. I felt aroused every waking moment. I knew this was different and I decided that I was going to make it different.

On our third date, we were at his apartment after dinner, necking on the couch, his hand gently squeezing my breast as we tongued each others mouth.

Enough of this, I want more, I thought, then started unbuttoning my blouse and pulling it off. I turned my back to him and felt the clasp loosen as my bra dropped into my lap.

You would think that this moment was steeped in aroused, erotic feelings, but I must confess that all I could think about was whether he would think my breasts are nice. They evidently were because he soon was down kissing them and licking my nipples which really got me aroused like never before. No one had ever touched my bare breasts and when he ran his tongue round and round my nipple, then sucked it into his mouth, I thought I would swoon. Oh, this had a direct effect on my panties, for sure.

I’ll never forget that night. I had never had any of my clothes off in the presence of a man before and he took me back to my dorm that night, just wanting one thing, more.

That came the next night, our fourth date. We were back at his place again, and it was just a matter of a few minutes before I was naked to the waist and his lips were back on my nipples. Oh, they had ached until they were reunited with Jim’s mouth. It just felt so good. I had made up my mind that Jim was the one. He was the one I wanted more than anyone I’d ever known.

And I was going right along where our feelings were taking us as he caressed my breasts and I rubbed the large lump in his pants. I lay awake the night before wondering what his penis would look like, how it would feel, even, how it would taste. He was all I could think about.

“Would you take your pants off, please?” I asked wondering just where all this new boldness of mine was coming from.

So, we soon became acquainted with each other’s bodies and were kissing and licking and sucking each other to orgasm every night. It was wonderful. The first time he went down between my legs, I just gazed at him in amazement. Then, when I felt his tongue begin to lick me up and down along my labia, I almost fainted. It was, by far, the most erotic feeling I had ever had. He gave me three orgasms that night and I was forever in love with both Jim and his tongue caressing my most secret parts.

I did want to save myself for our wedding night and Jim never pushed me to do otherwise. But we made up for postponing intercourse by exploring each other every night until we got married.

We really never felt any lack of sex and when we finally did make love on our wedding night it was more of a dessert than a main course. But a very wonderful dessert, nonetheless.

Jim had slowly, patiently brought me from being shy and reserved about my body to being relaxed, even becoming a bit of an exhibitionist. Around the house.

In public, well, that’s a bit different. But, he had shown me that if I did loosen up a bit when we were out, the results later when we were in bed would be dramatically revved-up. So, maybe that gave me some incentive to transform the shy Midwestern girl I was into the hip California woman that I know he wanted me to be.

We had planned our twelfth anniversary carefully. It was an important one, we knew any anniversary beyond the tenth was important and we started months gaziantep escort ilanları in advance talking about and deciding every detail.

We would go back to San Francisco, to the city of our discovery of one another, stay at The Mark Hopkins Hotel, a favorite ‘splurge’ spot from our earlier days, and have as romantic a time as we could.

I also let Jim accompany me on my shopping spree for the trip, knowing that he would be looking for clothes that would be more provocative than I would have normally chosen.

So, dinner our first night was at the hotel restaurant, Nob Hill. Jim had laid out my wardrobe earlier.

“Hon, um, what are you up to? There’s a dress, a bra and shoes. Did you forget something?”

“No, not really. Remember I had you try that dress on and you looked great. Really good.”

“Okay, I know I’m a fool for asking, but where are the panties? You said everything’s laid out.”


“You really planned this out, didn’t you? That’s why you had me shave my pussy, isn’t it?”


So, I put the bra on, slipped the dress over my head and Jim zipped me in. In front of the mirror, I saw an attractive, sexy, desirable woman in a rather short, snug-fitting low-cut, white knit sheath who was, truthfully, rather turned-on from being basically naked under the dress.

Jim got dressed and we went down to dinner. We were ushered over to a banquette where we slipped in next to each other and I began looking over the menu as Jim checked the wine list.

By the time I got down to the list of entrees, Jim had gotten down to my thigh and pulled my dress hem up and was working his hand between my legs.

“You are impossible, James, simply impossible.”

“You love it and I know it.”

Well, I did, actually, and spread my knees to welcome his attention to my rapidly dampening inner thighs.

I discovered that it is very difficult to carry on a conversation in a swank restaurant with waitstaff going past while you are being finger-fucked by your dinner partner. I could just see a busboy pointing his finger at us accusing us of public mayhem, I mean the tablecloths were fairly long but still looked pretty high up off the floor to me.

But, I soon didn’t care. I never had an orgasm but I was close three times, once, just a finger-stroke away.

Then, over dessert, “I’ve got a surprise for you. I’ve ordered a massage for you for when we get back up to the room.”

He knows I love massages and I was already making mental plans for Jim to take over when the masseuse was finished and she had left. I knew Jim’s hands would go where I wanted them the most.

So, we got back up to the room and waited on the sofa for the masseuse. As we waited, we naturally were kissing and petting around. My dress hem was up near my waist and Jim had pulled the front of my dress and bra aside so one breast was in the open.

As the doorbell to our suite rang, I pulled my dress back in place, Jim jumped up and answered the door and lead in the masseuse. A man. Not just a man, a very handsome man.

Chapter 2

“My name is Bryant and I’m here to give madam a massage.”

He didn’t have a portable table and, I was expecting a woman, but I didn’t want to spoil it for Jim who had so considerately and lovingly set this up.

“Just disrobe and lay face down on the bed and I can start.”

I looked at my husband with a somewhat suspicious look and Jim said, “Look, hon, the truth is, I had enjoyed several other women before I met you. I know you have just the experience of me alone so, I’ve ordered you a sensual massage. There’ll be no sex, just a massage all over for you to enjoy.”

All over? Sensual massage? On the bed? These were just a few of the thoughts going through my mind a mile a minute. At least Jim was here. He would be here the whole time.

I slowly walked over to the bed trying to control the fear and trembling that I felt. I was so comfortable being naked with Jim, he’d seen every surface, every crevice of my body. But this guy, Bryant, he was going to be feeling me, well, I guess almost everywhere. I mean, what is a sensual massage, it must include my breasts and my…Oh, my.

As I pulled the dress and bra off, of course, I was naked underneath, I was facing away from Bryant and pulled the sheet off the bed, lay face down somehow getting the sheet over my middle.

I lay there trying to focus on the fact that Jim had arranged this as a loving gift to me to be able to enjoy the hands of another man and to arouse me in new ways as I had come to love being sexually stimulated during our years together. I had come from being the shy Midwestern girl to the hip California woman and this was his gift to me and I wanted it as much for him as for me.

I was facing away from Jim and Bryant as they both stripped down to boxers and I the first thing I felt was the sheet being whisked away and the cool air of the room wafting across my bare skin.

I gritted my teeth for the first touch. Then it happened. Very soft at first along my spine, then firmer as he went along. His hands were very strong but his touch, very gentle. Slowly, methodically up my back to my shoulders, my arms, hands, then my fingers, one at a time.

Oh, this was very nice. I almost forgot that it was a sensual massage. Then, he went back down my body and began kneading my butt. His hands were firm, and I must say, it was now feeling more than just relaxing.

Jim had joined in and was up rubbing my shoulders and Bryant was moving along to my legs. When he got to my calves, it really felt good, I was slipping back into enjoying a regular massage. Then on to my feet, which felt wonderful, especially when he worked my arches.

Then back up my legs, Jim now was rubbing on my back, they were both out of sight and all the effort was now on my thighs and butt. Firms hands were working my thighs and I felt a pull moving my legs apart and hands dipping between my legs, not really anywhere sensitive quite yet, but, yes, pretty erotic. I thought, now we’re getting to the sensual part of the sensual massage. I was nervous and was trying to control myself and appear calm. Inside, I was churning with fear, anticipation and an ever-mounting arousal.

As my thighs and butt were being manipulated, hands were grazing my outer labia. I tried to hold still and not flinch when my pussy was touched and I lay there breathing harder and harder, my pulse pounding in my temples.

My head was turned and I could see Jim standing next to the bed, his cock sticking out of his boxers as he rubbed me along with Bryant.

All I could think of as I lay there, being lovingly touched and rubbed, was my pussy. I could almost hear the throbbing between my legs as my arousal went skyward. This was a very sensual massage. Oh, was it.

“Please turn, now,” Bryant asked and I swallowed and rolled over. He placed his hands on my breasts and began to very gently trace his fingertips around my nipples. Oh, I know I was making the sheets wet underneath me. His touch was feather light. Just teasing my nipples which were hard and swollen.

Oh, this guy knows his way around a woman’s body.

After he got my nipples all tingly from his gentle touch, he very softly pinched each one. I was really trying not to orgasm, I just couldn’t give in yet. I wanted that for when Jim and I were alone again.

Now, Bryant began gently massaging each breast, then brushing the back of his hand over my nipples which kept them so hard and tingly. God, I was a sexual wreck.

Jim was stroking my stomach which is something he does that I’ve always loved ever since the first time he did it. It was after my first orgasm from his tongue. He petted and caressed my stomach and abdomen as I slowly floated back down to earth, oh, it felt so good.

My masseuse was alternating between treating my breasts fairly firmly to whisper-softly. Yes, Bryant knew how to drive a woman into a sexual frenzy.

And, then…

Oh, now he was working his way down. I knew the massage had to have stages to it. And that the final stage had to be, well, you know.

So, as he worked my lower belly and abdomen, one hand went lower each time than the other until he stopped.

Is that it, I thought? Certainly not, oh, rats. Don’t tell me it ends. Right here. No, no, he was just removing his shorts, he was back to rubbing me again.

I was impressed. Oh, the massage was nice, no, I mean his cock. Wow. You know I’ve really only seen one, Jim’s, and I can tell you that it gives me all the orgasms I want so I’m happy, but…Bryant had to be well above average. It was big. And it was standing straight out.

Jim had gotten down to my feet which he held and pulled apart as Bryant began running his hands down my abdomen, down my mound and caressing my labia with just the barest touch of his fingertips.

This was the most wonderful agony I have ever experienced. Even the first time Jim and I made love or the first time he gave me oral sex, no, this was even more erotic. This was the pure essence of sex.

His fingers slid up and down my pussy lips which were so wet I could feel a large damp spot under my butt. Jim and Bryant were kneeling on either side of me as Bryant began sliding a finger inside. I raised my knees and widened them as I felt a second finger go inside me. Jim was slowly rubbing my thighs and I reached over to grip each cock and rub them back and forth. Bryant’s certainly filled my hand and I pulled up on it and he moved sideways as I bent toward his and began sucking him.

I’ve already told you how little sexual experience I had before Jim welcomed me into the world of intimacy. I have sucked him many times and, truly, I love the feel of it when the warm gush hits deep in my mouth and I hear a groan of ecstasy that I, and I alone, just caused. Yes, I love it. But I’ve never had another man’s cock in my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I was willingly, intentionally and, yes, greedily, sucking off another man.

Hardly without warning, Bryant was on the bed, up over me, his head lowering down to my pussy as his cock loomed right above my head. I’ve been in this position many times with Jim’s cock staring me pleasantly in the face but this was rather more daunting. He had lowered it almost to my lips and I raised my head and took him in. He lowered just enough more so I didn’t have to strain to suck him. He really filled my mouth. It was all I could do to keep from choking but I was so sexually turned-on, so hot, so wound-up, I just wanted to suck the cock of the guy who was sending me skyward.

As I sucked him, I rubbed his abdomen and played with his balls, gripped him, licked all around, sucked the tip, everything I knew how.

And, him…oh, my. I love Jim with all my heart, soul and being. But Bryant began licking and tonguing my pussy in ways that I never dreamed possible. It was like a Space Shuttle launch. My pussy was so sensitized already, so wound-up, so aroused, turned-on, so inflamed with lust, that I simply felt out of control. I was in a sex frenzy like I’ve never felt before.

Then I felt a shock go through me. I almost fainted when I felt Jim’s finger just below where Bryant was licking and tonguing my pussy. It was gently rubbing my rectal opening which I had never experienced before. He was spreading my juices all around my butt’s opening and I’ve just never ever felt anything quite so explosively erotic.

I was sucking furiously on him, he was sucking furiously on me and soon, he grunted and I felt the warm pulse of cum spurt into my mouth and just after, I simply exploded in what was be the hardest, wildest, most out-of-control, most potent orgasm I’ve ever experienced. I writhed, shook, wrenched, trembled, moaned, grunted, thrusted, humped, it was every orgasm I’d ever had rolled into one. The long and slow and very erotic lead-up to it was what added so much fuel to the fire when I finally climaxed. It was stunning.

When I could see again, I saw Jim happily smiling down at me and I reached over and took his cock and led it to my mouth where I sucked him with all I had in me.

Bryant continued to kiss, lick and massage me all over as I sucked Jim who, sexed-up from watching all this, soon mixed his cum with Bryant’s.

“Oh, I can’t tell you guys how wonderful that was,” I said breathlessly. “Oh, Bryant, you are fabulous. Someone really taught you all there is about pleasuring a woman. And, Jim, I’ll take care of you as soon as the session is over. I’m sure ready for you, mister. Beware.”

We three showered together, it was lovely being soaped over and over by two wonderful men, then we dried off, Bryant got dressed, I gave him a very unsisterly kiss, he left, I turned and was attacked by my husband.

From behind, he gripped my shoulders, pulled me naked to the window, “Stand right here,” and then he racked back the curtains and I am standing there naked to the world looking out at the lights of The City.

“Put your hands on the sill,” and then I felt his cock shove all the way inside me from behind.

“Oh, OH, Jim, oh, yes, oh, my god, man, fuck me, just fuck me. I’m just so…OH, yes, oh…” and he fucked me as I faced the people down on the street and in the hotel across the way. I have no idea if anyone watched me getting everything I wanted from my husband that night and I really didn’t care. I just so wanted my pussy fucked, I was hysterical for relief from all the thrill I had had being so sexually stimulated for what turned out to be nearly two hours, I just didn’t care, I wanted to be fucked and fucked and fucked.

Leaning on the window sill, I was trying to contribute by rotating my butt around as Jim went in and out of me. The feelings were simply delicious. Soon, we both erupted in volcanic orgasms, all that arousal and stimulation, for hours, convulsing us into ecstasy as Jim hugged me from behind and we slipped to the floor where we lay, his cock still in me for a long time.

As the room began to cool from the evening air, we got under the blankets and snuggled to sleep, a sleep of the sexually sated.

The next thing I remembered, Jim was signing the check for the cart of breakfast that was wheeled into our room. We were hungry but our hunger for each other took over half way through and we fell on each other and fucked madly once again.

I really think I tasted and savored our wanton sex overlooking the lights that night. I’ve tasted them since, many times.

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t remember some part of that weekend in San Francisco. It was my first pantiless dinner, my first fingering in a restaurant, my first time for a man other than my husband to touch my breasts, touch my pussy, finger-fuck me, lick my pussy and the first blowjob I’d ever given to another man. I think of these things often. They will always be a part of me as I fantasize how another man’s cock just might feel deep inside me.

Thank you, Jim. I’m your’s forever. Love, Anne

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