My friend’s dad 12

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Wow this was turning into some night. Now Jeanette wanted John to stick his cock inside her?

“I thought you didn’t wanna have sex with me though?” John asked Jeanette.

“Well, let’s try it once,” Jeanette replied.

“What do you think Callie?” John asked.

“Well I think we should give this lady what she wants,” I replied.

Then he got up and got out a condom. I think he was a little spoiled not having to use any condoms in the recent past, but he had to wear one. So then he put it on and slowly stuck it inside Jeanette’s pussy.

“Damn Jeanette your pussy is really tight. You should having more sex,” John said.

“Thrust your cock in and out of me quickly and maybe that will change. I want to feel you ramming me hard daddy,” Jeanette replied.

Then he fulfilled his only daughter’s wish and began ramming her hard. She was moaning and screaming very loudly right away. I wasn’t sure that it could really be that good though.

“Remember that is my ear you are screaming in,” I said.

“Sorry Callie, will a kiss make it better though?” Jeanette asked.

“Let’s find out,” I replied.

Then we kissed once, and I did feel better honestly. So I stole another kiss from her.

“I didn’t say I’d give you two though,” Jeanette said.

“It’s not like you stopped me,” I replied.

Then we all laughed and John started spanking Jeanette, not too hard or too soft either. Just right and she seemed to like it a lot. I actually liked sharing with Jeanette, even if it was just this once. She leaned up a little and I my face right under her boobs. She swung them back and forth sideways, I made sure to have my tongue out there and I got her nipples each time they swung by.

“Jeanette have I told you that you have really great tits lately?” I asked.

“Maybe once or twice,” Jeanette replied.

Then I started sucking on her left nipple and she let out some more soft moans.

“Oh yes my lady, suck my nipple like that. I fucking love that so much,” Jeanette said slowly.

I smiled at her and sucked on her nipple as if my life depended on it. She was trying to keep her cool the best she could. But unfortunately with me sucking on her nipple and her dad’s cock inside her, she was having issues with that. But still she wanted more.

“Come on dad, show your daughter and your lover how much you love both of us,” Jeanette said.

“Yes sweetie,” John replied.

He brought her up with him and put his hands on her boobs. He squeezed them firmly and made her belt out a few more moans, but these were loud though.

“Oh shit daddy, yes get your cock inside me as deep as you can. Deeper, I said deeper!” Jeanette screamed.

Then I got on my knees with them and began liking her nipples a little more. Then she felt titillated once again. I put my right hand on her pussy and rubbed it slowly. I finger fucked her like mad and made her moan loudly once again.

“Holy shit my lady, those fingers are definitely the fingers of an angel,” Jeanette said.

“Fingers of a very sexy angel, don’t forget,” I replied.

Then she laughed and kissed me once.

“I really love you my step mom,” Jeanette said.

“I love you twice as much my step daughter,” I replied.

Then we kissed again, then John and I both wrapped out arms around Jeanette and had another group hug. Jeanette had her head on my right shoulder and John and I kissed right over Jeanette’s right shoulder. gaziantep travesti I was feeling Jeanette’s tits leaning up against mine. Obviously mine were a lot bigger, but I still liked it.

“Fuck, I can’t wait to get pregnant so I can have boobs like these. Your boobs are fucking perfect Callie,” Jeanette said.

“Well thank you, but you can thank him for having the pleasure of seeing and feeling them so big,” I replied.

“Yes, I knocked her up,” John said.

Then we all laughed once again and quit crushing her. Then I put my hand on her pussy once again and I licked my hand clean.

“It’s even better seeing really up close. If that was an Olympic sport, you’d get the silver and I’d get the gold my lady,” Jeanette said just before her hand on my pussy.

She rubbed my pussy for about 30 seconds and brought it up to her mouth. Then she licked every single drop off her hand. Then I just couldn’t take it anymore, then I had an orgasm.

“Fuck me,” I said.

“You looked like you enjoyed that my lady,” Jeanette replied.

“I did,” I said just before we kissed again.

Then I had to lay down and catch my breath real quick. But they weren’t done yet though, they wanted more. Then Jeanette laid down next to me and John got on top of her. He inserted his cock into her once again. They both kissed each other numerous times and wrapped their arms around each other. He began thrusting his cock once again in and out of her.

“This is kinky too dad. Did you ever dream that one day your cock would be inside your daughter?” Jeanette asked.

“Maybe,” John replied.

Then I kissed each of them once. I couldn’t believe it really, they were father and daughter having sex with each other. Incest was literally going on right in front of me, and they really were into it as well.

“Wow, this is something to see,” I said.

“Well my dad has his cock inside me right now, so yes it is,” Jeanette replied.

Then John leaned down a little gave Jeanette another kiss, but I made sure to get in a kiss as well. Then I got right over Jeanette with my pussy right over her mouth. Then of course she had her way with my pussy as well. Even in that position, she knew how a woman liked to be fucked. She spread out my pussy lips and stuck her tongue in there as far as she could in that position.

“Holy shit my lady, you are a pussy eating goddess,” I said.

Then John leaned up once again as well and started licking and sucking on my nipples. I felt titillated once again, and I enjoying every second of it. Then I put my hands onto Jeanette’s tits and squeezed them a little.

“Be nice to those boobs, Jeanette is gonna need those in the future,” John said.

Then we all laughed and John and I kissed once. Jeanette started to stick her fingers up inside my pussy and made me moan a little more.

“Son of a bitch that feels good,” I said.

“Hey, I’m his daughter, he’s not a bitch,” Jeanette replied.

Then I got down on laid next to them once again. John really started ramming her hard and she was moaning as loudly as she could as I started pinching her nipples. As John out about a foot between him and Jeanette, I started sucking on her nipple once again. Then she was the one feeling titillated and John was eyeballing me making Jeanette feel really good. He couldn’t help but just stare like a hawk. But after watching me get her nipples, I guess he just had to try her nipples for himself.

“Hey you can share my daughter’s nipples you know,” John said.

“By all means daddy, get those nipples,” Jeanette replied.

Then he leaned his head down and started licking and sucking on her nipples too. I backed away a little and watched that. I was surprised to see them both so into it, but it was happening right before my eyes. Then I masturbated while I watched them.

“Oh shit this is hot,” I said.

But then Jeanette moved my hand and she started finger fucking me. She put her fingers into my pussy as deep as they would go and I just tried my best not to cum right away. A threesome was on my bucket list too, but I guess I was really getting a jump on it.

“We should do this more often, so this so far beyond kinky,” I said.

Then John took Jeanette’s hand that she finger fucking me with and took her fingers in his mouth. That just made it even kinkier as if that was even possible, but he pulled it off. Then that was just too much Jeanette and I. We both just started moaning really loudly and exploded.

“Holy fucking shit dad, she’s right, we should do this again sometime,” Jeanette said.

“Wow, that was the best threesome I ever had,” John replied.

“But we haven’t seen you blow just yet though,” I said.

Then John pulled his cock out of Jeanette and ripped off the condom. Then he shot his load all over her stomach. She really liked it and I was pleasantly surprised honestly. Then he laid down with us. The bed was made for two, but we all cuddled a bit for about 10 minutes in silence with me in the middle. They both took one of my nipples in their mouths.

“Well it’s good I got two of those, I wouldn’t want you two to fight over me,” I said.

Then John gave me a kiss, and then of course Jeanette did as well. I put one hand on Jeanette’s head and my other hand on John’s head. I don’t think I ever felt so good since John said he wanted to marry me. So that was quite experience to say the least. I think that could have been the best sex of my life.

“Well, I’ll let you guys go to sleep now. I think we’re all ready for some shut eye” Jeanette said.

“OK sweetheart, give us a kiss first,” John replied.

Then she kissed both of us once.

“I love you both,” Jeanette said as she grabbed her clothes.

“We love you too,” Both John and I replied as she was at the door.

Then she blew us a kiss and we did the same. Then she went back to her room.

“So you love my daughter?” John asked sarcastically.

“Yes. I’m gonna have to meet her mom someday, because Jeanette is fucking hot,” I replied.

“Wow, I would have settled for ‘pretty’, maybe ‘sexy’, but ‘hot’? Wow, you really are in love with her,” John said.

“And what about you two? We weren’t all involved in whole thing. You two did have each other all to yourselves for a few minutes. Has anything ever happened with you two?” I asked.

“No. Not at all. The best we ever saw of each other was her in her robe and she let out just a little too much for about 10 seconds last year. And that was it, other than that, I guess we were just horny. Maybe we both just really wanted it. I know she said she didn’t wanna have sex with me, but obviously we changed her mind,” John replied.

Then we cuddled some more with my head on his shoulder. But I had to ask him something else.

“Well, would you really be interested in doing that again sometime?” I asked.

He had to think about it for a minute. I don’t think he really knew his feelings on it.

“I don’t know honestly. Obviously I’d be full of shit if I said I didn’t like it, but that was something big that I just don’t think we’ll be able to do again without really starting to go down a road we can’t come back from,” John replied.

“OK John, I understand what you are saying. But we can both agree that was beyond amazing though?” I asked.

“Agreed,” John replied.

Then we kissed again and I got up to turn off the lights. As Jeanette said we were really tired from all that sex. That next weekend was our wedding and the moment of truth was here. I was in our room putting the finishing touches on my dress with my mom and Jeanette.

“Wow, I think you really did pull it off. Granted I wasn’t pregnant when I wore it, no offense,” Christina said.

“None taken mom. But are you disappointed that I got pregnant before marriage honestly?” I asked as I was looking in the mirror.

Then she turned me around and gave me a huge hug.

“Not at all. I know if your dad were still alive, he’d be happy too. Maybe he wouldn’t be in love with the idea quite so much either, but he really loved you too. But still, you need to just be happy with the choices you make. Not worry so much what everyone else thinks. You got it?” Christina asked.

“Yes mom, I love you,” I replied.

“I love you too my sweet angel,” Christina said.

Then we both hugged again and Jeanette made sure to get in on the action too.

“No one invited you,” Christina said.

“And your point is?” Jeanette asked.

Then we all laughed for a minute and then John walked in all ready to go looking very sharp.

“Wow, you look handsome if you don’t mind me saying so,” Christina said.

“Hey, he’s mine,” I replied as I came towards him.

I gave a nice hug and kiss right in front of them. So we definitely didn’t have any problems being affectionate in front of them.

“So are you ready to go get married now my love?” John asked.

“Never more ready truth be told my love,” I replied.

Then we all headed out to the car and went over to the church. I think everyone was rather nervous to say the least. But I know everyone wanted this to happen though. I know I loved him and he loved me too. So it wasn’t like we were doing this just because I was pregnant, and it was a very small wedding. Not that we didn’t have more people to invite, but we just wanted it to be small and perfect. I guess just the people that knew the couple I guess. When we got there at the church, there were flowers everywhere and the whole place just looked absolutely beautiful.

“Well let’s get out already,” I said.

Then I ran over there to see everything. We had a little while before the ceremony began. So we took a little time to look at everything. And my mom and Jeanette made sure they took a shit load of pictures even before the wedding began.

“Wow these are beautiful sweetheart,” Christina said.

“I know. I picked them out,” I replied.

“Well good choice,” Christina said.

It only took about another half hour before everyone was ready, when the time came to walk down that aisle, that was the happiest moment of my life. So the moment of truth was officially here when I got up to the alter. Then we both faced each other and it was about that time to recite our vows. But of course we did still feel weird as the minister saw how much older he was than me, but still this was happening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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