My friend’s dad 11

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Jeanette laid there for a few seconds before she said anything. I think she had never ever been so embarrassed in her life. I wasn’t sure what she would say.

“Hi dad, I was just passing by, and couldn’t help but hear all the moaning and everything else going on in here,” Jeanette said.

“But why are you in your bra and underwear and a little sweaty too. Were you masturbating while you watched us?” John asked.

Then she got up and looked at us, neither one of us covered up though and she just spit it out.

“Yes, I was masturbating while I watched you two have sex. It turns me on that you are fucking my best friend. There, it’s out there now,” Jeanette replied.

Then I did something really gutsy once again. I got up still completely naked, walked over to her and gave her another kiss right in front of him, but I knew it was now or never to tell him how I felt about his daughter too.

“John, can I tell you something?” I asked.

“It looks like you do,” John replied.

Then I took a deep breath and put my arm over her shoulder as we both looked at him.

“I love Jeanette too. I mean, I really love her, more than a step daughter,” I said just before I kissed her on the cheek.

“Do you mean you love us both the same way?” John asked.

“Yes, but our love, can anything at all break it?” I asked.

Then he had a skeptical look on his face.

“What do you mean?” John asked.

We both took a deep breath.

“Jeanette and I have had sex a few times before now,” I replied.

I think he was more stunned and surprised than mad, but I know he was mad.

“When?” John asked.

“Just a few times in the last few weeks, sorry daddy,” Jeanette replied.

Then we both came over to him and sat down with him in the middle.

“Is there something you wanna say?” I asked.

“Do you both really love each other, and this isn’t just lust or anything like that?” John asked.

Then Jeanette pulled him towards her and gave him a huge hug.

“Please don’t be mad at her. I’ve kinda pushed her a couple times now, but yes we both love each other a lot,” Jeanette replied.

Then I think he just tried to process what we had just told him, but then he kissed me once on the lips.

“I love you Callie. I always will, this won’t destroy that, but this more than a little weird honestly. It’s one thing to be talking about it before I knew it was happening, but to hear it actually has been happening, well that’s something else,” John said.

Then I kissed him once as well.

“It just kinda of happened. We didn’t ask for it to happen, it just did. I love you too with all my heart and soul, but I can’t deny that I love her too,” I said.

Then he surprised me with a question.

“Can I see you two kiss again?” John asked.

Then I came over to her side and we made out for a minute.

“OK, you are serious. I completely did not see this coming,” John said.

“We’re so sorry John. We didn’t mean to hurt you,” I replied.

Then he kissed me too.

“Well, I didn’t say you did sweetie, but this is weird to say the least, but I don’t think I want you to fuck her anymore,” John said.

“OK sweetie,” I replied.

Then he turned to Jeanette.

“I love you Jeanette. I had no idea this happened with you two, but I want this to work with us. I already got her pregnant, and I want us to have a happy marriage, but I’m not so sure we can have it with you two fucking each other,” John said.

“OK gaziantep travesti daddy, I love you too, and I want you to be happy with her,” Jeanette replied.

Then Jeanette was about to get up and walk to her room.

“Wait a minute,” John said.

“Yes dad?” Jeanette asked.

Then he got up completely naked and walked over to her. He gave her a huge hug and kissed her on the forehead.

“Come here Callie,” John said.

Then we all had a group hug. That was nice, I was more expecting him to be pissed off, but it seemed like he was OK with it. Then maybe he realized this wasn’t a stunt or anything like that.

“I love you both more than anything else in the world. If you wanna have sex every now then, I guess that’s OK. Obviously I know what it feels like to love someone and be sexually attracted to them,” John said.

“Are you sure? I mean you just have to be 100% sure. I don’t want you to resent us at all down the line, so you just have to be 100% sure,” I replied.

“I’m sure, I guess I’d just prefer it if you didn’t do it when I’m here,” John said.

“OK, I love you, do you truly believe that?” I asked John.

“Yes of course I do. If you had a lesbian relationship with her, I guess that would be better than someone I don’t know. If you want to kiss each other in front of me, do it, but limit them though. I’m really trying to work with you here. I don’t want you to resent me either,” John replied.

“Oh we know daddy. We can’t thank you enough for that, but don’t worry about it. I’ll be OK, I want this to work out. I see you really love her and she really loves you too. Just let me kiss her every now and then,” Jeanette said.

“Are you sure angel?” John asked.

“Yes,” Jeanette replied.

I don’t think anyone in the room knew what to say. There were a lot of emotions floating around, and everyone shed a few tears as well.

“Well OK sweetheart, but just promise me you won’t be mad down the line,” John replied.

“I promise daddy. Just promise me you’ll treat her right and love her the way you do now forever. She has had shit luck in the past, so just promise me,” Jeanette said.

“I promise angel,” John replied.

“Good. She means everything to me too. She has been my best friend for many years and the last thing I wanna do is make her unhappy,” Jeanette said.

Then John kissed her on the lips. I was a little surprised once again.

“I’ll never ever stop loving you or her. You will find someone angel, someone that loves you too and will treat you right. I swear,” John replied.

“But I can still kiss her though?” Jeanette asked.

“If you really want to, yes,” John replied.

Then she kissed me passionately for over a minute, and it turned John on.

“I’ll never stop loving you either,” I said.

“Likewise. I guess I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing now,” Jeanette replied.

Then she left and we both laid down on the bed.

“I really wish you would have told me about you two, but I’m not mad honestly. I swear to you that I’ll always love you, no matter what,” John said.

“I was afraid it would break your heart,” I replied.

Then he kissed me once.

“It would break my heart if you two didn’t love each other. If you did it because I pissed you off or you just decided to do it without telling me to cross that off your bucket list, that would break my heart. I’m a little disappointed though, I want you to trust me. I’m not just saying this because I suggested that you two try it to cross it off your bucket list. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’ll never break your heart either. If you were serious about how you felt about her, then I’d wanna know. We’d work something out for you two,” John said.

“But are you gonna resent me down the line?” I asked.

“No, absolutely not,” John replied.

Then I kissed him again and got on top of him, then he inserted his cock into me once again.

“But it is still hot though. To see you with another woman, wow,” John said.

“OK I guess. But right now, we’re fucking each other,” I replied.

“Sorry sweetheart,” John said.

“But you really liked seeing me kiss Jeanette passionately?” I asked.

“Oh hell yes, my dick seriously got really hard in an instant,” John replied.

“No kidding, I like that,” I said.

Then I leaned up and started to ride him. He put his hands on my boobs and pinched my nipples softly. I felt titillated once again and my pussy got very wet.

“Oh yes, get that pussy as wet as you can,” John said.

“But you are the one making me wet my love,” I replied as I leaned down and kissed him.

Then he put his hands on my pussy. He rubbed it and tried to wipe it clean as best he could. Then he licked my juices off his hand.

“Now that is sexy my man,” I said.

“Why don’t you taste it off my lips now?” John asked.

Then I leaned down and kissed him. I tasted all my juices off his lips.

“That’s nice and kinky Mr. Taylor,” I said.

“‘Mr. Taylor’? What’s with that?” John asked.

“Nothing, it’s just sexy I think,” I replied.

Then he made us switch positions to doggie style. He reinserted his cock into me deep and began ramming me very hard. I started screaming once again. We both got really sweaty and then yet again, I noticed Jeanette standing at the door. She couldn’t get enough of us.

“Come on Jeanette, get in here and get a better seat,” John said.

So John noticed too? So Jeanette just came in there with us and she watched her dad jam his cock into me really deep as I screamed. It turned me even more to have her getting a very close look at us fucking.

“Give her a kiss if you want Jeanette,” John said.

So she came over to me and gave me a kiss. It was kinky, but a little odd though. Then as she was about to walk away to stand back and watch again, John stopped her.

“Come here sweetheart. Would you like to join us just this once?” John asked.

She wasn’t about to say no to that, she got naked in about 3 second, sense she was in her bra and underwear still.

“Wow sweetheart, you look great naked too,” John said.

“Thanks daddy, but I just wanna have sex with her though,” Jeanette replied.

“OK sweetheart, get right in front of her so she can eat you out,” John said.

She wasted no time getting in front of me. Then I started eating her out as John started ramming me once again. I gotta admit, it was a lot more kinky than imagined it would be. I mean, it was a fantasy I had, but still seemed like something that would never happen. So John leaned down and got a decent look at me eating out his own daughter.

“Holy fucking shit times a million. That is so fucking hot,” John said.

I spread out Jeanette’s pussy lips as far as they would go and she was screaming. Then I put my tongue inside her pussy as deep as I could get it in there. That just made the pleasure intensify a huge deal. Jeanette put her hands on top of my head and I was actually forced to put my tongue inside her pussy as far as I possibly could.

“Holy shit that is good Callie. Yes!” Jeanette screamed.

I also put my fingers deep inside her pussy and my hands got very wet as well. She was sweating and breathing really fast. So her heart rate had to be through the roof as well.

“Yes Callie, fuck my daughter too. Fuck her and make her scream some more. If we go deaf, then we go deaf having a really good time,” John said.

“You really like having a threesome with us daddy?” Jeanette asked.

“Yes sweetheart. It’s really fucking hot,” John replied.

Then as I had my fingers and my tongue inside Jeanette’s pussy, she just couldn’t take it anymore. With all the excitement and the physical pleasure, it just became too much for her.

“Holy mother fucking shit Callie, now I’m gonna explode everywhere!” Jeanette screamed.

Then she came all over my face and John made sure to see the whole thing. That was just too much for him as well, he shot his load right into me right then too.

“Damn John, that was a lot,” I said.

“And Jeanette, I wanna see you eat Callie out now,” John replied.

“Oh I like that,” Jeanette said as she leaned up.

She gave me a kiss and I laid down on my back. Then Jeanette got on her stomach and began eating me out as John got on my side. We made out for a minute and I put my hands on her head.

“Wow Jeanette, you are in love with her aren’t you?” John asked.

“Fuck yes she is, and she knows how a woman likes to be fucked. Not that you don’t know how, but she never ate pussy before and she gave me an orgasm,” I replied.

“No shit? Wow Jeanette, I had no idea,” John said.

Then she took a quick break.

“Well when you find someone you want to fuck, you fuck them good,” Jeanette replied.

“I can see that,” John said.

Then she spread out my pussy lips really far and made me moan really loudly. Then she put her tongue deep inside my pussy as well and I let out some moans as I put my hands on her head.

“Yes, make her stick her tongue so far up your pussy, that you gotta explode on her face too,” John said.

“Daddy, I’ll make her explode fucking everywhere and you will love every second of it,” Jeanette replied.

Then she stuck her tongue inside me as deep as she possibly could. And she made sure to hit my g-spot. So then I began screaming very loudly.

“Oh fuck yes Jeanette! You are gonna make me cum an ocean!” I screamed.

Then I exploded just like Jeanette, except it all got on her face this time. Then she climbed on top of me and we began making out passionately. John just laid right next to us and masturbated as he watched. We both wrapped our arms around each other and made sure that John enjoyed the show.

“Holy shit, this is so far beyond hot you two. I mean this seriously a huge fantasy come true. I almost asked your mom to try it once, but I thought she’d get pissed. So I never did,” John said.

Then Jeanette leaned over and gave her dad a kiss. I think we both still thought of that being at least a little odd, but we went with it.

“Hey dad would you please do me a favor?” Jeanette asked.

“Do you need some time alone with Callie sweetheart?” John asked.

“No daddy, I want you to stay here with us. Can you do me a favor though?” Jeanette asked.

“Sure sweetheart anything,” John replied.

“Will you to put on a condom and stick that dick inside me please,” Jeanette asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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