My Friend

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Here I am, sitting at home on my couch all curled up in a blanket on a Saturday night. I have thoughts of you floating around in my head. All week I kept hoping that maybe I would see you, and the weekend has arrived and I still don’t know where you are. So, I guess all I can do is remain curled up and watch some TV. Although, I can most certainly think of some other fun things I would like to be engaged in right about now. Hmmmmmmm Maybe I’ll have some ice cream while I watch TV. Yeah, that sounds good. So, off to the kitchen I go.

After I get my ice cream I ventured back to the couch, stopping for a second to grab the telephone just in case you call. But, it is getting late, so I am thinking you probably won’t call tonight. Maybe you’ll just show up, you do have a key so you can just let yourself in. As I sit back down on the couch my robe comes undone and a cool breeze hits my body. Ooooooh That woke me up a bit. I fumble to close it as I sit and almost drop my ice cream. Sitting down Indian style canlı bahis my robe isn’t fully closed. I start to nibble on my Heath Bar Crunch ice cream. Mmmmmmmmm The flavors flood my mouth.

I’m watching TV but I’m not really paying attention to what is really going on, because I keep having these naughty thoughts of you touching me. I place down my ice cream and let myself sink into the couch. Ahhhhhhhh Now that is nice and comfortable. I am lying there and I go to fix my robe but instead of closing my robe I pull it aside. Doing this exposes my thigh just a little and then I open it more. I can’t help myself. I know I probably won’t see you tonight and these thoughts just have me so turned on.

I reach under my couch to pull out a special box I keep hidden under there specifically for times like this. Opening the box I try to decide what I want. Ahhhh That’s the one. Not overly big but it always does the trick when I need it to. Now that I have picked it out I can let my thoughts roam again. And as bahis siteleri they roam, so do my hands. My left hand is up around my right breast running my fingers over the nipple playfully and then rolling and pinching it in between my fingers. As my right hand runs down my body, along my stomach and down my thigh moving in towards my pussy ohhh that feels so good. My legs have spread apart and my other hand has fallen down towards her lips. Taking my fingers I open her wide and allow my fingers to slide down where she is so wet. My other hand moves to find my ‘friend’ and I move to place it just over my slit. Running it up and down over my clit thinking of you down there. My hips start to move as I pull it in and out of my soaking wet lips as I continue to run my fingers over my little button.

I can imagine you fucking me right now and I move myself to a squatting position on my couch. In this position my pussy is fully exposed. I can think of you doing all sorts of things to me right now. I put my ‘friend’ bahis şirketleri down and start running my fingers over my clit, quickening my pace. Probing my fingers in and out of her. Picking it back up I begin to rock my hips again as I glide it in and out of me. She is so wet now she is dripping. Faster and faster I move letting my imagination of you thrusting in me take over.

Lying back down on the couch I take my ‘friend’ and click on the little button to make it vibrate. And spreading her lips apart again I place it right on my clit. Sending a rush through my body as a moan escapes from my mouth. I lie there and run it around her for a while and then begin to run it up and down my slit and up and around her. Repeating this over and over again until I place it back inside of me. My body is beginning to feel numb and tingly all over. Faster and faster I keep moving my hips back and forth. Ohhhhh myyyyyy I can feel it. I’m about to cum. Suddenly my body begins to move with every pulse of my pussy tightening around my ‘friend’.

With all those dirty thoughts I needed that release, but I would rather it was you. Who knows, maybe I’ll wake from my slumber with you beside me. Then I can have what I really want. YOU!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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