My First Time Taking a Man

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**This is my first story and it happened to me real life. Sorry if there are too many mistakes**

I can’t remember when this curiosity started. Was it when I saw tranny porn by accident? Probably. The thing is over the years since I was 17 I occasionally watched tranny porn until it became a regular thing. By the time I was 19 I had a serious craving for dick but I was too afraid to do anything about it except furiously jack off and sometimes taste my own cum (or if I was extremely horny, cum on my own face). My attraction wasn’t to men, not really, just a nice thick dick. One day having just turned 20 I decided I had to do it or regret not having done it for the rest of my life, I decided to go to Craigslist and make/look for an ad for a trans female. Needless to say, I wasted my time; most were either fake, lived too far, or were prostitutes (Nothing against that, but I was a poor college student) so I decided to go for the next best thing: an actual man.

I made the Craigslist post describing myself as 20 years old, 6 ‘0 tall, slim, with brown hair and eyes looking for my first time. I got a couple of replies, a few seemed promising but they flaked on me. A few days later I got a reply escort bayan gaziantep from a man in his late 40s, which was a turn-off but his cock was HUGE, easily 8 inches and thick as a babies arm. “It’s now or never” I thought to myself and gave him the address to the Burger King near my dorm and exchanged numbers. I grabbed $10 to pay for my half of the motel and stepped out for the night.

When I got to the Burger King I got a cheap milkshake while arrived. I got a text message saying “here”, I looked outside and a van had parked in front of the restaurant. I walked outside and he immediately knew it was me and without having second thoughts I got into his van. It was an awkward drive to the motel; we talked about school, work and such but he knew I was very nervous and that it was my first time. “Don’t worry, I was very nervous my first time with another man too, I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to” he said as he put his hand on my lap and I felt slightly relieved.

We go into the motel and immediately strip down to our underwear. He said he was 48 but he looked younger than that, with a fit body and a full head of dark hair. He lets me grab his huge hard dick over his boxers and…I wish I could describe the feeling of touching another man’s penis with better worlds. It feels strange yet familiar at the same time and…electrifying. He touches my 7 inch dick and jacks me off slightly but that’s all it takes to get me completely hard at this point. We rubbed our hard cocks together, touched each others balls and I was in heaven. After a while of touching we hop in the shower and I can assure you it was the hottest thing that ever happened to me. We rubbed our hands on each others bodies and washed each other until I got on my knees to suck my first dick.

I licked the shaft and his balls as the water ran on my face and then I flicked my tongue on his foreskin. I put my lips on that giant head and it tasted delicious, better than I ever could have imagined. I was afraid he would force his dick down my throat but luckily he was very gentle and only rubbed my wet hair. After the shower we got ourselves dry and went to the bed. He asked me if he could suck my dick and I complied. I laid on the bad and he started sucking me off and let me tell you, no women ever had sucked my dick that good. After he sucked my dick for a few minutes he started lick and fingering my asshole. I knew he wanted to fuck my ass and that he was preparing for what was to come. I was terrified but it felt so good at the same time that I just moaned like a bitch until he stopped and asked me if he could fuck and as you can imagine. I said yes.

He put a condom on and then he put my legs on his shoulders and gently put his huge dick inside my ass. It hurt at first, feeling that rock hard piece of meat stretch my previously virgin ass and after a few minutes we thought about quitting the anal and moving to something else but I persevered until I had his 8 inch monster inside me. I don’t know if you ever been to a motel bit have you noticed that some of them have mirrors everywhere? Even on the ceiling? Watching myself laying on a bed, jacking off as a complete stranger fucks my ass relentlessly was so degrading and disgusting and I loved every second of it. He pulled out and came on my stomach at the same time I did. After cleaning up and taking another shower he dropped me off at the same Burger King, we shook hands and said goodbye, never to see each other again. I still jack off to that memory, still wish I had kept in contact with him and still wish I had his email but unfortunately I don’t, I can only reminisce about the time I let a complete stranger fuck my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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