My First Night of Sex Ch. 02

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Awakening in a sixty-nine position with my first male lover’s now flaccid cock still in my mouth, I now knew that I had finally found the pure happiness that had long evaded me. At long last, I had fucked a man, without shame, and was eager for more.

Lying naked next to my new lover, with my ass still moist from his wonderful discharge, and cum still covering my butt cheeks, I felt as pleased as I could ever imagine being. It was now late afternoon, we had the whole evening ahead of us and I couldn’t wait for what Bill had in store for me. The idea of spending the night with my new lover, pleasing him, and having him fuck me till sunrise was all I could desire at this moment.

Bill finally escaped from my hungry mouth, gave me a kiss on my lips and suggested we get dressed and have a bite to eat. He took a robe out of the closet and some underwear from his bureau and suggested I “try these on.”

My god! The panties were red silk t-back style and sexy as hell! I slipped them on and they felt incredible, the back string tightly pressed against my moist male pussy. He said, “You have a beautiful ass, and this does it justice.”

I never really thought about it before, but I do have soft skin for a man, and my ass is pretty round. Bent over like I recently was, I guess it does look pretty nice. I was feeling slutty and loved it! I put the robe on and we went downstairs to get some refreshments.

While eating a sandwich and washing it down with a cold Molson, Bill mentioned that there was a ball game on at seven, and would I mind if a few of his mates came by to watch it on his big screen t.v.

Well, it caught me off guard, expecting that I would have him all to myself that evening. Yet, at the same time, my mind started racing, wondering what would be in store for me if his friends decided to stay late. I answered in the positive, telling him I was game for anything he wanted.

In the back of my head, I was imagining Bill’s cock pounding my ass while one of his friends rammed his pole down my throat. Christ, I was a virgin a few hours ago, and now I was anticipating getting it at both ends at once. But I loved sucking Bill till he shot his load down my throat, and my recent fuck was the greatest experience I’ve ever had. What could be better than having both at the same time?

I suggested I take a shower before the guests arrive; I wanted to be ready for any and all possibilities. Lathering myself up while hot water streamed off my body, I was getting rock hard just thinking of what was in store for me. I hated to flush Bill’s semen from my ass, but knew there would be more to replace it soon enough. When I finished in the shower, I dried my hair, put on some body oil that was on the shelf, and got dressed in the same silk outfit Bill had given me earlier.

Coming out of the bathroom, there were two of Bill’s friends on his sofa who introduced themselves as Steve and Jim, and made room for me to join them in the middle. Well, I didn’t hesitate nearly enough, but was soon sitting between them exchanging small talk and getting acquainted. Bill was in the kitchen getting cold beers for the four of us and the game was just starting. The sofa escort bayan gaziantep seemed small for three guys to be sitting so close, but who was I kidding, I am sure Bill had arranged this so I had no qualms about what was going to happen.

Bill took a seat on a nearby recliner and as the game started I really had a hard time concentrating on sports. But, as we kept polishing off the golden lagers, everyone was loosening up and in no time I noticed Steve’s hand was touching my thigh, slowly getting closer to my crotch. With a time-out and a commercial, Jim turned his head and stuck his tongue ever so gently into my ear. My god, I was so turned on, I was going to explode. I looked over to Bill and he gave me a smile of encouragement, so placing my beer on the floor, I reached on either side of me and started caressing my new friends, grabbing for their cocks.

In no time I had both members standing tall and screaming for release from their restraints. I unzipped one fly, then the other. Reversing positions, I got on the floor and pulled Jim’s jeans off of him revealing a tight pair of light blue briefs holding in a seemingly huge monster. It had already spewed enough precum to leave a wet spot the size of a a silver dollar. Wasting no time, I did the same for Steve and saw the same beautiful visual, yet his cock was standing so tall it had broken through the elastic waistband and was protruding a few inches towards his navel.

Well,I thought, the hell with the game! I slipped off my robe, leaving me wearing just the t-back thong and hurriedly pulled off both of their briefs. I didn’t know how I was going to do this, but with a fist wrapped around each cock I bobbed back and fourth slurping up the precum from both of their glistening poles.

The taste was heavenly but I couldn’t have both at once, so started my assault on Steve’s massive shaft while giving Jim a hand job that I hoped would be satisfactory till I could get to him. God it felt so good! Steve had his hands on my head, easing me up and down, though I didn’t need any guidance. I was slurping on it like a lollipop and it was just as sweet. After about five minutes I switched and took Jim down my throat and gave Steve the hand job. A couple of times I heard “touchdown!” from the t.v. set yet everything else was a blur to me.

I was sucking two heavenly cocks and I knew Bill was lurking near by so I was in for a special night. My own cock was pretty aroused just by my cock sucking, and my ass, though yearning to be filled, was feeling a residual pleasure, just waiting to be stuffed again. I was sure enjoying my transition. I had a craving for cock like I never have had with pussy. I wanted it to ravage me and I wanted to suck and suck till I’d drop.

Suddenly, Bill yelled out “Half-time, score thirty-five to three, lets do the second half upstairs.” With a tender finger sliding into my ass, he eased me up on my feet and invited us all up to the second floor. I practically raced them up there, diving on the bed and waiting for the onslaught.

They came into the room single file and naked, three beautiful cocks with my name on them. I think I was smiling from ear to ear and heard myself say, “Take me studs, I am all yours.” I practically dove at the first cock, Bill’s, and moaned loudly as it quickly disappeared down my eager throat. With my eyes closed, I sucked away with abandon as I felt my panties being removed as two pairs of hands caressed my body. Suddenly, a large wet tongue licked my rosebud then started jabbing into me as I squirmed and squealed. It was Jim, and in no time he was practically fucking me with his tongue.

Steve reached in there and turned me around, putting me in a doggy position as Jim kept pounding me with his tongue, but now I had two cocks to look after. Reaching for Steve’s cock, I put it in my mouth, replacing Bill’s. I was near delirious. Two huge cocks at my face and a great tongue master servicing me in the most amazing manner. As I hungrily slobbered over my two cocks, Jim started putting lube on my already loosened up pussy and the feeling was ever so wonderful, though the anticipation I felt was growing by the second.

Just as I took Bill’s shaft as deep as I could down my throat, Jim thrust his weapon all the way into me. I couldn’t scream, my mouth was so full. But I made a muffled yell as the most fabulous feeling I’ve ever encountered overtook me. It was like fireworks going off as Jim almost immediately started pounding away into my ass. Bill’s cock tasted so wonderful, salty yet sweet, and the fullness in my mouth was heavenly.

I eased back just long enough to yell, “Yes, fuck me, fuck me,” to all three of them, then pounced back on his cock. The sound of slapping flesh as Jim’s torso pounced off my ass cheeks was a great accompaniment to the drilling he was giving me. The precum oozing out of Bill’s cock was so delicious, and the pounding my ass was taking were near indescribable yet the feeling was better than I can ever imagine being surpassed.

Jim gave Steve a high-five, pulled out and Steve immediately slammed his cock into me. By now my ass was really loose from the lube and the massive drilling Jim had administered and it was making a sloshing sound as Steve would drive deep into me, pull almost out, then start a rhythmic pounding. Jim had moved up with Bill and as I pulled off of Bill’s cock, he slammed his down my throat. It had just given me a heavenly pounding and I had to reward it. Straight from my ass to my mouth and it tasted delicious! I wanted his cum so badly, but they weren’t about to let that happen so quickly.

After a minute or so of doing my best to make him explode, Steve replaced him in my mouth and Bill went into my gaping ass with a pile driver force of abandon. I was getting confused, disoriented. One cock after another slamming down my throat. One after another pummeling my ass as it begged for more. I wanted a mouthful of cum so bad, yet every few minutes or so, just as I felt I was about to be rewarded, that cock would be replaced by another and I would start all over again.

My ass couldn’t ask for more. A new cock every couple of minutes, but it was getting a little sore, so one of the boys added some much appreciated lube that I was soon tasting with the latest cock thrust into my mouth. While on all fours, my own dick had a thread of precum flowing in a narrow stream all the way to the mattress. I hadn’t even touched it yet, I would have exploded if I did. I hadn’t even been able to speak for some time, my mouth constantly filled with a huge pole but I was groaning and urging them not to stop.

Every so often one of the boys would say something like “he sucks cock better than your wife,” and they would all laugh. Everyone was having a great time, yet I had to wonder how long could this go on. I needed release, and I needed a mouthful of cum to satisfy my cravings. With Bill evidently in charge, I was finally rolled over on my back and I wrapped my legs around his torso as he pounded away, deeper and deeper into my love canal. Momentarily empty mouthed as Steve and Jim began to position themselves on either side of my head I screamed “Fuck me, baby, I need your cum.”

I reached up and grabbed both their cocks and tried to swallow them together. Bill was pounding faster and faster and I knew he was near ready. I met each of his thrusts as best as I could and yelled “Make me cum, Bill.” As he bottomed out on me he responded, “Here it is lover,” and shot his load deep into my bowels. I bucked and screamed as cum started flowing out of my cock in a slow stream. He kept pounding away as he grabbed my shaft and it exploded in a glorious splash. My sphincter contracted several times around his heavenly cock as I squeezed all his love seed into my thankful ass.

Meanwhile, Steve was rubbing his shaft and as his crown brushed past my lips, a massive burst finally rewarded my throat. Wonderful, bittersweet cum filled my mouth, the saltiness driving me to ecstatic heights! I attacked his meat shaft with an urgency I didn’t know I had. He was still contracting and cum was still being expelled as I moaned for more. I could feel a little dripping down the sides of my mouth, but that only highlighted the feeling I had of a throat filled with a meal to die for.

This was the full body orgasm deep in my heart I had dreamed of. My ass was numb from the heavenly pounding that Bill was still administering, my cock had just exploded in divine fashion, and I was savoring a mouthful of the tastiest treat I’ve ever had. I swallowed it somewhat reluctantly, yet my taste buds were being given their greatest reward.

As I took the last drops down my throat, Jim replaced them with the final load. It was massive and succulent, driving me to squeal in delight. I rolled my tongue over his dick hole, wanting to welcome each and every sperm cell into my thankful mouth. His was the last for a while and I just wanted to make it last for as long as possible. I sucked on and worshiped his cock in a gentle manner until he finally pulled away, yet I couldn’t bring myself to swallow that final deposit.

My three lovers slowly eased off of and out of me and one of them mentioned the second game was now on the telly. They went back downstairs to catch up on the sports and drink some beers, but I had all the entertainment I needed. I lie there on my side, sliding a finger into my well oiled and now lonely ass, still slightly gaped, yet feeling ever so happy. I could feel Bill’s cum as it was slowly oozing out and at the same time I gargled on the remnants of Jim’s delicious contribution. I had reached my Nirvana and never wanted to leave.

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