My First Night of Sex Ch. 01

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Last week, I had finally taken the plunge and gave my first blow job to the most amazing cock one could imagine. I enjoyed it so much that I went back for more the following three nights.

To set a little background, I had posted that I was looking for a large cock to suck with no strings attached, and the first fellow I met, Bill, fit the bill to a tee.

Little did I know that things would speed up at such a rapid pace. I was really getting mesmerized by this great cock of his, and Bill was pressing for more also. After our fourth night of me visiting him after work to get my mouthful, Bill suggested we get more involved and try some more avenues. One didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what he meant by that, and the thought of him impaling me with that monster dick frightened, yet excited me to no end.

All week long, after our first night together, all I could think about was his cock. It was huge and beautiful, and after swallowing my first load from him, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. He seemed to be a kind and caring person and I was melting like butter in his presence. He finally told me he wanted to make love to me, not just fuck my face and had the perfect solution. His wife was going home for the holidays and he had the house to himself. He suggested I spend a night or two with him, and the thought of having that cock all night long thrilled me beyond belief.

I guess I was just making up for lost time, a first time cock sucker at my age, but I was feeling like a whore and loving it. I told him I would do whatever he wished. I wanted be a slave to his cock and let him do whatever he wanted with me. That said, a week after sucking cock for the first time, I was ready to give my virginity to this hunk. So on the arranged day I arrived at his house knowing that when I left I would be a totally different person.

Bill met me at the door of his house, invited me in and gave me a soft kiss while reaching for my cock. It seemed so natural, and I did the same, running my hand up and down his shaft. I hadn’t even gotten my jacket off and was excited already! He led me into a large living room that was separated from the kitchen by a counter that he had prepared lots of great looking food and drinks on. He suggested that since we had all day and night, we should relax with some drinks first.

I guess he knew escort bayan gaziantep I was a bit nervous. After all, even though in my mind, I wanted to be taken by him and ravaged, this was all new to me. So after several drinks and lots of talk, most of it of a sexual nature, I was loosening up, almost wondering how soon he was going to take me. I don’t know if this was his plan, planting the seed in my head, then teasing me, but it was working. I was becoming extremely horny.

I really didn’t know how to act. Should I be passive, act like a girl, tease him? Finally, I blurted out,”Show me your bedroom,” while reaching for and fondling his cock. Enough said, he kissed me and led me upstairs to a room with a giant bed and a lit fireplace, the perfect setting for my slaying.

Taking my clothes off me, Bill suggested I lie on my stomach while he gave me a massage. He had some oil waiting and after applying just the right amount, started caressing me, putting me into an ecstatic mood almost immediately. Soon he was kneading my ass cheeks, sending shivers up my spine. I was groaning and gyrating to his touch when all of a sudden he slipped his tongue between my cheeks and started rimming my ass.

I was losing control, the feeling was so intense. Bill kept eating me as I moaned, “Oh, God don’t stop”and I felt my cock grow under me as he took me to a place I can’t recall ever being before. Finally, he changed positions, kneeling near my head while continuing to massage my ass, but replacing his tongue with a well-oiled finger. My ass couldn’t lie still, meeting his finger thrusts as I felt his now engorged dick hitting the side of my head. I reached for it and it slid into my open mouth, the lovely salty taste adding more pleasure to an ever heightening experience.

With my mouth full and Bill finger fucking me, I was in heaven. We rolled onto our sides and I took his shaft deeper as he did the same to me. He now had two fingers in my ass and as he nibbled on and licked my cock, he worked my ass like a well trained matador. I just wanted to make him feel great. His cock was my master, my true love and I had to do all I could to worship it.

So, after about fifteen minutes or so of this heavenly foreplay, I felt I could explode at any moment. Bill kindly asked if I was ready for my initiation and I eagerly blurted out,”Yes,take me, fuck me, fuck me good.” It was finally time, and I was ready for all he could give me.

I got up on all fours, grabbed the headboard of the bed, arched my back, and half begging, half demanding, yelled “Take me lover, and fuck me hard.” I was about to loose my virginity and I was more than ready. I wanted it more than anything. The fear I had yesterday was long past and I knew this was what I needed and wanted.

Bill eased slowly into me, and at first felt slight pain as I grimaced and groaned. He has a large mushroom head on his nine inch weapon and I knew it would hurt. But he went slowly, easing in and out and in no time the head had passed my outer ring and the hot sensations were overtaking what discomfort I had first felt. In the shortest of time I was feeling nothing but ecstasy, I started pushing back to meet his thrusts, and I groaned, “Don’t stop, baby, fuck me, just fuck me!”

I felt light-headed as a glow seemed to emanate from my body, I was in a new dimension as I started to feel a pleasure I never knew existed. The intensity of that energy being created drove me to heights I could never even imagine before. I screamed, “Oh, fuck! Don’t stop, baby, oh God! Oh, please fuck me! Go deeper, deeper.” So quickly the pain had turned into utmost pleasure and I was totally oblivious to anything else.

I think if I was doing this in front my parents, I wouldn’t even have cared. I would still be screaming for more. I didn’t care about anything or anyone else anymore. I just wanted Bill’s cock to tear me apart. I kept pushing back to meet his thrusts and urged him to go deeper. He grabbed me by my hips and did his best to give me what I was begging for. As he spread my ass cheeks to get deeper into me I could feel his nut sack slapping against me. What a feeling! I could hear the sound of flesh slapping flesh as my whole love canal was ablaze in hot burning desire. I imagined what it looked like from his angle, and I just wanted it to go on and on forever.

At first, my cock had been soft but now it was rock hard again as Bill continued to ravage me. Pre-cum was dripping out of it and the intensity of feeling was indescribable. Could I have an orgasm from my ass pounding? I didn’t know what it should feel like, but I most surely was feeling it. And the fire building up in my cock was familiar enough that I knew I was close to exploding.

As I was moaning, screaming and bucking, Bill’s shaft slipped out of me and an incredible emptiness came over me, but only for a moment as he flipped me over onto my back. He reached under and lifted me up by my ass and guided his beautiful cock into my now gaped hole.

Oh, Jesus! It was heavenly. I wrapped my legs around his torso, began thrusting upwards to meet his pounding and dug my nails deep into his ass cheeks. God, I was so full, yet my mouth felt so empty. If only he had two cocks!

I was beyond heaven, screaming with each pile driving thrust of his. He caressed my head as he rammed his tongue down my throat in the most sensual kiss imaginable. That was all it took! I was reaching my orgasm. My man pussy filled with his cock while my mouth filled with his tongue. I couldn’t scream, only suck on his tongue and buckle as I felt an explosion like no other I had known possible. My cock spewed out wave after wave of cum while deep inside my ass my love canal contracted and went into spasms, clamping around Bill’s cock.

Bill shoved himself in as far as he could go and I felt his cock thicken, explode and thrust again and again, planting me with his love seed. I squealed, I really squealed, as I kept my sphincter clamped around his monster. We kissed as I continued to scream, moan and cry. He pounded away and I could feel the wonderful sensation of his cum leaking out of my ass, yet I still held him by his cheeks as I met each thrust with my own.

I was delirious! I felt like a woman, I would imagine. An orgasm inside my love canal, a cock still in there , the feeling of being filled if not totally stuffed, cum slowly draining out of me, and a wonderful lover still ramming his tongue down my throat in a passionate kiss. Nothing could ever compare with this. I was exhausted, yet I knew I would do whatever it takes to have my man do this to me again and again. I just wanted to please him. What was going on in my head? My first time and it felt like I was in love.

Well, as our orgasms subsided we started drifting off to sleep, the feeling of his naked body against mine feeling so good. Yet, I needed a pacifier to put me to off and reversed positions to get his shaft into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his ass and swallowed the still cum covered cock that had ushered in a new life for me. A few hours later I awoke with his gorgeous cock still in my mouth and realizing I still had the whole night ahead of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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