My Father’s Mother Pt. 02

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The car ride home from the grandparents house seemed really long because of the silence between the father and son. Joe was so jealous of his son. Joe always wanted to do those kinds of things with his own mother but Tony was actually able to pull it off. The disrespect his son showed towards him made a rage swell in his heart. Even his own mother seemed to take his sons side and enjoy embarrassing him. While his rage swelled for his son, a deep cut was made by his mother. This wasn’t something he could just talk about with his wife to make it better. This was something he had to live with for the rest of his life.

Diane didn’t see an improvement from her son since he got back. He was back to his defiant ways. It seems like the trip to grandmothers house didn’t sway her son. She also noticed her husband was more timid than ever. Something happened between those two but she couldn’t put a pin on it just yet. Joe seemed to try and avoid their son as of late. He couldn’t even look his son in the eyes anymore.

A few days of being back to normal and doing nothing but working out, Tony needed some pussy. His parents weren’t letting him go out besides to the gym. He was getting more and more frustrated and the dam was about to break. Sexting with grandma wasn’t enough since he got back. That’s when he thought of another sick and twisted plan.

“Since my dad was pissed I fucked his mom, it’ll really piss him off if I fuck mom and take her from him!”

It shouldn’t be too hard, it only took a few days of flirting with grandma and a drunken night to get her in the sack. The size of his dick and his cockiness was a big factor too. It would only be a matter of time before another woman fell under his spell.

Tony made it a point to walk up to the fridge without a shirt on after working out to get a drink. He always made sure his mother was around so she would no doubt look, she was a woman after all. His new bad boy persona would definitely have her looking at him in a different way than her own son.

Diane drank in her sons adonis body as he gulped some electrolytes as he stood in front of the fridge. She shouldn’t be looking at him like that but she couldn’t help herself. Joe was never built like him, he never had washboard abs or big toned arms. She always wanted a bad boy to make every day fun and exciting but settled down with boring Joe anyway. As much as she said she didn’t like his tattoos, she was lying, and she especially loved to see them now covering parts of his chiseled body. Her eyes even trailed down to his shorts where she could make out the outline of a very large cock.

Tony noticed her starring.

“I can help you get in great shape for your age mom, just come to the gym with me or we can work out together at home.”

“Oh honey I wasn’t starring, I uhh was just admiring what I created.” She tripped up but thought that was stupid enough and motherly to say to cover her true intentions.

“You should come with me tomorrow and we can start up a plan for you.”

“I’d love that honey, thank you for thinking of me.”

She walked over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She even pressed her body against his sweaty one and Tony held her close just above her ass. He was slowly trying to get her to like his touching in very close inappropriate places.

Over the next few weeks, Tony and Diane went to the gym together while Joes lazy ass sat around at home after work. Tony was surprised his dad didn’t think anything of it since what happened at grandmas.

Diane was getting more trim and loving the results. She especially loved the attention she was getting from strangers and even more so by her son. His hard body pressed against her as he showed her what moves to do made her soaked. After getting done, the couple headed to the car and started on their drive home.

“I think we should do more personal sessions back at the home gym, don’t you think?” Tony suggested taking his eyes off the road.

“Sure honey, I want to be in good shape for your father.”

“Why waste it on him? I think you’re doing it to look good for me.”

Diane blushed, he was right, he saw right through her. She wasn’t doing this for her husband. She wanted her stud of a son to look at her as more than a mother.

The mother and son started working out together at the house. Diane wore matching sets that hugged her every curve and nice plump butt, her shoulder length dark hair tied up in a high bun. She was already in good shape for her age but showing some signs with some sagging and fat where she used to be trim. Tony admired her body but she wasn’t a supermodel but a normal looking mother. He liked that about her though, he preferred to fuck the girls that weren’t the prettiest. Her Italian heritage gave her just the right amount of sexy.

Tony wore muscle shirts and shorts which always brought her eyes to his hard muscles. There wasn’t enough for Tony to do there but more than enough for a woman. While she rested illegal bahis between reps, Tony would use her body as a weight and pump out his reps. From bench pressing and curling her, he was tossing his mother around like she was weightless. One day while Joe was at work, things were getting heated. Tony took off his shirt and Diane gawked at his heaving muscles as he rested. She involuntarily started massaging his large shoulders and traps. Diane didn’t even realize it but she working her hands down to his hard abs. Tony realized he wasn’t going to have to do as much work to get his mother in bed compared to grandma.

“Dads not even pleasing you is he?”

Diane snapped out of her lustful daze and pulled her hands back quickly.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize what I was doing. I shouldn’t be talking about that kind of stuff with you.”

“Its okay mom, it was a nice massage. You can keep going if you’d like.” He knew she would.

“Umm okay, it looks like you still need some attention after working out so hard.”

Diane’s hands made their way back to his body. She massaged his bulging arms. They were so warm from tossing her around like a rag doll.

“You shouldn’t talk about your father like that either.”

“Why not? He’s a little bitch.”

Diane was shocked at what her son said about his father. Her hands didn’t stop massaging though. She then saw his big cock lurch in his pants. Tony stood up and pulled his mother to her feet with him. He them sunk his fingers into her divine ass and brought his lips to hers with no fight. After a few minutes of swapping spit and feeling each other up, Diane finally had enough.

“Ohh I cant take this anymore! Take me upstairs!

“I thought you’d never ask!”

With that, Tony lifted his mother up in a fireman’s carry and made his way upstairs. Passing his own bedroom, Diane gave him a puzzled look.

“Nah if were gonna fuck, I’m fucking you on the bed you share with dad!”

Diane gushed at the nastiness her son exuded. The pair tore each others clothes off until they were completely naked. That’s when she saw her sons huge cock for the first time and it made her mouth water.

“I take it dads not as big as me?” Tony laughed already knowing what grandma told him about his dad.

“Not in the slightest baby. I don’t know if that’ll fit inside me.”

“Sure it will. It took grandma some getting used to but she eventually loved it.”

The cat was out of the bag. Diane finally knew whey her husband was acting so distant and submissive around her and especially their son. If her mother-in-law could take that thing, she sure as hell was going to try.

“You little rascal, you fucked your own fathers mother and now you’re going to fuck his wife, your own mother?”

“Sure did, he walked in on me fucking his mom when he came to pick me up. Now I’m going to show you what you’ve been missing with that limp dick father of mine!”

Tony walked over and stood next to his fathers side of the bed. His dick hovering over the bed waiting for her. Diane took the hint and laid on her stomach with her face inches away from his member. She reached out slowly and massaged the bulbous head until she brought her sweet lips to it. Tony just groaned as he conquered yet another woman of his family. After a few minutes of sensual sucking, Tony pulled his mother up and flipped her around into a standing 69. She continued to bob while he feasted on her pussy before sticking his tongue in her asshole.

OH MY! Your fathers never done that!”

“Figures, he’s not man enough.”

With that, Tony threw her on the bed and fucked the shit out of her for an hour. Diane knew she was in for a savage fucking and it wasn’t going to be like the conservative sex she had with her husband. They fucked in a bunch of positions and Tony made his mother cum more times than she has in her whole marriage. With his head propped up on his fathers pillow, he watched his mother take his huge load and swallow it all. He wanted to save cuckolding his dad again for later so they finished up before he got home.

Tony though back to the previous day. He really fucked his mom in his parents bed. She couldn’t make it to the gym today because he made her sore and he completely understood. He was at the gym working out when he got a text from his grandmother.

“We need to talk” is all it said.

“Let me get done my workout. Call me in 30 minutes.”

Exactly 30 minutes went by and Tony was getting a call from Vivian. He was in his car and driving home.

“Hey grandma, what’s up?”

“I’m pregnant…”

Tony almost flew off the road but regained control of the car.

“No fuckin way!”

“I don’t know how you knocked me up at my age but you did! I thought I was too old but your strong swimmers did their job. I was feeling sick so I took a few tests just to be sure and it was positive every time. Your grandfather hasn’t touched me in years so I know its yours. You’re going to illegal bahis siteleri be a father, I’m going to be a great-grandmother, your parents are going to be grandparents!

“We need to celebrate!”

“I’m going to come stay with you and your parents and we can break the news!”

“Oh I cant wait to see the look on my dads face when he hears I knocked up his own mom!”

Vivian called Tonys parents shorty after and said she was coming over. She said she wanted to stay for a few days since it was lonely with grandpa always away. It was a prefect cover to come over and drop the bomb. Joe wasn’t the least bit happy, it would mean his mom and son would be in the same house again, who knows what they’d get up to.

Vivian was greeted by her daughter-in-law and grandson but didn’t get such a warm welcome from her son. That was understood. She got settled in and dinner was ready shortly after. Diane offered her wine but Vivian politely refused, she didn’t know there was a bun in her oven yet. That’s where she would break the new to the family. As the quiet dinner was wrapping up, she figure it was the best time to share the life clanging update.

“Everyone, I have an announcement to make.” She paused and looked in Tonys eyes.

“I’m pregnant…and Tony is the father.”

Joes jaw dropped at the news. Not only did he get cucked by his own mother and son but they were having a baby as well. He took a huge chug of the wine and noticed it tasted a little funny but thought nothing of it. This was a new low he never thought was possible. It was the first time in a while but Joe looked at his son. Tony had a shit eating grin and was staring right at his father.

“I think I’m going to be sick.”

Joe got up and went upstairs to the guest bedroom instead of his own room. He needed to be alone tonight, his whore of a mother could sleep somewhere else for all he cared. His eyes felt really heavy all the sudden and he drifted to sleep.

After Joe went upstairs, Diane and Tony explained to Vivian that they were having sex as well. Diane was actually happy for them and their baby she explained. It didn’t really surprise her since getting in the sack with her own son as well.

The three of them stayed up and watched a movie together. The girls were draped over Tony on the couch, barely paying attention to the movie but kissing and feeling one another. As the credits rolled later in the night, Tony said he was going to bed leaving the girls to gossip. That’s when Vivian told her her plan for the night and Diane was okay with it.

Not much longer after Tony got into bed, he was awoken by his grandmother. She told him to get up and follow her and he did. She went to the guest room where she was supposed to be sleeping for the night but Joe took it instead.

“Don’t worry, he’s fast asleep. I put sleeping pills in his drink so he wont wake up even if a bomb goes off.”

“What about my mom?”

“I told her what I wanted to do with you to celebrate. She got herself some ear plugs.”

“Oh fuck, now I see!” Tony grinned.

“I want to fuck you next to my lousy son as he sleeps. Lets get this party started you hunk.” She gave him a sexy smirk.

With that, Viviane started peeling off her nighty and Tony followed by shucking his boxers off. His big tool sprang out and his grandmas eyes went right to it.

“Ohh I’ve been missing that big piece of meat.”

“Then show me just how much.”

Tony stepped up on the bed and stood next to his fathers sleeping body. Vivian followed him up onto the bed but got onto her knees in front of him. He looked down to watch his grandmother lay his tool along her face. With his balls under her chin, the head of his cock still reached past the length of her whole face. Her eyes were on either side of the girthy pole looking up at him. He could also see the corners of her mouth on either side making a smile. Then Vivian wrapped her small hands so one was at the base and the other covered what it could next to it. Both her hands side by side only made it about halfway up his penis. The rest she brought into her mouth and sucked him like a vacuum. Tony looked over at his sleeping father a grinned while his fathers mother gagged and slurped away.

“Can you hear that dad? Your mom sucking me off?”

Vivian removed her mouth with a loud pop from the large purple head. A long strand of saliva still connecting them so she gathered it with her hand and brought it to her mouth. She then made a vacuum in her mouth gathering up all the saliva and turned to her sleeping son. Spitting with force, a wad of her saliva splattered on Joes face and he didn’t move a muscle, the sleeping pills were really working.

“Holy shit you really despise him don’t you?!”

“I wish I never had him but that would mean I’d never have you as my grandson. I wish you would’ve been my son instead of him. The fucking loser.”

“Time I eat that pussy and ass again. Get on your back.”

Vivian canlı bahis siteleri followed her grandsons demands and laid right next to her sleeping son. Tony grabbed her ankles and brought her feet to his face licking from heel to toe. Her feet were wet with all the saliva from her grandson licking her sole and sucking her toes. She moaned and realized he was doing something no other man did for her again. He was the man of her dreams.

Tony then pushed her legs as far back as they could go. He then dove in and ran his face up and down over and over licking both holes every time. He paid special attention to her clit and asshole again. She was gushing by the time he moved up into position bringing his knees up on either side of her spread legs. Tony lined up his oversized monster and slowly spread his grandmothers pussy. Vivians face looked shocked even thought he was taking his time.

“I know, I know, you need to get used to it. I’m going as slow as a can.”

Vivian just took in deep breaths for a few minutes as her pussy got familiar with his cock again. It was only a few weeks ago that they fucked and she was tight as ever. Finally Tony picked p the pace as she figured she had enough time.

“Shit dad, your moms pussy is so fucking good!” Tony groaned as he slammed into her.

Vivian cried out knowing her son couldn’t hear his sons naughty talk. The bed squeaked and groaned under the shear pressure the muscular grandson was putting on his grandmother. Two of the inhabitants were banging hard while the other was just lifelessly rocking back and forth.

Tony grabbed her legs and draped them over his sleeping father so she was now rotated sideways. He stayed on his knees and continued to saw in and out of Vivian. His hands were at his hips, the only thing that was touching her were his spread thighs and his penis. Her legs were thrashed around by her grandsons powerful thrusts as they laid on her sons torso. Looking at her son who was out cold, seeing her wad of spit from the sloppy blowjob still on his face, sent shivers down her spine.

“I need…a break bitch…I want you…to ride my dick now.” He said through heaving breaths from the hardcore fucking.

Tony laid sideways on the bed on his back and propped a pillow next to his sleeping fathers body. He put his arms behind his head and watched her every move. Though she wanted to give him another blowjob and taste their combined juices, she didn’t want to disappoint him and just followed his orders. Vivian got on her feet, squatted over her grandson and impaled herself. For about 10 minutes, she bucked on his vertical pole. All while heavy slaps rained down on her ass and her tits being pinched or grabbed. He let her legs fall down to his sides because she was getting tired and he was almost rejuvenated. This brought her slightly sagging breasts closer to Tonys face and he started sucking on the dark nipples.

“Did you breastfeed my dad when he was a baby.” Taking asked before returning his teeth to her hard nub.

“Yes unfortunately, I hated doing it.” Vivian gasped at the slight pain.

“Well these are my tits to suck on now.”

“My entire body is yours baby.” She cooed.

Getting his second wind, Tony spun Vivian around and stood her up with him, never disconnecting. He positioned them in a standing doggystyle position across Joes body. Tony pushed her upper half down so she was forced to put her hands on the bed right next to her son for balance. Her legs were spread and her feet were planted on the other side of his body. Tony brought his foot up to his fathers throat and gave light pressure to it as he resumed fucking Vivian. His hands were grabbing her hips helping to keep her from falling over.

“Want me to end your pathetic sons existence right now grandma? All I have to do is stomp down!” He roared as he hammered away.

Vivian looked upside down at her son through her stretched out arms. The rough pounding from behind and the blood rushing to her head made her vision blur.


Her eyes squeezed together and her mouth hung open, tongue falling out. The constant beating at her cervix from his large cockhead caused her to cum like never before. She was actually squirting, the wet blasts soaked the sheets atop her son.

“Nah I want him to raise our child. I want to make him suffer for the rest of his life. Feeding and clothing and teaching our baby as I fuck the two women of his life.”

“UGGH YOU BASTARD! YOU KNOW JUST WHAT GETS ME OFF!” Vivian continued to shake and screamed through her orgasm.

Tony held on for a few more savage thrusts before pulling out and getting Vivian on her knees. He beat his dick for a few seconds before finally erupting. Wad after wad of thick cum painted her face, some strands were so long they rocketed past her face and onto the covers atop his sleeping father. The last bit of cum oozed from the cock head and Vivian brought her mouth to it. She sucked on the large head and savored the remaining alpha male jizz before her grandsons cock deflated.

“Hope you enjoyed the show!” Vivian looked at her resting son knowing he couldn’t answer her back.

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