My Family Sexcapades Continue

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Several days had passed since my parents had caught us experimenting with sex. They had taken us and explained and shown us the ways of sex in the world. We couldn’t go to school and tell anyone what had happened, so we just kind of relived it between myself, Judy and Chrissy. We no longer had to hide what we were doing from our parents. In fact they would often join in and play with us if they could.

Take last Thursday afternoon, for example. We had come home from school and were all naked in the front room of the house. I was lying on my back on the floor, my sister Judy had a mouth full of my cock and Max the dog was licking her pussy like he hadn’t eaten all day. My girlfriend Chrissy was underneath Max and was licking his long red hunk of dog cock when my dad, Bob walked in.

“Holy shit” he exclaimed “The only thing left to fuck is the dog!” He removed his clothes and sat down in the couch and started stroking his rapidly hardening dick. “This is quite a sight to come home to.”

“I have wanted to suck that cock for some time” Chrissy said as she climbed out from under Max and crawled over to my father on her hands and knees. “It’s OK if I blow you, Dad?” Chrissy called him Dad even though he wasn’t her real Dad. I think he really liked it.

“I’ve dreamed about this moment for a couple years Chrissy” he replied. “I have fucked the shit out of my wife while fantasizing that it was your sweet young pussy. Don’t take it wrong, I love my wife and maybe it’s silly to say but fantasy makes for good sex.”

Chrissy’s hand replaced his on his boner and the next thing I could see was her pretty blonde haired head bouncing up and down on his manhood. This made my dick a little harder and I was now looking at my sister swallowing my cock. She moaned as Max mounted her and sank his dog cock in her to the hilt. She stopped sucking me as Max proceeded to hammer her cunt like a jack hammer. No man alive could fuck as fast and long as Max could.

Judy started sucking me harder and faster than before. She was swallowing my cock on every other down stroke and I was about to spray her with a load of hot jizz when Max sunk his knot into her pussy. Judy cried out with pain and pleasure as the big dog cock was now stuck inside her sweltering pussy. You could see Max pump shot after shot of dog juice into my beautiful sister. She moaned and let my dick fall from her mouth as she had an earth shattering orgasm. Her entire body was convulsing and I thought she would pass out from the pleasure. She finally started breathing again and she turned and looked at Max. He affectionately licked her face and she smiled and said “Good dog.” Judy knew all she could do was lie still until Max’s cock would pop out of her overfilled pussy. She had been in this position before.

I looked over and saw Chrissy’s glistening shaved pussy staring back at me and I figured I had just what she needed. A big load of cum. I rolled over and got up behind her and leaned down and ran my tongue from her sweet pussy all the way up to her tasty asshole. She stopped blowing Dad only long enough to turn, look at me and smile. Then she went back to work on his dick.

I licked and sucked on her sweet pussy and asshole until they were both begging to be fucked. I spit on her pretty pussy and stuck my prick in and eased it all the way into my girlfriend until my balls slapped her ass cheeks. I slapped those wonderful ass cheeks with my open hand and saw the red print of my hand colored on the white flesh of her gorgeous ass. I started my assault on her snatch with about half the speed Max had used on Judy. I was pumping my cock in and out of Chrissy and she was moaning on my father’s dick as she blew him.

Suddenly Chrissy climbed up on Dad’s lap and my cock plopped out of her pussy. She grabbed Dad’s dick and stuck it in where mine had been a second before. “Please fuck me in the ass” she begged as she looked back at me, “Please.”

Now how could I refuse and offer like that? I stepped up and dribbled some spit down on the head of my dick and positioned it right in front of her round red asshole. As I leaned forward and began to stick it in, I felt Chrissy gaziantep swinger tense up and I eased up and let her relax. Again I pushed my cock into her and this time it eased into her tight little hole. Damn, that felt good.

Dad and I began to alternate in and out strokes on Chrissy. When his dick was going into her pussy mine was sliding out of her asshole. We kept this up for some time and even picked up the pace some to where we were fucking the shit out of my pretty girlfriend.

After several minutes of this, Dad said “Hey look over there” and he pointed to Judy. The three of us turned and watched.

Max’s cock had popped out of Judy’s pussy and cum was literally running down the crack of her ass. She was still moaning and Max was licking the cum off her. His long dog tongue was like sandpaper and she was having another of those mind bending orgasms.

We all returned to what we were doing and that was giving Chrissy the same kind of orgasm that Judy was having. We continued to pound her pussy and ass like we were using her up and Chrissy was fucking back like she would never get enough. I leaned back and pulled my rod completely out of her asshole. I looked down and saw pussy juice flowing out around Dad’s cock and running down the inside of Chrissy’s thighs and all over the couch. I remember thinking that Mom was going to be pissed. And then I thought that the reason she would be pissed was that she wasn’t here! That brought a smile to my face as I stuck my hardon back into that sweet ass.

Dad was the first to announce that he was about to cum. “Baby, I’m about to cum” he told Chrissy.

“Blow it inside me Daddy” she moaned “I want to feel you fill me up.”

That was all he needed to hear and he tensed up and I could feel him pumping Chrissy’s pussy full of cum. Six or seven hard pumps and he was breathing hard and she was shaking with the power of her orgasm. Cum started to leak out of her pussy around his spent cock.

That was all I needed and I was filling her ass full of cum. I shot rope after rope of baby seed deep in my girl’s asshole. She could feel it pumping into her and she had another orgasm. This one even more powerful than the last one. She just went limp and collapsed on top of my father. I rolled over and sat beside them on the couch trying to catch my breath.

We sat there and watched Judy and Max complete their work and suddenly Chrissy jumped up and went to Judy. She squatted down on my sister’s face and ordered her “Lick my pussy clean you bitch. Lick your father’s cum from my cunt. Clean it all up.”

Judy followed her orders and immediately licked her red swollen pussy like it was candy. Then in a surprise move, Max started licking Chrissy’s ass and cleaning up my cum from her asshole. While cleaning Chrissy’s ass Max would lick Judy’s face too. Chrissy tensed up and had another orgasm and it looked like Judy did the same.

Everyone just kind of laid there and didn’t say anything for a few minutes. What we had just done was wilder than even we could have dreamed up. Finally Dad spoke up and said we should get cleaned up and start dinner as Mom would be home soon.

Chrissy and I went off to my room to get a shower, Dad went to his room and Judy stumbled off to her room. Judy acted like she was stoned and stumbled all over the place. She was used up!

Chrissy and I showered together and I took care to clean her up in every soft curve and kissed and licked her in all the proper places. Chrissy washed my dick and gave it a face to cock inspection to be sure she had it squeaky clean. We dried each other and threw a t-shirt and shorts on and headed to the kitchen to start supper.

While we were cooking the door opened and Mom walked in. She looked at Chrissy and me in the kitchen and asked what the occasion was that we were doing the cooking? Chrissy laughed and said ”We were the only ones left standing.”

“Just what does that mean?” Mom inquired.

“Go ask your husband” I responded.

She headed for her room and Chrissy and I just laughed.

A while later we had supper ready and we called everyone to come and eat.

Mom and Dad came to the table and Chrissy went to Judy’s room and led her out to the table. Chrissy said that she had been asleep on her bed. She woke her and told her she needed to eat to keep up her strength if she was going to play with us. Judy just stuck her tongue out at Chrissy and laughed.

We sat and had a nice supper all the while making small talk around the table. Afterward Dad and Judy did the dishes and the rest of us went into the front room to hang out. Mom saw the big wet spot on the couch and asked whose fault that was. Chrissy apologized and told her that she would be over tomorrow to clean the sofa properly. Mom just smiled and shook her head.

Dad and Judy came in after they were finished and we were all just kind of chilling out when Mom spoke up.

“You know all of you got your nut off this afternoon and I missed out on all of it. I feel like I got screwed.” She complained.

Chrissy reached inside the leg of my shorts and started stroking my dick. I don’t know how after that afternoon’s party she got me hard as a rock in a couple minutes. Then she got up and went to my Mom. She pulled Mom’s t shirt over her head and sucked one nipple and then the other one. They immediately grew long and hard in her mouth like my dick had done.

I stroked my hardon as I watched my girlfriend undress my beautiful Mother. Gina had a pretty awesome body for a woman her age and I could see my Dad playing with his cock as he watched his wife pleasured by a pretty young girl. Chrissy pushed her back in the chair and tugged at the shorts mom had on. She raised her legs in the air and let Chrissy pull the shorts off her pretty legs. Chrissy took my mother’s feet and licked and sucked on her toes and licked the arch of her feet. Mom just laid there and moaned.

Chrissy held out her hand and Mom took a hold of it. Chrissy pulled her up so they were standing facing each other. She kissed my Mother on the lips and they took turns sucking on each others tongue. I was now pumping on my dick pretty hard just watching them. I looked over and saw sister Judy was even playing with her red swollen pussy lips.

“Come on Mom” Chrissy told her “Let’s get you some of what I had earlier.” She took her by the hand and led her to me. Chrissy leaned down and sucked my cock into her mouth while my Mother watched. She gave me one of her famous sloppy blow jobs and in about two minutes my dick was wet with her slobber and it was dripping on my balls. She then had my Mom sit down on my lap and she guided my swollen prick into Mom’s wet pussy. It felt wonderful and I enjoyed the feeling it sent through me. I slowly started to pump it in and out of my sweet mother’s cunt.

Chrissy got up and walked over to my father who was now stroking his dick. She pulled his shorts down and swallowed his dick all the way to his balls. He moaned loudly and began to face fuck my wonderful girlfriend. Mom had been watching Chrissy and now she turned to me and said “Fuck me Arthur, pound Mommy’s pussy.”

That was all I needed to hear as she leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I started to hammer my dick into her like my fucking life depended on it. I fucked her for all I had and then I slowed the pace a little. She immediately began to jump up and down on my cock. I held her by the waist and she rode me like a rodeo rider on a bucking bronc.

I felt my mother have her first orgasm as she grabbed my hair and started to convulse on my dick. She cried out in pleasure and I could feel her juices dripping from her snatch and running down on my balls. I just kept fucking her.

Chrissy let Dad’s cock fall out of her mouth with a plop and she got up and took his hand. “You’re turn” she said as she led him over to where I was fucking his wife. Chrissy came up behind Mom and leaned over and ran her tongue up my mother’s ass. She licked at her asshole as Mom bounced up and down on my manhood.

Finally Chrissy stuck her finger inside Mom’s ass. Mom just slowed down and moaned as she relaxed her muscles and enjoyed the feeling. Chrissy worked in a couple more fingers and was soon finger fucking Mom’s ass like crazy.

“Let me have that” Dad said as he pushed Chrissy out of the way. He stepped in back of Mom and I could hear her gasp as he sunk his big cock into her ass to the limit. I could feel his balls as they rubbed along my dick as it went in and out of her pussy.

Dad took no prisoners as he began to hammer his dick in and out of Mom’s asshole like he was mad at her. I had my arms around her neck and pulled her down face to face with me and I was watching the look on her face. It started out as pain and quickly turned to a look of pure bliss as Dad pounded her asshole. I smiled and kissed her pouting red lips.

Then he and I did to Mom what we had done to Chrissy. We started to alternate our thrusts. He would go in when I was coming out and vice versa. We continued this pace for quite a while and then Chrissy walked around behind the couch and looked Mom in the face. “Feels great doesn’t it Mommy” she teased “Makes you cum don’t it?”

Mom reached up and grabbed Chrissy by the hair and pulled her face to hers and kissed her lips.

“Yes you little bitch, it feels fantastic” she replied as she began to feel Chrissy’s tits.

I could just look up and see my mother sucking on my girlfriend’s tits, while I was drilling her pussy and my Father was poking her in her ass. How fucking hot was this?

I could feel my Dad’s cock rub against mine through my Mom’s thin skin and that was about all I could take. Baby juice spewed from the end of my cock and into the place my life had started. Over and over I shot into my Mother’s womb. I shot more cum than I thought was left in my body. It was oozing from her pussy and running down my leg.

Dad lost it and cried he was cumming too. He pumped hot cum into Mom’s asshole for a minute or two before he collapsed on her back. I looked up and saw she was about to bite Chrissy’s nipple off if she bit any harder. Chrissy had her hand buried in her own pussy and was crying out in pleasure as she got off.

Dad rolled over and laid on the couch beside me and his wife catching his breath. Mom reached over and stroked his rapidly softening dick. She rubbed the cum from his dick onto her face and smiled at him. She then slid down off me onto the floor between my legs and smiled at me. Then she grabbed my cock and licked all the remaining mixture of her and my cum from it like it was an ice cream cone.

Then in a surprise move, Judy took Mom by the hand and turned her around and laid her on the chair on her back. “Get it Max” she called and immediately Max was licking the cum from my Mother’s pussy and ass. Judy licked and sucked on Mom’s big tits and then she kissed her on the lips. They continued to make out while Max did the dirty work. Soon Mom was shaking with another orgasm that went from her head to her feet. She looked like she would pass out.

Chrissy finally called Max off and she and Judy helped Gina to sit up in the chair. She looked like Judy had earlier, like she was fucked up. Her hair was a mess and her face was red and she was breathing like she had run a marathon. My Mom was used up!

Chrissy came to me and sat on my lap and hugged me and kissed my cheek. “I think we made her happy” she boasted.

“God, I love you guys” Mom whimpered.

“I think we wore her out” I laughed.

“I know I’m worn out” my Dad laughed “If I keep this up you kids will likely kill me!”

“I think it’s a good thing tomorrow is a holiday and we have no school or work” Judy piped up. ”I don’t think any of us will be up very early.”

I watched as my dad got up and picked up my mother and carried her off to bed. Judy got up and Max followed her off to bed. Max would usually sleep at the foot of Judy’s bed to protect her as he had his whole life. I often wondered if she slept all night or if they played with each other sometimes. Oh well, as long as she played with me once in a while I shouldn’t give a fuck .

I ran my fingers through the shiny long blonde hair of my beautiful girlfriend, Chrissy and realized that I was lucky enough to live with a wonderful family who truly cared for each other. I kissed Chrissy on the cheek and picked her up, turned off the light and carried her off to bed.

I am one lucky fucker!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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