My Escape to London Ch. 03

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A lot of things happened in the run up to Christmas, so I’ve split this chapter of my life into several parts for easier reading


It was a bout of stomach cramps which first woke me up; cussing like a trooper I threw my coat aside and made my way to the toilet. “There goes my fun & games for a week,” I muttered to myself as nature began its course. I’m one of the lucky ones, cramps one day, curse usually within the next two, over by the fifth. Regular as clockwork thanks to the pill.

Feeling tired, bloated and hungry I made my way to the kitchen; passing the answering machine I noticed its little light flashing so I pressed the message button and waited but heard nothing, for the caller must have hung up just as the recorder was starting. Reaching the kitchen I settled for beans on toast washed down with a pot of coffee, not the ideal things to have in the middle of the night, but when you’re hungry, anything will do. Not wishing to spoil the ambience, I sat there with just the light from the cooker hood providing enough illumination to see with.

How long a sat there I’ll never know, for the next thing I heard was the clinking of bottles as the milkman made his deliveries. Looking at the clock I had about an hour to get ready before I began my daily trudge to work. Getting ready started well but then things started to go wrong, what would normally be trivial now became major disasters; first it was not finding a skirt to fit my condition then it was the teeniest spot of spilt makeup, finally my hair just seemed to have a mind of its own; many a day I’ve threatened to have it all cut off and go through life with an urchin cut or something similar.

Fifteen minutes late for my usual train and with the morning rush hour now in full swing I began my journey to work. Lord help anyone who tried to assault or impede me in any way, because I was in no mood to be pleasant. Fortunately my journey was uneventful, there was the occasional pushing and shoving but it was all done with a good heart. Even the waitress at the coffee bar was pleasant; it was just as if I wore a sign above my head, ‘PMS Treat gently’.

Five minutes later I strolled through the staff entrance of the store where I work, to the joyful sounds of Christmas carols (groan). “Oh! Fuck” I mumbled to myself as I looked at my job card for today. Today I was to be one of the ‘trolley girls’, where, all you do all day, is walk backwards and forwards bringing out stock trolleys so the floor stock is maintained; normally it’s a simple job, but given it’s the run up to Christmas and with me in my condition, war was on the horizon.

Have you ever notice how the customers always treat store staff like shit! No matter how kindly you ask them to move, mind their backs etc; they always look at you with that “Fuck Off, I ‘m not moving expression”, then as you gently bump into them, a size 16 – 18 tries to become a 10 by sucking in and placing themselves just where we’re about to replenish the stock. Working in a large city store has certainly opened my eyes to human nature.

As the day progress my temper slowly waned, I was glad to be out of the flat doing something useful, I even thanked the supervisor for offering me some overtime, not decorating this time but replenishing the floor stock. It must have been about 8pm before she was finally satisfied with my work and allowed me to go home.

Feeling tired, bloated and hungry I made my way upstairs and into the kitchen where I switched on the kettle with every intention of making myself a cup of coffee, with that done I was making my way to the bedroom when I noticed the answering machines light flashing again, pressing the message button I waited but heard nothing, feeling a bit peeved I replayed the message and listened out for the time signal, about 15 minutes had elapsed between receiving the anonymous call and me arriving home, so I quickly dialled 1471 followed by the redial.

Brr…Brr…Brr and so it went on; just as I was about to hang up a deep resonant voice repeated the number I had just dialled.

“Jonathan, it’s me Sarah, is something wrong?” I asked trying not to sound like a love sick teenager.

“No, I was worried about you, I missed you these last couple of days and was frightened you were ill, especially since you didn’t ring back yesterday.”

Forever truthful I told Jon what had happened and how I felt and so our conversation started. How long it went on for I don’t know but the kettle was cold by the time I came to make that cup of coffee.


At work being the run up to Christmas, I was offered countless hours of overtime so knowing Jon was on holiday I phoned him just as I was about to leave work and asked if he wished to share a meal and possibly a couple of days with me, surprisingly he took up my offer and we decided to meet at our favourite Thai takeaway and then co-habit the flat.

With Jon being married before he knew what to expect, so we idly passed away what was left of the evening just lying bahis firmaları close to each, playing with each others bodies just like a married couple when suddenly the phone rang.

Lifting the receiver my heart gave a jump as I heard Chris’ voice for the first time in two months.

“Hello darling, my flight arrives about 6pm tomorrow, Terminal 1, Heathrow. It’s a chartered flight so it will not appear on any arrivals board and as an extra security precaution we’re be dressed in civvies.”

My whole body responded to the sound of his voice, my heart started racing, my voice quaked as I asked the question, “You said we.”

“Yes, I’m travelling back with Jamie, remember, my second, you met him at the wedding.”

“Oh!…..Yes…..your new beau?”

“No, No; Jamie’s as straight as a die. No, his girlfriend’s meeting him and will be staying at her parents over Christmas and from what I’ve heard, could give Izzy a run for her money.”

“She’s that pretty?”

“Yes, from the photographs I’ve seen of her, she could almost be Izzy’s twin.”

With that a series of warning beeps started giving me just sufficient time to tell Chris I loved him and couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

From my position sat on the edge of the bed I felt Jon stir.

“I take it that was your husband, have you told him about us yet?” murmured Jon as he slowly got dressed.

“Well, I told him we were seeing each other and that you had become my friend these past few weeks but nothing else. It didn’t seem right, with him stuck in Germany.”

“And just when were you going to tell him that I had been making love to his wife?”

“Over the Christmas period after you two had met!” I replied sternly

“You expected me to sit down alongside your husband whilst you announce to him that I have been screwing you in his absence, I should coco; He’ll knock my block off.”

“No, Chris isn’t like that; can’t you get it into your head that I love you both equally; Chris knows my needs and is quiet happy with the arrangement. He trusts me to be careful, to avoid things such as HIV, STD’s etc:”

“You say you love us both equally, but who’s bed were you going to sleep in when Chris’ here?”

“That’s between you two to sought out, as I said before Chris knows me”

Are you telling me you’re prepared to sleep with both of us in the same bed?”

“If I need to prove my love to both of you, YES”

With that Jon grabbed his things and strolled out of the door, was it out of my life I don’t know, but atleast he closed the door quietly so perhaps, just perhaps.

With Jon gone, my life was in turmoil for Chris had given me almost 24 hours to prepare myself and the flat for his home coming.


I had great difficulty going to sleep last night; I lay with my hands trapped between my knees, almost in tears. Today I only worked the morning and made arrangements to take the next couple of weeks off.

Once back in the flat I spent over an hour in the bathroom. Following a quick shower I shaved myself, taking care that not a single hair remained. The sensation of the razor sliding over my sensitive skin jangled on my nerves. I was overwhelmingly tempted to touch myself, it would only take a second, but I fought the urge. To finish off I rubbed lotion into my skin to avoid any embarrassing itchiness.

My hair long wispy blonde is always a challenge; soft and slippery it always betrays me. No matter how hard I worked to keep it pulled back into a tight bun, it seemed a soft tendril would escape and fall in my face or down my neck; so after almost 30 minutes I said ‘Sod it’ and reverted to my usual ponytail. Dressing was simple; jeans, blouse, loafers and the blue puffer.

As I left to go to the airport I stopped and looked at myself in mirror. My hands trembled as I smoothed my already perfect hair one last time. I wore no makeup and for the first time noticed my face looked abnormally pale. The journey to Heathrow was a doddle. Baker St – Piccadilly – Heathrow 123; travel time approx 1 hour, giving me enough time to clear my thoughts and prepare for Chris’ inevitable questions.

When I caught sight of his broad shoulders, I almost forgot to breath. He was dressed casually trying not to look conspicuous. His dark hair showed signs of peppering, unusual for a man of his age. My heart hammering in my chest as I shouted and waved at him to show him I was here. Alongside him followed a man of equal stature but ‘hippy like ‘, this I took to be Jamie.

“Sorry about the clothing, but to come in uniform would have been a security risk” babbled Jamie, eagerly looking around trying to find his girlfriend.

“Hello darling, how have you been keeping?” asked Chris in between the kisses that now flooded his face.

Keeping quiet about Jon, I told him I was keeping well and was about to ask how his journey went when, all of a sudden a piercing squeal practically brought everything to a standstill. There on her own, with everyone looking at her was a reincarnation kaçak iddaa of Izzy.

“I take it that’s Jamie’s girl? does she fuck as good as Izzy” I hissed

“Steady on” said Chris, “She knows nothing about what went on at our wedding, and Jamie wants to keep it like that.”

“Well as long as his happy that’s ok with me, but I know one lady who took a shine to him irrespective of what went on that weekend”

“You never told me that!” retorted Chris

“No, Izzy only told me herself a couple of months ago, when things between her and Charly were a bit strained.”

By this time Jamie had arrived back with his girlfriend

“Chris…..Sarah, Can I introduce you to Zoe” announced Jamie

At first I was dumbstruck, it was uncanny, for the girl you could take as Izzy’s twin but as for the name, fucking hell, this was too much of a co-incidence. After all the pleasantries of saying ‘Please to meet you’ and ‘Have a wonderful Christmas’ blah, blah, blah we parted company.

We found a quiet corner on the tube and canoodled like two lovers as we replenished our love for each other. Chris filled me in about his work in Germany; how he and father had met a couple of times and renewed their friendship. One thing that did surprise me was that since our last get together both Daddy and Chris had remained almost celibate. Since our marriage Chris desired no others than father or I; as for father, he risked death should his leanings be found out whilst living in a Muslim country.


Taking the key, Chris unlocked the door stood back, letting me walk first into our dark flat. As soon as I heard the door close his hands were on me, I let out an excited warbling cry of excitement before Chris spun me around and stifled my cries with his kisses

“God, I’ve missed you” he said, roughly pushing me against the wall. Chris leaned hard against me trapping me, his knee spreading my legs apart before roughly running his hand up between my legs, seeking the zipper to my jeans.

“Whoa, I cried, if you want bloody hands you’re going the right way about it!” I replied harshly

With that Chris eased up with the pressure and we made our way slowly upstairs into the flat proper. I gulped and tears began to stream down my face.

“What’s ever the matter” enquired Chris taking me gently in his arms and drawing me close

“I thought you were about to rape me for being such a slut to you”

“Why would I do that, you knew the agreement, so what if you’ve found another lover, I take it you have been screwing him; I can’t be here 24/7 to guard you against your desires, all I asked was for you to be careful, there are a lot of nasty diseases out there, that’s all”

“So you don’t mind if Jon and I keep seeing each other then?”

“No, in fact I can’t wait to meet him, he sounds really nice; I take it I will be meeting him over Christmas?”

“There could be a problem there; he was sat, no lying beside me when I took your call last night, after which we rowed a bit and he walked out.”

“Oh, are there any more surprises before we eat because I’m starving, the food on the plane was crap, so I’ve had nothing since breakfast.”

“Well there is one thing I forgot to mention,” I paused, studying the look on Chris’ face; “Izzy’s going to be joining us for Christmas.”

Chris just stood there open-mouthed. “Wow, that’s going to be interesting, because I’ve told Jamie that if he got bored with the in-law’s he could come and stay with us a couple of days.”

Flabbergasted, I suggested that perhaps we should sit down, enjoy the meal I had ready in the slow-cooker and plan things out for Christmas. The flat has 3 bedrooms plus the sofa which could convert into a bed. I would definitely need to get extra duvets and pillows, should all our potential guests decided to stay, as for the sleeping arrangements they can sort that out themselves.

Having finished our meal, and with both of us knackered, we got into bed and continued our discussions there. It was not long before I began to play with Chris’ cock, I had forgotten how long and smooth it was compared to Jon’s.

“It’s so…hot and hard, yet smooth to touch,” I murmured, running my delicate fingers along it.

“This is all wrong, letting you play with me” Chris groaned as my hand curled slowly around his cock before sliding to its root, causing him to flitch as it past over his glans.

“I’m going to do more than just touch you, I’ve waited a long time for this” I said, now on my knees beside him.

His cock twitched and jumped with anticipation as he watched my mouth get closer and closer to my goal, precum oozed continuously from its end, the absence of movement causing a pearl to be suspended by a minute thread before falling onto his stomach.

I leaned closer, flicked out my tongue and caught these pearls before licking the top of Chris’ cock with the tip of my tongue. Savouring these pearls of precum; I then continued to lick the oozing precum from his cock, round and round I kaçak bahis went, stopping occasionally to prise open his piss hole and seek more. At last, I pursed my lips. Tilting my head down farther, I pressed my lips down onto the rounded tip of his cock, easing my puckered lips down until they were encircling its flared edge. With only the head of his cock between my lips, I began to suck and run my tongue over it as more precum oozed out of it.

Unable to control himself, Chris gently thrust his hips forward, trying to bury more of his cock inside my hot mouth. But, I denied him, keeping my lips locked down around the glans of his aching cock. Leaning back, I released my lips from his cock. Smiling, I cupped his smooth dangling balls and gave them a gentle squeeze.

“My, these are heavy, been missing someone have we?” I provocatively asked.

“You’re going to give me a fucking heart attack, with your teasing” Chris gasped, thrusting his cock up against my lips. With perverse anticipation, he watched me open my lips this time, easing them down over the bulging head of his cock and onto its smooth, thick, blue-veined shaft.

“Oh…fuck!” he groaned out as my hot lips closed tightly around his twitching shaft.

He then felt the suction as I began to pull at his cock with my delicate lips. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked on him. Lifting his heavy, dangling balls in the palm of my minute hand, I juggled on them as if I was urging him to empty their contents into my mouth.

I began to hum as Chris slowly began to fuck my mouth.

“Fucking Hell!” he muttered as the gentle vibrations stimulated his cock. He swore again as he felt a finger slide along his perineum then began prodding at his anus.

Still groaning he reached down; gently grasping my head he held it still. Working his hips back and forth, he eased his cock in and out of my sucking mouth.

My lips, a delicate pink, bellowed in and out as he pistoned his cock back and forth. His heart was pounding; every sinew in his body was tightening. It wouldn’t be long now, he dizzily thought, feeling the rasp of my tongue along the underside of his cock.

Chris thought he could control his emotions and hold back his ejaculation until the moment he wanted to release it. But this was not the case now. Just the thought of his beautiful wife sucking on his cock had already primed him. He was like a grenade primed to go off and now he was quickly rushing towards that moment; that glorious moment when his whole body would of erupt.

“Gonna come…gonna come…” he panted, working his hips back and forth faster as I sucked on him harder, the force of the suction keeping my mouth trapped around his cock.

“Fuckkk,” he cried as he felt his balls explode, followed by a powerful, pulsing twitch as a gigantic surge of hot, creamy cum spurted into my mouth.

Easing his cock deeper into my sucking mouth, he felt another jolt as a second surge of thick cum spurted forth into my mouth. Looking down he saw me swallow the surges of cum down easily, this gave him a perverse thrill. I had accepted my husband’s gift freely and willingly as his balls continued to squirt gush after gush of thick, creamy semen into my mouth. Finally, his cock stopped pulsating and began to shrivel inside my cum-filled mouth.

Finished swallowing, I looked up into his eyes and let his cock slowly slither out of my mouth, leaving a trail of his gooey semen glistening wetly on my soft, delicate lips. Then he saw the bulge of my tongue poke out against my cheeks as I ran my tongue around the inside of my mouth.

“Good God, Sarah, where the hell did you learn all that?” he panted, releasing his hold on my head and trying to catch his breath.

“I hoped you’ll like it,” running my tongue over my lips, licking away the trail of cum. “Its amazing what you can learn on the internet these days.”

With that I turned on my side, facing away from Chris. He likewise turned towards me and moved closer; curling his form to cocoon the full length of my body, his hand resting on my stomach, his cock still leaky and wilting lay in the cleft of my ass. With a slight shiver and a soft murmur of “I love you”, we both fell asleep.


I woke up long before Chris, and crept into the bathroom to wash off all the sweat and pussy juice that one seems to collect after a good nights fucking, not that I’m complaining for its nice to see Chris laid alongside me in bed. After taking a hot shower, luxuriating in the feel of the water splashing over my tits, now free of ‘the curse’ I decided it was time to douche myself thoroughly, I needed to be squeaky clean, for Chris would expect me to be available to him in all ways and to be truthful I had missed our extra-curricular activities.

Coming out of the bathroom I noticed that Chris still lay supine on the bed, kneeling beside him I began to very lightly tickle him with my hair, blowing lightly through pursed lips. I lightly pushed on his shoulder and hip when he tried to rise. With my face this close to his, my hair cascaded over his face and my breath blew onto his lips, he raised his hands, grabbed my hair pulling my face down onto his, and began kissing me, his tongue gently stabbing at my mouth.

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