My Dark Angel Ch. 10

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Cadence Lux

Hello, I know it has been a very very long time since I last posted anything on here, I’ve just been having a very stressful and busy year, but I hope to continue all of my stories and maybe even a few new ones, hope you enjoy

I would also like to say a massive thanks to my dedicated editor Cannd, who is both a lovely person to work with and a delight as an editor





“Wait you said ‘Your father is’ not ‘was.’ Is he…is he still alive?”

She nodded and I stood up from the table and shouted.

“Well why the fuck didn’t you tell me this! I spent years of my life thinking he was dead and now I find out he is actually fucking alive?”

I stormed out of the kitchen and walked angrily to the front door. I waved an arm and it slammed open then I turned and said back at her

“I’m going to Louis. At least he hasn’t lied to me yet.”

I grabbed my backpack from next to the door and stormed out of the front door.

As I walked away from the house I raised my arm and slammed my fist shut. I got some satisfaction of hearing the door slam shut along with the sound of the wood


I stormed down the path wanting to put as much distance between my mother and I as possible and my rage peaked as I stared at the sun filled sky and I roared in rage

“Ic unlucan ?æs heofon ond laetan ?æs rén feallan.”

The crystal blue sky darkened. I looked up and smiled as darkness spread across the sky.

I smiled wider when I saw the lightning strikes and heard the thunder. I walked down the front drive to the road. Taking satisfaction from the fact that the weather now matched the angry storm swirling in my chest, and casting a quick spell to stop me from getting wet.

I walked the few blocks to Louis’ house and stomped down the path towards his front door. He opened it as I approached and I flung myself into the arms. He held me for a few seconds then moved further inside with me pushing the door shut. I dropped my bag by the front door and wrapped my arms around Louis neck.

I pulled myself up to him and forced my lips against his. His hands trailed down my back as he tugged me closer against him, his hands resting at my waist as I ravaged his mouth, trying to funnel the anger I felt into the passion I felt for my mate. The pace of our kissing slowed and we managed to stumble into the front room and landed on the sofa.

I pulled away and just rested my head on his chest and let the tears that had been hiding behind my anger flow. I didn’t want to talk about my problems so I just leaned against him, seeking comfort in his embrace. He kissed the top of my head then said,

“I know you don’t want to talk now. Just know I’ll always be here for you, whenever you need me. Until I no longer walk this Earth.”

He pulled me with him to the kitchen. He moved to the fridge and pulled out a blood bag. He reached in further and I saw him pull out a carton of orange juice. He moved to the cupboard and pulled out two glasses. He placed them on the table and begun by pouring my drink first. He handed it to me and I sipped it slowly.

He tore the plastic of the bag and poured it’s contents into the glass. He sat down opposite me and slowly drank the thick liquid. I half emptied my glass and then watched him drink his blood. I never thought that I’d be jealous of the glass. I finished my drink just as he did and I moved to the other side of the table and sat on his lap.

He ran his tongue over his teeth before leaning up towards my face. I kissed him lightly on the lips. He responded forcefully and his hands tugged me against his body. My hands roamed up his chest trying to touch as much of him as possible.

I moved my hands to his neck and ran my thumbs along his jawbone. He moaned into my mouth and his hands clutched at my shoulders. He pulled away from my lips and lowered his head. When he looked back up his fangs had descended and a growl slipped from his chest.

I moved my wrist to his lips slowly. He kissed it then dragged his fangs along the skin and up my arm. He reached my elbow, kissed the crease before returning to the vein on my wrist. His eyes met mine silently asking permission and I nodded lolling my head against his shoulder. His fangs slowly pierced the skin, I inhaled sharply then relaxed as pleasure spread where his fangs broke my skin.

He moaned again and I melted against his body.

He pulled away after a few seconds and kissed my shoulder. I turned my head and grazed my teeth over his neck. He placed his hand on the back of my head and pressed me harder against his neck.

I felt the need in his hand. He didn’t want sensual feeding he wanted me to be forceful. My teeth were pressed against the side of his neck, the flesh rubbing softly over my lips.

I bit down into the flesh, my teeth though human sunk through the skin and I drew the blood from his neck. I knew my blunt teeth biting deep enough to give me his blood had to cause him a lot of pain, but escort bayan gaziantep I also knew the ecstasy that would follow. He groaned and his hand tightened on the back of my head. I sucked forcefully on the wound and was rewarded with another louder groan.

I continued to drink for longer than before. He didn’t want me to stop. His hand continued to press against my head and I continued to drink. His other hand clutched my waist and tugged me closer against him. I had no idea what the effect of this much blood would be. With each gulp from his neck the pressure his hand had on my head lessened.

I didn’t want to hurt him but his hand still remained on the back of my head. I pulled away and his hand dropped easily. I moved back to look at his face. He looked slightly tired but had a grin on his lips. His lips I noticed had turned a dull pink, and his hands were limp at his sides. I moved off of him and to the fridge. I opened it and after a quick scan I found the bags I was looking for and grabbed two of the,. I moved back to him. His head moved slowly to look at me.

“You shouldn’t have let me keep feeding. I almost took too much.”

He grinned weakly then said,

“I just wanted you to experience it. Drinking so much of my blood will make you stronger than ever. It would be the same if I drank so much from you, and anyway do you ever want me to stop feeding.”

I knew he was right when he said this and nodded, opening the cupboard to fill a glass for him.

I tore the plastic of the AB- blood bag and poured it’s contents into the pint glass. I did the same for the O+. My wrist was just beginning to heal and I saw the blood still trickling. I held my wrist over the glass and let a light trickle of my blood drip into the glass.

The glass was almost overflowing and I moved slowly back to Louis careful not to spill any of the blood. I placed the blood on the table in front of him and sat down in the chair next to him. He looked at the blood and I saw his fangs descend. He reached for the blood drunkenly. He sipped it at first then growled and downed the glass not spilling a drop.

As soon as he pulled the glass away from his face I saw colour return to it. His lips brightened and so did the smile.

“I loved the hint of sweetness in it. I am guessing you added a little something of your own.”

he asked raising his eyebrows

I winked at him then reached for his hand. He held mine then stood up. His eyes darted down to my wrist and saw the slowly healing bite marks. He moved his fingers to his neck and collected a few drops of blood present on the freshly healed skin and smeared them on my wrist. The skin tingled pleasantly as the flesh healed. Louis took my hand and we headed to the door.

I grabbed my bag off the floor and we walked into the street. The sky was still black and the thunder and lightning continued to strike. I was happy that my spell still held. I had expected to feel some sort of drain to my strength but with the blood of a 200 year old vampire coursing through me I felt topped to the brim. He tugged me forward and towards his car parked in the road. He pulled out his keys, pushed a button and with a resounding click the doors unlocked.

I sat in the passenger seat and watched as Louis slid in next to me. he turned to me as he started the engine and said,

“So what happened with your mum?”

“She lied to me, my father is still alive. And I found out that my blood line stems from the most powerful among my kind.”

He nodded then said,

“I thought as much. I thought that your fathers blood line was only allowed to marry humans to keep the magic constant? I think that if your father had married a human then the magic would have passed on exactly. Neither stronger nor weaker.”

“Since your father married a witch” he continued.

“I believe your mothers magic was added to your fathers and you inherited the magic from both of them, it may have even magnified it.”

“Have there been others like me?”

He shook his head and I lowered mine.

“For that exact reason, that you would be too powerful to control.”

I was alone and illegal. God I sounded like an immigrant, I was too powerful supposedly. I was able to fend off the 2nd oldest vampire known to exist in the world. A king. Now that could not be good for my health.

Louis drove down the street and towards the school. My mind ranged out. I felt invincible.

I had two century old vampire blood in my system and I was next to the vampire who gave it to me. He was so powerful that I could not help the feeling of safety the emanated from him. It wasn’t just that I felt safe around him, I loved him more than I understood.

Marcus too would be a valuable ally. But now that Ioannes knew I could fight him off. I wondered if the anxiety frowing inside of me because of that fact was justified.

“James calm down, you’re broadcasting your thoughts. If it helps, Ioannes will not be a problem. He wouldn’t dare touch you, no-one will. Not only are you mine.”

At that Louis removed one hand from the wheel and ran it down my cheek, as he continued.

“But my bloodline also contains both a monarch and the oldest vampire known to exist. Makers are incredibly protective of their blood lines. If Ioannes tried anything with you then Dieter would make an appearance and deal with Ioannes.”

I relaxed at these thoughts and noticed from the setting of Louis’ jaw that he was hesitant about talking about his bloodline as he called it.

I speculated as to what I would have to do to find this vampire of theirs.

How could someone kidnap a vampire?

Even a young one must be stronger than any human. This vampire was older than Marcus, and in terms of vampires age meant strength. My mind continued to come up with more questions than I had answers for as I wondered what lay ahead.

We arrived at the school on time thanks to Louis’ driving. I stepped out of the car and slung my backpack over my shoulder. Louis waited for me at the front of the car and we walked towards the school holding hands. I noticed looks from many of the students and even some teachers. I spotted Niclaus staring at me to my right before quickly looking away and blushing.

“Oh fuck,” was all that went through my mind as we walked toward the school entrance.

“Why is it that guys I met would show some interest in me, sexual or otherwise.”

Was it me or my magic that attracted them, either way it was doing its job just a little too well. Louis turned his head and cocked an eyebrow. I really needed to get used to shielding my thoughts.

I squeezed Louis’ hand and tugged him through the front entrance of the school. I moved to my locker and opened my bag to grab my books. Louis’ index finger ran down the nape of my neck sending pleasant shivers down my body.

“I think Niclaus likes you a bit too much, based on the thoughts running through his head.” he said with a hint of bitterness.

I nodded grimly then said,

“Every guy I meet seems to fancy me I swear.”

he chuckled quietly then said,

“It does seem that way. You should have seen the looks the Incubi were giving you last night. With the amount of magic in your system you would be a hot commodity among them and almost every paranormal.”

I turned to stare at him. He was grinning cheekily at me. I feigned anger but it was impossible. The cheeky smile seemed to force me to smile back. I did begin to wonder why the guys all seemed to want me, the Vampires, Witches and Incubi all seemed drawn to me.

I turned my head to Louis and asked,

“Aside from the Incubi who else can sense my power? Is it my magic the sense and are drawn to, or is it just my magic that subconsciously attracts them?”

“I would say it is a mix of both, but needless to say your magic is like a lightning bolt in a blackout to them.” Louis said fixing me with his green eyes.

“And here I thought it was my charm and good looks.” I said flashing a smile at Louis.

He leaned forward and pecked me on the lips then said,

“Now then only half a day of school and our work with Marcus and then…” he trailed off and gave me a slightly longer kiss. His lips remained closed but he still managed to convey his need well enough.

“Well, I think a repeat of last night with a few alterations should prove interesting. Now our next teacher is not quite what he seems but just see if you can see what he is. If he tries anything however let me know.”

He grinned again then took my hand and led me down the corridor. He led me through the corridors towards my first lesson. I really wasn’t concentrating on my lesson, I was currently distracted by the way Louis ass looked in his tight jeans.

Louis pulled me through the corridors before tugging me through a door into what looked like an art studio. So art then.

The room had six large circular tables in it. Chairs were positioned around each table with packets of drawing pencils of varying hardness and blackness. My eyes roamed around the room taking in the features. The room itself was large and rectangular with large windows on two of the walls.

There were cupboards around the room which I assumed were full of art supplies. My eyes fell on the faces in the room recognizing only one, just walking through the door to the classroom behind me. Niclaus.

He blushed, lowered his face then quickly scampered to a seat.

I followed Louis as he tugged me to a half full table on the left side of the room. We positioned our chairs next to each other and sat down. I noticed the looks from some of the people in the class seeing us together. I traced circular patterns on the back of Louis’ hand while we waited.

Around four minutes later a man walked through the door. I scanned him quickly. My magic twitched at his presence, Louis had said he was different but exactly what I couldn’t tell.

He looked young almost too young to be teaching. He was the kind of guy I used to fantasize about. Dark hair with brilliant hazel eyes, tall and muscular. He paled in comparison to the god on legs next to me. The more I looked at him the more I began to notice something. He looked different.

Even though I knew he was different I was trying to place him. He seemed to draw my eyes towards him without my consent. I found myself unable to see anything but beauty in his features. It hit me a second later.


I turned to Louis and whispered quietly,


He chuckled slightly then said,

“Now you see why said you would be a hot commodity among Incubi. He will show an interest once he smells you but will probably not try anything with my presence.” I nodded then looked up as the class began.

The teachers eyes roamed over me quickly and a smile formed on his lips. He called me up to the front of the class and introduced me to the class. He introduced himself as Mr Morietti.

His hand rested lightly on my shoulder and I felt warmth spread through my body from his hand. I knew he was doing it but I knew I couldn’t act out in front of the class. To them he was simply resting a hand innocently on my shoulder.

He patted me on the shoulder and told us all to get a pencil and a sheet of A3 paper.

I returned to my seat and retook Louis hand. With my other I gently prodded my shoulder.

Warmth was still spreading from the point where his hand had touched. I turned to Louis to see a grimace on his face. He was glaring at the teacher. Obviously whatever he had done had crossed a line.

He pulled up a piece of paper and wrote quickly so that only I could see what he wrote,

“He should not have done that.”

I picked up a pencil and wrote beneath his perfect script,

“What did he do?”

He wrote quickly beneath my scrawl,

“From where he touched you he is taking your sexual energy to feed himself.”

I grimaced and rubbed my shoulder still feeling the warmth.

I spoke slowly concentrating on the teacher,

“Ic oberstan ?æs haeft betweox ust.”

The warmth faded and I looked up to see the grin on Mr Morietti’s face. He winked with his back to the rest of the class and I rolled my eyes at him.

For the rest of the lesson he simply asked us to draw anything we chose. I had always been good at art and I was proud of my drawing skills. I saw Louis drawing the beginnings of what looked like a tree. I took a good look at his face and began my sketch.

I knew I would not be able to do it justice but I thought it would distract me from the looks Mr Morietti was giving me.

I began with the basic outline of his face. Correcting myself a few times before moving on the lower part of his face. I drew him with his lips pulled into a smile. I looked at Louis again before continuing. I encapsulated his high cheek bones perfectly and focused on his eyes. I carefully controlled the pressure exerted to change the boldness of the lines.

Slowly his face began to take shape. It had begun to take on the guise of Louis. I moved higher and drew his hair as he normally had it. Spiked up over his head in perfect disarray. There was no true order in it but it always managed to look perfect in its style.

I had been drawing for a good part of the lesson and I was so focused on my work that I did not notice the set of eyes staring at my work. I looked up quickly to see Louis observing my drawing.

I stopped dead and saw him grin widely. He extended a hand towards the drawing. I pushed it towards him and sat nervously.

My eyes drifted towards his drawing and I stared shocked. His drawing was already finished. He had drawn an oak tree by the looks of it with 2 blackbirds perched on its branches and a man leaning against the tree. I stared intently at the birds. The detail in their features was incredible.

I looked back and examined the rest of the drawing.

I examined the figure leaning against the tree, it was me, in perfect detail, even in black and white it was still amazingly detailed.

I looked back at Louis feeling self conscious about my own drawing now. Louis’ lips were curled up in a smile exactly as in my drawing and I grinned back weakly. He handed me back my drawing and I slowly finalised my work.

The teacher asked us all to present our drawings. I watched disinterested as each of them displayed their drawings. Some of them showed promise but others were little more than vague shapes.

I showed mine in front of the class and grinned weakly. I saw some smiles but others had looks of jealousy on them.

I didn’t linger at the front of the class but quickly returned to my seat. Some time later the class bell finally rang and Louis ran his fingers tips lightly down my face before quickly leaving to his next class.

The classroom was almost empty and I moved to the teachers desk. Mr Morietti was there writing idly. He looked up as I approached. He grinned widely showing his perfect teeth. I couldn’t help it as my eyes ran down his face and down his neck wanting to look lower.

No. Stop. He is making you feel this. I snapped myself back to reality. And glared at him.

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