My Black Master Ch. 1

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I ran upon this site by accident and have since fell in love with it. The stories intrigue me, especially the ones that are supposed to be true. Since this is my first attempt, please let me know if you want further tales of my past adventures.

* * * * *

Let me start with a little background. I’ve always considered myself a little above average in the looks department, not a drop dead hunk by a long shot, but I have never lacked for the attentions of female companionship. I lost my virginity at age 13 and could have done so at least 4 years earlier. I started fooling around with sex very young I suppose. I can always remember masturbating from a very young age. As far as my sexual orientation, I’ve always felt that if 2 people, or more were OK with what they were doing, then it’s OK. That includes all things sexual, the full gamut so to speak.

It was 1981, a wild year for me by all standards. I was stationed in the Midwest, going to school for the Air Force. One night after passing a particular hard test, me and two buddies went out on the town to celebrate. At the time I was 18, as were my friends. We took a bus downtown and proceeded to party hardy. We went to every club we could get served in and tried our best to fit in and find some girls to party with. The night went on and after about 1 or 2 in the morning, with no female companions to share the night with we started to head home. Problem was, we had no idea where we were and the one guy who knew the area had disappeared 2 hours before.

We came to a street corner that had a phone and proceeded to call a taxi to come pick us up, at the corner of such and such street. Right after the call was made, I turned around and there in all it’s glory was Kitty’s Pleasure Palace. An adult book store and more. Without further ado, I charged right in. It was bizarre, at least for an 18 year old kid, who has never been in a joint like this before. The place was totally empty except for an old lady maybe in her 60’s. She asked us if she could help us find anything. We said no, that we were just browsing. After a few minutes of looking around, she asked us if we wanted some “Locker Room”. I had heard of this stuff before and said sure. We both did a few hits and then she offered us a drink of whiskey or something. We thought we were in heaven.

Here we were, fresh off the truck and this old lady was giving us free stuff, it was great. After, that she started to unload a bunch of free magazines on us. These were the real hard-core kind, not Playboys or Penthouses, but much harder. The price tag on these mags were like $25 plus per mag. We each got about 6 or so. Then she asked if we wanted to watch some free movies, since there was a 30 or 40 seat theater there also. We were like pigs in shit. This was a big windfall for us at the time. Off to the theater we went. As we were walking down the isle, she instructed us to watch a few and feel free to pull our dicks out and masturbate.

Well, I had never done this kind of thing with another guy in the same room, but I didn’t hesitate either, I sat about 6 rows in front of my friend and started watching porno. As I sat there, I can’t even say I had a hard on at this time, but I did start to worry. I started thinking about the porn theater back in my home town, how it was seedy and bad things could happen there. That’s about the time I turned around and found that my friend was gone. I was scared, shit this was gonna be bad. I started walking slowly up to the door we had came in and I heard a buzzing noise. Shit this is gonna be ugly, I knew something bad was going to go down, or was going down. As I got to the entrance door, I noticed the noise was coming from another door, which was where the projector was. There was my buddy with his pants around his ankles and the old lady helping him put on and turn on a vibrating cock ring.

That was a big relief, I thought much worse things were gonna happen to us. Since the fear was now gone, I laughed and turned to go back to my seat. The old lady then came with us back to our seats. She then informed my buddy, that if he wanted her to, she would suck his dick, while he watched the movie and then she would do me. We both thought that was a grand idea. I didn’t pay much attention to my friend getting his dick sucked, but in a couple minutes the lady came over to me. My dick was out and hard and she went immediately to work on my young cock.

She was definitely experienced, she sucked my dick like a pro, swallowing it all on every stroke. It wasn’t long till I was ready to cum and she looked up and told me she wanted to drink all my cum. With that I started to unload my nuts in her willing throat. She was great and this was a great way to end a night on the town. We went back to main area that we first started in and she reminded us not forget our freebies. I asked her if she knew of any prostitutes we could fuck and she said escort bayan gaziantep to hell with them girls, any time we wanted to cum, Jim will be glad to suck your cocks!!!

Jim!!! That wasn’t a girl’s name and neither was the old lady. Maybe I was to drunk, but I really did think she was woman, there was a bit of stubble, but hell for a free blow job on a drunk binge I wasn’t gonna bitch. Seems my buddy didn’t have a problem with that either. The only problem we had, was that we still needed a ride home and the taxi wasn’t gonna come and get us this time. Jim said he would give us a ride home and that if we wanted to, we could stop at his place and smoke some free weed. Here we go again.

My buddy and I looked at each and both agreed, let’s go. Once we got there, he took us upstairs and gave us a joint to smoke and some beer to chase it down with. Then he started telling us how much he enjoyed sucking our dicks and that he would love to suck us off again right now and that we didn’t have to do anything to him. Well, we already let him suck us off once and the booze and dope already took their toll. No problem. This time he told us to strip and lay down.

He then produced some oil and started rubbing it on us, alternating between me and my friend. It felt quite good, to have this old man rubbing us down, with his hands and running his tongue over our pricks. He made us stand up and get next to each other so he could suck both our cocks at the same time. What a sight to see, he worked both dicks into his mouth and sucked for all he was worth. It didn’t feel as good as when only one dick was in his mouth, but it still felt good. After a while, he started working on one dick at a time. My buddy blew his load down the mans throat then I put another shot into his mouth.

He commented on the taste and amount of each load after he swallowed. You’d think we’d be done by now, but he wasn’t ready to let these 2 youngsters go just yet. He then laid on the ground and told my buddy to squat over his face so he could give him a rim job. He didn’t want to so he told me to do it. I lowered my butthole over his mouth and he started to rim my anus. He did real good and after 5 or 10 minutes I asked him to suck me off again. He loved it and took yet another helping of my cum into his mouth, albeit not much. By now, my dick spewed all it could, it was almost daylight and we were trashed. We got dressed and our new friend took us home.

On the way home, I was sitting up front and he kept rubbing my dick through my pants and planting little kisses on my cheek. The kisses I didn’t like, actually the whole deal was starting to seem like something I didn’t want to do again. He dropped us off and told us if we ever wanted him to suck us off or anything else, just stop by or give him a call. The next day we both woke late and promised that we wouldn’t tell anyone else about it. I really didn’t feel guilty or anything. I just didn’t want to be labeled gay, when in fact I’m not. Now I have always had an active imagination when it comes to sex and fantasies, and have thought about every possible sexual situation there is and masturbated to them.

But now I had an experience that fueled my desire to do other seedy things. Like suck a dick or get fucked in my ass, to be used as a guy’s fuck toy. It was a perversion, a fantasy, something I never would have sought out with anyone, unless of course that person already sucked my dick and offered to do it again anytime I wanted. Two weeks past and I was horny as I ever had been. I spent every night thinking about the old man and man sex. Two weeks past and I found myself alone on a Friday night, drinking beer and getting a nice buzz on. I was just going to get wasted and beat off, but the beers got me to the point of no return and I called his number at the porn shop. Is Jim there I asked, no he’s off tonight.

Do you know his number, he told me to call. Yep, he gave it to me. I dialed Jim’s number, no answer. What the fuck, I shouldn’t have done it anyway I thought and pulled out my dick thinking about letting him fuck my virgin ass and making me suck his dick. I was just about to blow my wad when I thought, what the fuck let me call again to tell him he was missing a juicy load.

Hello, this is Jim!!

Hi Jim, remember me from 2 weeks ago, the two guys you sucked off at your place?

Yes, my sweet young dicks, do you want me to suck you off tonight.

Actually, I wanted to suck you off I said, but I couldn’t reach you so I just called to let you listen to me cum all over the phone.

WAIT A MINUTE, he yelled, don’t cum, I’ll pick you up in 10 minutes and you can fill my mouth with your sweet cum.

OK I said, and told him where to pick me up.

He arrived on time, my dick still half hard. He said he had plenty of beer and party goods and if I was OK with it, I could spend the night. I didn’t have to work the next day, but I said I’d think about it, not knowing how I’d feel about this after I did the dirty deeds. We got to his place and he got some dope and beers and I starting telling him about how much I thought about our last encounter and wondered what it would be like to suck a dick and get fucked and I thought maybe he would be interested.

Of course I’m interested he laughed. I love virgin ass and mouths, but at my age I usually just get to suck cocks. He then started asking me about my fantasies and what was involved. He guessed that I wanted to be dominated and said that was OK, but I had to be sure to trust the person I was with. Hell sweet dick, you’re lucky to have found me to break you in right, you already know you can trust me.

He was right, I felt at ease with Jim, he could have pulled some shit on us before but he did what he said, sucked our dicks and never even tried to get us to suck him off. Let’s get started he said, taking me by the hand and leading me upstairs to the same room we were in before. This room wasn’t a bedroom, just a room with a few chairs and a door on one side. When we got there he told me to think of two colors and say them out loud.

I said blue-green. OK, if you want to stop at anytime, just say that word and I’ll stop, then I’ll ask you if you really want to stop again, if you do we will, it’s that easy. So now we can say all the other kinky type stuff and it won’t matter unless you say that word. Truthfully, I was pretty fucked up again and ten minutes later I couldn’t have remembered that word if I wanted to. He had me undress and laid my clothes on a chair. He then told me the rules.

I was to be his slave. I was to call him Sir and was to listen to and obey his every command. Do I understand? Yes I understand. Crack, he slapped my face. Yes I understand what, he yelled. Yes I understand Sir. It really didn’t hurt, but surprised me. You are my cunt now, slave, do you understand? Yes, Sir, I understand, I am your cunt. Good cunt, now tell me how much you want to suck my cock. Please let me suck your cock Sir, I’m dying to suck it. Good cunt. Don’t you think you should look like a cunt, if you are gonna act like one?

Yes Sir. OK then, we shall get you ready. He opened a chest and pulled out a blonde wig and told me to put it on. He handed me some highheeled shoes, garterbelt, fishnet stocking and a bra with padding in it. He helped me put it all on and tighten and straightened everything for me. I was already clean shaven, my legs and arm pits looked out of place with the hair, but other than that, I was looking like a cute little girl. He then got out some lipstick and had me pout my lips as he put it on. Next he got some eyelashes out and stuck them on somehow. WOW, what a transformation. This is exactly what I had in mind, but never even told him. You look like a sexy little slut boy cunt, follow me he said.

With that he opened the door in the room and pushed me inside. It was dark and I couldn’t see a thing. He then lead me into the room and said he would get the lights in a minute, they were on the other side of the room. With that he took both my arms, kissed my cheek and slowly pushed me down onto some kind of a padded chair or bench. I didn’t know which, cause I still couldn’t see. He lifted my arms above my head and then I heard a snap and felt cold steal around my wrists. Fear set in. A second later he turned the lights on.

This room was a museum of torture and sex toys. Rubber cocks, whips, devices of all kinds, shit I’ve never seen. My hands were chained above my head and I was helpless. Now, slave cunt whore, tell me how much you want to suck my cock. I hesitated, maybe because I knew I couldn’t escape. He asked me if I wanted to say the word. I said no Sir. Truthfully, I didn’t want to say it, I was turned on big time, my cock had been erect for 20 minutes already.

I also realized that I forgot the word anyway. Please let me suck your cock Sir, I begged. I was into this big time now, the fear was gone, just pure sexual energy. I acted like a slut, begging him to let me suck his cock and cum in my mouth. He told me to beg him to fuck my ass and I did. The whole time he was telling me to say this and that and asking me dirty stuff while he was stripping his clothes off. Finally, he was down to his briefs, which were sporting a nice size dick. I hoped it wasn’t going to be too big and rip my ass apart.

His cock sprang out, it had a little curve in it and no more than about 7 inches and about as round as ring bologna. Open your dick sucking mouth cunt, he said and moved close to my face. I opened and took him into my mouth. He then instructed me how to suck his cock. Telling me to use my tongue on the underside. He made me lick his balls and would then alternate between stuffing his dick in my mouth and having me lick his balls. Soon he said that since I was a filthy whore he was just gonna fuck my face until he blew his scum down my throat.

He starting driving his dick in my mouth the whole way up to his stomach and after every minute or so, he would hold his dick in my mouth the whole way. Each time he did this I thought he was gonna cum, but he didn’t. He asked me if I wanted to taste his sweet cum and I nodded and grunted yes, since my mouth was full of dickmeat. After slamming into my mouth about ten more stokes he held his cock there and told me to suck hard. I did. He grunted and said he was gonna fill me with his cum and to open my mouth and stick my tongue out.

As I did that, he pulled his dick out and had it laying on my tongue when he starting filling my mouth with his cum. He ordered me not to swallow any of it until he told me to. There must have about 5 spurts altogether, I could feel it piling up on my tongue and dripping down my throat. He then jacked a few more globs out of his dick and smeared them on my lips and face. Swallow it all now my little cocksucking slut. And I did. I was so turned on, all I wanted to do was cum, my dick was bursting for release. You look like you need to cum my little girl cunt. Please let me cum, Sir, please I begged. With that he bent down and took my dick in his mouth and gave me two or three sucks and stopped. I was crazy with the need to cum. He then told me that I haven’t lived up to the bargain yet.

Please I begged, just let me cum Sir. Only after I get your ass cherry, whore. Beg me to fuck you. I begged just like before. He undid the chains on my hands and led me over to another bench. This time he laid me on my back and put my legs up into these brackets, which, opened my asshole and spread my legs far enough for him to stand between them and fuck me. He then clamped my ankles into the brackets so I couldn’t escape and did the same with my hands above my head. He put a pillow of some kind under my ass to elevate it a bit more and I guess give him better access. His dick was limp now and he pointed it out to me telling me that a good cunt knows how to get it up. With that he walked around to my head and planted his asshole and balls on my face and told me to lick his hole. I was a bit repulsed by this but was in no position to argue and my dick ached for relief.

My tongue found his rectum and starting licking in and out, in and out. He would move down a bit and have me suck and lick his nutsack and then he made me tongue fuck his ass more. He did this for a good ten minutes and then turned around, undid something on the bench and my head fell down, supported by only my neck muscles. Then he ordered me to open my mouth and suck his cock. He brutally pumped his dick into my throat, going even further it seemed than before. Finally, his dick was hard again and he pulled out of my used sore mouth. He then grabbed a bottle of something and smeared it on his cockhead and then rubbed it on my asshole. The whole time telling me to tell him to fuck my young little girl cunt.

I begged him and begged him to fuck me. Finally he pushed the head in and my eyes lit up in pain. I wanted to say the word, but I forgot it. Does it hurt, cunt, he asked. Yes, I screamed. Then he pulled out. Thank goodness I thought, I didn’t need that damn word, he was gonna quit. Then he rammed his whole 7 inch salami into my ass. Arrgggh, I screamed out. Relax cunt, he said, you will get used to it in a few minutes, just relax. With that I relaxed and he held still for a few minutes.

Then he started to slowly fuck into me, pulling out until it was just the head and then slowly sinking it up to his balls. It started to feel all right, not what I imagined a woman to feel like getting cunt fucked, but then again I wasn’t a woman. I noticed that every time he pumped into me or pulled out, I felt like I could cum, just from that. He told me to start talking dirty to him, telling him how much I loved his big dick and that I wanted to be his cum sucking ass fucking slut forever.

The whole time I’m saying these things he is starting to really pick up the pace and is furiously fucking my virgin butthole. He rammed it into me saying he was going to fill my ass with his sperm. After another 5 minutes of his relentless ass pounding he rammed into the hilt and held it there as I felt his balls spurt wave after wave of man juice into my hole.

He kept his dick in my ass for another ten minutes or so, gently rocking his softening penis in and out, telling me what a great cunt I had, then he finally pulled out. Please suck my cock I begged. With that he bent his head down and took my stiff prick into his mouth. He sucked, maybe a minute or so and I blew a great hot sticky load down his mouth.

After he got up he walked over and put the head board back up so I could relax my muscles and he undid one of my arm restraints, but right before he could unlock the other one, the door flew open. He immediately dropped to his knees and started to beg for forgiveness to his Black Master.

To Be Continued…

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