Mustang Cowboy and his Daddy – Gay

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I forgot I had this story in my drafts… it’s a bit silly. I remember I got my partner to read it and he just burst out laughing (haha).


In the Great Plains of Montana, not long ago, cowboys came to this Indian Land with their driven cattle, eagerly searching for a place to comfortably settle. They knew they’d be sharing this land; they even traded with the Natives and learned of their tales.

However, winter came around, which was the worst season of the year.

“I don’t even have a fat squaw to keep me warm; those loco Indians seem to be immune to the cold,” Jimmy yelled from on top of this snowy mountain. “Why did we have to start this fucking trail too late?!”

“I’ll keep you warm,” Billy Bear volunteered. He was a big, muscular, hairy beast bear after all.

“Really? Do you have a buffalo blanket?!” Jimmy asked.

“If you wanna be warm, please my damn dick.”

Oh, that kind of warm. Why was Jimmy not surprised?

Jimmy was bait for this grizzly bear, Billy Bear wanted to have a piece of ass from this mustang cowboy. Eyes on him, Jimmy felt this bear’s stare all over his twinky body. This turned the escort bayan gaziantep wild cowboy on, despite feeling the cold air already stiffen his nipples like berries on a bush ready to be plucked.

One time, Jimmy overheard the Great Chief Indian talking about hunting down a bear to the younger tribe members, and yet in this scenario, Jimmy was the one being hunted down.

Billy Bear was about thirty years older than Jimmy, a real hairy daddy figure.

“Are you ready for my throbbing, thick meat?” Billy Bear questioned, staring at Jimmy staring back at him. He unzipped his trousers, fortunately, he wore open crotch chaps so it wasn’t much effort.

This young mustang cowboy watched as Billy Bear’s monstrous cock hung out of his pants, it was already erect and just waiting to be used.

“My ass is too tight to take that,” Jimmy confessed as he looked back up at Billy.

“What? I saw you fuck Randy in the barn a couple of seasons ago and you were takin’ it fine in the cowboy ass,” Billy put. He could tell when a cowboy was lying from a mile away. “Cowboys love big dick, that’s a fact.”

“Right then, old man, let’s try it out.”

“Bend over that damn tree stump over there, show me that butt.”

This was how they did it in the countryside.

Bending over the tree stump as he was told, Billy Bear immediately went behind Jimmy and tore off his trousers to bare his backside. Revealed! Billy slipped his middle finger into Jimmy’s anus, trying to prep him for the big daddy dick.

Condoms were pricey in the Old West, so they had to fuck unprotected.

“You’re right about this; I’m starting to feel warm,” Jimmy said as he glanced over his shoulder.

“I do a fine job, don’t I?”

Grunting, the mustang cowboy soon felt the head of Billy Bear’s monster cock nudge into his anus. So big, so fucking big! It started with the tip, the lip of his cock, and then the train came along. Jimmy’s features flushed a deep red, feeling Billy Bear really sink his length deep. Jimmy was a big mustang boy; he could take it – Billy believed in him.

“I’ve always craved your creamy ass, poke,” Billy Bear stated. “I have been craving it since the day we came to Montana.”

Towering over Jimmy’s form, Billy Bear kept his gaze fixed on Jimmy’s expression. Both his large hands gripped Jimmy’s sides, feeling his ribcage and muscle. He listened to Jimmy moaning out. The bear started to steadily thrust into Jimmy, slowly building up his pace.

One hand gripped onto Jimmy’s shoulder, he sped up his thrusts now. For a second the other hand lifted Jimmy’s poncho and shirt and soon bear dived down to lick that sweaty, hairy back.

“Your cock is gonna split my ass,” Jimmy groaned.

“Yet you let Randy in? It’s a shame that poke ain’t here with us,” Billy Bear answered.

Like bullets being fired from a machine gun, big daddy bear pounded Jimmy’s anus like there was no tomorrow. They were both sweating, both hot with lust.

Eyes were watching Jimmy and Billy Bear from afar, curious eyes from the trees. What in the mountains was all that noise?

Pounding that cowboy butt, Jimmy felt the love on his prostate and received flashbacks of Randy.

This was how they did it out in the countryside, they fucked on the plains and had watchers of all kinds.


A swarm of Natives burst out of nowhere on their horses, each equipped with spears. Jimmy and Billy Bear were too slow to stop, thus they were soon caught by the Indians and taken to their village.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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