Murder on the Phucktacular Express

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Double Penetration

The Investigation.

“OK folks, nothing to see here. Please go back to your rooms” Lt. Will Swallow ordered the crowd as he made his way from the kitchen to the train’s bed compartment.

Inside I, Captain Ivana Swallow was bent over ass up, inspecting the deceased body that was sprawled out on the lower berth. Will moved behind me and rubbed his crotch against my tight firm ass.

“Mmmmmmm, what do we have here?” Will smiled wickedly.

“I wish you would stop doing that. What would happen if someone sees us and tells the Chief?” I sighed.

“Dad will probably say that he wants to join in on the fun” Will laughed as I straightened up.

Me and my Brother were known locally as the Swallow twins. Our Father, Chief Swallow of Pennusville Police Department knew of his children’s “extra curricular” activities as he was the first one to introduce us to it. He had taught us both how to honour the family name very well and on many occassions. No spitting for this family.

We turned back to the bed and studied the body. The body was a young Caucasian male in his early twenties. He was totally naked except for the ropes that bound his arm and legs together at the front. Inserted in his ass was a pink vibrating dildo. The batteries were lying on the sheet next to him and the bottom cap of the dildo was missing. There were no signs of any injuries. Cause of death, unknown.

“Do we have any eyewitnesses?” I questioned.

“Fortunately we do Van. Mr Mike Rotch had a room order that was meant to be delivered at 10 p.m and there was a mixup in the kitchen and the Porter, a Oliver Klozoff delivered it 30 minutes too early. When he entered he saw Mr Rotch and two others in the room” Will said reading from his note book.

“OK, I think we need to talk to him. Can you set up the empty room next to us, so we can interview him?” I asked.

“No probs Van” and with that Will walked out to organize the room.

I took the time to investigate to room further. There seemed to be no signs of a struggle, as the room was immaculate. His clothes were neatly drapped over the armchair and on the table were three empty wine glasses and two empty bottles of wine. As I went into the private toilet, I noticed a tube of lubricant lying in the sink.

“Mmmmmm Strawberry flavoured” I thought as I slid it into my bag. I knew I shouldn’t take things from the crime scene but our stock at home was getting pretty low.

I pulled out my camera and took photos of the body and the room and carefully took notes making sure I missed nothing. Nothing is worse than displeasing Daddy. Last time I had a murder case and I missed a vital clue, Daddy used his baton in my sweet ass and I couldn’t sit down for at least 2 days.

I heard Will shout out from the next room that they were ready. I went in, closing the door behind me and saw the Porter sitting across from Will. He was an absolute dream boat. I was in awe and instantly turned on. Wow, was this my lucky day or what? What more can a lady ask for than being in a room with two very hot and fuckable guys!.

“Ahem” I coughed trying to gaziantep travesti clear my throat. I was so turned on I could barely speak.

I lit up a smoke and inhaled with my mouth slightly open, letting some of the smoke escape whilst studying Oliver for a moment. He had short dark hair and hazel eyes. His lips were on the thin side for my taste but not enough for me to stop wanting to kiss them. He was tall and of medium build. Yes indeed, very fuckable. I stood there watching the hazy swirl of my smoke drift up until I felt I was capable of speaking.

“Mr Klozoff, Lt Will Swallow here tells me that you saw two people with Mr Rotch at approximately 9:30pm” I questioned, my voice all husky.

I looked over at Will. He knew that voice all to well. That was the voice that called his name over and over again when I came. He watched intently as I slowly took off my coat. My breast were straining against my blouse, almost popping the buttons wanting freedom. I looked over to Oliver and saw him staring, his eyes almost bulging out of his head.

“Ummmmm yes, Mr Rotch was in his room and when I knocked I heard someone say cumming, so I entered. He was with a guy and a woman. They were doing, ummmmmmm, you know, ummmmmm bedroom stuff” said Oliver.

“Yes, what kind of bedroom stuff. We need more information Oliver” I urged.

“It’s really hard to explain. All I can tell you’s is that they were having sex. Mr Rotch was sitting leaning against the pillows and the woman was kneeling over him and the other guy was behind her” Oliver mumbled shyly, his chin buried into his muscelled chest.

I looked at his hands twisting around each other in his nervousness, so close to his man hood. The wetness on my panties spreading. I looked over to Will and he nodded. He knew what I wanted as we have done this before, once or twice or more. The Swallow Investigations we called it.

“Well if it is hard to explain then how about you show us” I said as I walked over to him, put out my cigeratte and grabbed his hand and led him to the bed .

“It is very important that we get every detail right, so all of us strip, Police Orders” Will said.

After Oliver finished undressing and me almost cumming just by looking at his beautiful nakedness, I asked him to position himself the same as Mr Rotch. I unbuttoned my blouse and let my heavy full breast fall out. I slid my out of my skirt, letting my shirt and skirt fall to the floor. My panties came apart on the sides so I took them off and stood there in just suspenders and garter belt.

I got on the bed as Will behind me was getting undressed and I knelt above Oliver with my knees just on the edge of the bed.

“Is this how it happened?” I asked

“Yes” he replied.

“With the other man standing behind you with one leg on the bed” Oliver said all excited. His nervousness gone.

“Would you like me to suck your cock?” I questioned “suck your cock until you cum in my mouth, would you like that?”and he nodded.

I started to kiss his hairless chest, stopping to taste his nipples, giving them a quick flick of the tongue and a gentle tug with my lips. I kissed and sucked my way down to his belly button and stuck my tongue in gave it a nice swirl. He moaned under me. I kissed my way until I reached his pubic hair and went straight for his balls. Carefully I put one into my mouth and let it sit there and then did the same to the other one. I then ran my tongue around his shaft several times with my tongue making it nice and wet.

“My God, you’re so huge. I can’t wait to taste you” I moaned.

I heard Will go through my bag and heard him come and stand right behind me. I heard a sloshing sound and guessed he had found the lubricant. He placed one leg on the bed to angle himself better. I knew what was going to happen and my heart skipped a beat. My Brother knew how to pleasure me better than any other man could. I felt him put some lubricant around my anus and then felt him press the tip of his cock against it. With his hands on both the sides of my ass cheeks, I relaxed and exhaled. He slowly entered me.

As Will pushed deeper into me I looked into Oliver’s eyes. Keeping my eyes on his, I put my full lips around his head and gently sucked on it. Oliver moaned and I moaned as Will slowly withdrew and then thrust forward again. I clamped my fingers around the bottom of Oliver’s shaft and ran them up and down only about an inch from the base and I took his cock deeper into my mouth until my lips met my fingers. I swirled my tongue around the head and licked the tip of his head. Licking all the precum up.

“You taste so good” I said to Oliver.

“Your lips are divine, it feels so good” Oliver responded.

As Will was fucking my ass, he inserted a finger then two into my now soaking pussy. With his fingers, he found the spongy area and bent them forward and backwards again. While Will was working my G-spot, I had to take my mouth away from Olivers cock just in case Will got me all excited and I clenched my teeth. And he did get me excited. I came with a shudder and with my brothers fingers up my warm soft pussy. I bent down and licked Oliver all the way from his balls to his anus and ran my fingers gently up and down the underside of his cock, making him thrust his hips upwards.

Will removed his fingers and curled his hand into the ‘silent duck’ position and then placed his whole hand into my very moist pussy. As he pounded into my ass he thrust his arm upwards then as he pulled out his cock, he pulled out his arm. His cock and arm working stimutaniously on my ass and pussy. Once his hand was fully inserted he curled his hand into a fist and twisted his arm round and round, up and down.

“Ohhhhhhhh Baby, that’s it. Fuck me” I grunted “Fuck me harder”.

“You got it Van, I’ll give it to hard and fast” and his pounding got harder.

With Oliver’s cock still being wet from my mouth, I gently blew on his head. Oliver groaned. I put my mouth around Olivers cock again and flicked my tongue around his head and around the little v shape at the base of his head. I began to suck his head then swirled my tongue around it. Then I took his huge thick cock fully into my mouth. It went deeper and deeper, until my lips and nose were burried into his pubic hair. My mouth sliding over his cock up and down as Will thrust into me and out again.

“Oh Fuck, Fuck I am going to cum” Oliver cried out as he burried his hands into my hair.

I worked my sweet magic on Oliver’s head, only taking his shaft partly into my mouth. I could feel his legs next to arms begin to stiffen. I cupped his balls into my palms and sucked on his head until he shot his full load into my mouth. Loving the taste as it slid down my tongue and down my throat. I could feel his body shaking as I licked the remaining cum from his cock while still looking into his eyes.

“Oh Jesus, that was the fucking best blowjob I have ever had” Oliver gasped.

I smiled knownenly. Of course it was the best and I was the best. My Daddy had told me so.

Now that I had pleased Oliver, I closed my eyes and paid all my attention on to my Brother. Will was now smacking and rubbing my ass cheeks with his remaining hand as he pounded into me. Oliver slid down on the bed more and placed his arms under me and began to tweak and pinch my nipples bringing me closer and closer to my next orgasm.

“This is so fucking hot” I said through clenched teeth.

His pounding and fisting got faster and faster. I reached down and started to rub my clit until I could feel my orgasm beginning. My toes started to curl and I grasped the sheets with all my might. Will gently took out his arm and grabbed me and pounded with his glorious cock deeper until his balls were smacking my cheek.

“Will, Fuck, Will, I am going to cum”

I came. I squirted. All my love juices came pouring out wetting the sheets under me, some spraying my Brother’s legs. My body shook in convulsions until I felt tired and spent. My Brother still pounding me.

“Damn Van, you could of waited for me, now it’s my turn” Will muttered.

Will grasped my sides, almost to the point of hurting me. He slowly pulled out. He smacked his cock against my cheeks as he came all over my ass and back, moaning. I could feel his sticky cum as he rubbed it all over me.

I rolled over and looked at these two beautiful gods, memorizing every possible detail I could, almost forgetting completely about the dead body next door and the crowd in the corridoor. This is one investigation I didn’t ever want to forget.

As we got up and started to get dressed, Oliver described the man in greater detail. Unfortunately he didn’t see his face but did see his back. The man had blonde hair, slim build and had a pair of lips tattooed on his ass. At least it was something to get started on.

He couldn’t describe the woman as she had her head burried in Mr Rotch’s lap.

We both thanked him for his help in the investigation and both of us planted a kiss on his sweet lips.

“OK I think that is all for now, if we need anything else we’ll cum looking for you” I said, smiling widely as a cheshire cat as I watched his cute ass walk out the door.

To be continued……….Part 2 Murder on the Phucktacular Express: The Interrogation

Murder on the Phucktacular Express, Trinity © October, 2009

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