Ms. Danielle’s Finishing School Ch. 02

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Author’s Notes: I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this work, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. This is part two of a two part story. There may be more parts at some point. There may be more parts at some point. I’d like to thank zebra2001uk for taking the time to edit this work.


It was one of those days when Veronica was to meet Emily for a tennis match; she happened to be late. Another board meeting that went overtime and now Veronica needed to work off her frustration. She arrived courtside and sat next to Emily. While she waited a pair of women played a lively set. The pair seemed mismatched; a woman about Veronica’s age against one a bit older than Emily. The younger woman was obviously a better player, making shots and running the court like a professional. Yet, she’d let the older woman, who wasn’t actually bad, score points by deliberately hitting shots too hard or directly into the net.

Emily thought she recognized Michelle, causing her heart to race when remembering their first encounter in the sauna. At first she wasn’t sure but then one stray shot ended up close to Emily’s seat and Michelle smiled at her while retrieving the wayward ball.

The set lasted quite a while with Michelle eventually being victorious. Veronica caught the last couple of games seated alongside Emily. They commented about the way the women played and that they must be mother and daughter.

The two women finished and graciously surrendered the court to Emily and Veronica. Michelle held the door open for all. She smiled at Emily again and Emily smiled back, blushing as she did.

“Nice set ladies,” Veronica said.

“Thank you. Michelle lets me win a few once in awhile,” the older woman replied, smiling at Veronica.

“You have a mean backhand Ms. Clisson; you earned those points,” Michelle replied, not looking at either Veronica or Emily directly.

“You both played marvelously,” Emily interjected.

The older woman turned her focus to Emily looking her up and down, studying the young woman.

“You are too kind young lady. We just play against each other for the shear enjoyment and exercise for me. Michelle limits her abilities to make me happy. Don’t you dear?”

“I challenge you now and then Ms. Clisson, as you’ve instructed me to.”

Both Veronica and Emily’s eyebrows arched a bit with that comment. They had both assumed the two women were related only to discover now that perhaps Michelle was more of a caregiver. Yet Ms. Clisson was by no means visibly disadvantaged in any way.

Ms. Clisson smiled as she extended her hand to Veronica.

“Danielle Clisson, nice to meet you.”

“Veronica Leone and this is my daughter Emily.”

Danielle turned to Emily and surveyed her once more. Smiling she offered her hand.

“Nice to make your acquaintances, ladies. I’m looking forward to watching you two play,” she said with a gleam in her eye. She stopped in mid thought and asked Veronica, “Oh, you wouldn’t be the Leonda of Leonda Fabrications would you?”

Veronica smiled, slightly embarrassed.

“Yes, we are.”

“I was in on the IPO. Thank you for making it one of my favorite investments. I don’t mind telling you you’re doing a great job. But aren’t you having a board struggle?”

Veronica remained cheerful while inside she started to burn.

“We’re having discussions, but what board doesn’t?”

Michelle waited until Danielle introduced her.

“Oh, pardon me; this is my personal assistant, Michelle. I believe you’ve met before Emily?”

Emily blushed remembering back, then took that as her cue to speak.

“Yes we have, a couple of weeks ago.”

She quickly changed the subject.

“Veronica, we only have an hour left to play. I have a dinner engagement.”

Michelle smiled at Emily and Danielle made a mental note of Emily’s reaction. Veronica sensed there was something more to their smiles but let it pass.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to delve into anything dramatic,” Danielle apologized, returning her focus to Veronica.

“It’s ok, there are a few rumors going around about Leonda and of course I can’t talk about much without permission of my legal advisor. I’m sure you understand. Take my word for it, nothing serious is going on, we’re fine and expect to meet all our goals this quarter.”

Danielle sensed Veronica was dodging her question but let it pass.

“I’m pleased to have met you Veronica and Emily; you two are a nice match. Michelle and I will watch you two play for a bit if you don’t mind.”

“We don’t mind at all. Maybe you could give Emily some pointers, Michelle. I think she’s going to enter the club’s tournament this year. She’s gone through all the pros here.”

“We’ve talked briefly about that Ms. Leone; I’d love to have Emily as a partner.”

“Well, maybe you two should talk more,” Veronica suggested.

“We should. Emily, call me sometime.”

“I casino şirketleri will, I think I have your number, Michelle. Thanks.”

The women parted company, Michelle following her mentor respectfully while Veronica and Emily entered the court and prepared for their match.

“Em, what did you make of those two?”

They laid their rackets out and prepared to play.

“I have no clue. They look like they could be mother and daughter but the way they acted. I really have no idea, but she does like Leonda Fabrication, mom. I did meet Michelle last month. We talked a bit about the doubles tournament and I haven’t had time to call her.”

Veronica smiled when she heard Emily call her mom. It was a word Emily rarely used except to show affection or she wanted something. Veronica looked up and around and noticed that Michelle and Danielle had taken seats in the outdoor dining area opposite the courts. From there they could watch, eat, relax and talk. She noticed Danielle sat first while Michelle waited until she was comfortable and then sat at her right.

“I don’t know either. So you’re thinking of playing with her?” Veronica replied removing her racket from its protective cover and dropping three new fuzzy green Wilsons onto it.

“Yes, she’s been on my mind quite a bit since we talked.” Emily paused. “Let’s just play mom. I think her comment about the board got to you a bit. So, please be easy on me.”

Veronica blushed and then grinned knowing that Emily realized she would picture the fuzzy little balls as board members and send each one back as hard as she could. She failed to mention the circumstances under which she and Michelle met and Veronica didn’t ask so there was no reason to tell her.

Laughing slightly Veronica agreed, “You know me too well sweetheart.”


Michelle pulled out the chair for Danielle then sat down next to her. Danielle had almost completed the young woman’s training and she was pleased at how respectful she had become. The waitress approached them just as they took their seats. Michelle looked at Danielle and then ordered for them both.

“Ms. Clisson will have her usual martini and I’ll have my smoothie, Alexis.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl replied as she hurried off to fetch the drinks.

“So, Michelle, what do you make of those two?” Danielle nodded towards the tennis courts.

“What do you mean ma’am.”

“Their game, the younger one looks good.”

“Yes, ma’am, she looks very good as does her mother.”

Danielle looked at Michelle with a sly smile.

“You have learned quite a bit these past few months kitten, but you need to work on your intonation when you make comments like that.”

“Whatever do you mean ma’am?”

“They look good you said. You meant they are good at tennis and they look good also.”

“Yes ma’am; you are correct, they both look good and play well.”

Michelle blushed briefly as their drinks were laid on the table.

“Will that be all Ms. Clisson?” the waitress asked.

Michelle spoke, “Yes, Alexis, thank you.”

“You know me so very well ma’am,” Michelle said softly as she placed her hand on the older woman’s wrist.

“They are a lovely pair, Veronica reminds me of you. Do you think we might get to know them better ma’am?”

“We’ll have to see kitten,” Danielle smiled as she felt Michelle’s leg brush against her own.

Michelle slipped off her tennis shoe and began massaging the firm calves of her benefactor. Danielle’s smile grew with the touch of Michelle’s foot against her leg. She knew some people who had inside information concerning the woman now on the court, releasing her anger on those poor unsuspecting little balls. She grinned further; convinced Veronica was transferring her anger from that hostile board she so expertly shrugged off.

Both women admired the skills being displayed on the court, enjoying the views of taut leg muscles exposed so well by the extremely short tennis dresses. From time to time Michelle would pause and gasp when either Veronica or Emily would bend over, accentuating her firm cheeks and sinewy long legs. Danielle enjoyed the slight moans as Michelle’s breathing increased almost to the point of panting. She could tell the young woman was aroused, stimulated into this by the sights before her and the feel of bare skin through her anklet socks.

Down on the court Emily and Veronica were battling it out. Veronica would forget from time to time that she wasn’t going to punish the tennis balls and slammed them past Emily. She would then pause and smile, walking over to Emily and letting her know she was sorry. It was during those breaks and in between sets that one of them would look up and see Michelle and Danielle sitting very close watching them.

Veronica had a clue as to their relationship but she kept it to herself. Emily just looked up and smiled not knowing if they were actually being watched or not. She found herself enjoying the idea that Michelle was watching her. She wasn’t sure why she casino firmaları felt that way. There was something about the looks she had given her that made Emily feel special, sort of like being a trophy that had to be won. It made her shiver and when that thought flashed through her mind she lost all concentration on her game.

Towards the end of the second set Michelle and Danielle vanished. Veronica guessed they had better things to do than sit and watch them volley.

“Hey, get your head back in the game, girl!” Veronica teased.

Emily laughed.

“The sun’s in my eyes.”

After the second set Emily told Veronica she had had enough and wanted to shower. Veronica agreed, mostly due to the fact that she’d run out of board members to punish and for the fact that Emily was playing like she had in high school when she was just learning. Her mind was definitely not on her game. They stopped and walked around picking up the stray balls that littered the court. Walking back to the bench they started to pack their bags. Veronica looked up and noticed Michelle walking down the steps to talk to them. She had apparently showered and dressed as they finished their game. Dressed in heels and a short black leather skirt, which emphasized her firm legs, a satin pink blouse and a small black leather collar with a gold ring around her neck, she greeted them as they exited the court.

“You two play well together,” she commented with a large grin on her face.

Veronica noticed a bit of a flush in Michelle’s cheeks that wasn’t there earlier. Michelle smiled at Emily waiting for a reaction.

“You’re too kind, Michelle; we sucked,” Veronica admitted.

“Well, I’d hate to see your “A” game then,” Michelle commented, looking closer at Veronica and comparing her to her stepdaughter.

“Our minds were elsewhere, I’ll admit to that,” Emily spoke up. “I’m going to shower, and change, mom.”

“Oh, Emily, after you do, Danielle wishes you’d join us, both of you actually. We were going to have dinner here at the club.”

“I’m sorry Michelle but I have a date,” Emily frowned.

Veronica looked puzzled.

“Well I think I’d enjoy that Michelle; thank you. I need to shower also. See you both in about forty five minutes?”

“That would be wonderful. I’m sorry you can’t make it Emily. I did want to talk to you more about us playing together.”

Emily’s blush grew to a deeper red; they left to shower and change leaving Michelle to return to Danielle.


Veronica hadn’t brought anything fancy to change into, so returning to her grey business suit and satin cream blouse, she decided to forego the hose and slipped back into her heels as per the club’s dress code for dining. Emily got dressed and headed out to her “date”, kissing and hugging Veronica goodbye. When Veronica walked into the dining room the maitre d’ escorted her to Danielle’s table. Danielle rose and insisted Veronica sit near her so they could talk.

“Where’s Michelle?”

“She had an unexpected phone call and had to run, it’s just going to be you and me, if that’s alright Veronica?”

“Yes, of course. I’m sorry she couldn’t join us.”

“I’m so glad you could join me; it’s too bad that darling daughter of yours couldn’t be here also. I was looking forward to talking with her as well.”

“She has a date; I guess she doesn’t tell me everything.”

“What child does tell their parent everything?”

“She’s of age and there are some things a mother doesn’t want to know about. Michelle isn’t your daughter?

“Oh no, I am childless. Michelle is in training, I guess you might call it.”

The waiter stopped and asked for their drink orders; they each ordered martinis. They had both eaten enough times at the club so menus were unnecessary. When he came back with their drinks they ordered and continued their conversation.

“Training? Like a charm school thing?” Veronica asked, half joking.

“Close. Don’t laugh. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. You’d be surprised at some of the names of my “trainees”, Veronica.”

Veronica looked at her with a raised eyebrow, her mind wandering to a “B” grade porn movie with the girls all begging their “Mistress” for spankings.

“Oh, I know what you’re thinking. No, it’s more like a finishing school for well educated young women who need and want that polished edge to compete with and surpass those upper crust boys in the corporate world you love to live in, my dear.”

Veronica was enjoying this talk; her fantasy continued for a moment, picturing Michelle dressed in tight leather and yearning for Veronica to order her around. That illusion was dismissed with Danielle’s admission of the practical aspect of her “school”. Her thoughts turned to Emily; maybe that’s what she needed, some guidance and some direction.

“So, how do you select the girls you “tutor” Danielle?”

Danielle smiled, enjoying the look on Veronica’s face. She knew she had sparked some interest in her new friend. The rumors she’d heard about Veronica güvenilir casino must be true. She looked like a tigress and probably was one in the bedroom and boardroom.

“They come to me usually through a guardian, parent or close friend. I’ve never needed to advertise and I’m very selective on the girls, I mean young women, I mentor.”


Veronica’s mind was working overtime thinking about Emily being “mentored”. She thought it was something she could afford; it was getting Emily sold on the idea that would be the only hurdle.

“I work with my clients’ sponsors and the short term costs are nothing compared to the expanded earning potential my “graduates” earn. Are you thinking of someone who might benefit from my training Veronica?”

Danielle placed her hand on Veronica’s and smiled while the waiter set their dinner salads down and brought another round of martinis.

“Yes, I am.”

Veronica smiled, turning her hand over and placing the backs of her fingers over Danielle’s and gently brushing them. “I just need to convince her it’s a good idea.”

“Oh, leave that to Michelle and I. Between the two of us I’m sure we can get our darling Emily to see the benefits of a mentoring program. In fact I think Michelle is trying to convince her as we speak.”

Veronica raised her eyebrow again. Danielle was fascinating her with all this subtle innuendo about mentoring and educating Emily. The waiter interrupted them when he brought their dinners excusing himself one last time. They sat in silence as he set the plates down and asked if they required anything else. Each politely told him no and he went on his way.

“What do you say, we finish dinner then go to my house, relax, discuss fees, and you can look at my contracts. We can discuss a schedule for Emily, that’s of course if she does accept Michelle’s invitation. My contracts can be tailored to individual circumstances.”

“I’d like that Danielle; we could discuss some issues I have with my board of directors at Leonda. I’d rather not talk about that here. I am looking to fill a board position and I think you might be perfect.”

They both smiled as they ate and the conversation moved from Danielle’s school and Veronica’s business to more general and mundane topics. When they had finished Danielle excused herself to make a call. She also made sure the dinner tab was put on her club account while Veronica waited at the entry for her.

When she had finished her call, Danielle suggested Veronica follow her to her estate. They had the valet bring their cars around and off they went. The drive to Danielle’s home was quiet and rather short; she lived within fifteen minutes on a secluded estate that she had acquired through her various business dealings. The house had been renovated but remained historically accurate on the outside. They pulled up in front and got out. Immediately a young man ran out to take Danielle’s keys to park her car.

“Leave your keys in it, Jeffery will park it; I’ll notify him to bring it around when you’re ready to leave.”

Veronica was in awe; she thought she had a nice place but this was way beyond her expectations. Danielle walked over to her and hooked their arms together as they walked up the steps to the front door. As they approached, the door swung open and a lovely young woman stood there holding it for them.

“Thank you, Marie. That will be all for the evening.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The girl closed the door behind them, nodding compliance and hurried off to parts unknown.

“Come in my dear Veronica, please relax. Would you like something to drink? I hope it’s martinis; I had Marie make some up when I called earlier.”

“Yes, that would be fine, thank you.”

Veronica looked around, she wondered if some of the art work she saw hanging were originals.

Danielle led Veronica to the great room and the wet bar. A fire had been lit and was crackling away. Danielle stepped around the bar and poured them each a drink.

“The contracts are in that folder at the end of the bar; I had Marie get some samples out.”

“Thank you.”

She picked up her drink and walked to the end of the bar. Opening the folder she began looking them over. Danielle stepped around and stood beside her sipping her drink.

“How is it?”


“The martini, is it ok?”

“Oh, yes it’s fine.”

“Tell you what, put those down. You can take them home, let’s just sit, relax and talk.”

Danielle took Veronica’s arm and led her to a large leather couch facing the massive fireplace. She kicked off her shoes and invited Veronica to do the same. Veronica sighed as she sat back sipping her drink and watching the fire.

“You have a very lovely home Danielle.”

“Thank you Veronica, I try. So, you have some ideas regarding me being on your board of directors?”

Veronica sat up and twisted her back as a sharp pain shot through her. She winced and took a long swallow of her martini.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“Oh no, just the thought of that board makes me tense. I’m fine.”

“I know what you need, follow me. I’ll grab the pitcher and we’ll loosen up those nasty kinks. You need to relax dear. Too much tension will ruin you.”

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