Mr. Sims’ Extra Credit Ch. 04

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My name is Harold Sims. I teach human biology to seniors at East Middle High in Southern California. To get the background on what is going on here I suggest starting with Part 01.

I now had two girls in the extra credit program and things were going great. Since our extra credit program started Julie and Tanya had migrated to the front row as to imply to the rest of the students that they were enthralled with human biology. This was a good cover and I got a great view of Julie’s nipples and Tanya’s voluptuous tits.

For the next month Julie and Tanya would tease me constantly. When they walked up to the whiteboard they would rub up against me to get by. They would pat me on the ass when they were the last ones out of class. I spent a month jacking off to the thoughts of our sessions together.

The best and worst thing they did to torture me was about a week and a half before the next test. Wednesday rolls around and the classroom fills up like usual. About halfway through the class I throw out a pop quiz on the lecture I just gave. After the moaning and groaning from the class they all quieted down and were working intently. Julie and Tanya were in the front row acting like they were working hard. I was watching each student from the back to the front and that is when I noticed. Tanya and Julie both had their legs spread wide open and I could see their shaved pussies staring back at me.

It was a good thing that I was sitting at my desk. Once they saw that I noticed they both started touching themselves. Julie was gentle with hers. Touching it slowly and caressing it up and down. Tanya on the other hand was shoving two fingers inside herself and biting her bottom lip. I watched intently as each girl pleasured herself in her own way then I noticed something. Luckily it was a distraction since I thought I would come in my pants right then. There was writing on the inside of their legs.

Their supple thighs read, “WE…FOUND…A NEW…GIRL!”

After the girls saw the smile on my face Julie winked and they stopped their masturbation. Both of them pushed their skirts back down but Tanya took it a step further. She brought her wet fingers to her lips and licked them clean. Luckily no one was really paying attention but I was and I had blue balls for the rest of the day.

After last period I was at my desk wondering when the new girl would approach me about joining the program. I contemplated going to the bathroom to jack off to relieve my pain but that thought was interrupted.

“Mr. Sims.” A voice came from the doorway.

“Kim. What can I do for you?” I asked as she walked in the classroom.

Kim was a smarty. She was currently getting a B in the class. There was no way she was the one that was going to mersin escort try to fuck her way to a higher grade. Plus she was a bit of an introvert, shy and plain. She was one of those girls that could be hot if she knew how to dress and had more confidence.

“Well Mr. Sims. As you know I am close to being the valedictorian but my lack of an A in this class is hindering my goal. I have lived next door to Julie all my life and I was talking to her about my struggle. That is when she told me ALL about your extra credit program and how you would help me review the nervous system.” She said this with confidence. A confidence I hadn’t seen from her ever.

“Well Kim. If Julie gave you all the details and you are up for it then I am willing to give you what you need this Friday. Do you think you are willing to give me your all?” I asked in a very suggestive way.

“Mr. Sims! I have wanted to give you my all since freshmen year. See you Friday!” She shouted as she ran out the door just giddy.

It was like she was expecting to get rejected. I wondered if that is how it had been for her all her life.


Kim walked in my classroom on Friday. She was hunched over, red hair in a bun, glasses slumped down her nose and a coat covering any possible form she had. This was her usual state so I wasn’t surprised but I was having trouble seeing how far I could possibly get with such a shy girl.

I knew she wanted it but did she want me or the grade. Then I remembered what Tanya said about girls that have been fantasizing about me since freshmen year and I gained confidence. I just had to break through her shell.

“So where do we start.” She asked as she sat down in front of my desk.

I stood up and walked to the door. I closed it, locked it and then replied, “Well, Kim, where would you be comfortable starting.”

“Well, um…” She paused with hesitation.

“Kim, I am here for your pleasure. Don’t be afraid to suggest anything.” I reassured her.

She smiled and then it seemed her whole posture changed. She sat upright and put her book on the desk. All of a sudden you could see her body. Her breasts pushed at her coat to get out. Her small waste was hugged by her coat and it was like she was a new woman.

“Thanks Mr. Sims. I was thinking I would give you a striptease and then you could fuck my tits.”

My jaw dropped.

“Is there a problem?” She continued. “We could do something else if you want.”

“No, no. I love your idea. Please proceed.” I encouraged her as I pulled my chair from behind my desk. I sat down and waited for the show to begin.

Kim stood up and started by rubbing her hands over her entire upper body. She didn’t need music it was like she escort mersin had her own rhythm as she unzipped her coat. As she spread it apart you could see a short plaid skirt and a white button up top tied like the standard naughty school girl. But there was nothing standard about Kim.

After spreading her coat open she dropped it to the ground. She kind of looked like Britney Spears in that one music video. She massaged her tits through her shirt and then turned around to shake her ass. The skirt was so short that I could see her white cotton panties covering her pussy and ass. She pulled her panties into her crack and bent over further. She was close to me now and I could feel the heat radiating from her.

“Oh Kim. You are so hot. Why do you hide it?” I asked as she moved her ass up and down in front of my face.

“I was taught to give my beauty to those who I deem worthy, Mr. Sims, not just anyone that wants to gawk.” She answered with such confidence at this point I could hardly contain myself.

“Well, Kim, I am glad you have found me worthy.”

She lowered her ass to my lap and started to rub her panty covered crotch on my hard bulge.

“Mr. Sims if you want let him out feel free.” Kim suggested as she turned around and started to undo her top. “I would love to see your cock I have heard all about it from Julie.”

I unzipped my pants as I watched her expose her white lace covered tits to me. Her top was now lying on the floor next to her coat. I pulled out my cock and it bobbed with excitement.

“Stroke it for me Mr. Sims. I want you hard as a rock when you fuck my tits.” Kim was demanding now.

I obeyed and started stroking. Not to hard as I didn’t know how long I would last with the visual in front of me.

Kim unlatched her bra and let it drop to the floor as well. They were good size and definitely fuckable. She squeezed then together and then pushed one of her nipples into her mouth.

“I love that I can do that don’t you?” She said. It was like she was a teacher giving a quiz.

“Oh yeah. You like to suck your own nipples eh? Do you like the taste of your own pussy juice too?” I stepped up the rhetoric.

“I lick my fingers clean ever time I masturbate. It is so yummy. Do you want to taste my pussy?” Kim asked.

“I would love to Kim.” I replied eagerly.

She lifted her skirt and then pulled down her panties. “For your collection.” She smiled.

I smelled her sweet aroma and put the panties next to the locked drawer.

As I sat there she let down her hair. Her red bun turned into long flowing locks and she was a goddess at that point. She walked up to me and then put one leg up on the desk. I could see her tiny little pussy lips. Her lips were so small mersin escort bayan you could see her clit without spreading them at all. I could really smell her now and see how excited she was.

“Go ahead, take a taste. You will see what I mean.” She egged me on.

I leaned in and started to lick her. It was amazing, she was serious. Her juices were sweet like sugar. This must be some sort of miracle. I couldn’t stop lapping her up. She was grinding against my face as I licked and licked. She grabbed the back of my head and I shoved two fingers inside her. She started coming and it was big. Her sweet juices ran down my arm and she pushed my face harder against her.

“Oh god! Mr. Sims. Keep licking!”

I continued for a minute or two and she finally started to calm.

“Thank you sir. I needed that.”

I was so amazed by her taste that I never once reached up to touch her tits. She squeezed them together and said, “You look ready. Do you want to fuck them now?”

“Let’s go.” I said as I stood up and guided her onto my desk. I cleared it off prior to our meeting as things had gotten in the way before. She laid back and I mounted her. I straddled her torso and laid my cock dead between her tits.

“First I gotta suck it a bit so you are all lubed up. Stick it in my mouth.” Kim demanded.

I inched forward and drove my cock between her lips. She bobbed on it very fast. Her saliva was coating my head and shaft. I was afraid I would come but then she popped off and said, “Ok, now fuck ’em.”

I got back into my previous position and she squeezed her tits around my slobbery cock. It was such a good sensation as I started to move. My balls slid up and down her belly as my shaft slid in and out of her soft tits. Her skin was so smooth and the look on her face was priceless.

“When you are ready to come I want you to shoot it onto my face. I have wanted this since I first saw you four years ago. Cover my face with your cum Mr. Sims.” She said this with desire and force.

As I continued my motions I reached behind me and between her legs. I touched her sensitive pussy and spread her juices around. I kept fingering her and licking my fingers. This must have turned her on because she started coming again during one of my penetrations.

“Mr. Sims you know me so well already. I want to taste you!” She pled.

“Well here it comes!” I said with excitement as she I pulled my cock from between her tits and started stroking.

Her hands grabbed my ass and she opened her mouth. Her nails digging into my ass drew me over the edge. I aimed the first shot straight into her mouth. Then the next splashed off her cheek. Four more big ones and her face was covered. She pulled my cock into her mouth to suck the rest out. I let her lick me clean and that was that.

I was so dazed and amazed by the whole experience I don’t even remember getting dressed. I just know we scheduled another session next month and she was definitely getting an “A”.

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