More Oil!

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The bedroom was filled with vanilla scent as Kyle started applying the oil.

He started with plenty of it drizzled on her back, and he began massaging on Jill’s shoulders and upper back, working the oil into her soft skin, kneading the muscles.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” Jill said, her voice muffled slightly as she lay with her face half in a pillow.

Kyle kept working on her upper back from beside her, making sure his fingers reached her neck and upper arms. Adding more oil, he worked his way down her back, stopping at the base of her spine. He also worked up and down her outstretched arms, from the shoulders down to her fingertips. Whenever he reached her hands, she would squeeze his hand in hers.

Jill could feel the tension in her body dissipate as he worked, and something else take its place: a building heat in her whole body, radiating from her centre. This was even though the oil was cool, just warmed by Kyle’s hands.

She turned her head fully to the side so she could speak clearly. “This is wonderful, Kyle, but I wonder if it might not be easier on you to be at a straight angle,” she said.

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked, still leaning from his position on his knees beside her on the bed.

“I mean if you climb on top of me, you don’t have to lean, and you have a better angle to massage deeper,” Jill said. “I really like it when you go deep, and when I’m very slippery.”

Kyle chuckled at the double double entendres, and moved so that he was straddling her bum, the only part of her body covered – in this case by white lace panties.

“Ahhh,” Jill said as his erect cock made contact with her ass. “That’s better. For your arms and back, I mean. Better angle.” Kyle could hear the smile in her voice. “Don’t forget to add more oil!”

Grabbing the bottle, Kyle poured a generous amount on her already slippery back, and spread it across her skin, working up and down from the base of her neck to her bum, back up, and out to her shoulders.

Jill put her face back down in to the pillow and said something.

“What’s that, honey, I can’t hear you,” Kyle said. Jill repeated herself, still muffled, but turned her head enough to say “come closer,” so that he could hear.

Kyle put his hands on either side of her arms and bent over so his head was on one side of hers. In doing so, he pushed his cock harder against her ass and his chest pressed on her, so that his front was as slippery as her back.

“What were you saying?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing,” she said cheerfully. “But now that you’re here…” She pushed her ass back against his cock, and wiggled it back and forth, creating a not unpliant rough friction through a layer of lace and one of cotton that made him moan. He forgot all about the massage for the moment, lost in the delicious feeling in his dick as she pressed her ass back so hard he wondered if he would be crushed, and squirmed back and forth, up and down.

“My God,” he muttered. The feeling of her pushing her ass back on his cock made him want to give up on the massage and fuck her so badly, but he resisted.

After what felt like too short a time for him, Jill stopped grinding, and rolled over onto her back, with him still straddling her. His cock was now just an inch from her pussy. He could feel it straining against his underwear, desperate to recapture the grinding feeling.

Jill too, was all too aware of the proximity of his cock to her aching cunt. But she wanted to finish the massage, if they could.

“Time for the front, please,” she said. “And don’t spare the -“

“Don’t spare the oil, I got it,” he said. “No worries there. I love to see your fucking sexy body all oiled up!”

He poured a copious amount of oil on her stomach, just below her large, heavy breasts, and started running his hands over her stomach, careful to avoid her chest, if only to spare his cock from bursting out at the feel of her tits. He did this for several minutes, never allowing even his fingertips to brush her breasts. He loved the feel of her wet, soft skin. Despite his careful, teasing avoidance, he was tempted to reach out and touch her hard, erect nipples.

“I feel like maybe this isn’t a complete massage,” Jill said. “Not very thorough.”

“Oh?” Kyle said innocently. “What am I missing?”

“My tits!” she exclaimed. “I want your hands all over my tits!”

“Oh, OK…” Kyle said, feigning reluctance even as he grabbed marmaris escort the oil. He poured it over one breast, then the other, until oil was dripping down either side of her torso. He began kneading one breast with both hands, squeezing every so often. He made sure to run his thumb over her hard nipple, loving the little moan that escaped her lips each time.

He moved the two-handed massage to her other breast, and was rewarded with more moans. Jill had her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of having her breasts given focused attention. Her pussy, wet since Kyle straddled her, was getting even wetter. She resisted the urge to try to reach between their legs and touch herself. She wondered if there was a wet patch in her panties. It sure felt like there must be – she was soaking wet.

Kyle switched to one hand per breast, continuing to knead and squeeze. He also pinched each of her nipples.

“Ahhh,” Jill said. “I love that.”

“Not part of the traditional massage,” Kyle said.

“Neither is this,” she said. “Take off your underwear and get up here.”

He did as he was told, getting off her long enough to ditch his underwear and throw it aside. He got back on top of her, knees on either side of her hips.

“Up here,” she said, her eyes open now and locked on his. She tapped between her breasts with one hand. “And give me the oil.”

Kyle handed her the bottle and slid up her body until his cock was where she had tapped. Jill poured out the oil onto his cock and her tits, until both were slippery. Kyle admired the sight of her glistening tits, smooth, soft, slippery.

He could only look for a second, because Jill pushed her tits together, squeezing them around his cock.

“Uh,” he grunted, and started thrusting. The oil meant there wasn’t much friction, and it wasn’t the rough-but-pleasant feeling from being rubbed though his underwear, but the sensation was entrancing. They both moaned as he thrusted and she moved her tits up and down along his length.

She reached around and grabbed his ass, spreading oil there in the process, and pushed him even higher. At the same time, she lifted her head off the pillow and took his cock in her mouth. The oil was edible, but she barely noticed the vanilla flavour, as she was enjoying the heavenly feeling of having his pulsing dick in her mouth.

“Oh that is so fucking good!” Kyle exclaimed. “I love when you suck my cock!”

Excited even more by his words, Jill started bobbing up and down furiously, sucking his cock fast, as fast as she liked to have him ram her pussy with it. The oil meant it slid as fast as easily as they could both want.

“Mmmfff,” she breathed after releasing his cock. “I love having your cock in my fucking mouth,” she said, laying her head back on the pillow. “Fuck my face. Fuck it hard.”

He put his cock back in her mouth, which was now covered in oil and spit, and started thrusting as fast as she had moved her head before. The combination of the oil and her saliva made lewd smacking noises as he thrusted. The sound made them both even hotter.

Jill tapped on his hip to signal to stop, and when her mouth was free again, she said, “You’d better finish this massage before you cum, mister!”

“Oh yes, there’s still more to do, isn’t there?” he said with a grin. “I got distracted there!”

He got off her chest and took the bottle. Beside her again, he drizzled the oil from her left hip down to her toes, and from the toes of her right foot up to her right hip.

He massaged the same way, working down one leg and back up the other. This time, he deliberately avoided her entire public area even as he massaged her upper inner thighs.

Jill could feel the boiling wet heat in her pussy grow even hotter each time he got near it.

Her entire body was coated in oil, except for that one part, the part she wanted touched the most desperately, and the part Kyle wanted to touch too…after he had built some delicious anticipation.

“We’re doing that again, are we?” Jill said, her voice a mixture of teasing, exasperation, and real desire. “I want a complete massage, and that means my fucking cunt, you hear?!”

Kyle reached out and cupped her pussy through her panties. It was soaking wet, which sent a pleasant tingly shock through her body and his dick. “You probably don’t need any oil down here,” he said.

“I want it everywhere,” she said. ‘My cunt, my ass, everywhere,” marmaris escort bayan she said, her voice becoming husky. “More oil!”

He drizzled oil all over her groin, turning her white panties transparent. Oil dripped down to pool between her ass and the bed. Her pussy was outlined through the drenched lace, and he enjoyed the intoxicating sight before stripping her panties off her and tossing them aside.

He worked as slowly as he had on the rest of her body, rubbing the inside of her thighs and the top of her mound before working down the lips on either side of her wet hole. Jill started moaning deep in her chest as he ran his fingers up and down her lips, stopping occasionally to rub is thumb over her throbbing clit.

Jill lifted her legs and tried to spread them ever farther apart to give him more access. She felt so hot she thought it was a wonder the oil wasn’t evaporating.

“I love when you play with my fucking cunt,” she breathed. “Now I want you to fucking slap it! Slap my cunt!”

Kyle smacked her pussy with the flat of his hand, not too hard. He knew just the right force to use to send the exquisite sensation from her pussy to fill her entire body. He smacked over and over again, the combination of her wetness and the oil making more lewd, wet sounds.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled. “Oh fuck!”

“You like having your cunt slapped?” Kyle asked. “You like being so wet down here?”

“I love it!” She said. “I fucking love you slapping my soaked pussy!”

He kept up the smacks on her cunt as she panted and grunted and writhed on the bed. In one moment while she was still, he dove between her legs and started licking furiously up and down her pussy lips.

“Ah! Holy fuck!” She shouted. “Lick it!”

Kyle shifted his focus to her clit, moving his tongue as fast he could, and holding her hips to keep her pelvis still. He flicked his tongue over her clit, stopping occasionally to suck gently on it, which caused Jill to jerk her hips uncontrollably. She put her hand on the back of his head, and pushed down, as if she wanted his tongue to be part of her pussy.

“Oh my God, I’m going to cum!” she screamed, grabbing his hair in her hand shuddering as her exhilarating orgasm tore through her. When he felt her grip on his hair relax, Kyle sat up and looked at her. She was still breathing hard, eyes closed, coming down from her orgasmic high. When she opened her eyes, he smiled.

“You know, it hasn’t been a complete massage yet,” he said. “There’s still one last spot that we haven’t got to…”

“Well, this time, I was distracted,” she managed between deep breaths.

Putting a hand under her hip, he helped roll Jill roll over so she was on her back once more. He poured out the biggest dollop of oil yet onto her ass. He kneaded her cheeks, and with his fingers outstretched to make his hand like a blade, he rubbed up and down between them.

“Oooh,” she said, enjoying the sensation of having her ass and her asshole rubbed. “I’m glad you’re so thorough.”

“That I am,” he said, grabbing the oil bottle, which amazingly was not yet empty, but close. “But I need your help. Hold your cheeks open for me, sexy.”

She reached back and separated her asscheeks, exposing her asshole. Kyle poured more oil, and rubbed it around her back entrance. She loved the feeling of being exposed, of having her sensitive asshole teased. It sent shocks through her whole body.

“Ahh,” she said. “That’s so nice!”

He continued to rub around her asshole, making sure to spread the oil along the insides of her cheeks. When the whole area was covered and slippery, he once again straddled her ass. This time, without underwear on either of them, his cock lay on her cheeks. He reached down and placed his cock so that the length of it was enveloped by her cheeks.

“Let go now, honey,” he said, and she did. He replaced her hands with his, pushing her asscheeks together to squeeze his cock. He started thrusting slowly, his entire length brushing her asshole, back and forth.

“Oh I love sliding between your asscheeks!” he exclaimed. “I love you ass!”

He continued to rub his cock up and down between her cheeks, both of them loving the slippery sensation on such a sensitive area.

“I can think of an even better use for this massage tool!” Kyle said eventually.

She knew what he meant, and she wanted it badly. Pushing up on all fours, Jill pushed escort marmaris her ass back at him.

“Fuck me!” she said. “Fuck my slippery cunt!”

He didn’t need to be asked twice – his hard, throbbing cock already felt like it would explode from all the stimulation since the massage began.

He slipped it into her still slick pussy, and began pounding her hard.

“Fuck! Fuck!” she grunted. Kyle slid two fingers into her slippery asshole as he fucked her, and started thrusting in and out. Both cock and fingers went deep and filled her with pleasure.

“God! Fuck!’ she screamed as he thrusted in and out of her holes. “Fucking fuck me!”

“Oh my God you’re so fucking hot,” Kyle exclaimed. “I love your slippery holes!”

Just when she thought she’d pass out from the overpowering pleasure, Kyle pulled out of both holes and guided her onto her back once more.

He loved to see her flushed face and chest, her hard nipples, the look of bliss on her face. He took the oil bottle and emptied all along her body, and then lay down so that the surfaces of his body and his overlapped, He grabbed the sides of her face and kissed her deeply as he moved his body around on hers, until they were both soaked in oil and incredibly slippery. She started matching his movements, and ran her legs up and down his thighs, his ass, his lower back, while she tried to grasp his slippery back and pull him even closer.

The kissed passionately while they squirmed together, until Jill pushed gently to indicate that Kyle get off. She wanted to his slick body, and for him to see hers.

“Now you lie back,” she said. She straddled him, so that her ass pushed back against his cock. Leaning over, she grabbed a breast in one hand and guided it toward his mouth, where he flicked it with his tongue and sucked on it eagerly as she grinded her ass on his cock. She offered him her other breast as they both grunted with pleasure.

When she straightened up again, he again admired her glistening body. He pushed his hips up, desperate to back inside her pussy.

Finally, she lie down on him so again the lengths of their bodies were touching as they resumed kissing. Now it was her pussy rubbing up and down his slippery cock.

It didn’t take long for the feeling of so much warmth and wetness to be too much for both of them. They needed release.

Kyle rolled Jill over, reached down, and used his hand to slap her pussy and clit with his cock. Tiny droplets of moisture splattered as he smacked her.

Missing the slippery heat of her body, he placed his cock into her cunt and lay back down, connected again at the lips, the chest, their legs, and now, their hot, throbbing sex organs.

“Holy fuck I love your cunt!” Kyle yelled as he slammed in and out of her pussy, loving the wet smacking sounds they made together.

“I love your cock!” Jill panted back. She was squeezing one glistening, slippery breast. “Fuck me! Make me cum again! Fuuuuccckkkk!”

He felt her reach down and finger her clit furiously while he fucked her, which excited him ever more, which he didn’t think was possible at this point.

Kyle concentrated on holding on to his orgasm long enough for Jill to have her second. He knew it was coming when she wrapped her legs around his back and her nails dug into his back.

“Uhhhh. Oh yes! Fuck! Yes!” she screamed as she came and jerked her hips. The explosion of pleasure was indescribable. She felt her cunt and her head would explode. “Fucking yes! God!”

Kyle knew he wouldn’t be far behind. He pulled out and moved so he was back where he started the massage, next to her upper body. She grabbed his slippery, throbbing cock, and started jerking it.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he yelled. “I’m going to cum all over your fucking tits!”

“Cum on me, honey,” she said in a husky voice, still recovering from her own orgasm. “Give me your cum!”

“Aaaah!” he exclaimed, as he exploded, his spurting cum landing on her shining tits. “Oh my God you are the fucking best!”

He kneeled there, breathing hard, as she lazily smearing his cum all over her tits with her fingers.

“Well, you’re the best masseur I’ve ever had,” she purred. “Even though you’ve made a quite a mess of me.”

He could see what she meant. Covered in oil, pussy juice, saliva, and cum, she was a mess. But oh so fucking hot.

“You’re the most beautiful, sexy mess imaginable,” he said, offering his hand to help her up off the bed.

“Let’s get in the shower and get us cleaned up…unless you want to stay dirty…”

“Oh, you can be dirty in the shower,” she said with a wink. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

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