Mom is about to get blackmailed

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Mom is about to get blackmailed.

Cathy and Tim had been married for seventeen years; they had two sons Jim 15 and Rob 13. They were normal active kids who didn’t get into much trouble so she figured she was ahead of things. They had a nice home in a decent part of town with a pool. One issue was her and Tim’s sex life was none existent. She had bought a big black vibrator and her and the device were very good friends.

It was Sunday and Tim’s boss was having a cookout, they had gone with the understanding they would leave right after they had a burger. As usual Tim had several drinks and she knew the evening would be going on for quite a while.

Most of the people Tim worked with had kids and brought them with them. Jim and Rob quickly made friends and were off doing whatever. Tim was talking shop with a group of men so she wondered around the yard and patio.

She stopped at the bar, she saw a large black man standing off by himself smoking a cigar. Cathy always had a thing for black men; he sister had dated a black guy in college. After the sister would come home from a date she would call Cathy and in minuet detail describe the sex. It always made Cathy wet hearing about it. The only complaints her sister ever had was he was very demanding and extremely large. It often took her several thrust before he got the entire thing in her. They would always giggle and her sister would say “you know 10 inch feels great when it’s in but getting their can be a challenge”. Cathy would always reply with “a challenge I’d love to try”.

Cathy had medium length dark red hair; she was about 20 pounds overweight, the weight being in her ass and breasts. She was 5’2” so at 140 lbs with 38d’s she could easily turn heads. At least she looked hot, so she thought. She had had two glasses of wine and had gotten a refill. The man was just standing there looking at her; she had worn a pair of knee length short which were a bit too tight and a button down blouse which accentuated her breasts.
She was board, horny and lonely; she gulped down the glass of wine in two gulps and asked for another. The man watched her with what she perceived as intense interest. Finally she put on a sexiest smile, shook her hair from side to side and headed in his direction. She swayed her hips more then necessary to see his reaction. As she had hopped he got an approving smile on his face the closer she got, she knew he was admiring her body. She changed direction about five feet from his as not to appear obvious.

“Well hello there miss”, she heard him say. She turned to face him, “hi I’m Cathy”, she put her hand out to shake. He was a big man, six foot six or seven at least, not a bit of fat. It looked like he had six pack abs and the rest of his was chiseled. His big hand took hers ever so gently as he shook her hand, “I’m Jake Watts”, and I’m as board as hell you”? She laughed and swung her hair from side to side. “Yes I’m board too tears”. “My husband and his co-workers are off on the other side of the yard drinking and talking shop”. He nodded as he understood. “Are you here with your wife”? Jake smiled at her “I’m not married any longer; I work for mister Killman I’m his driver”. Cathy looked into his eyes and smiled “well one thing for sure we’re both board to tears, right”?

Now Jake gave her a leering look, “want to ditch the party for about an hour”? She was very interested but afraid, “I’d love to but my husband may miss me”. Jake smiled “tell him you went to the ladies room or something”. The fourth glass or wine had dulled her better judgment. “I’ll need another wine first”.
“Ok get a glass of wine and meet me around the front near the big garage building”. She looked around and saw a brown building with gold trim, “the brown building”?
“Yup see you out front in five minutes”. Jake walked off without another word.

She went back to the bar and ordered a vodka and cranberry, she told the bartender to make it a double. He handed her the drink and she took a big gulp and casually headed for the brown building. She walked slowly thinking about what she was doing, someone may have seen her leave the yard, but so what she was exploring the grounds or heading for the ladies room or something. She turned the corner of the building and there was Jake. She walked up to him, “thank god we’re away from those boring people”. Jake gaziantep swinger grabbed her by the waist, he pulled her close and his tongue snaked down her throat, she eagerly accepted his tongue and both there tongue were dancing in her mouth in a flash. She finally pushed back, her breathing was heavy.

“I wasn’t expecting that sir”,
“Oh yes you were miss Cathy”, he spun her around and slapped her on the ass. The slap was hard enough that it brought tears to her eyes. She just looked at him, her pussy was soaking wet, he leered at her. “Come inside where it’s more private”. She cocked her head to the side, “are their going to be more slaps like that last one”? He laughed “yes there will be and they will be much harder I promise, but if you don’t want to come in feel free to go back to the party. I’m not going to wait all afternoon for you to make up your mind”. He turned and entered the building leaving her standing their alone.

Her mind was racing she wanted to go in but soon Tim would be looking for her. Jake was exciting and she had only been gone about 10 minutes. Without a second thought she went inside. Jake was standing at a stair case leading up to a second floor. In the building were about a dozen very expensive hot rods and classic cars. She walked over to him and without a word he ushered her up the stairs to a door. He opened it and she entered, this was an apartment, she looked at Jake “do you live here”? Without another word he spun her around, he was unbuttoning her blouse and before long had her tits out of her bra and was sucking her nipples which were hard as rocks. She moaned and pulled his mouth deeper into her tit.

After a few minutes he stopped sucking her nipples, he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles. He gave her a look, in the future you will wear cheek hugger or low French cut panties do you understand”? She nodded, in a swift movement he pulled the front of her panties down smiled at her well trimmed bush and placed a clit vibrator on her. He turned it on low and she heard a soft hum and felt a wonderful feeling deep in her already wet pussy. Now he turned her around, pulled her forward and then she felt a very hard slap to her right butt cheek, this was followed by another to the left cheek. The impact was so hard it brought tears to her eyes, but at that moment she started too convulsed as a violent orgasm overtook her. The combination of the clit vibrator and the pain from the slaps caused her orgasm. She received four slaps on each cheek, this caused four orgasms, her pussy was leaking like she was a 20 years old about to get fucked. He ass was bright red and hurt like hell but at the same time she was on a sexual high of unbelievable proportions.

He stood her up “Cathy are you a good cock sucker”? She responded with “I really don’t like to suck cock”. He cut her off mid sentence, “today you will be sucking my cock, you will be swallowing all the cum you get out of it, do you understand”? Looking deep into his eyes she nodded yes. “In the future you will say I’d love too, do you understand”? She looked at him “yes Jake”. He pushed her down in front of him “now take my cock out and suck it”.

She unbuckled his pants and slipped his cock out; it was huge compared to her husbands. Tim’s cock was a respectable 6 inches, this cock in front of her was twice that size and much fatter? Placing her lips on the head of his cock she sucked on the head and licked the shaft with her tongue, she was still receiving small orgasms from the vibrator, the combination of the vibrator, the stinging in her ass and the taste and smell of his cock put her into a sexual frenzy she had never experienced before in her life. All she could thing about was making the wonderful cock explode cum in her mouth.

It took about five or six minutes before he grabbed her head and pushed a little more cock in her mouth and stiffened. Warm cum flowed from his cock is large spurts; she didn’t think it was ever going to stop. She had to swallow four times to get it all down, finally the cum flow stopped. She had cum on her chin, in her mouth and on her tits. He smiled at her, “well how did it taste”? She thought about it for a moment, “It was nice and warm a bit salty, I’m sure I’ll get use to it”.
“Well you have a few things you’re going to have to get accustomed to”.
“Like what”?
“Well let me get the vibrator off while I tell you. First you pussy will need to get stretched to accommodate my cock. Secondly your ass will have to get accustomed to my cock. Thirdly sucking cock and cum eating is included every time where together. Now stand up put you tits back in your bra but don’t clean them off. Pull up your jeans and put yourself together to go back to the party. Do not brush your teeth as I want the taste of cum fresh in your mouth, got it”?

She thought about it for a moment “yes Jake anything else”?
“No for now that’s it, here’s my card with my cell number call me so I have your number, now hurry up get dressed”.

Fifteen minutes later she was walking in the back yard, her ass stung like hell. Her pussy was socked and she could taste cum in her mouth. Jake was milling around the party, every once in a while she would catch his eye and smile.

Tim came up to her, “sorry I left you alone for so long did you have any fun while I was gone”?
“I had a few interesting conversations why”?
“Nothing you just have a strange look on your face”.
“You’d have a strange look on your face if you had just spent the last 5 hours with strangers who bored you to tears”.

They gathered the kids and got to the car, as she sat down the pain in her butt cheeks made her shift uncomfortably in her seat. It took two days for her butt cheeks to stop hurting. Wednesday morning her phone rang, it was Jake. She chewed her lips for several seconds as she wasn’t sure she should answer it. On the third ring she answered, “Hi Jake how are you”?
“I’m fine babe, how’s the pretty butt of yours”?
“Fine now but it took two day so I could sit comfortably”. He laughed “well I’d like to come over and stretch your pussy and ass. Get the cheeks good and red and have a good time I’ve got 4 hours before the boss man needs me”. She thought about it for a few seconds, “Jake I guess I’d like that when will you be here, I want to sex myself up for you”. She heard silence for a brief moment, “ok Cathy, I’ll be their in twenty minutes where can I park”?
“I’ll watch for you, when you pull in the driveway I’ll open the garage door for you this way no one will see your car”.
“Great see you in a bit”, the line went dead.

She had just finished changing into a light green half bra and lace boy short when she heard his car pull in. She grabbed her robe and was in the kitchen opening the door for him in less then a minute. Once the door was on its way down she removed her robe and watched to see his reaction. His face lit up, she knew he liked what he was seeing. She backed up as he entered carrying a gym bag. As he closed the door he put his hands on her waist and pulled her close. His tongue snaked in her mouth, she responded and there tongues intertwined.

After several minutes of kissing and grouping he pushed he back, “lets get to a comfortable place, ok”? She smiled and they headed for the guest room. As soon as they entered the room she dropped to her knees and expertly removed his sweat pants and underwear. The monster cock sprang out, without hesitation she started sucking, licking and kissing it. After a few minutes of this he pulled her to her feet and sat her down on the bed, she was breathing heavily. He pulled her wet panties down and got between her legs which she spread wide for him. His tongue went to work on her clit which was standing up rock hard. She climaxed twice in less then two minutes of this. Her husband never ate her pussy and it was one of the many things she really enjoyed.

Now Jake crawled up between her legs and gently started rubbing the head of his cock between her pussy lips and over her clit. She was wet from the pussy eating, so when he pushed the head in it slipped in with very little effort. Her eyes opened wide she smiled at him “baby please go slowly your wonderful cock is very large, I need a little time to get accustom to it ok”? Jake nodded and started working his cock in and out with slow deep thrusts. Each thrust was a little then the one before, suddenly she realized he was in as far as her husband cock could go. She realized there was a lot more to go; the gentle pushing was driving her into a sexual frenzy. Suddenly she felt a tingle and realized he had placed the clit vibrator on her and it was on low. Her pussy was beginning to cream all over the big cock. She was moaning and thrashing under him like a wild animal. “Deeper fuck me deep and harder, please babe I really need it”! Jake gave a push and the big cock bottomed out deep in her womb. Her pussy was contracting around his cock milking it, now he started pounding her with long deep strokes. She would push her pubic mound up to meet each of his downward strokes. She was crying and moaning as she began to convulse with an orgasm the likes of which she had never experienced in her life, pussy juice flowed out of her. Suddenly she felt him stiffen, cum started flowing form his cock in large spurts. The feeling of cum being pumped that deep into her pussy caused her to yet orgasm again. It was so intense she almost passed out.

They both lay their attempting to catch their breath. Jake’s cock was still deep in her and hard, the vibrator was causing small continuing shocks deep in pussy. She pulled him close “your cock seems to want more, it would be a shame to waste a good hard on and since we need to get my pussy accustomed to your cock how about fucking me again”?
“With pleasure my dear”. The second fucking took longer but the results were as impressive as the first, Jake rolled off her and turned off the vibrator and removed it. Cum was literally flowing out of her. She laid their all she could think about was his cock.

“Cathy suck my cock clean”. She leaned forward and took the cock covered with cum and pussy juice in her mouth and went to work sucking it. About a half hour later she watched as his cock started to stiffen, “babe I think he want some more”, she giggled. “Yeah looks like it get some lube I’m taking your ass”. She gasped at the thought of the monster in her ass, “honey please fuck my pussy again”? Jake stood up and went into his gym bag, he quickly pulled out a small very solid paddle, he rolled her over. “Now Miss Cathy you need a lesson in manners”. The next thing she felt was the paddle crashing down on her butt cheek, this time before he was finished she had received 10 smacks on each cheek. She was crying uncontrollably, “Now as I said get the lube”.
“Honey please”, was all she got out of her mouth as she was again rolled over and received another ten smacks. Her butt cheeks were now starting to turn black and blue, the pain was terrible. “Cathy are you going to get the lube”? Still crying she rolled off the bed and get a big tube of KY he had brought.

She handed him the lube and he squeezed a large amount on his two fingers, he pulled her to the bed and had both fingers working their way in her butt hole. The pain in her butt cheeks was excruciating, but the fingers working her butt hole felt interesting. Now she watched as he lubed the monster, he mounted her. She felt great pressure on her butt hole and the suddenly, plop in the head went. He held it still for a moment and then slowly started going deep. He continued to push deep into her bowels until his balls were slapping her pussy. Every time his body touched her butt cheeks it would send shocks through her body. He was building a rhythm and she was really enjoying the sensation. Suddenly she felt a small convulsion in her pussy, she was going to have an orgasm as she shuddered and moaned she felt his spurting cum deep in her bowels. The collapsed him on top of her, the pain from her sore swollen butt cheeks caused another orgasm. He pulled his cock out and she heard a plopping sound. He rolled off her and lay their smiling.

She felt cum bubbling out of her ass, she looked at him “well now that you have taken my anal virginity sir are you pleased with yourself”? Looking at her he smiled “damn right, did you enjoy it”? She though about it for a moment giggling she cooed “I probably will be pooing white for a week and with these swollen butt cheeks I’m not sure I can sit, that and the fact my pussy is sore. Don’t get me wrong it feels wonderful but I’m gong to need some time before you get any more”. Jake fucked her three more times before he left. As she opened the garage door and let him out she realized even with her panties on she was actually leaking cum on the tile floor. She headed upstairs for a bath.

Cathy was unaware of the circumstances she had put in motion. Her son had motion cameras hidden in the room as he took his girlfriend their when he was trying to feel her up. The cameras had recorded and captured the entire episode in color with sound.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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