Moans of Frustration

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(Please note this is my first story submission, so feedback is welcome!)

You fumble, for what seems like forever, with your keys, trying to get the front door open, the sexual tension obviously affecting your concentration. When you finally open the door, you grab me around my waist and pull me into the hall kissing me intensely. I kick the door shut and push you towards the bedroom. We practically tear the clothes from each other’s bodies as we stumble into the bedroom and onto the bed.

The curtains are open flooding the bedroom with moonlight and highlighting our naked bodies. I lie on top of you as we continue to kiss and your fingers run along my spine. I suddenly sit up and pick up your shirt and trousers from the floor. I kneel on your shoulders as I use your shirt and trousers to tie your hands to the headboard. When you are finally secure, I sit back and laugh as you struggle against the restraints and moan in frustration. My hands pass behind my back and slide down your body to your hard cock. Using your pre-cum as a lubricant I gently smooth my fingers slowly along the shaft. But I soon stop, not wanting you to come too soon. I decide to let you calm down, and I move from the bed. I walk into the fethiye escort bathroom ignoring your frustrated moans, and close the door behind me.

Wanting to prepare my body, I step into the shower and turn the water on. The warm droplets cascade over me, running through my hair and down my body. I run my hands over my shoulders and neck, my finger tips lightly caress my breasts before smoothing over my stomach down to the tops of my thighs. I lean back against the wall thinking of our time together here, as my fingers slip against my clitoris. I remember how our wet bodies slid against one another. I rub myself harder, biting my lower lip as I get nearer. My back arches and I find it harder to breathe in the steam. Just as I feel an orgasm building deep within me, I turn off the shower leaving my body ready for you. I put on a robe and return to the bedroom.

When I see your naked body exposed by the light of the moon, I have to hold myself back from jumping on the bed and fucking you right now. You turn your head and stare at my body as I let the robe drop to the floor. Holding your gaze, I slowly walk to your bedside and climb on to the bed. As I straddle you chest you gasp as the now coldwater form my hair escort fethiye splashes onto your neck and face. I look over my shoulder and see your erect cock displaying your appreciation. I grab hold of the top of the headboard as I move my knees into your armpits. I kneel up, making my pussy almost on top of your mouth. I graze my still wet pubic hair against your chin, indicating what I want. Immediately I feel your mouth against my labia, sucking and licking up the water, your tongue occasionally flicking against my clitoris. As your tongue increases in speed I tighten my grip onto the headboard, unable to stop a moan escaping my lips. I rub my clitoris against your nose and your tongue enters me. As your tongue rubs me harder I feel myself on the verge of coming. I grind my hips into you searching for that release. When it finally comes I force my pussy further into your mouth letting out a moan of ecstasy. As the orgasm subsides I let you lick the juices from my thighs.

I move down your body, letting you recover your breath. I lean down to kiss you but only let our lips touch for a moment before I pull away, grinning at your frustration. Looking back I see your cock standing to attention, and I position myself fethiye escort bayan between your legs. I lie on my front as I begin to lightly kiss, lick and suck the top of your thighs, my wet hair cold on your legs. I make my way up your thighs to your balls and let my cold wet hair cover them as I run my tongue slowly up your cock. I glance up at you and see you staring down at me, your eyes begging for more. I move my hair so it intertwines with my tongue as I rotate it around the head. I hear you gasp and moan, and I sit up, leaving your throbbing cock, and feel my own increasing arousal.

I crawl up the bed to be face to face, and we kiss deeply. I soon pull away, running my hands along your chest. I straddle your hips and take your cock into my hands. I ease you slowly inside me. I slowly start to rock my hips against you, enjoying the fullness you give me. As I rock faster, cold water runs from my hair, down my breasts, and drips onto your torso from my hardened nipples. Seeing your wet torso and my wet breasts glistening in the moonlight arouses me further, and I rock harder into you. You wrap your hands around my legs in an attempt to get further inside me. My back arches and you thrust out your groin as we get nearer to coming. Our breathing gets heavier, our moans get louder. I soon feel the surge I have been desperate for, and soon feel you experience the same ecstasy inside me. I collapse onto you knowing this was just the start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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