Missy: Day Sixteen – Spa Treatments

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“Ahhhh!” I cried out as the burning stretch I was experiencing turned into pure pain.

“Shhh, shh little one,” Abuela murmured, twisting her four fingers counter-clockwise in my pussy. “It’s a good hurt.”

I sagged back onto the gynecological table and tried once again, unsuccessfully, to close my spread legs. When I had entered the smaller treatment room earlier to see a gyno table, I wasn’t surprised. When my feet were put into stirrups, my legs were spread wide and then were strapped down I didn’t even utter a sound of protest. But now, they made it impossible to protect my poor cunny. I grunted in pain as she spread her fingers wide inside of me, stretching my little hole further.

Abuela bent her head down low between my thighs and I felt the strong suction of her mouth as she latched onto my clit. Pleasure shot through my body as I tensed. The line between pain and pleasure was blurring and I could feel my pussy weep a little in response.

“That’s a good señorita,” she praised. “Relax el coño for me.”

“Abuela!” I screamed as she forced her thumb to join the rest of her hand inside of me.

She rubbed my clit roughly with her free hand, making my whole body undulate on the table.

“Yes little one, that’s it,” she soothed. “Open up for me.”

I felt her fingers pinch my clit and then pulled it hard. I started cumming almost immediately, a powerful orgasm flowing through me. While I was distracted, she took the opportunity to make a fist with her hand and shoved it deep into my cunt.

“Ahhhh!” I screamed as my pussy squeezed around her, the small ring of my opening clenching tightly around her wrist like a bracelet.

“Good girl,” she praised as I panted. “Abuela will get you opened up, don’t worry.” She steadily fucked her fist into me, occasionally twisting it this way and that to rub her knuckles over my g-spot, making me gush cum every so often with a whimper. “You have such a beautiful pussy, little one. So special.” She leaned down to suck on my clit again, smacking her lips when I squirted into her mouth.

“I can’t—” I started to protest.

“Ah señorita, you can,” she said with a wink. “Let me go deeper like your papa requested.”

I reached up to cup my tits, my nipples hard and aching as they bounced slightly from her thrusts between my legs. I felt a strange, but not unpleasant, sensation high up in my cunny and gasped at the feeling.

Abuela chuckled knowingly. “You like that, eh little one?”

I groaned as the feeling got stronger. “Wha—what is that?”

“I’m rubbing your cervix señorita, feels good no?”

I nodded frantically and could see the bulge of her fist in my belly as she continued the sensual internal massage.

“When you are ready, your papa will have you opened here,” she said calmly as I moaned uncontrollably. I concentrated on the sensation and could feel her fingertip swirling around the opening of my womb pleasurably.

“For—ugh,” I grunted as she went back to punching roughly in and out of me. “For what?”

“For gaziantep rus escort breeding,” she said matter-of-factly and then slapped my open pussy hard with her hand several times. The flat of her palm hit directly on my clit each time.

“Fuck!” I screamed as I began to cum again.

“Yes! Good little one! Cum for Abuela!” she cheered.

Sometime later I opened my eyes, groggy and covered in a fine sheen of sweat. My thighs were still strapped open and I could feel my heartbeat in my cunny. It was so sensitive.

“Ah good, little one. You’re awake,” Abuela said from nearby.

I turned my head and looked over at her in the small room to see she was washing her hands in the little sink there.

“You passed out on me,” she explained, reaching for some paper towels to dry her hands. “You came nice and hard for me like a good girl. You feel better now, si?”

I nodded.

“Good, your papa will be pleased with how much I stretched you,” she said as she leaned in close between my legs to examine her handiwork.

I blushed at her blatant inspection.

“Let’s get you into his milking room. He should be just about wrapping up and ready for you,” Abuela said, reaching up to undo the straps holding my legs open. She helped me stand slowly and then gave my pussy a quick rub and an approving smack. “Excellent, all open and ready to be fucked. Follow me señorita.”

She handed me my plush spa robe to shrug on so I wouldn’t catch a chill and we left the room. We walked through the main room and into the River area where the watersports and wet work was housed. I smiled to myself, remembering the day Hannah and I received enemas there. The sounds of moaning and the occasional high-pitched squeal echoed in my ears. As we walked down another small hallway I could hear Daddy groaning behind the closed door ahead of us. I’d know that sound anywhere.

Abuela chuckled at the loud grunts he was making. “Your papa is a big, strong bull. You’re a very lucky girl.”

I shyly nodded in agreement.

She rapped her knuckles on the door two times in warning and then opened it without waiting for a reply. I was not prepared for what I saw.

Daddy was naked on all fours on a bed with an equally naked Andre behind him. Andre’s cock was slowly and deeply moving in and out of Daddy’s asshole. Every time Andre fully seated his cock inside Daddy, Daddy grunted and then groaned as he slid it out to the tip with each thrust.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Abuela said, clearing her throat. “Missy’s hole is stretched and ready for you Mr. Bourne.”

Daddy’s head hung down between his braced arms, his ripped body dripping with sweat. His face was a picture of pure agony as he grimaced through the slow, thorough fucking Andre was giving him.

“Thank you Abuela,” Andre replied for him. “We’re almost done here, the big fucker is finally almost empty.”

It was then that I noticed Daddy’s cock was attached to some kind of equipment. His heavy dick was surrounded by a clear cylinder, the end of which had a small plastic tube that ran into a medical bag. The baggie was filled with a little over a cup of a white, creamy liquid. It was Daddy’s cum! They were collecting it as it dripped out of him with every thrust of Andre’s cock. It all made sense now—they were milking his sensitive prostate.

My mind flashed back to when one day at school Hannah had explained how her Uncles made her milk them once a month to make sure they had no blockages. She said she used her fingers, but it appeared Daddy preferred Andre’s seven inch plus cock.

“Strip,” Daddy grunted. The command startled me out of my lust filled daze and I quickly unbelted my robe and hung it on the hook near the door.

“Lovely as ever,” Andre commented with a rakish wink in my direction, his hips still steadily pressing in and out of Daddy.

I gave him a small smile.

“She open up your—ugh—cunt, baby girl?” Daddy asked between thrusts.

“Yes Daddy,” I said, moving closer to the bed.

“Daddy can’t wait to pound it hard,” he groaned, more cum leaking from the tip of his cock into the container. “Fuck I need to cum.”

I looked at them both and the extreme amount of cum already in the bag with confusion.

“Your father hasn’t orgasmed during his milking treatment. All of the cum you see there is just from milking his prostate for the last hour,” Andre explained. “He still has a full load to give you.”

I squeezed my thighs together to try to relieve the ache there, wanting his cum. Watching my Daddy get fucked was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. His beautiful ass cheeks were spread open by Andre’s hands, his asshole stretched to accommodate the cock fucking into him. Daddy’s engorged cock and balls swayed underneath him as he was fucked. I had never seen them be such a dark red color. After a few more minutes, Andre slowly pulled his dick out of him, Daddy’s hole gaping slightly before it winked closed.

“On your back,” Daddy grunted at me as Andre deftly removed the collection cylinder from Daddy’s cock.

I did as he asked and quickly joined them on the bed. I got on my back and pulled my knees back to my chest like I knew he liked, eager for a fucking.

“What a good whore,” Andre murmured at the sight of me.

Daddy grunted in agreement and ran his hand over his cock to stroke it a few times. The head of his dick was dark purple now, desperately hard and ready to fuck my willing hole. Before I knew it, Daddy was on top of me, his cock pressing into my cunt as his big hands spread my knees back farther apart for him.

“That’s it,” he hissed, eyes closing as his cock sank balls deep inside of me. “That’s a well stretched cunt.”

I felt my chest and cheeks flush hot with embarrassment at his vulgar statement. Andre was still in the room, quietly watching Daddy’s cock slide in and out of my body. He pumped into me frantically, his hips jolting into mine. He was rougher than he had been in a while, pushed to the edge and needing to cum quickly after being teased for so long.

“Daddy!” I cried out as he pounded wildly into me.

“Fuck that’s good pussy!” he growled, his powerful thighs propelling his body into mine. He was like an animal, rutting on top of me. “Daddy’s almost done baby, just hold on for a minute.”

I nodded, struggling to hold my legs back with the violent thrusting that was happening between my spread thighs. Despite having cum so hard I passed out with Abuela, I could feel my pussy start to pulse in warning. I was going to cum.

Daddy must have felt it too because he started to growl in the back of his throat and ground body into mine. “That’s it Missy,” he gritted out, his sweat dripping down onto my face. “Milk Daddy’s cock with your cunt.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Andre on the other side of the bed, jerking off. His eyes were glued to where Daddy’s ass humped into my body.

Overwhelmed by the pounding he was giving my pussy and the depravity of the whole day, I started to cum. “Daddy!” I cried out, my entire body tightening.

“Fuck yes baby!” he yelled and held himself deep.

His cock swelled and then I felt a firm blast of heat in the back of my cunny as he pumped one, two, three, four, five shots of cum inside of me. I sighed as Daddy sagged, exhausted, on top of me. I took most of his weight, his face buried into my neck as he gasped for air, running my hands soothingly up and down his back.

I jumped at the feel of wet, hot liquid dripping down onto my cheek. More rained down on me and I looked up to see Andre fisting his cock, aiming his load toward my face. My mouth popped open in surprise. Andre quickly took advantage and shoved his cockhead into my open mouth, giving me the rest of his cum. I sucked automatically, the salty treat coating my tongue as Daddy’s cock pulsed with aftershocks in my stretched cunt.

I loved the Spa.

Later that evening when Daddy pulled into the driveway I saw that Mommy’s car was there too. We fumbled inside, hands all over each other, Daddy’s hand under my skirt cupping my ass cheek. I giggled when he squeezed it playfully.

“You two look nice and relaxed,” Mommy said from the couch.

We both walked over to greet her, me giving her a kiss on the cheek while Daddy used his tongue to say hello and pinched her nipple through her shirt.

“Did you have a nice day Missy?” she asked.

“Yes Mommy, thank you.” I stepped back into the hallway to take off my shoes and noticed two empty duffle bags near the front door. Mommy must have taken them out of the coat closet where we stored our luggage. “What are these bags for?”

“You and I are going away for the weekend,” Mommy shared.

“Oh?” I said, curious.

“Yup, a real girls weekend at the beach,” she said excitedly.

“Ooo!” I squealed, joining in the excitement.

“My two girls are going to have so much fun,” Daddy said with a cocky smirk.

“It’s true,” Mommy agreed. “It’s going to be a very special weekend Missy.”

“Where are we going Mommy? What are we doing?” I asked eagerly.

“You’ll have to be patient until Friday and see.”

I couldn’t wait.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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