Memory of Passion

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Noah and Carrie have known each other for many years. Carrie moved around a lot and Noah was off in the Military lifestyle. Through the years they have kept in contact but they always wind up having the same conversation. Talking about the old days, when they had that one, erotic night of passion. The passion that still after all these years, has them secretly wanting more, craving each others body, tasting every inch of pleasure spots.They wanted each other for years but timing was never right.

It was a typical hot summer day, Carrie and Noah got a chance to hang out before he was to head out on duty in another state.She wore a long blue flowered dress with a low plunging neckline, easily showing off her supple 36C breasts. She was an average size girl, just the right size in all proportions, beautiful ass, in fact that’s what made Noah like Carrie to begin with. That and her amazing personality was something that turned him on, and that she could hold a decent conversation and no topic was left uncovered. They really liked each other but those were the days of being naive and not quite mature enough for what life held in store.

They choose a nice Italian restaurant and sipped wine and talked about anything and everything, Carrie would look over at Noah, his chiseled features, blue eyes, and something about a military hair cut always got herself wet, in fact she started realizing that she was getting soaked over looking at this man. Instantly she wished he would touch her, hold her hand, something. Giddy like a school girl. She begged for it.

Noah got to studying this beautiful woman in front of him too, her lightly tanned skin, and a hint of her tits about to show their glory through the V slit in her dress as she leaned over. At one point he thought he was seeing her get excited, hard nipples started poking at the fabric and instantly he felt his dick getting hard.

He wanted so badly to touch her breasts, put them in his mouth and make her moan and want to rip any and all clothes off. Carrie noticed that something was different in Noah. “Are you feeling ok, you look like your about to lose it!”.

“I’m sorry, I’m just looking at you in your dress and I just can’t help myself, your so beautiful.”

Carrie blushed and Noah laid his hand on her thigh and squeezed it. Holy shit, she thought, I never thought he’d touch me. A tingling sensation ran from her thigh to her moist pink lips of her cunt. “Lets get out of here, there is something about you, and I just have to have you right now…”

As Noah said this, Carrie quickly scooted out of her seat and they paid their bill and made a bee line for the car. Once inside of his car he hungrily took her and kissed her passionately. Their tongues darting in and out of each others mouth. Soft moans came from Carrie and she carefully put her hand on the bulge of his pants.

“I never knew you had such a big dick, I can’t wait to suck on it.”

He growled from that slight touch and if it wasn’t for that pesky daylight outside or the fact he didn’t like an audience, he would have taken her right then and there. He grabbed the back of her head and held her tight, running his fingers through her hair, he slid one hand down and found her love globes.

Caressing it she let out a soft groan, begging for more. They quickly came to their senses and realized they weren’t far from her house, so he started the car and drove as quickly as they could. She even teased him along the way, rubbing at his crotch and even untying the straps of her V cut dress so that they would fall, showing off her hard nipple and dark areolas.

Lucky his windows were tinted and he took advantage and grabbed her tits. Getting turned on she lifted her dress, she was wearing a pink thong with a lace trimming and he noticed she was getting soaked. She touched herself making the wet spot grow larger.

They finally arrived at her apartment and dashed into her room, Noah stripped Carrie of her clothes and him being the gentleman that he was, carried her to her bed. he took a great deal of patience, and rushing sex with a beautiful girl wasn’t his style.

He took in the site before him, her tanned skin, bouncy ass, and her tits were a handful and long slender legs. Just perfect he thought. Her long blonde hair almost reached her breasts, and he started undressing. “You have the most beautiful body, I’ve wanted you for so long Carrie.”

She marveled at his cock, all 8 inches of it. Its the biggest she had ever seen, and it mesmerized her and she had to touch it again. she took him into her mouth, slowly working her way down his shaft, getting him wet with her saliva. He made a deep growl, he wanted this so bad, dreamed about her doing this to him. She put her hand on his cock and at the same time while sucking his throbbing member, she pumped it too, making his breath hard and ragged.

He grabbed her head and lightly pushed it down, making her take more of him, she gagged a little and tried to relax her throat again, luckily it worked. He touched her moist pussy lips, but moist wasn’t the word, that was an understatement. Sopping wet was more like it! She cried out and he felt she had had enough of his cock, and laid her down. He slowly kissed down from her neck, taking little love bites along the way, stopping on her tits.

He felt them now, he wanted to taste them and drive her insane. He took one breast into his mouth and she sucked in her breath, she grabbed the back of his head and he took more of it in his mouth. She wrapped her legs around him and her pussy felt his cock twitch between her legs, she so badly wanted his dick inside her but she would have to have Patience.

He had given enough attention to her tits and now craved for something else, something sweeter and as he made his way to her pussy, he didn’t go after it right away. He kissed her thighs and nipped the sensitive skin, he blew a little air on her swollen, and she jumped and cried out.

“Please Noah, please taste me, I want you so badly, please touch me…here…”

She grabbed his hand and moved it to her pussy opening. He slid 2 fingers inside and she moaned loudly, he pulled his fingers out and tasted them, she tasted like fresh honey, and that made him hungry and crazy for more. He lowered his head to her quivering mound and licked her clit first. She sucked in her breath again and moaned. He sucked on her clit and darted his tongue in and out of her wet lips, making sure he tasted every inch of her. she grabbed the back on his head and they got into a good rhythm. She thrust her hips into his face and he kept licking and sucking her, swallowing all her juices, he put his 2 fingers back inside her finding the hook where her G-spot was, and pressed his fingers onto it. She pushed back hard in it and really began screaming.

“Ooh god, Noah, keep going, your gonna make me cum all over your face, ohhhh shit, I’m gonna cummmm…”

He tongued her faster and furiously til she was rubbing her pussy all over his face, writhing in pleasure he made her cum, hard, he didn’t know she was a squirter, neither did she, but she drenched him in her juices. He licked her up down, then he moved up and kissed her. She loved the taste of herself, Her musky scent drove Noah wild and kissed him back just as passionately.

He positioned himself on top of her and slowly guided himself to her cunt, she moved her hips up to meet him and he slid in perfectly, since he was 8 inches he wasn’t sure he could make it in all the way. He groaned and thrusted in as much as he could, and surprisingly made it all the way to the hilt. She nearly fainted from how much he filled her. Her muscles contracted around his swollen cock and she started making small thrusting circles. This drove Noah wild and he started pumping into her, hitting the back of her cervix.

She wrapped her legs around him so she could fit as much him inside her, she arched her back giving him a good view of her chest heaving watching her tits rise and fall with thrust.he grabbed onto them while he fucked her pussy hard. Then he lifted her leg and pulled it up to his shoulder and turned her on her side.

“Oh my god, you feel so good, god fuck my pussy, make it yours, I want you to cum in me when its time..”

He continued fucking her swollen cunt, hearing her talk dirty like that made his eyes roll back into his head, he loved this woman, and even though he never said it, he felt it. “Roll over baby, get on your knees, I wanna look at you from behind.”

She did as commanded and once settled he slid back into her, the feeling of his dick back in her from this position, Holy Shit! She thought he was gonna tear her pussy in two!! He slid 2 fingers on either side of his dick and hooked them onto the sides of her pussy walls and opened her up, she gave a cry of ecstasy and almost came from that feeling. He knew he wasn’t going to last long in this position but he just couldn’t help himself.

“I want to cum again, I want to cum all over your dick.”

He pistoned her faster and harder making her legs flail all over then bed. She grabbed a hold on the sheets and tried to steady herself. Noah removed his fingers from her tight pussy and put them on her hips, and started getting into rhythm again. He kept at it for another 10 min driving her closer to the brink of falling off the edge to orgasm. Then soon he felt a tingle and a rise in his balls.

“Carrie I’m gonna cum, do you still want me to cum inside you?”

“Yes baby, cum in me, cum HARD!!”

Noah shuddered and cried out a dark growl and started shooting load after load inside of her. Feeling his semen hit her cervix she cried out too, feeling her own volcano of lust pour out. She squirted harder then the first time and squeezed her pussy around his cock not waiting any of it to leak out. He collapsed on top of her and then fell to the bed.

“I think I love you Noah, your the best man ever.”

Shock that she has said it first, he had no choice, it was now or never. “I love you too Carrie, sucks I’m leaving for my new base assignment. We will always have this, and even if we never end up together, you have a special place in my heart.” All Carrie could do is smile and and tear came to her eye, he wiped it away and they snuggled for the rest of the afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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