meand nic part 2

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this is part two about my bf nic and i ……..

nic and i discovered that we were both gay and in love. we lived close to each other and he is at my house almost every day.
so we have started giving each other blow jobs and sleeping naked together. his lil bro chris caught us together and he wants to join us.

so one night nic and i were in my room with chris playing video games when chris asked wat it felt like to kiss a boy. nic looked at him and said come here so chris did and nic kissed him and showed him how we kissed. chris was loving the way nic was moving his tongue around in his mouth but was really suprised at wat i did……..

i reached over and pulled chris’s shorts and underware down and took his lil 2 inch uncut dick in my mouth. he started to make cute lil noises and fell back on the floor.

as he did nic slid my shorts and boxers off and then his and nic started sucking my uncut dick and jacking his. i stopped sucking chris for a moment to let nic get in position so chris could suck him and there we were three boys age 12…11…and 9 giving each other blojobs.

lil chris started saying stop i have to pee but i kept sucking his sweet lil boy dick as nic told him he was having an orgasm not fixing to pee. chris started to get really tense and he was almost screaming as he had his first dry cum and as it ended it he was all smiles. nic looked at me and said i think he liked it.

then chris started sucking nic again and as nic was cumming chris got to taste nic’s sweet boy cum and smiled as he said it tasted sweet. i was next as chris sucked me to a gaziantep swinger dry cum and we all three layed there naked smiling as i heard the phone ring………

i got up to answer it as my mom was at work and it was my lil friend hunter across the street asking if he could spend the night tomorrow night because his mom had to work. i told him yes but i would have to check with my mom to be for sure . he said ok and he would see me tomorrow.

mom would be home in about an hour so nic ,chris .and i played around some more and chris asked me ifi would get hunter to be his bf like nic was mne . i smiled and said i would try.

the next day i asked mom and she said lil hunter could spend the night so i called him up and he said awesome i will be there in five minutes. nic and chris were staying at their uncles house so it would be just hunter and me…..

he arrives at my door and mom let him in as he runs up to my room and says hi and jumps on my bed. now this lil boy is so cute. brown hair and eyes dark skin 4ft 3 and 65 pounds.

he says wat are we going to do. i said we could go swimming and he said ok i brought my swim suit and stripped naked and i saw his cute lil 1.5 inch lil dick swaying around as he grabbed his swim suit and slid it on. lil hunter thinks of me as his big brother and is like me having never known his dad so i see him naked alot and he is cut unlike me ,nic , or chris and is like one of the cutest boys i kno.

i stripped down and was fixing to put my suit on when hunter said your weenie is sticking out. i looked and it was this lil boy had me hard by being naked and i didnt even realize it. i smiled and said yea it gets that way sometimes . he smiled and said his does to.

we went to the pool and were playing around i was holding him and i got hard again and it was poking him in the back when he said its poking out again i turned him around and smiled at him and kissed him on the lips and said hunter you make it that way because your so cute and i love you. he smiled and said i love you to.

that night we were in my room playing ps3 in our underware when mom came in and said i got called in to work and we were to stay in the house and call her if we needed anything. i said ok mom i love you. mom is a nurse and works alot but she loves me more than life itsself and sacrifices everything to make me happy.

so she leaves and lil hunter says we can stay up all night i smiled and said sure. then he asked if i could get on youtube and watch funny videos and i said sure. so we were online watching videos when i pulled up a video of two boys kissing. he looked at them and said they love each other like we do. i smiled and kissed him and said yes.

then i kissed him. we got on my bed and were kissing when i felt him touch my dick. i stopped kissing him and looked at him. he started to look away sorta scared and i pulled his head up so i could see his eyes and said its ok you can touch it if you want to. he smiled and slid my boxers down and was touching my dick and i asked him if he wanted to try something nic and i do. he looked sorta sad and said is nic your bf. i smiled and said yes but you cant tell anyone. i saw a tear in his eye and he said …..but i though i was your bf…. i looked at him and said no your my lil bro and i have to take care of you and teach you things and i love you and brothers are forever but bfs come and go so we would be together forever .

he smiled and said i love you bubba . then i told him we were going to do bf stuff tho and that chris could be his bf like nic was mine and he said chris is cute and could i ask him to be his bf. i smiled and said yes.

then i leaned in and kissed him and pulled his tighty whities off and put his now hard lil dick in my mouth and started sucking him. he was in heaven and was squirming around when i told him i loved him. i then started licking his lil balls and then i licked his lil hole and he said oh my gosh that feels awesome as i stuck my tongue in his lil hole…. i had seen this in a porn…… i licked my finger and spit in his crack and slid a finger in his tight lil hole as i sucked him some more when he started saying stop i have to pee ….im fixing to pee in your mouth so i went faster as he got really stiff and was moaning really loud and then wnt limp. i took my finger out and leaned up kissed him and said lil bro did you like that….
he was smiling and said that was so awesome can we do it again and i told him tomorrow night we could with chris and nic …. he smiled and said i love you bubba i wish you were my real brother…i smiled and said well i will always be your big bro i love you hunter now lets get some sleep. we slept naked in my bed and when i woke up my dick was in his mouth………

but that is another story about the four of us to come hope you like

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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