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I had a really nice jack-off session this morning… one of those where I was incredibly horny and my balls, fat with cum inside, ached for release. I spent a long while taking pleasure in my body, fondling it all over, playing with my perineum and stroking my hard, saliva-lubricated cock. As I caressed and squeezed my balls, I imagined the goodness inside each testicle and how nice it would be to empty both sperm glands into my mouth and take nourishment from the seed of my own body. Eventually, I reached my climax point, and, squeezing near the base of my cock to control the flow, managed to emit no more than a modest amount of cum onto my palm, which I eagerly licked up. It thrilled me that I could do this so readily.

I was able to repeat the process five or six times, each time licking up the small amount of semen in my hand until my testicles were somewhat — maybe half to three quarters — empty. Still horny, despite having milked and licked much of my load, I was really enjoying the taste isveçbahis and consistency of my man-essence. It was a near perfect load: thick, with a rich, translucent whiteness throughout. It was still slightly warm, though surprisingly unremarkable to my taste, save for hints of certain elemental ingredients. I nonetheless found the cum to be incredibly pleasant in my mouth and on my tongue — not bitter or acidic at all. I stood clutching my erect penis in front of the large mirror before me, carefully regulating the flow of semen from the tip, observing with delight the copious white load in my mouth as I swirled it around and savored the slickness and taste of my essential fluid.

Knowing that a little more of the slippery goodness yet remained to be milked from between my legs, I quickly swallowed that which I’d already taken in my mouth. It was a naughtily thrilling sensation, that warm wad of sperm-rich essence sliding down my throat into my stomach, to be ingested once more into the body it isveçbahis giriş had just exited. I allowed one more dallop of cum out of me and onto my palm, and ate that too, for good measure.

I thought I would save what was left in my balls for later, and I dressed and went on about the morning, enjoying the after-taste of my sex, and the sensation of the sticky seminal residue in my throat.

After about ten minutes, however, I was so aroused by the idea of what I had done and still so hot to do it again that I went back, undressed and soon was milking my fully erect dick again. I longed to satisfy to the uttermost my “forbidden hunger.” I repeated the whole process and soon was ejaculating short emissions of precious white nectar from the head of my cock, devouring each one with gusto. I knew, however, that the next shot would be my last. Already I was losing the urge to eat my load that has brought me this far.

I had licked up and eaten the entire (not insubstantial) contents of isveçbahis yeni giriş my testicles, save for this last helping. The idea was rapidly losing its appeal, but I was determined to go all the way and finish this incredibly sexy meal from the depths of my own body. And so I let go the last of my load, surprised to see so much cum still shooting onto my palm at this late stage of what had been a long, step-by-step ejaculation.

No longer horny, the urge now fading away, I was suddenly rather reluctant to continue. Nevertheless, I licked up the last of my cum and quickly swallowed it down. It’s odd how easily you can suck yourself off while in the throes of erection and lust, but once the testes are spent, it can seem so strange, almost repulsive, to eat your own seminal fluid. I felt I needed to go have a big drink of water to wash everything down, and a little later, a fresh cup of coffee.

But the fact remains, I did it! I managed to jack off and eat an entire load of my cum for breakfast… and if I do say so myself, I was quite delicious! I wonder if there’s anyone else who’d like to come over to “my place” for breakfast tomorrow. I have only one item on the menu, but it’ll be extra good, I can guarantee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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