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Big Tits

She had caught my attention on a website I favored, a new face with a talent for writing that had me hard and throbbing by the end of the first paragraph. I sent her a message about her stories, and to my surprise she answered. After a few more messages back and forth, we moved to Instant Messaging, where she invited me to come down for a visit; as she put it in reference to my tagline, to help ease my loneliness for a little while. As we chatted back and forth, I began to realize that this woman liked the same things I did, in fact was looking for a master to teach her about her submissive side. I let her know that I was a master and would be willing to have her as slave for a while and train her, and she became mine.

I started her training right off, having her take pictures and make videos, and making her go out and get herself a collar, which she was required to wear whenever we were online together or she made a new video on my orders. I put my fingerprints all over her in the form of comments on her page, and made plans to get a load to haul down to her town. It took some time, but finally the day came when I called her and told her to be waiting for me at the truck stop when I pulled in. As always, she was obedient; I saw her standing by her car as I waited to make the turn into the stop, and as I parked my truck across from her car and motioned her to approach, I knew this one would be a good slave. She knew enough to keep her eyes down until I gave her permission to look at me, and she had obviously dressed to please me.

I’d thought about the first time I took her, and how I would do it, and decided to gaziantep swinger have her right there, with the curtains partially open so that other truckers would be able to see what was going on inside my truck. As she climbed in, I told her to look at me, and she met my eyes for the first time, seeing in them the inflexibility of a master’s lust for her gorgeous ass. She had learned on cam to read my face fairly well, and just a tilt of my head towards the sleeper was enough to tell her to go back there and strip. After she had also undressed me, I pulled her back into the driver’s compartment and fucked her from behind, first her pussy and then her luscious ass, loving the tightness of her and the looks on the faces of passing drivers who spotted us. When I was done, we dressed and I ordered her to take us to her house, playing with her body as she drove us home.

When we got to her house, I ordered her straight to the bedroom and made her undress and lay on the bed; her arms outstretched to either side as I put a blindfold on her. Taking out wrist restraints, I tied her arms to the upper posts of the bed; and then repeated the process on her feet. To the four posts she was bound, blind and waiting helplessly to find out what was next.

As she lay there, I slowly slid my fingers across her tummy, and then up to her breasts; where I pinched her nipples and then swatted her tits with my hands. As she took a sharp breath of air and gasped, I could see the moisture start in her open pussy; taking two plastic cloths pins, I attached one to each lip of her wet, hot pussy lips. Giving her a second to realize what I had done, I went to the kitchen and got a tray of ice from the freezer. Slowly I ran a cube across her nipples and around her breasts; watching the nipples harden like two soldiers standing at attention. Two more cloths pins came into place on the hard nipples; making her gasp yet again.

Then I light the candle; slowly allowing drops of wax to fall on her breasts and tummy. Coming closer down to her wet pussy, her breath coming in fast gasps as the sensations hit her, I took another ice cube and traced it along her swollen clit, the wax still dripping onto her. I could see her pussy clench and unclench as each new sensation touched her. I blew out the candle and quickly popped the clamps off her nipples flooding them with new sensations.
As she cried out “Master I am Cumming for you”, I undid her restraints and turned her over.

Retying her again spread eagled, I put a pillow under her pelvic area to raise her ass slightly. A quick sharp pop from the paddle across her cheeks, and I told her I did not yet give you permission for you to cum did I?” “No my master, I have been naughty please correct me”. Upon these words two more swats made her ass cheeks show red and warm. Then, leaning close to her ass, I placed an ice cube on it and moved it closer and closer to her pussy. When I was sure she couldn’t bear any more, I shoved the ice cube, now almost completely melted, up inside her waiting pussy, triggering yet another orgasm from her.

As she prepared to be punished again, I took my hand and swatted three hard sharp pops to her waiting up thrusting ass.
Pulling her up a little more, I then untied her and made her crawl to me, using the leash that I had put on her collar in the truck.
As she came to me, I thrust my hard, throbbing cock into her open waiting mouth.
Holding her head still, I began to face fuck her hard and deep; being a good slave, she was prepared and relaxed her throat so as not to gag on my cock.
As I began to feel the passion she was feeling for me, I pulled out of her mouth.

I slid behind her, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back so she could see me; I rammed my cock deep in her waiting pussy.
After stroking in and out for about twenty minutes, I pulled out and turned her around.
Putting my cock in front of her face, I ordered her to lick it and my balls clean of her juices. After she performed her task, I again spun her around, dipping my cock once again into her soaked pussy. I placed it against her ass and slowly slipped it in her,
pausing for a second to let her get accustomed to what I was doing. I then picked up my pace and started slamming my cock in and out of her asshole.

As her orgasm once again began to build, I smiled, and told her to cum for master. A scream tore from her as she came, wave after wave of orgasms washing over her. I smiled as I felt the familiar tightening in my balls, knowing that any second I too would cum. I pulled out, and shot my load again on her face, mouth, and across her tits.
Feeling satisfied for the moment, I lay down and allowed her to wash my cock clean, and then clean herself.

We lay together, her snuggled against me, head on my chest. As I watched her drift off to a deep sleep, I knew that I had picked the right woman for my new slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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