Massage Parlor Fun

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I am Greg, a 26 year old male living in a medium size suburb of Los Angeles. I work at an aerospace company since I graduated college with both a bachelors and masters degree. Most of my life thus far has been about school, although I had dated a few girls between high school and college I was never that serious with any of them.

It was a Thursday evening at about 8pm, I was just finishing up some things at work. I had been pretty much sitting at my desk the entire day finishing these super boring reports. I was sore as hell from looking at the computer all day. I decided to check out this Thai Massage parlor that was on my way home. I had passed it many times seeing a sign that said walk-ins welcome.

I parked my pickup truck in front of the storefront and went inside. There was a decent looking older Asian lady sitting at the front desk. She was wearing a black tank top that was cut quite low showing off her ample cleavage. Below that was a pair of workout-style shorts and leather flip flops.

She looked up and asked me if I wanted thirty min or one hour. Not knowing any better I opted for an hour, gave her the required house fee and followed her down the hallway to a room with a professional massage table. She looked at me, smiled, and told me to take all of my clothes off and lay down. She closed the door and I got naked and lay face down on the massage table.

About five or six minutes later (seemed like an eternity) a very pretty young (20 years old at the time) Thai girl came into the room. She was wearing a similar outfit to the first women I met, only she was clearly much younger and had a few less curves. She asked if it was my first time there, I lied and told her I had been there before. She then got to work on my back and shoulders doing a very good job. That went on for about 15 minutes when I heard the door open. I looked up and saw that the older women from the front had come in.

She explained to me that since I was the last customer of the day she was going to help the other girl and I would be getting the 4-hand massage for no additional charge. This sounded like a great time to me so I went with it (as if I had a choice). With that she joined the younger girl and worked on my legs and thighs while the younger girl worked on my neck and shoulders.

The older woman did not seem to have a sense of modesty when it came to my body, she would massage my legs and calves all the way up in between my legs, once in a while I would feel a tingle as she brushed against the back side of my balls. She would also lift my legs up to stretch them out, which felt really good, but I am sure it exposed me quite a bit. I was so relaxed I didn’t really worry too much about it at the time.

A few moments later, at the half-hour mark, the younger of the two tells me to flip over. She grabs a pillow from under the table for my head to rest on and a small towel to cover my crotch. Then they both got to work on my arms, neck and legs. There was more stretching of the legs and arms which is my favorite part. After a few minutes of that the younger girl bends down and asks if she can do a body-to-body massage on me. I asked her what it was and she explained they would use some massage gel and she would use her body to rub against my body. The older woman explained that she hadn’t had much experience with this and needed practice. I agreed to help and the older woman went to another room to grab the gel.

While waiting for her to come back I found out the younger girl’s name was Cindy and the older woman was Wendy. Cindy started to take all her clothes off while waiting. She had a truly stunning body, she was about 5’6″ with long black hair, perky C-Cup breasts and a decent ass for an asian girl. I was surprised when she took her shorts off and pulled her thong down also, I kinda figured she would be topless but was pleasantly surprised when she got completely naked. In the dim light of the room I could tell she was completely shaved except for a small landing strip.

I was definitely turned on now and visibly hard. Wendy came back in shortly with the bottle of massage gel. She squirted some into the other girl’s hand and some into her own. She started rubbing my chest and thighs with it while Cindy did the same to herself. She abruptly removed the small towel covering my now 1xbet yeni giriş hardening penis. She looked at me and smiled.

Cindy got up on the table, straddling me while gently lowering herself onto my chest. The other woman was instructing her in their native language. She was doing exactly what she said she would do, using her whole body to massage my whole body. My hard cock was obviously making contact with her bare skin and it felt wonderful to say the least.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Wendy getting undressed. Wendy had a great body as well. She was about 5’5″ with big D or DD-cups and the same landing strip as the other girl. She started to lube up with the massage gel and when she was ready Cindy gracefully jumped off and the older woman skillfully got on the table and gave me a great massage using her entire body, even turning around causing her tits to fully engulf my raging hard-on. At one point when she was facing me she grabbed my hands and put them right on her plump ass, signaling me that it was okay to touch. I immediately got the hint and began running my hands all over her naked body.

As Wendy was expertly massaging my torso with her wonderful body I felt someone grab the shaft of my penis, it was Cindy, stroking me from the sidelines. She looked at me and I nodded. Then Wendy gets off the table, goes behind the other girl and helps her with my cock while pushing her body into Cindy. I couldn’t resist and started to feel Cindy’s body, her ass and tits and even her pussy (which was quite wet at this point).

It wasn’t long after that I had an orgasm. I was so turned on it shot all over my chest and some even landed on my chin, which I grabbed with my tongue before anyone noticed. After I caught my breath they grabbed my hands and led me to the back room where they had a table shower setup. I got on the table and let the warm water run all over my body, the girls applied soap and scrub to get all of the oils off. Using the sprayers they both got wet and soaped each other up as well. Cindy seemed to be pretty turned on still, while she finished up rinsing me and herself off Wendy came up behind her and started rubbing her pussy from behind. Eyes closed and supporting herself on the edge of the bed she says

“Oh my god mom that feels so good, don’t stop.”

In perfect English. I was stunned. Is Wendy really her mother? Are they gay? Either way I was hard again. They stopped rather abruptly, turned off the water and toweled me, and themselves off. Wendy looks at my hard cock then up at me and says

“She is ready”

Not having any clue what that meant we all went back to the massage room, before I could get up on the table Cindy jumped up there laying face down while Wendy shoved a pillow under her belly giving me a great view of her pussy from behind. Not getting the hint, or being too stunned to realize it, Wendy comes over and grabs my cock moving me toward the younger girl’s entrance.

This snapped me out of my disbelief at my good fortune and I promptly stuck almost all 8 inches into her. She was very wet and it went in no problem. Wendy was watching me intently while I fucked the other girl. After a few minutes of stroking my cock balls deep inside her, Wendy comes over and kisses me on the mouth while pulling my cock out of Cindy. She then bent down and took it in her mouth, clearly tasting the other girl and loving every minute of it. After she got everything she could off of it she put it back in and I resumed fucking while Wendy moved behind me pressing her gorgeous tits into my back. She had her hand on my ass, following each stroke I took. Her hand was slowly drifting down and before I knew it she was massaging my balls and stroking my taint, even running a finger around the outside of my asshole. It all felt really great.

When I felt I was close to cumming I pulled out of her pussy and she flipped around to face me. I was stroking my cock a few times, Wendy was cupping my balls and pushing hard on my taint with her other hand. I had another huge orgasm that I mostly shot into Cindy’s mouth getting some on her tits and face. Wendy immediately went to Cindy’s tits and started lapping up as much cum as she could get her mouth on. The two girls then kissed, swapping my load back and forth. Cindy broke the kiss off and 1xbet giriş came over to me and kissed me deeply, even though she had already swallowed her portion I could still taste my cum in her mouth. As we cleaned up Wendy grabbed her clothes and left the room. I looked at Cindy and asked her

“So is she your mom?” I said.

“How did you know?!” she replied.

I explained to her that when she was cumming the first time in the shower room she slipped up and called her mom. Her face turned about as red as someone with her skin tone can get. I just smiled and told her how hot it was and how hot they were together.

I gave her a hundred dollar bill for her and one for her mom. I asked Cindy if I could come by at the same time the following week. She agreed and I went home exhausted and spent from a hard day and a constant boner as I relived the situation in my head over and over again.

The very next week when I arrived I walked in, surprised to see Cindy at the front desk. Noticing my surprise she informed me her mother was on a vacation. She went behind me to lock the front door as I was the last customer of the day and led me to a room. She told me to get comfortable and they would be in shortly.

They? I thought. I wonder who the other girl is that she is bringing in? I was intrigued but got comfortable and waited with my eyes closed. A few minutes later I heard the door open and felt the familiar touch of Cindy’s left hand on my shoulder blade.

She didn’t waste much time, she got some warm massage oil and started treating my upper back. I opened my eyes and could see her feet below me and felt her hands on my upper back while at the same time I felt a very different sort of touch on my lower back. That must be the other girl, I thought. The touch was foreign and strong, not like any of the massage girls I had felt before. I was curious but not worried about it much at the time. I decided to relax and enjoy the moment for now.

By the time they got to my thighs and legs both had two hands on each side of me, it was heavenly. Clearly the new girl was taking her cues from Cindy, following her lead all along. When Cindy would brush a finger across my balls or asshole the other girl would follow suit on the next round. They did the usual leg and arm stretching that I loved and Cindy told me to flip, putting a soft pillow under my head at the same time.

When I turned over I saw Cindy in her sports bra and yoga pants, her hard perky nipples begging to be released. And it turned out the other girl wasn’t a girl at all, it was a shirtless and hairless male about 23-25 years of age. He was barefoot and only wearing a pair of tight fitting boxer briefs which accentuated his semi-hard dick. Cindy spoke up before I had the chance to say anything.

“Greg, this is my older brother Vince, he is helping me at the shop today while my parents are out of town, I can attest personally he is very good with his hands, I hope you are okay with this.”

Not really knowing how to respond I replied simply

“Sure, sure everything has felt great so far, no complaints. Nice to meet you Vince.”

Vince smiled back in kind. Reaching back and grabbing the bottle of massage lube I had become accustomed to, first squirting some in his own hand then in his sister’s hand. He started rubbing down my chest expertly while Cindy focused on my legs and thighs. As Vince was grabbing the bottle for another dollop of lube Cindy started taking her clothes off, first her top, revealing her perfect breasts, then her skin tight yoga pants revealing her perfectly waxed pussy. I glanced over at Vince who, like me, had been taking in the view and noticed his already right boxers get just a little tighter.

Cindy held her hand out toward her big brother and he squirted the lubricant in her right hand, she immediately began coating herself with it seemingly as professional as possible. Vince continued to rub my chest and shoulders as his sister was getting her nude body ready to make contact with mine. Cindy gracefully jumped up on the table with a knee on either side of me and started by using her forearm to knead my chest, before long she was using her whole body to slide all over mine while her brother stood to the side observing and helping where he could. After the body slide of the front 1xbet güvenilirmi and back was done we followed suit from the previous experience and headed buck-naked to the shower room.

We got in and I laid face down on the unique shower table, Vince activated the water and stepped away to take his shorts off. I noticed his cock seemed to be a little over half erect at this point. Cindy started using the handheld sprayer to rinse me with the warm water. Her brother grabbed the body scrub and started on my upper back and shoulders, working his way down my body with his sister right behind him keeping me warm while rinsing off the concoction. When he got to my butt and upper thighs he grabbed my legs and spread them out so he could more easily get the inside of my leg, he didn’t miss a spot, he rubbed that stuff into my asshole and taint without missing a beat, he even grabbed my balls to reposition them out of his way.

I flipped over to my front after Cindy had washed my entire back off. Vince continued the procedure on my front not missing anything. When he got to my cock he didn’t hesitate, he grabbed it and stroked some of the scrub onto my hard-on. I looked over at him, he was now fully erect.

We all dried ourselves off with warm towels before heading back to the massage room. Vince didn’t bother getting dressed. Cindy hadn’t cum in the shower room like she did last time so she was very horny now and ready for some action. She jumped up on the table before we could say a word and motioned for me to come up to her, she grabbed my very hard dick and started sucking on it immediately. I explored her body at the same time, rubbing her back and playing with her perfect tits. Cindy was sort of laying on her side at this point on the table with my cock mostly in her mouth, her brother walked over and stood next to me, he took his sister’s leg and pushed it up into the air to expose her throbbing pussy. He then started eating her out, focusing mostly on her clit causing her to moan on my cock.

I didn’t want to cum yet and felt like I was getting close so I pulled out of her mouth and let her enjoy herself a little. I checked out Vince’s cock and decided to go for it. I knelt down and took him in my mouth. This isn’t the first time I had done this but I definitely wouldn’t consider myself an expert cocksucker. Vince was clearly caught by surprise but didn’t seem to mind one bit. He had a decent sized smooth cock with not a hair in sight but I had no problem swallowing it down my throat, it wasn’t very girthy so it went in easily. After a few minutes of me sucking on Vince’s cock and playing with his balls his sister succumbed to her first orgasm and he followed up by shooting a huge load in my mouth, most of which was contained and swallowed, but there was still plenty I could share with Cindy.

I promptly got up and shoved my tongue in Cindy’s mouth so she could get a real taste of her brother’s cum. While I was doing that Vince grabbed my cock and lined it up with his sister’s opening and helped me shove it in, she was so wet at this point there was almost no resistance. I started fucking her right away. After a few strokes in missionary I flipped her over and promptly put it back in her tight wet hole. Vince and I were on the same page, he started playing with her ass, licking it and fingering it a little bit, this drove her to another orgasm.

Vince was starting to get hard again so he went over to his sister so she could put it in her mouth, since we were in missionary this gave me great access to his balls which I promptly licked. This went on for a few minutes when Vince reached over and grabbed the bottle of massage oil, squirting some in his hand he rubbed it all over his sister’s asshole, pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed some on the head of his cock.

I got the hint and turned over so that she was riding me. Vince then slowly pushed the head of his cock into his sister’s lubed hole. He pushed slow, I started fucking her hard. Once he got all the way in I could feel his cock next to mine inside her, his balls were rubbing up against my balls as he fucked her ass. A few minutes later Cindy succumbed to another orgasm, Vince then cream-pied her backdoor while I shot my load inside her pussy.

Cindy rolled off of me, breathing hard and exhausted. I offered to eat the cum out of her but she said she was just too sensitive. The three of us went to the shower room and cleaned up. Then we all got dressed, gave Cindy a $100 bill, kissed both of them goodbye and was on my way. I couldn’t wait until next week!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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